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Rock the Vote 2014: Greatest Holiday Episode- Round Three!


Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

It’s time for the final push for the top two candidates for Greatest Holiday Episode. The ballots will be open starting at midnight on November 4th, 2014 and will close at midnight on November 5th, 2014, with a winner being announced on Wednesday morning.


The top two vote getters are:

Santa in the Slush

The Goop on the Girl


Two worthy episodes, in my opinion!


Here are a few looks at each episode.





slush 6

booth slush 1


slush 7

slush kiss 2 booth slush 4



slush 12 slush 15 slush 30 slush 29

Goop on the Girl:


goop 19

goop 21 goop 18 Goop-Vascular Tissue goop 29 goop 30

Goop-Pleasing to Look At Goop-Peace on Earth Goop-Saturnalia goop on the girl


(sorry for the weird spacing!)

And here are a couple of past scene studies on them.


Santa in the Slush (scene study here)

The Goop on the Girl (scene study here)




8 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2014: Greatest Holiday Episode- Round Three!

  1. We should name them both winners!

  2. Santa in the Slush. Santa in the Slush.

    Santa. In. The. *&$#&#Q^@! Slush, people.

    Seriously, cringe-inducing undressing moment or The Kiss and “I love my gift, Booth.” “Merry Christmas, Bones.”

    I’m with Santa in the Slush. All the way.

  3. Put in photos it is a hard choice.

  4. Ditto, Relantel. The photos + scene studies make it difficult indeed!

    Besides SitS being my first Bones episode and the one that hooked me in, I think Santa in the Slush edges it out for me because of the newness of it. We were just kind of learning Brennan’s family drama, and seeing her get closer to Booth. They both look so young and adorable!! That picture above of B&B sitting in the diner together even gets me. They way she’s looking at Booth, the way he’s casually leaning a bit in her direction…its just perfect.


    Can’t wait to get home so I can watch the extended kiss on youtube. Thank you, Internet.

    SitS forever.

  5. Two especially great episodes, but can’t beat the kiss and the end scene in Santa in the Slush. Love, romance, warmth, and family. ❤

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