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The Lost Love in the Foreign Land: Post Episode Discussion


Hello everyone,

What did you think of this episode? The comments are open–let’s hear it!


33 thoughts on “The Lost Love in the Foreign Land: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Hodgins and the goat, great. B&B sweet ending, great. Booth teaching Aubrey about why they do what they do, fabulous.

    Sorry, Camastoo. Not gonna ever get on board. It’s like watching siblings, which makes it weird when they kiss 😉 . Hoping they randomly break them up, Hodgela-style. *fingers crossed*

  2. First impressions. Hodgins chasing the goat was amusing. The episode was compelling when dealing with human trafficking, but the whole Cam/Arastoo marriage/dissertation drama felt annoyingly first world problems like to me in comparison. Aubrey needs to stop eating everything that isn’t nailed down. It’s just creepy. Always good to see DW guest starring. The B&B end scene was way sexier than the opening Cam/Arastoo bedroom scene.

  3. I loved practically everything about this episode. I have never really gotten into the Cam /Arastoo pairing, and this episode didn’t make me believe in it any more than before, but tonight’s sub-plot was believable for both characters. Cam has proven in the past that she is a “meddler” when it comes to the personal life of those she cares about, and it was enjoyable to see both Brennan and Arastoo call her on it.

    Brennan in this episode was spot on! She was brilliant AND empathetic, and I really enjoyed watching her interact with both Arastoo and Angela. Yes, she may have been primarily in the lab, but she was a big part of this case.

    This is the first episode that Aubrey hasn’t bugged me, even a little bit. I didn’t get so much the feeling that Booth had a “partner” – more of a feeling that Booth was mentoring and teaching. (I do agree that the food fixation thing needs to go, though)

    The case itself was heartcrushing. I generally don’t care for the political pushiness of “soapbox” episodes, but this one was masterfully done. Nothing felt forced, it was all just terribly, terribly depressing.

    The closing scene – was just – WOW. The charisma and connection between those two is enough to take your breath away.

    On a completely off-topic note, is it just me or does Tamara Taylor look WAY too thin this season?

    • Great summary. Yes, I agree she is too thin. It’s a horrible trend in Hollywood and I wish we could see actresses look more, well, normal. It’s not only healthier for the actors but for young women who watch TV and think they need to get this thin.

  4. This was one of those Bones episodes where the case really shined through. I was moved by the pain many of the forced workers showed, and thought the whodunnit reveal was an actual surprise that was also poignant and sad. The B & B scene at the end was very Classic Bones in that they related the case to their own lives. Loved the dance!

    I guess I am in the minority: I love the Cam/Arastoo pairing, maybe because I have a good Muslim friend who married a Christian (southerner, actually) and well, it’s not as unusual as many people seem to think. Arastoo is a really romantic and traditional guy, while Cam is a fiercely independent woman who has a very successful career. I enjoy seeing them navigate all the obstacles to their relationship. I also hope to see Arastoo’s parents make another appearance as they are extraordinary actors.

    Every time Aubrey comes on the screen I find myself laughing. He and of course Booth’s reaction to him is some major comic relief. Well, and Hodgins chasing the goat.

    Definitely check out Emily Silver’s Twitter timeline. (She wrote this episode) Lots of fun stuff including the actor playing Arastoo complaining how Aubrey only had to eat a lot of food, while HE was stuck taking his clothes off!

  5. good case but the complete lack of B&B scenes is a major distraction to me….and i am dog tired of Aubrey all over the eps…its too much for me…dial him back…. i checked twitter and its pretty much blown up on there to about it…sighs

  6. I loved just about everything about this episode. Alex Radziwill saying: “They ( the State Department.) need somebody low to the ground to deal with the bottom-feeders.” LMAO That was the funiest moment for me. Cam/Arastoo wasn’t as bad as it normally is. I always liked Arastoo and he was great in this episode. The case was really really great. Everythibng made sense even though it was very very sad. I felt so sorry for both the killer. and the guy who was in love with the victim. The end scene with B&B was just PERFECT. So far season 10 is really great IMO.

  7. This is a very good episode. The case is very shinny. Even lack of B&B scene, still very good.
    Do anyone remember the end scene of Season 9 episode 4. Booth said that they need to stick to the rule, Bones continue did her smart things in the Lab and he was the one for the fight.
    Looks like they are doing these now. Any unsafe action, Booth only go out with Aubrey. Bones stay at the lab continue find out what happen.
    I love the end scene. Booth is always the romantic one. See how he lead Bones to dance. Lovely.

  8. Yes, this was a very good episode!

    BUT, I have a couple of issues here.
    -Seeing Cam & Arastoo in their bedroom at beginning, made me say again “Wrong couple we want to see!!” We want to see B&B in their bedroom, Booth with a towel around him and Brennan laying in the bed!!! Is that too much to ask?? I care about B&B not CamAstoo.

    -The end scene with B&B was nice, but again, they were in the kitchen and when they kissed the kitchen counter was between them. The kiss was just a little hen peck. So at least they touched when they were dancing.

    -Not a fan of Hodgins and Aubrey chasing the goat. I thought it was silly. Trying too much for slapstick comedy. Aubrey looked like a goof!

    -And would it be too much to see B&B tucking Christine in bed together??!! When Brennan told Booth “Christine said she loves you and wants Mickey Mouse pancakes” I thought, why was Booth not up there also to tuck her in??? Esp. after this case.

  9. Good episode,case was sad.The ending was sweet,but could have been more.Cam and Arastoo story is stupid and tiresome,I think I’m going to stop watching episodes he is in.Aubrey is nothing but Booth’s bumbling sidekick for comic relief. Castle and Beckett almost come across as more of a couple than Booth and Brennan.

  10. Yes, Castle and Beckett! That’s why we all come to a Bones web site to say how much we love B&B and Bones. The profundity of their relationship is due as much to the actors as the writing and 15 seconds of an intimate dance scene is more telling than 15 pages of dialogue on other shows — not saying which ones.

    • Wise words as usual, EL, but I urge you to save your sanity. You are responding to the same person who, against stated rules, left me a very spiteful personal message on the private messaging system of a fanfiction site I write for because of my last set of comments on this board a week ago defending Bones. A message she (or he) clearly didn’t feel was appropriate for the rest of the audience here to see, and she (or he) was right.

      Those of us who love the show may still have issues with it but we try our best to find the positive aspects of every episode, and there were many on hand last night. Here are the comments I left on a different blog:

      I was really pleased with the way the writers interwove the main story with the B ones. Sometimes they don’t have much to do with each other, so that you’ll remember an interaction between two characters you enjoyed but aren’t able to place which episode it was in-not the case here. I guess the theme goes to the difference between really helping people versus using them for your own gain. Both the wealthy employer and Victor claimed they were helping immigrants, when they were actually exploiting them. Whereas Booth and Brennan, both charged with guiding mentees, took the hard road and used tough love to bring out the best in them so that they could become more rounded human beings with something valuable to contribute to society.

      I know I’m in the minority, but I found Cam and Arastoo more appealing in this one. Cam wasn’t nearly as impolitic with Brennan as I thought she’d be-given her mother hen personality, I could totally believe that she’d have a hard time staying out of Arastoo’s business. Loved how Brennan threw her concern back in her face by pointing out that *she* had enough confidence in Arastoo to believe they would work the issue out (so reminiscent of the Michelle college application.) I kind of liked that they didn’t break up, just because that’s what we were all figuring would happen. The last scene between them made me see them in a more positive light, because they reached a consensus of sorts in a mature way-I’d hate to see another break-up over nothing like what happened with Hodgela, and besides, Tamara Taylor deserves an ongoing story of some heft for once, even if it’s not the one we think she should get.

      While Booth and Brennan shared fewer scenes than usual, I honestly don’t know what I would have given up in this episode to get more, particularly since that final moment between them became an instant fave for me. To have them together more would have meant fewer gut-wrenching interview scenes, and fewer opportunities to see just how very good they are at their jobs and why they can absolutely be trusted to be in the position of leadership they are in. As an aside, if anyone ever asks me why I’m a B&B shipper, I would probably just use the last minute of this episode to encapsulate everything I love about them as a couple; how unbelievably affectionate they are with one another, how their difficult jobs sometimes affect them emotionally, and how they always come together as a unit to get through the hard times.

      I’d rather have the show go out in a blaze of good stories such as the one we are getting, than live on a little longer by giving in the dictates of mass-produced entertainment.

      • Thanks mariu100 for the kind thoughts. I’m working on research involving trolling and I’m constantly surprised at the unkind depths anonymous posters on the internet are capable of.

  11. The case was well written. I’ve been following (@nfs) for a while now and have learned a lot about the terrible scourge of human trafficking right here in the US. This episode did an excellent job of showcasing this issue. Hopefully it will inspire some people to take action to fight human trafficking.

    All the actors — regular cast and guests — were excellent. I thought that Danny Woodburn as State Dept. official Alex Radziwill was so good he actually overshadowed Phyllis Logan, who was supposed to be the big name guest star.

    On a more mundane topic: Did we really need to see Arastoo walking around in a towel and Cam and Arastoo kissing in bed? Could we EVER get a similar scene for B&B? I’m sure the answer to that would be no.

    I realize this was a “serious” case and Cam/Arastoo centric, but there were only three scenes with B&B together last night. One was the body discovery and included Cam, Aubrey, Hodgins, and a goat, so that’s barely B&B together. What in heaven’s name is going on with B&B? I was all for them getting married and for the show to continue with them as a married couple, but I never expected that it would mean that B&B scenes would drop to practically nothing. This is not an anti-Aubrey rant, by the way. I like him and I think he and Booth work well together, but honestly, more B&B please?

    • I have a theory on that: if you think about it Episodes 1, 2, and somewhat 3 were very B&B centric. In episode 3, Brennan encouraged Booth to extend who he trusts outside of her. And that meant Aubrey. Booth followed her advice, spending more time with Aubrey, and I see a lot of rumbling from fans ever since!

      (By the way, if you watch the movie “Showrunners”, Hart Hanson makes it quite clear he ignores obsessive fans on the internet in terms of advice. I think that’s the smart way to go. People can give their opinion but the people in charge should follow their own gut. Obviously, they can’t ignore Network executives, but it seems that the lower ratings for Bones these last two weeks has everything to do with it now being opposite The Big Bang Theory, and nothing to do with lack of B & B scenes.)

      So my theory: what if Booth/Aubrey is basically a story arc that they are exploring? Booth really doesn’t have any friends, and so far, Aubrey isn’t either, just being mentored at this point, but this could be a character development that would be very interesting. Also, will Brennan regret encouraging him later on, realizing she isn’t out in the field with Booth as much? I just think that there is the procedural aspect to the show and the character aspect. B & B will continue to be a great character study, but Aubrey is the new chess piece. I’m willing to go along and see how this develops.

      • Hmmmm…Hart is, of course, free to make any comment he wants re: fans expressing their viewpoint, but I wonder how he felt about the loss of approx. 4 million viewers after Hannah arrived?

        I wasn’t even watching Bones back then but I can imagine how distressing that storyline was to fans who had been watching since the beginning and really believed that B&B would get together when they returned to D.C. at the beginning of S6. Many fans abandoned Bones then and apparently never returned.

        I started in S7. That was a weak season with several very bad episodes but the newness off B&B together and then Christine’s arrival sort of saved it for me. I thought S8 and S9 were good overall and nothing can top the wedding for me ( although that was followed by a honeymoon episode that was nothing short of disastrous, lol).

        So far I have not like much about S10. That’s an interesting thought about the Aubrey storyline, but if that’s the case I wish B&B would discuss it sooner rather than later. It feels to me like fans are just drifting away because they tune in but don’t see the two central characters interacting. Or maybe it’s just me — I’m definitely losing interest.

      • I just discovered the show this summer on Netflix! So I’m probably less emotional about it. I like it, it amuses me, but let’s face it — falling in love is more interesting than being a married couple. Obviously, there are exceptions, say Friday Night Lights with the Taylor family (God, best married couple ever!) but that is not constricted under the procedural structure and the show barely survived 5 seasons.

        I actually really, really loved the first couple of episodes of Season 10. But that’s the rhythm of this show. They have great beginnings of seasons, a few good case episodes, then some great build up to the next Big Bad episodes, and a great cliff hanger, usually. But there have always been some mediocre episodes, and some major missteps which you have cited. I also don’t think it’s a “once it was a great show but it’s been going downhill ever since X happened”. I think there were some bad episodes early on, and some great episodes later on. But with a procedural, even with great leads, it goes for a B+ at most. In that sense, as sad as it would be for this show to end, I’d love to see DB and ED appear in other shows as completely different characters. DB has literally been two characters for nearly 20 years. And he’s grown immensely — would love to see those acting chops elsewhere as well as his directing.

        I’m probably more upset about Jane the Virgin having low ratings as that one is fantastic and just started.

        Re: Hart Hanson, he’s basically moved on to a new show, but still consults here and there for Bones. There has always been a love/hate relationship between showrunners and fans (“Lost” being the most extreme example). I still think he lucked out in the casting department for Bones. I don’t think it would have lasted as long as it did without the two leads.

  12. I just read a article on zap2it that Bones isn’t a sure thing for renewal anymore,the ratings the last two weeks have been low and Bones is an expensive show to put on.FOX has to decide whether the cost is worth the ratings.Emily and David are not going to get big raises for another season,if anything Bones may get a short final season.Bones has lost almost two million viewers since episode one.Reading the comments,most people are disappointed in the lack of screen time for Booth and Brennan together,the center is not holding and people miss the chemistry.A sweet two minute scene at the end is not going to cut it for a lot of people.The show runners are killing their own show and something is off between David and Emily.I think all the actors want now is a paycheck.I’d rather see Bones end now then keep going in the direction it is.Booth and Brennan are the heart and people want to see them.This week proved that Dave Thomas should never write another episode of Bones.

    • I agree with you that the showrunner (Stephen Nathan) is killing the show with the startling lack of B&B interaction this season, but should point out that Dave Thomas didn’t write this week’s episode. It was written by Emily Silver.

      I thought she wrote a very strong episode as far as the case was concerned, but I for one do not like the Cam/Arastoo storyline so just kind of tuned out during that part. Plus, highlighting Cam/Arastoo just makes the lack of B&B even more distressing.

    • The ratings didn’t go down until it went against The Big Bang Theory which began new episodes last week.

      The people complaining about lack of B & B scenes are …. still watching the show and then complaining. The more casual viewers, who are why this show has been going for 10 years, not the obsessive fans, have flipped to TBBT. I even saw comments on Twitter about spouses fighting over the remote.

      Look this is a wonderful show, and I enjoy watching it. But everything has to eventually end. If they get a shortened 11th final season that’s still an incredible run.

      I like Stephan Nathan, and think he is doing a good job with the show, especially when he had to deal with John F. Daley leaving (not in his control, unless Sweets was almost never going to be on — he’s still in Atlanta directing that film right now). Also, Emily Silver created a great show called “Finding Carter” on MTV, so I think she is brilliant and a person to watch in the TV biz. She cited Buffy the Vampire Slayer as why she decided to become a TV writer.

      • I tried to watch Finding Carter but found it immature and boring.

      • I’m with you but logic does not apply in some places apparently. Of course the ratings were going to take a hit once TBBT came on over to Thursday. While the ratings have gone down, I’m still sure its the only thing Fox has that can hold its own against the monster that is TBBT and the Shonda Monday empire on ABC. Ratings are down overall for network television and the only two other drama shows that are doing somewhat better than Bones are shinny, new Sci Fi shows on Monday night and even Sleepy Hollow has lost a big chunk of its audience. So, saying this is Bones’ last season due to low ratings is a little silly. If the show ends, it probably will not be because of low ratings but because of contract negotiations and the age of the show.

  13. The lack of chemistry between B & B is killing it for me. Now its just another procedural, not that well written, an avenue for the social issue of the week. Bren in the lab and Booth with a newbie FBI agent isnt the reason I started watching 10 yrs ago. Cam/Stoo story is beyond believable and I know I should be pulling for them but I just cant, they are completely mismatched and boring.

  14. I meant this week was so much better than last week and that’s why Dave Thomas shouldn’t write anymore episodes.He doesn’t get their dynamic.

  15. Bones has a unique way of making you feel sympathy for the killers. Sometimes you feel just as bad for the killer as for the victim. I like how they make you question your own morality as you watch. Do you feel bad for the murderer or not because they still took someone’s life? Some people might even question whether the murder was justified…
    Anyway I absolutely loved the end scene. I love that dancing is kind of their “thing” because we see then dance in multiple episodes like in the episode when Wendell is diagnosed with cancer and when they are at her high school reunion. Overall a really great episode!

  16. This was a very moving case. I was really involved because I found myself wondering what was going to happen to the woman’s daughter back in China. The characters were believable to me, and it was so sad.

    I also loved the end scene, but it does make me a little greedy for more scenes between them.

  17. “I thought she wrote a very strong episode as far as the case was concerned, but I for one do not like the Cam/Arastoo storyline so just kind of tuned out during that part. Plus, highlighting Cam/Arastoo just makes the lack of B&B even more distressing.”

    I totally agree with that, Missmarple. I got hooked on Bones due to the chemistry and relationship between B&B. They are the main couple and Steven Nathan needs to wake up and see that.

    As JL said C&A are completely mismatched and boring. We got a henpeck of a kiss between B&B yet with CamAstoo we get two full kisses– not who or what I wanted to see.

  18. “Good business, like a good marriage is outwardly boring”
    -Arastoo Viziri, The End in the Beginning

    Show has told us this from season four and yet people still don’t understand.

    The best thing (well one of a million) about Bones is that it doesn’t do what other shows do – what we are all conditioned to expect. I love it for that. It makes it still interesting and worth watching after 10 years!

    You just gotta trust the people in charge and take the ride – it’s so much more fun that way!

  19. This gif of B&B dancing makes me feel better. Notice Brennan has her hand wrapped around Booth’s thumb. 😍

  20. It does seem that the unmarried people are having a lot more fun than the married folks…maybe that’s why Cam doesn’t seem to want to get married…. 🙂

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