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Morning After Q: Missed Moments, Choices, & Fate


Hello and Happy Friday!

I really liked the end scene of this episode and the conversation between B&B. It is probably one of my new all-time favorite B&B scenes. Like we discussed during Rock the Vote, ‘all-time favorite’ lists can have like 50-100 items on them 🙂

The point is…I liked it.


I thought it was interesting that Brennan mentioned the idea of ‘missing the moment’ again. It reminded me of Doctor in the Photo (confession: after all this time, I still haven’t re-watched it. Too heartwrenching for me) , and also this…




Part of the show’s appeal leading up to the S6 finale was the ebb and flow of possible moments between B&B. There was always the possibility that any moment could be the moment they got together. I don’t just mean sleeping together, but the show has shown that despite geographical or relational issues, they have been together since that night at Booth’s apartment.  Anyway…the end scene got me thinking about moments and choices and fate…especially that Brennan’s words about missing the moment has a fate-type feel, and Booth’s words about making choices in the situations you’re in was more along the lines of Brennan’s MO.

I guess there’s not really a question here, haha, except to ask what you all think about that!



19 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Missed Moments, Choices, & Fate

  1. I am such a Booth and Brennan “together” fan that as I watched this episode, although I was loving the story line, I was hating it because their were no B&B scenes. That is until those last moments. It touched me so much that Brennan realized what her life would have been like if she had not been with Booth. I knew exactly how Booth felt as he said he didn’t know what he would do if Brennan and Christine needed to be saved. He knew and I know what I would do if my daughter was in danger. Their love for each other could not have been expressed any better than these words, kiss, and dance…fade out and I’m smiling.

  2. I noticed that comment from Brennan too. I liked the call back, and the realization that it could’ve been them, and Brennan could still be buried underground, or Booth could’ve been killed on the field, and they would’ve missed all of this. Beyond the more obvious message against slavery and bringing awareness of that, this episode also is good to help us appreciate what we have in our own relationships, like B&B did.

  3. Slightly off topic – but does Brennan mispronounce Arastoo’s last name on purpose? I swear it sounded like she was making it Italian instead of Persian, and replacing the R with an N.

    Overall, loved the episode. Man that actor gets around, the one who was the house-master to the slave women. Nice to have Danny Woodburn back. Even laughed at his short joke. And the end scene tied things all back together.

    • I noticed her pronunciation was interesting too. It sounded like Va-ziti. Made me hungry. 🙂 I’m not up on my Persian names, can anyone weigh in on the proper way to say it? For the record, his name is spelled: Arastoo Vaziri

  4. What I felt from Brennan’s “missing the moment” comment this time around was more based on outside influences that could have changed their lives to the point that the life they now have wouldn’t have existed.

    What if….
    Rebecca had agreed to marry Booth
    Cam had never mentioned her expertise to Booth
    Brennan had died underground
    Booth had gone down with the ship
    Epps had gotten her in the shower
    Pam Noonan’s aim had been a fraction more to the left
    Booth’s brain tumor wasn’t benign
    Booth had died in Afghanistan
    and the list goes on and on…….

    I think, at that moment, Brennan was overwhelmed with all of the obstacles that could have prevented them from their happily ever after. She was looking at the big picture, not individual moments.

    • That’s what I felt too. She was specifically relating herself to the victim who died without ever having gotten to spend her life with the one she loved.

    • Also, their own stubbornness! I found the internal obstacles to have been far more daunting than the external ones of preventing B & B from getting together for so long. Well, within that fictional world, anyway. So many times, one of them would pull back and sacrifice their own happiness because they were too scared to give it a try. The only time where it felt like they really might be torn apart for external reasons was when Pelant forbid Booth from marrying Brennan or he would kill innocent people. I’m the angst fan, so Episode 1 Season 9 is one of my favorite episodes because it showed them on the brink of breaking up, and then seeing Brennan realize Booth still loved her.

    • Or what would have happened if a different person was holding the phone and got shot in Hole in the Heart? It seemed like Mr. Nigel-Murray getting shot (although I HATED that it was him) started a whole chain of events moving.

      I liked Brennan’s comment because it is a “life truth”…. every one of us can look back and think about the path our life has taken and how things could be different. And I guess that’s why I still like to watch BONES.

  5. And the biggest elephant in the room that no one wants to think about….what if Booth and Hannah had married?

    I’ve read several fanfiction stories where that happens and every one is heart-crushing. I’m sure that Brennan must consider from time to time how close she came to losing Booth.

    Here’s another — what if they had not succeeded in clearing Booth and he was still in prison for murder?

  6. Great discussion! I actually watched the show live last night and tweeted, so I needed to re-watch the scene today to really be able to pick it apart. Moments that got to me were: the softness in Booth’s voice when he starts talking, the way Brennan touches his arm when giving him the silver lining of the case, and Booth reaching his arm out inviting her to dance.

    I love the lines below, as it epitomizes what this show has always been about: mutual respect and coming together even when your world views are seemingly so different:

    “I’d thank a God if I believed in one.” – Brennan
    “Then I’ll do it for you.” – Booth


  7. I enjoyed the episode and assumed that there wasn’t as much B&B because DB is prepping for Director-duty in Ep200. I thought there was an interesting blend of humor with the goat chasing in the opening scene (who do you think cleaned Aubry’s shoes after that scene was done?) to the underlying message about human trafficking.

    I loved the closing scene and B&B’s discussion about what a friend of mine calls “seconds and inches”. The dance at the end was wonderful and I found the following

    • nope…there was plenty of Booth in this ep, it was Brennan who was MIA from the partnership and has been since ep 4…this ep was shot early Sep, the main prep for 200th would begin mid October.

  8. Thanks for the youtube link, Penandra, great song…love seeing B&B slow dance

  9. I enjoyed the episode. The case was very sad and horrible to think that goes on in our country. I could have done with out the episode beginning with Arastoo and Came Ugh. They just don’t make a good couple. I would like to see a better story line for Cam, how about a more believable lover. Would love a scene like that with B&B, would love to see DB in a towel. The end scene was so tender I loved it. Booth holding out his hand for Brennan to come into his arms for a dance. There has been so much missing between B&B. Very few scenes with them together. Why is the counter always between them? In past season’s they would be inches apart looking into each others eyes with such depth and Booth would reach over and tuck her hair behind her ear or them touching their foreheads together never losing eye contact. What happened to Booth’s hand on her lower back, them walking with Brennan’s arm tucked into Booth’s or Booth’s arm over her shoulder. Seems like once they became a married couple all touching stopped. Case in point that horrible honeymoon episode. Not one romantic scene in it.
    Hart Hanson is concentrating on other projects and has turned over the rains to Stephan Nathan. B&B’s relationship has been short changed because of it. Stephen Nathan has always said he’s more into the guts and gore of the case. Hart Hanson believed B&B’s relationship was the center of the show. It is such a great show. 10 yrs is a fantastic accomplishment. If this is the last season it deserves to go out on a high note. Bones was Hart Hanson’s baby he needs to come back & give Stephan Nathan some help on B&B’s rich character’s. Let the wonderful chemistry between DB & ED’s shine it is special and makes B&B work so well.

    • I absolutely agree with the lack of B&B …its one thing to add a new character, its another thing for him to ruin the dynamic between B&B partnership, a partnership that has been the backbone of this show since day 1…if this had been earlier Bones it would of been Brennan with Booth who found the woman, they would of had amazing insightful conversations THROUGHOUT the ep about the case…and what do we get here with B&B: one crime scene together, then not one discussion or scene about the case until the last 15 mins of the ep…and its just not this ep, this is the pattern now since ep 4 B&B scenes bookend the ep and thats largely it….Stephen Nathan has been with this show since day 1, I have no idea why on earth he would think it would be ok to marginalize B&B partnership the way he has, the man needs a reality check…and remember that it was them who said that B&B were the center of the show and the center must hold as actual show canon…its time someone told the emperor he has no clothes.

      • Lol, I agree the emperor he has no clothes. I really felt the absence of B&B in this episode. It was a good case but we need more B&B in the field together. That’s always been the foundation of the show. In the pilot, Brennan wanted to participate in every aspect of the case not just the science. I don’t see why that has to change.

        To be honest this was something I was complaining about last season so I don’t think it’s because they added Aubrey. I actually prefer Aubrey to Sweets. It makes Booth come off as a stronger agent. For Sweets to be useful, Booth’s people reading skills had to get dumbed down. I like him teaching Aubrey.

        If you think about it SN was in charge in S6 as well while HH was working on the finder. So I am inclined to blame the disaster on him. Also I think HH writes Brennan better. SN tends to make her the target for the lame jokes. Sweating bullets, Brennan would’ve been able to figure that out in S1.

  10. Just to throw this out there….go and google Emily Deschanel pregnant,there are pictures of her taken at a animal benefit on Sep.30 and she looks like she has a little baby bump and a little roundness in the face.

    • Yes, but if she was already showing (albeit very slightly) on Sept. 30, she would be even bigger now, six weeks later. However, pictures of her from the set while filming the 200th episode just this past week show her in an outfit with a very fitted waist. She most definitely does not look pregnant.

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