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Thoughts on B+B Scenes, Consumerism, and The Show’s Future


Warning: Long post ahead!



I have seen a lot of talk about the B&B scenes (or lack thereof) this season, here, on Twitter, at GMMR, on Facebook, on Tumblr, etc. I have said before that B&B and their individual and combined storylines are what draw me to the show and what I care the most about– and it has been that way since I started watching the show. For me, that doesn’t mean it has to be only Booth and Brennan together, but I like when the character interactions involve at least one of them, i.e. I really like the Booth and Cam moments, and I like many Brennan and Booth and Sweets moments, and Brennan and Angela, etc. and pretty much any combination of two or more characters where one of those characters is Booth or Brennan. But B&B are my thing.

But I know people love the show for all kinds of reasons, and that is cool. After “Bones Theory”, “Wendell” is the number 1 search term to find Bones Theory (the other day Marisa told me that her interview with MGT is very high up on GMMR’s top posts for the year) , and I think I’ve said before (but can’t remember) that “shirtless Hodgins” is high up on the list too, haha. For me, it’s not that I don’t find the other characters enjoyable or meaningful at times–I just don’t care about their growth as much (if at all), and definitely not at the expense of B&B character development (when there is, in my opinion, so much more that could be done there–not that they haven’t grown, but they are just so interesting/fascinating).  I also at times get annoyed when side characters are used as plot devices, so I know I am hypocritical in this way, but, to quote Booth,  I’m dealing with it.

ps 53

So when, in The Purging of the Pundit, B&B seemed cool with their own idea that Booth would be in the field with Aubrey and Brennan would be in the lab, I know my eyes narrowed a little bit, like…



It reminded me of the end of Harbingers, when we hear that we are just going to have to be okay with second best for a while. Hmmmmm…not sure I like that!  I was/am not as cool with it as they were/are, haha.

I don’t know why they are doing it. I don’t have any insider knowledge, but I do know there is a reason. I’m not saying that in a “oh, showrunners always have a vision, and we must accept the vision and the story they want to tell”  kind of way, because I don’t agree with that 100% (and the network makes decisions that impact it all of the time anyway). So I guess I should say, I am guessing there is a reason, logically there is a reason, because in the past there have been reasons (sometimes legit, and sometimes dumb)–and usually they come to light, even if it takes time. To quote Booth again, we just have to be open enough to see it.



I don’t want to beat this example into the ground, but I remember in season 6, when after weeks+ of the show saying that Emily Deschanel would probably direct an episode that season, all of a sudden they announced that it wasn’t going to work out and she wasn’t going to direct an episode—and some people went nuts. That’s probably the most anger I have seen toward HH and SN in a ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ kind of way. When it came out a few months later that Emily Deschanel was pregnant, it made sense, but I really didn’t see anyone go back to the showrunners and say “ah, makes sense now, sorry we called you ‘women-hating hellhounds bent on destroying everything we love, you pieces of garbage not fit for your own show’s lab table’, it’s all good” haha. That insult is rated G compared to most of what was said. And of course I am speculating that ED’s real-life pregnancy was the reason she didn’t direct an episode, and that she willingly pulled her name from that proverbial dance-card, and HH and SN took the wrath for it (which is part of their job) . I don’t have definitive evidence about that, except that she has been very open in interviews that she likes to spend her spare time with her son, and since then has been asked about wanting to direct and has probably had opportunity to direct and hasn’t done it.

So after that, the show and the network decided to do a shortened S7. As far as I know, the show offered to do more without ED, and the network said no– B&B were the draw, so it was better to just do a shortened season, and considering where B&B were in their relationship at that time, it was a good decision and made sense.  I am pretty sure ED and DB were under contract at that time (which expired after S8, I think?) and so that went into it too, I am guessing.

That takes us to now, where ED and DB have expiring contracts. I have never had the same job for longer than 6 years, so I can’t imagine doing the same job/role for 10+ years. Or I should say this, I know what it is like to be in a job I really don’t like, and it’s miserable. This is not me projecting feelings onto the cast, crew, producers, etc. I have no idea how they feel. There are impressions in the media (then again, they are actors/actresses), and there are always rumors out there, but they are just rumors. All I am saying is that, just like I was free to be done teaching when my contract expired, so would any person on a show be free to be done when his or her contract expires–for whatever reason.  That’s how contracts work. Just because I find a celebrity’s work to be personally enjoyable doesn’t mean that person or his/her work is around for my personal enjoyment. I really want Jonathan Tropper to keep writing books, but now he writes a TV show. If his dream is to write a TV show and he wrote books to get there, who am I to demand he keep writing books for my benefit,  you know? (But seriously…please write more books 🙂 )

Fox may decide not to negotiate and have the show end in the spring. They may really want it and ED/DB may have all of the leverage to get what *they* want. They may want to do 22-24 episodes— and they may not. One might, and the other might not. Anything could happen, and the show has to prepare for that.

So, while it looks like B&B are being put on the backburner, there can be all kinds of personal or professional reasons why that might happen–reasons that, as a fan of ED and DB (and others) , I feel like I personally need to support. In the past, if David Boreanaz directs an episode, it can be expected that the preceding episode is Booth-lite (or he’s behind a desk for 75% of his scenes or something). When Emily Deschanel was pregnant, she sometimes did less physical movement or was in fewer scenes. The benefits for me (I think he’s a great director/yay for successful personal lives) outweigh the temporary loss…but even if I didn’t feel that way, it doesn’t give me the right to judge DB or ED for whatever they want to do. Often times I will see (and sometimes feel) people defending ED/DB against the writers or showrunners or network, etc. Again, I don’t know what goes on there, but I think the show leads have a good amount of control over what they do. I know my outlook changes when I work from that mindset. If they are the ones making (most of) the creative decisions for their characters (wardrobe, hair, stage direction, amount of screentime, levels of seriousness/humor, general levels of nakedness or ‘sex’ scenes), then more power to them. If they are being forced into those decisions, then yes–grab your pitchfork and join me. I just haven’t seen anything that indicates they aren’t mostly in control of those things…or at least have a really strong voice in them.

Hart Hanson tweeted a couple of years back something like “there are all kinds of reasons why an actor or actress might be in less of an episode than normal: could be scheduling, could be spending time with their family or friends, or traveling, or none of your d*mn business” , and that is true.  I do sometimes fall into the trap/idea that because people are on a TV show that they are obligated to fulfill some hidden terms or conditions (i.e.: Brennan should stop wearing that trenchcoat! or they should kiss more–they get paid so much money to literally make out! ), and I know those (or any variation) are irrational. I’m not talking about being in character or out of character–those are fair things to weigh in on, in my opinion. But, long story short, it’s easy for me to get caught up in those ‘hidden terms’ when in reality, it’s none of my business. Yes, without an audience a show doesn’t exist–but I think it goes both ways. Even though the network and cast/crew create a product for us to ‘consume’ and enjoy, they themselves are not consumable goods (though we can stop consuming their products). Each person is welcome to his or her opinions and actions. For me, I try to treat the show (but not the people/players) in any other way I would consume something. It’s difficult when the original ‘product’ was sold as one way and feels like it has changed, but still…shows or companies or whatever have the right to do that.

Sure, I would definitely love it if the show would just send out a memo and say something like “yes, we’re trying to figure out if we can do a spinoff of the squints” or “yes, one of the cast is having a personal issue (good or bad) and we are giving them a break” or “yes, we aren’t sure about contract negotiations and some of our cast are actually moving on to other projects” or even, “we are now contractually obligated—heck, not even obligated, because we genuinely like these people and characters—to include the non-leads in a certain amount of screentime per episode”, but again, it’s none of our business, and they probably aren’t contractually able (or are too professional) to reveal that information anyway. The networks/cast/crew (of any show, on any network) do themselves a disservice by perpetuating the idea that the core motivation of all involved is ‘for the fans’. Yes, again–there is an appreciation for fans, and I believe it is genuine, but there are so many other incentives that aren’t always PC for them to talk about (money, personal gain/connections, fame, creative input), and I believe it, along with the current online landscape, creates a sense of entitlement in the audience (myself included).

So how does that apply to a lack of B&B scenes in the episodes?

If it seems like there is something going on that doesn’t make sense, there is *always* a reason behind it. Despite the recent trend of showrunners/actors/writers/etc. on Twitter and the behind the scenes (and brains) looks we do get, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that we never know about…so many compromises that are made for all kinds of reasons, and we only see the results and rarely the struggles/’blame’ (which I use lightly).

One of the things I value about BONES is that it (via Brennan) taught me that it was totally cool and acceptable to say “I don’t know what that means”. I was 27 years old when I started watching it (and now I’m 34), and I didn’t like admitting when I didn’t know something. But to see Brennan, a genius, say “I don’t know what that means” was refreshing. She had zero shame in that–she was all about expanding her knowledge base. Sure, some of the things were idioms or quips or whatever, but not always. Saying “I don’t know what that means” changed my life and actually opened up doors in my career and with friends, because people always, to a person, just went on to explain what they were talking about. And I learned more. Yay.

high five

The show also showed me ways to think deeper about things. “There are no coincidences in a murder investigation”, “First the truth–then the catching”, and all of those statements were about not accepting things at face value–not in a defiant way, but in a “if something doesn’t make sense, take the time to dig a little deeper and put some thought around it and see what could possibly make sense” kind of way. It happens in nearly every single episode, whether it’s B&B talking it out over food, or Booth tossing a baseball or stack of files to Sweets while they posit scenarios, or at the lab, where they analyze possible murder weapons–the rally cry, so to speak, is ‘dig deeper–don’t just accept what appears on the surface–think about what you know and all of the possibilities and make an informed guess/hypothesis/opinion’. If the characters didn’t dig deeper, the episodes would be about 5 minutes long–they would just go with their first impressions and be done. But there is this underlying push to not be satisfied with what is on the surface. Dig deeper! Think critically! Use what you know and the evidence, and come up with a logical conclusion.

So when something doesn’t make sense on the surface—and yeah, on the surface it doesn’t make sense to me that there are fewer B&B scenes in many episodes (and that it’s rarely at the lab, or that there is almost always a kitchen/bar counter/diner table between them)—I try to take a step back and consider all of the possibilities, based on what has happened in the past and/or what might happen in the future.  I won’t share my inklings because those would just be getting into gossip and rumors, and I don’t want to do that.  I will do my best to give everyone involved the benefit of the doubt that we are getting the best possible product with what they have to work with.  I also will continue to write about it and critique the product as I see fit.



Thank you, Sweets.

LOL…moving on. The point is, take a page from the show and dig deeper; really think about what could possibly happen. A couple of weeks ago, I put out a post on Tumblr, asking people if any of these (purely hypothetical) situation(s) (or any) would cause them to no longer watch the show:

1.Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz re-sign contract renewals, but don’t solve as many cases together. Instead, the focus changes to them mentoring/advising other characters, i.e. Aubrey or the rotating squinterns (i.e. more Wendell’s storyline, more of Camastoo, more about Daisy, Finn, Clark, Fuentes, Jessica and Wells), with the occasional B&B moment.

2. Emily Deschanel and/or David Boreanaz sign limited contract renewals (for whatever personal or professional reasons) and appear as special guest stars (i.e. sweeps week) only, but the show continues with the rest of the cast (i.e. Scrubs 2.0, or Saved By The Bell: The New Class, etc.)

3. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz sign full contract renewals, but the show can’t afford the rest of the main cast at S11 prices at those (relatively) low ratings, so the show-universe moves to a new location, with new (and less expensive) cast members.

4. All of the cast is re-signed for contracts, but limited ones (i.e. out of a 22 episode season, each person is signed for 15 episodes— like Glee, or Parenthood have done) , so some episodes will have certain characters and some will have others, but it’s rare that the entire main cast would be together in an episode.

The show has changed over the years, and HH has hinted before that anything past 10 would require a re-boot (seemingly more than the annual ‘reset’ he used to declare at the end/beginning of each season haha) (some examples of those hints here and here and here) , but he’s not around at all anymore really, so who knows?  I guess, typically each fan has a ‘non-negotiable’ item. What would be your non-negotiable item(s)?

Not in an ultimatum or fear-inspiring way, but for me, it was good to think about what it would take to get me to actually stop watching the show.  So far, I haven’t found anything that I wouldn’t at least give a chance to.

If you’re (2800+ words later) still reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


(PS…on the thread of celebrity and consumerism, I came across this article yesterday and thought I would share–it’s about the way the media treats ones (specifically Amanda Bynes) as fair game for all kinds of comments)

57 thoughts on “Thoughts on B+B Scenes, Consumerism, and The Show’s Future

  1. Well thought out and said.

    Personally, no matter the renewal scenarios you present I think we’d still be here, having caught up to current.

    And, I may be in the minority here, but this season hasn’t felt “off” to me like it has many others, with respect to B&B.

    • I’m in your minority then. I will not deny that I wouldn’t mind more B&B scenes because I just love them but we’re only 6 episodes into the season and so far, I’m pretty happy with what we’ve gotten. I’m sure there’s a reason for less B&B scenes and for me it is obvious. The introduction of a new character that is strictly FBI and not yet a part of the team family means that a lot of Booth’s scenes will be devoted to his interactions with that character, given that he is the FBI liaison and his mentor. We can’t have David in so many scenes in the episode, that wouldn’t be fair in terms of work load, therefore something’s gotta give and unfortunately, the other character he interacts with most is Brennan’s. At this point, its about quality and not exactly quantity. Their scenes may be fewer but they are meaningful. Do I wish we would have more B&B doing the investigation together? Sure, but if this is what it takes for the show to live on a little longer, then I can deal with it.

      • This is me. I don’t feel like we’re missing a thing especially since the season is just getting underway. Any scene Booth and Brennan are in is usually meaningful-it matters and isn’t just the two of them going through their paces. I don’t have a problem with season 10 and how B&B are being presented to us.

    • You know, I agree with you there. There have been a few ‘off’ moments. But I feel like there’s been some healing since s6, right?

  2. Thanks for writing this Sarah. I’ve been wondering about your thoughts for a very long time.

  3. This totally needed to be said. Thanks, Sarah.

  4. You always make the most thought-provoking posts, Sarah!

    I can’t speak for anyone else’s viewpoint, but here’s mine. 🙂 Anytime I “critique” the show, it is not coming from a disgruntled-fan place…more like a “I obsessively love this show and I want it to be the best it possibly can” place. I fully understand there are outside forces that work on a show. To keep the core members of the cast together this long as it is, is a minor miracle. Take “House” or “The Office”, where after a while, not only do the behind-the-scenes folks leave for other projects, but so does the cast. I know we are extremely fortunate to keep everyone together as long as Bones has.

    That being said, the main point of my “issues” goes back, way back, to the change in tone the show took when DB/ED got more control. (I also blame the wardrobe changes on them too lol!) I do think a lot of those issues/changes began to percolate back then. Now, when you add HH leaving, ED’s pregnancy, etc…you are adding a lot more of those outside factors into the mix.

    To take a page from what Bones taught me– I can look at Bones as an organism. It starts out as a little baby cell (when Bones is being held in an airport and Angela is flashing people lol) and grows, develops, and matures over time. It is still essentially itself, but what full-grown season 10 is will still be vastly different than what baby season 1 is. I don’t think any of us could have imagined that our young little babies in the pilot would be where they are now. :)

    Overall, I still love the show. I wouldn’t spend a big quantity of my life on the Internet chatting about it if I didn’t! Any issues I have are primarily nitpicky and are not my whole feeling about the show. I would say that if B&B dropped to guest star status, I’d probably not make it a must-watch anymore. Maybe I’d let it fill up on the DVR and watch it when I was bored. I love the supporting cast, but I love them AS the supporting cast.

    I don’t think the fans are “wrong”, per se, for feeling a bit discontented. For whatever the reasons that exist, the show is different, and people are responding to that. I think it would be good for TPTB to at least be aware of the fan feelings, not to try to make every single one happy, but so that they can address the concerns to the best of their ability with the constraints they have.

    Word count: 445 🙂

  5. Email, for now.

    GREAT post, Sarah!

  6. Creo que eres consciente de lo que has hecho con tu post, o bien estás lanzando un globo sonda sobre un posible spin off de Bones o realmente sabes algo de lo que está pasando en la producción que las demás no sabemos. Si sabes algo debes decirlo no insinuarlo, porque estás creando un montón de dudas y malos pensamientos sobre gente que nos han hecho disfrutar durante 10 temporadas. Estoy viendo Soccer Mon in the Mini-Van (3.02) y Booth y Brennan aparecen en el 90 por ciento de las escenas, juntos o separados. Ahora, es cierto, no lo hacen; pero ya no lo hacían desde la sexta. Son diez años, la serie ha cambiado. Tú sabes más que yo de lo que se cuece en Bones, así que debes explicarte, no lanzar la piedra y esconder la mano. Por cierto si hay un spin off de Bones yo no lo seguiré.

    • Hey Marien, you are right–it would be wrong and in poor taste for me to have insider information and toss it out to the public like this, putting out scenarios to see what people would think, and then ‘hide my hand’ and say “oh, I don’t know anything! This is all speculation!” This isn’t a “oh, if you all only knew what I know, this would all make sense!” type of thing. I promise I do not have insider information on what the cast/crew/network want to do. I made up all of the possible scenarios above, based on what I have seen other shows do or what Bones has done in the past. You are also right that what they have done is put together 10 years of enjoyable TV. 🙂

      I am going to email you with some thoughts on other things you mentioned, because I want to make sure I have the translation correct. xoxo

  7. Every word! I think I’d love to share three things, in support, and in the spirit of how you wrote too. The spirit of “I don’t know” being a powerful door opener and the even more powerful “I’ll find out” (dig deeper). I too started watching about seven years ago. I too taught and now I’ll run out and read Jonathan Tropper and be sad he isn’t writing the book but happy that he is writing the tv show.

    I think sometimes, when I wish something was different, and especially when I am setting out to make it different (whether in a school or in writing or whatever) that many many other smart and thoughtful and passionate people went before me. The fact that certain things seem to happen over and over isn’t a sign that change isn’t possible or desirable, just that there are forces at work that lots and lots of smart people with good hearts had to take into account and adjust to. Even at the level of a tv show. Watch early episodes of the shows that move us (whichever shows and whoever you are). For me it is Bones, M*A*S*H, NCIS…watch any of the early eps (and for many people it is The West Wing or Angel or whatever) and they are different than the later eps. People will say that the early shows are written to hook up and the later shows to keep us, but I believe it starts even before the hook. The people writing and conceiving the show (as they met actors and writers wrote stuff and all the other tv process stuff that you know better than me) really cared. Frankly, they were hooked themselves, whether they wished to be so vulnerable or not. I don’t think if DB and ED and the other actors in those early eps, and if the directors and the writers and the producers hadn’t been, it wouldn’t have been so magnetic. I don’t think all brain is ever enough of a hook.

    Ack, I digress and I am not the writer you are so I’d better rein in. Anyway, the second thing I wanted to say was that one of the most powerful things about Bones for me is that it is a show full of beginnings. There are moments, scenes, lines, words…that just replay over and over in our imagination they are so rife with possibilities. I think that is where the disappointment and lashing out comes from sometimes. Because the show didn’t take the possibility that we ourselves liked the look of. But really the success isn’t in what happens to any one possibility, but that there are so many! Look at the screenshots we have poured over, and the scene recaps, and the amount of fanfiction. From the look on Booth’s face when Brennan kisses him in the hospital to Brennan kissing him in the bullpen last season. Even as it has tied off loose ends or cemented relationships, B&B remain deeply interesting and flawed and noble people to consider in our imagination. So I don’t think it is about the relatively few endings, but the almost endless possibilities for beginnings that make this show, and others like it, great.

    Finally, I think that I want to say that my favorite thing about what your wrote above was the way you highlighted the ownership of the viewer/reader. It is on ME if I don’t like Sweets, or a storyline. The people writing and acting and envisioning have a right and a responsibility to build the world as they see it. I can opt in or out. It is on ME to find what I am looking for, and to trust in the genuineness (and as you say, often *planned*) of the enterprise. Even though part of that genuine planning involves taking real world concerns into account or even something commercial like a product placement.

    I can see why people get upset. When a show like Bones works for me, it is like chocolate and laying on the beach in the sun, and running like a 12 year old. It is comfort and excitement and satisfaction. To feel it is being taken away or withheld, can be painful, I guess. I used to wish, which I was planning my 3 wishes (everyone does that right?) that one would be the ability to walk into a bookstore or library and have a glowing pulsing aura surround the most perfect book for me. Because turning the last page of the most delicious book is always hard! The probability (yeah, I’m a mathematician too) that the next one will be as good seems slim.

    But it happens. Every time. Good stuff is inevitable too. And Bones will continue to surprise me, or ED/DB will, or the writers will, or some other writers or actors will, and it won’t be a knock on Bones, but rather a celebration of the truth first, then the catching. Hell, I’m not nearly as articulate as you, but thanks for speaking out on this. Your insight, given both your shared passion for the show and your obviously strong understanding of the way shows get made and live in the world, was meaningful to me.


  8. I find it amusing (or annoying) depending upon my mood how rapid some fans can be. (I never knew how crazy some fans can be until I started using Twitter). Too many fans seem to think they have a “say” in how the show us run or what the actors do. I feel sorry for actors, directors or producers who get blasted when a show doesn’t go the way some fans want it to.

    I treat shows like books. I find a story I like and let it entertain me. It’s not my story to tell. I’m merely along for the ride. If in the end a story disappoints me I never read that story again or perhaps I never pick up another book written by the author. On the other hand if the book (Show) is enjoyable I look for more books by that author or books in that series.

    Bones is a great show and I enjoy it immensely. Sure they do things that drive me crazy but since it’s not my story I accept it.

    I thank DB and ED for being willing to give us a great product and for putting up with some fans that cross lines everyday. I couldn’t do it but I’m grateful that they can.

  9. Sorry for the typos I did that on the phone.

  10. Sarah, i always thought you were one of the voices of Reason on Bones fandom and you still are. Thank God for that! Loved you said everything above. I think when a show is on its 10th season, the writers have a chance to tell stories about the other characters more easily and freely. Booth & Brennan/ David & Emily will be always the center of the show and i don’t think this will ever change and they know that! I just have the feeling the fans that are complaining about too much Aubrey scenes with Booth now are the same that were complaining about too much Sweets/Booth scenes before! Go figure!

  11. I LOVE Bones to death, and like bb, I want the show to be the best it can be! But I do feel something is a bit off this season. The lack of interaction between B&B is what is hurting the show, in my view. I loved the premier and the scenes we got between B&B, the hugs and the tastefully done bedroom scene. (Shirtless Booth is always a plus!)

    But I just feel, esp. after Lost Love episode that there is a lack of connection between B&B. I loved them dancing at the end, but as someone pointed out they only had 3 scene together. We get full kisses and bedroom scenes with CamAstoo, but a hen peck from B&B. I care about B&B, not CamAstoo.

    Why are B&B always in the kitchen for their end scenes?? And now the kitchen counter is between them. Why can’t we see B&B BOTH putting Christine to bed and her telling Booth “I love you, daddy” VS. Brennan passing it along to him?? Why can’t we see B&B saying goodnight in their bed, after some pillow talk and a kiss?? As someone posted on the IMDb “Why is this show so anti-B’s bedroom scenes? Am I asking for X-rated porn? No. I was happy with the scene we got in the premiere episode. Give me more of that stuff…I mean, c’mon now! I’m so tired of kitchen scenes. The bulk of their home scenes are in the kitchen, as they were in the old house. Heck, give me a kissing scene at the bar in their house, for pete sake. There is no intimacy between them and I don’t get why. They’re married, not dead! ”

    I know we are only 6 episodes in Season 10, but IMO, they need to have more interaction/intimacy between B&B.. THAT is what most people watch the show for. NOT CamAstoo, NOT Aubrey & Booth. But Brennan and Booth.

    I know ED & DB have decreased their hours. but you can still have quality interactions between B&B, if not as much quantity.

  12. I’m barely hanging on as it is right now, so options 1, 2, or 4 would probably finish me with the show. Option 3 would be interesting and would keep me watching.

    My wild guess is that David is exploring other possibilities before deciding whether to sign a new contract. I have absolutely no inside information nor do I really understand how the TV industry works, but I work in the corporate world and anytime a change is coming people explore their options, right? And Bones is going to end, whether it’s this season or in the near future. David has starred in two long-running and successful TV shows so there’s no doubt he’s a hot commodity. Fox could be looking at him for a new series, perhaps even the project SN is writing/producing. On a side note, I’m really surprised David did not direct any episodes of Backstrom. I read somewhere that Hart Hanson said that David was at or near the top of his list of desired directors for his new show.

    Also, I think Emily has been pretty open about wanting to have another baby, so that would probably influence her decision on whether to continue and in what capacity.

    One thing I do find puzzling is why SN, when asked, is so positive about a future for Bones. You would think, given the uncertainties we’ve discussed here, that he would respond in a more muted fashion.

  13. I troll a lot and I know it’s not cool to disagree with you. And I’m not sure I am, just stating my opinion. A B&B lite episode here and there is ok. But only ok. I understand when DB is prepping for directing, it’s going to happen. I think he’s a good director so I accept it then and figure it’s worth it.
    But in watching this Lost Love episode, the lack of interaction between B&B was glaring for me. I don’t need to know why, I will just say I don’t like episodes that work that way.
    I’m just not invested in the other characters. And perhaps the ‘rotating’ intern has created that. They come they go, you can forget from one episode to the next what their particular ‘thing’/issue is. It works that way for me for Angela and Cam and Hodgins. I care about B&B and it’s their story I follow.
    I don’t hate Aubrey. I think he’s fine. I’m not missing Sweets. I don’t whine for Zack.
    The only ones I miss or would miss are B&B and maybe Hodgins (if I had to pick one b player). All other characters are replaceable in my opinion That’s how I view things. I don’t need to know what’s happening personally between ED and DB or with their contracts. I just know the story is about them and while it remains about them, I will watch. If episodes like Lost Love keep happening…..who knows. I’m looking forward to ep.200. If Bones becomes about Cam, Hodgins and Angela and Aubrey…..well, I’m probably gonna switch the channel. Not a threat, just a fact of interest. I mean the show isn’t going to last forever and if actors want to move on….who knows I may follow one or two somewhere else! There could be a silver lining to it all.

  14. Before I get started,I’d like to say that this is the only site I comment on because you can give an honest opinion and even though people may not agree with it,they respect it.I’ve read posts over on Bonesology and I’ve never seen people that have a disturbing obsession with a show in my life.If you don’t agree that Bones is the greatest show of all time and never had a bad episode,they get pissy and rude and you can’t be a true fan.That being said,I love Bones,but I agree with Karen G. that something is off.Whether it be Booth and Brennan or maybe something with David and Emily.How can Nathan say that the 200th isn’t AU when it is set in the 50’s.I wish when it comes to finales they would take a different approach,the last three finales have kept Booth and Brennan apart for three months whether it be physically or emotionally.The writers are telling the same story just in different ways.A finale doesn’t have to be a cliffhanger or involve Booth and Brennan.I’d like to see a finale where Booth and Brennan solve a case and at the end get on a plane with Christine to go on vacation.Christine has not had a happy summer with her parents since she was born.If Bones gets renewed then great and if not it had a great run.

  15. Interesting essay. For me as for many I suspect, B&B are the show. Personally I don’t think any of the secondary actors, much as I enjoy them in concert, could carry on without ‘the center’. Nor do I think that DB & ED would be happy as actors playing guest spots on what had originally been their show. Bones is holding up fairly well in the ratings compared to other Fox shows so we’ll see what we see. And honestly and perhaps brutally what other projects does anyone see for the show’s actors that could compare with what they already have?

  16. Wow, I never even knew this community was here! This is like stumbling into a library filled with all my favorite books by all my favorite authors. I may never leave. 😀

    Forgive me for my excitement because in addition to discovering a room rife with thoughtful and intelligent Bones discussion, this particular post is precisely on point. Thank you!!!

    Thank you for the wisdom and level-headed sensibility on display. If only all those crazy fans out there would see this and stop to consider that there are so MANY factors going into any creative endeavor. We just get the finished product, if we are lucky, without any sense of what was involved in creating it. I am grateful that the dozens (hundreds?) of people involved in producing Bones are still able and willing to do all that hard work. At the same time, I don’t begrudge any of them for wanting more time for personal pursuits. Think about it: they’ve given us TEN YEARS of their lives.

    As to the proposed four scenarios for how the show might change … honestly and perhaps even surprisingly because I adore B&B … the third scenario is what would make me stop watching. As Booth said, (paraphrased) “You take away any one of us and you and Hodgins are stuck in that hole forever.” B&B are the center of a family. I want the whole family, even if it means only visiting individual members occasionally.

    It’s like growing up: in the beginning we were always together but eventually we all start to spread out and start our own families, and maybe we only gather all together on holidays (season premieres) or for special occasions (sweeps week). That’s the way it should be for a show built on the beauty of “all kinds of families.” The show is growing and the characters are growing up. When that happens, families get bigger and more complicated, yes. But always … we make room for the newest members. We set a place at the table for the new boyfriend (Aubrey) even if we really loved the old one (Sweets) and miss him terribly.

    What I would like to see is our beloved show end gracefully and the way that ‘God’ (aka Hart Hanson) intended. I know he’s off with Backstrom, but hope he would have a hand in crafting a planned ending to what he created. Please don’t let it just fade from greatness, let it go out with dignity, whenever that happens to be. And if that happens to be this year in May 2015, I’m okay with it. Absolutely I will miss it but I don’t want the show wasting away on metaphorical life support just to please the most rabid fans.

    Thank you to Bonesology and NatesMama, who both tweeted links to this page today. I’m so glad I happened to discover this amazing community!

    And most of all, thank you to Sarah (Seels) for writing this amazing post. It was so refreshing to read a wise and compassionate perspective.


  17. Our beloved “Bones” in my opinion, must have Booth and Brennan as the center. I just can’t stand it when I see Aubrey in that car with Booth instead of Brennan or when I see him with Booth at a crime scene instead of Brennan. I want to see and hear her say, “Booth…Blood, I see blood.”

    I don’t want to see them separated by a counter..I want them together on the couch or just sitting in bed. I want close ups of them looking into each other’s eyes. I want to see them supporting each other. The chemistry between these two has been the reason why I watch episodes of “Bones” over and over.

    Something is wrong! Why? Sarah has offered many possible answers to this question. A show can’t be so involved with these two characters for nine seasons and suddenly just change so dramatically. For me, personally, if the scripts continue in this manner, dropping Booth and Brennan to secondary roles, I would be in support of ending the series, as sad as I am to even think about it

    As my mother always said, “Don’t try to fix what ain’t broke.” Producers and writers please bring back our old “Bones” with our two wonderful characters that we love so much….B&B…Booth and Brennan.

  18. My take? DB and ED are in a fight. I have to disagree that they’re doing the best with what they’ve got- because what they’ve got is is two actors with the best onscreen chemistry I’ve ever seen, and let’s face it: that’s why we love the show. That’s why we watch it. Not for awkward ‘Camastoo’ storylines with a politically correct stereotype fulfilled or a couple moral lessons thrown in, and not for relatively unattractive hispanic interns who are supposed to serve as ‘eye candy’. I love Wendell, I’m glad we’re seeing more of him- even if I almost wished he hadn’t returned by about the sixth time he was referred to as ‘brother’- but he’s not why we watch the show either. Killing off Sweets opens many possibilities, and they should explore them. If they get fixated on Daisy and this baby (Seeley Seeley Seeley, really?) then that’s just going to be annoying.

  19. Has anyone noticed how they’re focussing on nostalgic keepsakes from another time, as if to remind us they haven’t forgotten what we haven’t forgotten- the rotary phone, the seats in the stadium, the metal junk on the wall. They’re even recycling old dialogue to remind us why we love the show- do you know what the penalty is for blackmailing a federal agent; this baby is a classic; a few years in, you’re a good man (x12 now, I think), I always know what I’m saying, another few I’ve forgotten from the first episode. We need Sweets- they didn’t need Sweets for years, more often than not his advice was useless or worse still nearly destroyed the things that mattered most, which he failed to understand. Booth. Booth and Brennan. The reasons I watch the show, for one. He died with some nice parting words on his lips, though- the world is a better place than you think it is. Yeah, undoubtedly their lives were shaped by their relationship with him. They’d probably have gotten it right ages ago- it’s a wonder they are where they are now. I wouldn’t have married Booth and had Christine, really? Gordon Gordon didn’t tell Brennan why she stayed so that she wouldn’t leave- Sweets told her why she should and then she did leave. Ridiculous. And ofcourse they ended with Lime in the Coconut. Throwbacks all around. And now they’ve announced their intentions- Booth in the field, Brennan in the lab… Bones used to be less obvious than that, more subtly beautiful- remember when she was avoiding him after Zach left and he figured it out straight off and confronted her about it, and then she denied it- ofcourse- and they worked (bickered) through it? Remember ‘we’re the centre- and the centre must hold’? I sure hope they do.
    I’m all for making Aubrey a series regular; I’d watch a spin-off with him and Hodgins. Suits and squints or something of the sort. I was watching that one scene where Booth and Brennan were alone in a room together (they still do that?) thinking how great it was- granted, they had a table between them- and I wasn’t even really pissed when Aubrey walked in. So I must like him. Hey maybe this time Booth will go with his gut and be right for a change, no need to sweeten things up (see what I did there. Wonder when the last time that happened was. Oh, that’s right. Pre-shoddy-psycho-mumbo-jumbo when the character-driven plots were so great that the science was actually valid and incidental. On a sidenote, I liked how they gave that ‘pathetic little man’ a little blood moustache that incriminated him. Especially after the allusion to the Germans. Yay Americans. Boo Hitler. Woohoo. Keep raising tuition fees to bankrupt parents and children who spend their lives in a cycle of repayment in that godforsaken system while the Germans abolish that social evil altogether.
    You know, Bones had her moment with Zack (who was just too precious, in my opinion) now rotting away in a looney bin though only Sweets’ knows of his innocence (though they’ve hinted Booth does too-I miss those hints that made the show so nuanced and subtly beautiful and Bones); Booth can have his moment with Sweets, so long as they don’t drag it on forever, and have that character stick around even after he’s gone to the grave. ‘Faith in something bigger than himself?’ How about them? Well I’d written that after the first but atleast Booth seems to feel me here. And htey’re bringing Sweets back from the dead. Just peachy. Somehow it seems all these lame jokes-like hey,Booth’ll return from a warzone with a nameless blonde on his arm and then Brennan will realise what she wants and he’ll be a douche about it. Still can’t believe that actually happened, and in the projected sequence, too. Ah well.

  20. I can only say that I love this show, especially ED and DB! Without them the show would not be the same! That being said, I am praying that ED and DB renew their contracts for next year and for many more years ! Without Bones my life would be incomplete ! I love this show!!!!!

  21. Honestly the only episode that felt B&B-lite to me so far this season was this last one. But there was so much good stuff happening on the FBI side that I didn’t really mind. Aubrey doesn’t seem to me to take up any more time than Sweet’s did. And personality wise, I’ll take Aubrey over Sweets any day. I’m also enjoying watching Booth have the opportunity to develop a new relationship with another character. That’s something Brennan has had over on the lab side with the interns for years.

    Season 8 convinced me that I’m really not interested in a version of Bones where the supporting cast shoulders more of the storyline. I’m also really not interested in watching a series that is overall Booth-lite story wise. Season 8, I’m looking at you again.

    I’d miss Hodgins, but I could live without the rest of the supporting cast if I had to. So I guess it boils down to scenario 3 for me.

  22. I take back what I said about B&B being in a fight. 00:34. PHEW. I don’t know what’s wrong with the writers, they should be conked over the head for not tapping that. Why on earth won’t they just put those two in the same room and let them make magic? It’s how the show started, after all. It’s what’s kept it going for ten years, and kept us coming back. This is really weird. All for new suggestions on that front. I’m stumped, too.

    • Although there does seem to be some friction and not of the altogether pleasant variety right at the start when he interrupts her and then she questions him back. Never know. They are actors, after all, and even if they’re not always good at their job they do have incredible UST that won’t go away.

  23. So many great comments.The dynamics have changed.Whether it is between Booth and Brennan or E.D. and D.B. There has been a distance. An example, some one mentioned there is always now a counter between them. The scene when she goes off to work after just bringing him home from jail not even a hug or kiss. She leaves to go to work with Christine and Booth at the breakfast table.Says I love you both,but only kisses Christine. Most married couples that care for each other when they go off to work in different directions would kiss or hug before they left. They have in the past.” The lost love in the foreign land” Booth mentions Bones and Christine,not Parker.Come on writers . E.D. and D.B. are actors and good at it. What you write they will act. I know these seem like very minor things.But, having watched the show for many years I am disappointed with the writers.Also a bit surprised that E.D. and D.B. did not step in and say this just not feel right. Maybe after going on ten years they are just tired.The chemistry has changed between them and not in a positive way. At least not for the viewers. I still want to see a couple than can have a passionate kiss or even a quick kiss when they leave for work. That is the reality of a ten year relationship.

  24. After reading all the comments in this post, I am really getting worried. I hope David and Emily are not wanting to leave the show. If they do, and there is some kind of spin off with Aubrey and the squints, I will most definitely not be watching it. No Booth and Brennan, no “Bones” for me.

  25. I just want to say that I really respect everyone’s opinions, and I think we all love B&B and just want to see more of them. They are the heart of the show, metaphorically speaking 😉

    That said, I feel like I’m just not observing the same lack of chemistry between the actors/characters everyone else seems to be perceiving. Every interview Emily and David have done together to promote season 10 has been on right on point with the interviews of the past. They are silly, touchy-feely, and very complimentary of each other. Sometimes it does seem like they are tired (DB especially) of the same old questions being asked, but who wouldn’t be? They have to do a LOT of press, and the questions aren’t really too creative. But if anything, I feel the familiarity they have from being costars and friends for this long really truly shows through. They’ve been rather open about how they sometimes get irritated with each other or have bad days. I definitely don’t think there is any sort of feud brewing there though. Even the interview that was put out today, they were just Emily and David as they usually are. You can’t fake those smiles they give each other. Perhaps I’m wrong. But all I see is a mutual respect and love there.

    As for the show, I have to say that I’ve found all of their scenes together to be beautiful. The angry scenes, the domestic scenes, and the reflective scenes. Booth and Brennan have both evolved over the years. Obviously. And the show and the types of scenes they do together have to evolve too. Otherwise it would be stale. I agree with the comment above that the last episode had less B&B than usual. But the case really took center stage this time. I don’t think the Camistoo storyline took up any valuable B&B time. There’s always an intern storyline there. And I don’t think Aubrey is really taking that much away from B&B, no more than Sweets did over the past few years at least. For whatever reason, Brennan goes into the field a bit less in the last couple seasons. Maybe they thought when she had Christine, she should be placed in less dangerous situations. I haven’t actually felt a huge loss. They have their work scenes, they visit suspects and crime scenes, they are in the interrogation room. I don’t feel a gaping hole. I treasure each scene they have together, at work or at home. I don’t think the show would ever take a direction where they weren’t the center. And to me, it doesn’t feel like it’s headed in that sort of direction where they would become secondary characters (because of contract negotiations or what not). If the stars align and everyone’s on board with another season, then B&B would still be at the center. I am confident of this. Because no one wants a show where they are not. That’s not Bones. The showrunners know this, the actors know this, the writers know this, the fans know this, and Fox knows this. The show works because of them. I didn’t even know there was an issue with season 10 until I started reading backlash recently. I thought they handled JFD’s departure beautifully, and did not cheapen Sweets’ death. They respectfully alluded to it for a few episodes. And then life sort of has to go back to normal. The new normal being B&B (and Christine) in their new home, B&B (very happily, in my opinion) married, Booth mentoring a new agent, and the squints helping the FBI solve cases.

    Oh one more thing I want to go back to relative to B&B’s and their lack of “chemistry.” Every couple is different. I never really categorized B&B as a mushy kind of couple. We have seen some great kisses, and some nice moments since the wedding. I don’t feel like we are getting less of that now. Obviously the first episode we got some emotional lovin’. But we still get the long loving looks, the sweet conversations, the kisses (okay sorry they aren’t making out all the time, but it’s not like the did that every episode anyway), and the dancing. Sigh, the dancing was lovely. I don’t know. I just feel like I’m seeing a couple who is no longer in a “newlywed” year (in the Bones universe, it’s obviously been longer than a year), and are just living a life together and loving each other and the family they created. And I have to repeat what I said about their loving looks- those are looks of two people who are madly in love with each other.

    Perhaps I’m just blinded by my love for the show and these two characters in particular. That may be. But I will welcome each and every episode they choose to give us. And I will love some more than others, but ultimately be appreciative for all of them. I don’t think they’ve ever put out “crap.” They work really hard to try to tell the fans a great story. Not everyone will like the character archs or some of the storylines. But at the end of the day, I’m just really really thankful to be able to continue to watch this wonderful lovely amazing show. For however long it may stay on.

    Sorry this was so long!

    • I am totally agree with you. They are not the same as the early seasons, they are married and have a family and daughter to care. Brennan only show up with Booth when it is safe. No one want Christine lost both parents while B&B go out for danger mission.

    • I’m going to write a longer reply over the weekend, but I just wanted to say I think you are spot on. 🙂

  26. Ok, because I’m an analyst at heart and I was curious if B&B have really had less scenes together this season I did some research and I’ll admit I found the results rather surprising. I skimmed through the first 5 episodes of S9 and S10 and counted scenes which included B&B (whether it was them alone or with other characters) and I also counted kisses. I made no observation about the length or quality of the scenes and could very well have missed a few (fast-forwarded scenes can go by very quickly) but I think the numbers are roughly accurate:

    Ep1: 8 scenes, kiss in kitchen
    Ep2: 7 scenes, kiss in bedroom
    Ep3: 4 scenes
    Ep4: 5 scenes, kiss at FBI, kiss at end of Ep
    Ep5: 6 scenes, kiss on cliff, kiss on couch at end

    Ep1: 10 scenes, kiss in bedroom
    Ep2: 8 scenes
    Ep3: 8 scenes
    Ep4: 5 scenes
    Ep5: 5 scenes

    I was surprised that they have actually had more scenes together this season, but clearly what has decreased significantly is the kissing…we got a LOT of kisses early last season.

    Whether the lack of them thus far this season still has to do with Booth’s PTSD or is intentional for some other reason I couldn’t say.

    • I totally think lack of kissing is due to Booth’s PTSD. Live is moving on. The lovely end scenes on EP6 showing how much they love each other.

  27. I have no time to comment on this wonderful post now, hopefully I can come back and have time to attempt to do it justice at the end of the day. In the meantime, Bravo!

  28. No complaints from me about Season 10 so far. I really, really am enjoying the Booth/Aubrey bromance, and am looking forward to this week’s episode which is going to explore that relationship more. I like Brennan & Booth as characters, and it doesn’t always have to be scenes with the two of them — it can be how they relate to others. This season has been so far very Booth-centric which makes me very happy. The first, really, three episodes were almost completely about him, and now it’s been exploring how he is mentoring Aubrey. Basically, it feels new and fresh, and I have enjoyed every episode this season.

    I don’t care if B&B kiss in every episode. In fact, the kisses have spoiled to a certain degree what drew me to plow through the show on Netflix in the first place: THE LOOK. How Booth would look longingly at Brennan, and to a certain degree how she would look at him. That is why I enjoyed last week’s end scene. Not the kiss but how they expressed themselves, and the body language they gave off. Kisses can be cheap — unless it is a passionate kiss (and come on, they’re married, and apart from a sex scene it’s just going to be more chaste) kisses kind of look the same and are almost like shaking hands in that context.

    I definitely value quality over quantity in terms of B&B scenes. They don’t always have to work every aspect of a case together unless it’s going to be in the context of further character development. OBVIOUSLY, they were going to find the S&M stuff from the “Pundit” episode together, and then discuss it in the car later (to much comic relief). But finding the slaves in last week’s episode felt right to have it be Aubrey & Booth. And again, sometimes Booth on his own can be very compelling — like when he interviewed one suspect alone who was engaged to the victim, and it was very emotional. He could relate to the man’s pain, and it worked better having him be alone in that scene.

    I also have zero knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes. I see no indication that there are any problems between the co-stars, who by now know each other and their own idiosyncrasies. I do think we know why Booth isn’t in the lab much and really hasn’t been for years — DB has said publicly multiple times that he “hates” the lab because of all the lights that make it very “hot” to work in. He dreams of driving a tank through it and destroying it for an episode! So although I am not sure if it comes to some sort of contract line item, but the writers and producers seemed to have accepted his dislike of being in scenes there, and rarely put him there (he was notably there at the end of Episode 1 when they brought Sweets’ body in). It’s not the end of the world, but is an example of the ensemble nature of a TV show that obviously a novelist would not have to contend with. * I admittedly am a bit dismayed that actors, who after all, don’t write the show, seem to dictate so much but well, that has always been the nature of TV. ** I think the big elephant in the room is that Bones is now an expensive show with dwindling returns, but again, DB has publicly said he won’t be the one killing the show, that it is up to the Fox Network whether to greenlight another season. I see no reason not to believe him. ED has been quieter, but female actresses have a shorter career span (unfortunately), so I would think she would want to keep this thing going as long as possible, unless again, she wants to devote more of her time to her family, which is understandable. I’m bummed she never directed, as there are too few female directors in Hollywood, many of whom used to be actors (Ken Olin and Eric Stoltz are two that come to mind).

    Bottom line, I see no reason to continue the show unless Booth & Brennan are the center of the show. They don’t always have to be “together” but they do need to largely be the focal point. If that is not in the cards, then how about a shorter 13 run season to finish out the series, giving Fox some time to develop new shows and get out of the hole they put themselves in. I also would leave the ensemble in place since the show is in its twilight already. If one character had to be cut it would be Cam. Angela is Brennan’s best friend and Hodgins is the third best character on the show. Look, I have never watched a show that has lasted this long. Every episode fells like an extra gift, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I’m a huge scripted TV fan, so I watch plenty of other things and frankly, don’t have enough time to watch everything that sounds interesting. I will miss Bones but I never have trouble finding shows to fall in love with. And, after all, there is Netflix that has 9 seasons of Bones and counting available for a re-watch.

    * watch an engaging discussion on the difference between a novel & TV show, with Salmon Rushdie & Emily Nussbaum of the New Yorker:

    ** watch this scene from “Showrunners” where Hart Hanson talks about who is actually in charge of the show. (FYI, I think this was shot during Season 7 or 8 of Bones):

    • Do you have the links to any interviews where DB talks about the lab being too hot to work in? I know Booth fantasises about running the thing down, didn’t know DB did too.
      And can we just take a moment to appreciate this- HOW cute is it that DB and ED gang up on Hanson and play off each other while picking on him? Thanks for that clip, hadn’t seen it.

      • You know I watched a bunch of Bones Comic Con panels on YouTube plus they had an appearance at the Paley Center, but I don’t know which one he said it at. He does not say it here but this is the 2014 panel (video sound is good but sometimes has obstructed view).

        DB is kind of goofy in a good way at these kinds of events, so maybe the time he was talking about the lab he was half joking. Still, the specificity of mentioning lights being hot gave me the impression he really doesn’t care to appear at the lab.

        Incidentally, as I was taking a look at the above video, it’s obvious there is no decrease in the amount of chemistry between the two actors. So any changes onscreen seem to be writing choices.

      • Thanks for that. I agree they’ve still got chemistry, but they can’t seem to help it. It’s very natrural and real and that’s whywe love it. They coud still be in a fight though. I hope not.

    • Thanks for posting the interview link. That was a fascinating conversation!

    • Excellent comment.

  29. Hi Sarah,

    The last couple of times I have left a comment it has said “Awaiting moderation” and then it never posted. I was just wondering if this was a glitch or if I have broken a rule so I just wanted clarification.

    Great blog!

    Thanks, Lynn


  30. I started watching Bones because of the interactions between the 2 main characters. If they are no longer going to be the heart of the show then I probably won’t be interested, but that’s just my opinion. I can understand how working on the same creative project for 10 years might get old, and honestly, how many more scenarios can the writers come up with after 10 years and keep true to the characters? Surely DB and ED are ready to do something else and maybe they are getting on each other’s nerves. They are entitled to the same feelings as everybody else without it being over analyzed. The show has had a good run, and it may be time to shut it down. I just hope that if that’s true it goes out on a high note instead of grinding to a halt.

  31. I haven’t really noticed that there’s less of B&B. I guess that as long as we get some lovin’ at the end, I’m happy.

    As for the future, I am assuming that the amount of money it would take to keep David and Emily will be prohibitive. They are already very close to the top of the list of what leads in dramas are paid. (I am still baffled as to why the Mentalist guy gets so much money. Hargitay’ and Harmon’s pay, I get.)

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  34. Guys, I’m thinking ED sort of looks pregnant again. Even the first time, it’s like she popped out the baby one day and was back to her normal size the next, but only her midsecton seemed to have changed and it looks like it’s bulging here. Think this might be one of he reasons for less BB? I think DB was really awkward around her when she’s pregnant.

  35. I like Bones and have met David and Emily at Comiccon.

    I watch Bones because I like it,but I’m not afraid to express my opinion if I don’t like something.I don’t like Aubrey and I think they made him a regular too soon.Emily could very well be pregnant,she looks wider in the hips and rounder in the face.

  36. Sarah,I sent you a reply to your email.I would like to apologize to anyone on this site that I may have offended with my comments.

  37. Sarah, Your thoughts about the show gave me a lot to think about. I have to think about the changes I would be content with to have the show continue. I’m with you about loving the show. I started watching the show in the middle of season 1. I have been a big fan of DB since watching Angel, and still am. I would love to see Booth shirtless now and then, DB is a hunk. The chemistry between David & Emily sizzles. It gives Booth & Brennan’s characters the richness and depth that make the attraction and love they have for each other believable.. I became a B&B shipper immediately. I would like to see B&B interacting with each other more. I think the show is richer because of it. I love the squints each and everyone of them, they are wonderful characters and the actors are suburb. Not crazy with Cam & Ariosto’s story line ugh.
    I love the show. I don’t want it to end. Ten seasons is a marvelous accomplishment if it must end let it end on a high note. Don’t wait until the ratings fall so low that it just peters out that to me would be a travesty.

  38. I could write about this for ages, but I’ll keep it short & simple:
    -I blame all the B&B awkwardness on poor & inconsistent writing. I don’t believe there’s anything strange going on between David & Emily, who seem to have one of the strongest, most respectful relationships in Hollywood today.
    -In response to a comment made above, David did give an interview this summer (and I wish I knew where to find it) in which he said that he does have several projects “in the works,” both as an actor and a director/producer.
    -IMHO, it is better to go out on top. So while I would love to see David & Emily sign one-year contracts for a season 11, I competely understand if this is it. If I was FOX, however, I’d want to promote the heck out of a final season, so I’m hoping for that 11th season!
    -On the “going out on top” note, I could never stand to see Bones become the X-Files, as in cast members leaving & the show continuing (limping, really) on. It was too painful to watch with XF, I couldn’t do it with Bones. But I have faith in David & Emily – even if one wants to stay & the other move on, I think they would present a united front. Regardless of what happens over the next few months, HH has always said there will be a Bones feature film, so I’m confident we’ll all have one more opportunity to say a grand goodbye to B&B.

    • When has he said this?? I know he’s joked about it several times but he’dhave a tough time convincing both his leads and he’s already movedon to another show that Fox is advertising quite rigoroualy while neglecting Bones. If you have an intervirw link, please do share

  39. I recently became a fan of Bones (like within the last 4-5 weeks), and I am desperately trying to catch up to the most recent episode. I’m so glad I found this website! I hope there is a season 11, and maybe even a couple after that. But only if they keep the cast – I don’t think I would enjoy the show nearly as much without Bones, Booth, and the Squints.

  40. Seasons 8 & 9 were so filled with B&Bs growing relationship and 9 ended and 10 began with such strong emotion, I think we fans made leaps in logic to fill in the TV land preceived gaps. I am just hoping the People’s Choice awards are kind to our favorite couple in Jan 2015.

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