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The Money Maker on the Merry Go Round: Post Episode Discussion


The comments are open–what did you think of this episode?


23 thoughts on “The Money Maker on the Merry Go Round: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I thought this was a delightful episode – more on the comedy side for the most part, although with a couple of serious scenes involving Aubrey. What struck me was how deftly they intersected the three subplots in addition to the case.

    1. We learned about Aubrey’s backstory, that his Dad bailed on him after being caught committing securities fraud, and that he is still very resentful toward his Dad and that Wall Street world.

    2. We had Dr. Brennan and Dr. Wells really getting into it, since they’re both pretty arrogant.

    3. Finally, we had Christine swearing which concerned Booth, while Brennan thought it wasn’t so big a deal.

    Essentially, all three plots involved the protagonists thinking they knew best, and it pretty much blew up in their faces!

    Aubrey, so bitter about his Dad, that he let his emotions cause him to be cruel to the grieving widow. Meanwhile, the killer ended up being the one guy who seemed to moralize about Wall Street in many ways like Aubrey. So it wasn’t the Wall Street hustlers who killed the victim, but the one man who valued loyalty to the team.

    Wells was so into himself and his high IQ that he declared he would be a superior forensic anthropologist … while missing the final clue that led to the killer. And having to eat crow from Brennan.

    Finally, we had Brennan who really thinks she knows everything about parenting! She not only doesn’t think it’s a big deal that Christine is swearing, but decides to try it out on Wells at the lab (OMG, that made me laugh so hard when she said he was a pain in HER ass). Boy did that one blow up in her face, much to Booth’s delight.

    Frankly, the whip smart character this week ended up being Booth who cleverly outmaneuvered Brennan on the swearing issue. I’m sure he knew from the teachers that Christine was now calling everyone a jackass but decided to wait for Brennan to get a taste of her own medicine and deal with the consequences.

    As to Aubrey, I always liked him, and I really, really was moved by the scene at the bar with Brennan. She showed how much she has grown, and it was a nice switch from Booth & Aubrey always being together. Incidentally, Aubrey literally delivered the Bones’s crew message to the fans: “Hey I know I’ve been monopolizing all of your time in the field, Booth” — Ha, that was hilarious.

    All in all, this was an extremely tight and clever episode.

    • I don’t think Brennan thinks she knows everything about parenting. She’s an anthropologist, therefore she’s applying her knowledge of cultural anthropology to her home life and that may not always work out. But that doesn’t mean she thinks she knows it all. It may be naiveté but not arrogance, IMO. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, just like Booth doesn’t know best either when it comes to their little girl. Sometimes what he says doesn’t work with her and whatever Brennan says does.

      • I think Brennan thinks she knows everything about anything. She’ll start running off about any subject ever brought up from religion to societal hierarchy. The comment she has made repeatedly about not knowing anyone smarter than she is suggests that to me. Never mind that she couldn’t do Hodgins or Angela’s jobs never mind Booth’s.
        She blew Booth off when he voiced his concerns about the swearing-she didn’t consider for a minute he may have had a valid issue.
        I also disagree about her not being arrogant. She is, but since she believes she’s always right, she doesn’t see it as that. The things that annoy her most about Oliver are her own worst traits staring her back in the face.
        I wasn’t annoyed with her this episode-this is her character with no apologies, but I do love when her anthropological mumbo jumbo comes back to bite her in the ass.
        Her face (and Booth’s) was priceless when Christine called her a “Jackass”.

      • OMG! “The things that annoy her most about Oliver are her own worst traits staring her back in the face.” The whole time she was upset with Oliver, and calling him an a**, I was yelling at the TV…”BUT YOU DO THAT TOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

  2. “It’s a gateway swear word” -Booth

    Why does Brennan think she’s so much better than Wells? She often relies on her interns or Hodgins or Angela to help crack the case…

    And Cam compromises body parts with glue stick….And Angela has a weird new feature on the Angelatron

    Such a “Wolf of Wall Street” storyline…meh

    I want to see that alternate world where Hodgins is a power forward in the NBA 😀

    Nice talk with Brennan and Aubrey….and cute family moment on the couch!!

    • Brennan does not relied on anyone to solve the case. She is the smart one, she is the one give all the instruction to the intern and direction to the others. She is the brain and the others are her hand. She is the one in charge.

      • Brennan could not solve these cases without the help and input of the entire team including the FBI part of the investigation. Hodgins and Angela know their jobs-they don’t need to take their cues from Brennan. Just because she discovers the particulate in the bone, it’s Hodgins who identifies it-not Brennan. Never mind all the computer data Angela comes up with. Brennan cannot do all that. No one is saying Brennan isn’t extremely intelligent, but she is not the only smart one in that lab.

      • Thanks Caprigirl, that’s what I meant. I’m not saying Brennan isn’t a smart scientist. But at the Jeffersonian, it is a team effort. Brennan may tell them to look at the bones, but the squints are often the ones to find things. Off the top, I’m thinking of the Judge Judy episode. Apparently, genius Brennan missed the dog collar indentations in the bones, but the squintern (I think it was Finn) found them. And that’s not even including what Angela, Hodgins, Cam, Booth, Sweets, etc have brought to the table. I think it supremely arrogant to announce that you are the smartest when you do not do your job alone, but are part of a team, who are capable and smart as well. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I do love Brennan, but I wish they’d dial down the haughtiness a bit.

        Before, I would say that Early Brennan was naïve in her assertions about herself. But in more recent seasons, its felt like she knows what she is doing and is purposeful about her bragging. I guess maybe its because she’s had all these experiences and growth over the years in her emotions and personal life, that for her to announce her superiority all the time feels weird now, like she should be able to figure out how she sounds to people. Sorry, rant over.

        (This is all IMO!) 🙂

      • Brennan’s arrogance seems to vary with the writer who is in charge of the script. Some of them write her as simply unbearable (The Archaeologist in the Cocoon) and some as wise (the first two episodes of this season). This is why I like the addition of Fuentes, Jessica and Oliver, because they are all equally arrogant and have no problem challenging her. Sometimes it seems as if Brennan’s constant iteration of her own greatness is intended to reinforce that belief to herself. In other words it comes from a deep insecurity that perhaps she isn’t the smartest one in every room she enters. Over the years her constant refrain that she is smarter than Booth got very, very old. Why does it have to be a competition about smartest? The idea is to get the job done. You don’t have to put your partners (and they are all partners) down and claim credit for everything. That’s what Daisy is for.

        Loved the Christine scenes especially the last with Booth and baby waiting for Mom to explain things.

  3. I loved Cam’s line about being “into arts and crafts.”

  4. I haven’t yet checked into the other websites, but I’m wondering if there’ll be any bitter comments about how once again, we get this theme of characters other than Booth being deeply damaged by having been abandoned by a parent, while TPTB once again maintain a deafening silence about Booth’s mother having abandoned him and his younger brother, just abdicating all responsibility for raising her sons to her father-in-law, Pops, while getting an absolute “free-pass” on that from Booth. THAT theme, resonating pain and the need to work through it, are absolutely NOT applied to Booth and his relationship with his mother. TPTB are just pretending that that storyline never happened, that they never screwed the pooch on that one.

    • People looking forward not backward. As Brennan said to Aubrey, we live with the pain and accept it. Booth is doing the same thing. Booth has move on and not going to think about what happen in the past. What he is thinking is the life with Brennan and Christine.

  5. Thought it quite an enjoyable episode. Didn’t expect the Aubrey overt step back. Pretty good mix of characters in this one.

  6. I think this was the best show of the season(so far). The case was interesting and complex; liked the tension between Dr Wells and Brennan and her loosing her temper at him; liked Aubrey loosing his cool at the dead man’s wife; and most of all the beginning and ending scenes with B&B&C. I’d give this show an A.

  7. Thoughts-

    -Well, at least if we do not get as much B&B time, at least we got some “family time” at the end of this episode. Seeing B&B with Christine was adorable.

    Love Booths smile!

    ^^^And they are NOT in the kitchen!

    I was going to have a big fit if the episode ended with Aubrey and Brennan sitting at the bar, like I thought it was. So glad we got this end scene with Booth family time.

    Hmmm… The shirt that Emily is wearing in the beginning kitchen scene, she definitely looks like she could be pregnant. Yet the picture we got from the 200th episode where she is wearing the dress with the belt around her waist, she does not look pregnant.
    Who knows?!!

  8. This was actually the first episode of the season that I don’t love overall. I loved the Booth/Brennan/Christine scenes in the episode. But Wells was pretty much a rerun of previous appearances without something extra to make it feel new. The Aubrey reveal was predictable and to me underwhelming. I appreciate that this time out they were less melodramatic about going to the bad childhood well once again. No scars or foster care heaped on to the mix, like with Sweets. But both the Aubrey and Wells portions of the episode felt like lazy writing to me. I was bored by the case, which normally I don’t pay much attention to. But, I think coming off of last week’s very compelling case it was just more noticeable to me that this one IMO really wasn’t very interesting. Meh, I’ll replay the beginning and the end of this one and just fast forward through the middle.

  9. Average episode.Aubrey backstory was tiresome and predictable,someone else with daddy and abandonment issues.Oliver was being Oliver,I agree with previous poster that it just was lazy writing.No wonder Bones is tanking in the ratings.Bones is a costly show to make and not worth it for the ratings it’s getting.I don’t think David and Emily are going to get big raises,if Bones is renewed it’ll probaly get a shortened season.

  10. I liked this episode for the most part. I think it’s okay that Dr. Wells stirs things up and make Brennan irritated. She can be quite pompous. The case was okay, and I actually thought the Christine swearing subplot was pretty funny. Aubrey is somewhat of a one dimensional character compared to the rest but that may be because he is the “new guy”. On the science side, emerald is not easily scratched but it can be broken…the science teacher in me can’t let that go by.

  11. I liked the beginning and ending. The family time at the end was priceless. Booth’s facial expression were special, haven’t seen his happy side in a long time. I always enjoyed the twinkle in his eye’s when he was teasing Brennan.

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