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Morning After Q: Dad Issues


Hello and Happy Friday!

One of these days I’ll actually have a question in the title of the MAQ posts 🙂

But anyway,  I admit that when I saw the synopsis for this episode, and one of the previews, I dreaded it a little bit. I like Aubrey, and he is growing on me for sure. But to hear he also had issues with his dad made me think “Really? Another case of childhood trauma? Like, does anyone work at the FBI who doesn’t have this?” haha. So I was glad when it was financial fraud and abandonment (nothing to laugh at) and not necessarily physical abuse (like Booth and Sweets experienced), because I think it was a nice fresh take, and it allowed Brennan to be the one to help Aubrey a lot (all orchestrated by Booth, which was also nice).

Do you think Aubrey’s dad issues will continue and/or will B&B be able to help him?




PS… I started a little side tumblr project, called This Day in Bones History, with posts on the calendar dates on which episodes first aired. It has been very fun to look down memory lane and find some cool coincidences (especially due to the show switching nights so often). For example:

1. No episodes have aired in June or July, and only one has aired in August: The Titan on the Track- 2006

2. Season finales for seasons 3, 6, and 9 all aired on May 19th (2008, 2011, 2014)

3. Most dates have 1 or two episodes, a few have three, but four episodes have aired on April 19th: Player Under Pressure, Predator in the Pool, The Finder, Nail in the Coffin

4.  Yanks in the UK Parts 1 & 2 aired on the same date (September 3rd, 2008), but there have been two other dates that held Bones double features–and BOTH included B&B undercover:

Double Trouble in the Panhandle and Fire in the Ice also both aired on January 22nd, 2009

The Diamond in the Rough and The Archaeologist in the Cocoon both aired on January 14th, 2013 (Along with The X in the File).


Symmetry revs me up, it really does. So I have loved seeing all of these little coincidences. If you’re into that, come on over to Tumblr and  check it out and follow (if you want of course!) . Also, if you’d like a copy of my spreadsheet of findings, just for your own interest, I’m happy to share. Send me an email at and I’ll forward it along.

Hope you all have a good weekend!


19 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Dad Issues

  1. Bad parents/traumatic childhoods is an easy way to create drama and sympathy for a character. I haven’t seen the episode but I’m not really surprised. Give an adult an unhappy childhood and you have a well of almost unending possibility for future storylines.

  2. oh, you mean the X in the File was on January 14th of a different year. For a second, I was thinking it odd that an out-of-order rerun aired on a night already having two eps.

  3. I would tend to think B&B will help Aubrey but I could see them revisiting this in another ep or two. MJ hits the nail on the head as this direction does open up a lot more stories going forward.

    As a side note, Sarah, I have your tumblr page up and I think I’ll just stare at those beautiful people the rest of the afternoon, LOL!

  4. Aubrey is very one dimensional right now, and I think this is supposed to add to his back story, but to me it would be more interesting to have it be totally different….like the product of a happy two parent family from Idaho or Iowa with normal siblings…..maybe with an eccentric aunt. Just kidding…..I guess there is no drama in that situation. I thought the idea that Brennan put forth of accepting the pain and living life well anyway was interesting, so I guess we will watch Aubrey accomplish that, but I am not very interested in that story line.

    • I would have loved Aubrey to come from a big, happy family with a quirky relative or two. I’m not sure when happy came to equal dull, but maybe that’s just me. Don’t happy families have interesting things going on? Whatever. I’m not surprised we’ve been handed another inhabitant from the Land of Misfit Toys.

      • I guess the Booth/Brennan family is happy for now but I’m sure something has to happen to shake things up. I really hope it’s nothing awful.

  5. The only character who came from a big happy family was Zack and we all know how that turned out.

  6. Sarah,Tantemary or Em, Help what is the tumbir site and where can I find it?

  7. I don’t think Angela’s childhood was traumatic and even if we now found out Hodgins had a brother he didn’t know about, his childhood seemed to be pretty happy too. We also don’t know much about Cam’s childhood but I’m guessing it was pretty normal.

    Aubrey’s dad being a crook does not automatically mean he has a tragic childhood. Sure, its not a sweet happy family tale but he still had his mother and IMO he didn’t have it as bad as either Booth or Brennan when they were growing up.

  8. I think it will continue.. I don’t think it will be a huge story arc or anything, but something that will be brought up from time to time. Can I just say that I JUST discovered this blog for the first time (how I never knew about it before??!) I LOVE IT! I’ve spent the last two hours on it reading your past posts *lol* My favourite part is your Scene Studies! PLEASE do more 🙂

  9. I was not surprised that they added something like this to Aubrey’s backstory. However, I’d like to point out that it’s almost identical to that of Mr. Thornton from Elizabeth Gaskell’s “North & South.” Perhaps Steven Nathan has a secret penchant for British period drama. Ha!

    • I would like to go on record as being TOTALLY IN FAVOR of Colin Firth making a guest appearance on ‘Bones.’ I haven’t even watched an episode since Sweets’ death but I would plant my ass on the couch TODAY to wait. 🙂

      • you and me both. I don’t care how old Colin Firth is, he is a fine looking man 🙂
        ….It’s probably a good thing for my sanity that his version of Pride and Prejudice is not on Netflix because if it was my life would come to a screeching halt. Maybe if we could get him to be some sort of fellow from British intelligence or a visitor from Scotland Yard, it would work. I could even handle having him and Aubrey together, and would put up with Daisy if need be.

      • #OnlyOneDarcy 😀

  10. You betcha! Never a better one than his version.

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