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The Puzzler in the Pit: Post Episode Discussion


How did you like this episode–the comments are open! 🙂


20 thoughts on “The Puzzler in the Pit: Post Episode Discussion

  1. It was an ok episode.

    The Booth and Aubrey scene about gambling was powerful. I really liked it, and I continue to like Aubrey. I also teared up at the ending scene, even though I cringe for that poor kid being named Seeley.

    The downside was…only two scenes with B&B together. It’s getting really old not having them in the show together.

    Also, I thought I read somewhere that B&B were going to discuss having more children. It seems like this would have been a perfect episode for that topic to have come up. I would like to see them have one more child, although I have no desire to see Brennan pregnant again for half the season.

  2. Email, because I had to work late on Bones night!!! Booo!! 😞

  3. I could not enjoy because I kept wanting more B&B scenes..even wondering why there were not more with Brennan. I’ve said this before, but something is going on. Perhaps it is Emily requesting more time off. It has become the Aubrey and interns show. Perhaps Booth and Brennan are being fazed out. There were even more scenes with Aubrey than Booth. He is being pushed down our throats! B&B are showing little of the chemistry that they used to have. I have been watching some of the past episodes from season 2-9 and it makes me realize that the two investigating the crime scenes together and solving the crimes together is what I enjoyed so much about “Bones” as well as the intimacy that they used to have.

    I disagree about the gambling scene. I thought the way Aubrey was talking to Booth was inappropriate. The subject matter could have been handled differently. I also dislike it when a past episode is not remember by the writer. Booth did not walk with Brennan when she was in labor..He was driving her to the barn where he helped her deliver Christine. I know this is picky, but that’s how I feel.

    If Bones is renewed for an 11th season without David and Emily, I for one will not be watching it.

    P.S. I missed the first part due to President Obama’s speech, but I will watch it on or Amazon.

  4. What happen to Bones. Feel like Brennan has turn to be a guest star instead of lead. 200th is the last one we have this year and we need to wait until 26Mar. Why?

  5. The sad part of this Bones,,,is that if you lose the first 15 minutes of the show, you loss ALL the interaction between B/B..because then we jump to the labor part…Honestly Im excited for the 200, look like is B/B heavy, but is really sad, that we have to expect a special ocassion, to see this 2 together in our screen.

    • I had already seen the opening scene with B&B talking about Daisy, Sweets, and the baby as it had been posted on the net many times, so I don’t think I missed much between them, although I will watch it today.

  6. I agree completely with Carolyn Thomas. Again, we got 1 scene of B&B alone this episode. And they were sorting though baby stuff-nothing romantic at all. I think total 2 scenes of B&B together, at the beginning & end when they were all present for Daisy’s birth.

    -I also thought Aubrey was inappropriate the way he spoke to Booth about the gambling.
    -I did get a lump in my throat when Daisy was telling Brennan she was all alone in this and was doing the best she can.
    -I had to laugh at Booth during birth scene wiping his face with the curtain. Booth delivered his own child, so he should have been a pro at this.

    Again, the lack of interaction between B&B is hurting the show. 😦 The pattern has become Brennan in the lab, Booth with Aubrey, and an end scene of B&B in the kitchen discussing the case.

    Here’s hoping DB shakes it up between B&B during the 200th episode. Stephen Nathan wrote this one…we’ll see. It looks promising anyway.

  7. I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the case was fun and much better written than last week. Loved B&B and the baby things. Loved the synchronized telephone call and Booth with the Push toy was adorable. Daisy seems finally to have grown up and I loved her scene telling Brennan she was doing the best that she could. I liked the reference to Booth’s own past coping mechanism. Aubrey’s confrontation with Booth was bit grating. But, I think was successful in that it established that there is a lot more for Aubrey to learn about Booth than can be found in a file. And that Aubrey is determined to have Booth’s back even if it gets him in trouble. From Booth’s final expression, I think that probably marks the end of any trust issues he had when it comes to Aubrey. I wasn’t really a fan of Angela here. I thought she kind of used Brennan a bit. Cam and Hodgins were great throughout. Aubrey nailed his final interrogation scene. Brennan was great with Daisy when Daisy needed her the most. Booth’s squirming and long distance fist bump in the delivery room was too funny. But oh the ending with everyone gathered around and Booth holding little Seeley and saying “I knew your Dad, very well.” was just letter perfect. This episode had the potential to go so very wrong and instead I think hit it just right.

  8. Another weak episode.Bones is DOA.It has lost its essence and has become a shell of what it used to be.The 200th may be the only Brennan and Booth heavy episode this season.I think at this point another season would be a disaster.The ratings don’t support another season.If Emily wants to work way less hours or have another baby then she should just leave.

  9. I really enjoyed this episode, particularly the birth scene, and the Booth/Aubrey scene about Booth’s gambling addiction. I feel like there is an overarching theme this season: Booth is going through the motions but is still struggling with the death of Sweets and something like PTSD from the battle in his house last season, his time spent in prison, and his overall feeling of betrayal by the FBI. He’s doing his job, he’s there for his wife/partner and child at home, but something isn’t quite right with him. I do not think it is a coincidence that he looks tired and not completely shaven. I think this is being done purposely by the writers. Aubrey feels obligated by Sweets and to a certain extent Brennan to keep an eye on Booth. I like this storyline and am interested to see where it leads to.

    Daisy only comes on the show occasionally so they were less subtle about talking about the effects of Sweets’s death on her. There were many Daisy moments that were very poignant, but I still felt like the most powerful scenes had to do with Booth and the knowledge that Sweets’s death has had a major impact on his own life.

    Mini-observation: Nice to see the quirky side of Brennan is still there: her literal interpretation of Booth using a common Yiddish word was hilarious. Note how annoyed Booth was! He didn’t seem to take it in stride as much as he would usually.

    In terms of the complaint about not enough B&B scenes, I will say this: I guess I don’t need more superfluous scenes of them driving in the car and only discussing the case. Do I want more emotional or romantic scenes between them? Sure, but there were always plenty of episodes in the past where even if they were together it was purely business and not much else. I’m fine with those types of scenes being handed off to Aubrey who has contentious interactions with Booth. Again, we’re seeing Booth still somehow raw from everything that has happened to him, and he is taking it out more on Aubrey than Brennan. Remember when she threatened to leave and threw her keys on the floor? I still don’t think all is back to normal.

  10. Another episode with very little B&B. I’ve been watching seasons 3-9 some 1& 2. B&B were together, I’m estimating, 80% to 95% per episode. Season 10 its like 15% to 20%. The show excelled when B&B were the center of the show now it feels like they are quests or walk on’s. I believe there are several reasons the show is failing. COULD BE: David & Emily may want to work less hours each day. I’ve read that they have worked 16 to 18 hour day’s for each episode. That is hard on a family and especially hard on the children. That may be why we see less of B&B. Also, I feel like sometimes their acting is not up to par. Another thought is since Hart Hanson left the show B&B’ relationship has suffered. Stephan Nathan believes in the case’s shock value and gory corpses. The writing has not been the greatest. The cases have improved but the rich B&B’s interaction has been lost.
    The episode, was touching with all of them supporting Daisy and when Booth was holding the baby. Daisy has really grown up I hope we see more of her and the baby this season. I had mixed feeling about Aubrey coming down so hard on Booth about his gambling problem. Booth didn’t seem bothered by it I thought he would be angry about it. I still haven’t made up my mind about Aubrey. Aubrey is now the head investigating agent, Booth is second fiddle. Booth very seldom refers to Brennan as his partner. Booth is not at the crime scene with Brennan very often anymore. Booth in the field Brennan in the lab.. Plus they stopped going to the crime scene together. I always liked to see them bicker with each other while they drove to the crime scene.

    I didn’t like the scene in the diner. Booth walked into the diner ahead of Brennan and walked ahead of her to the table he’s never done that. They may walk in side by side but he always lets her take the lead to the table. I hoped for some alone time with B&B then Aubrey shows up. I didn’t like the way Booth treated Brennan he dismisses her the he looked like he was going to roll his eye’s while she talked in a foreign language. I didn’t get what the foreign language all about. That scene was change. Aubrey doesn’t know what to think about Brennan and Booth isn’t helping him to understand her scientific speak. I’m looking forward to the 200th episode but Stephan Nathan is writing it so I’m not expecting a lot of B&B.

    I have a few more thoughts but I post those at another time. I”m not a gifted autofdxd

    • Your comments are spot on, Sharon.
      Stephen Nathan and the writers are not getting it. B&B’s relationship has always been the “center” of the show, not the cases shock value and gory corpses. That is part of the shows appeal, but not the main reason MOST fans got hooked on Bones.

  11. Right at this moment Castle and Beckett are a way better couple than Booth and Brennan.If this is the last season then it’s going out on a downer.There is no passion between Booth and Brennan.

  12. I thought the case was okay, and I really enjoyed the ending. Aubrey gets on my nerves a little bit. I am wondering if some one is going to push a spin off with him? He was the main character in this episode and that was disappointing to me. Hopefully some one some where has a plan to have an episode or two where Booth/Brennan are the main characters again.

    I was watching on line and saw a promo for the new show Backstrom, which I guess is a Hart Hanson product, and personally I wasn’t impressed…but I guess it’s hard to tell from a 30 second clip.

  13. I have long ago accepted that we will never see any romantic scenes between Booth and Brennan, they are a committed couple now and that’s all we are going to get, so be it, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I would not see them as work partners. The whole theme of the show was that Brennan would never work with an FBI agent but Booth, but guess that’s the big change David was banging about. Maybe its time for him to watch an ep, to see the final cut, see if this is what he wanted for B & B. *sigh*

  14. I haven’t been part of the “Bones is dead, it’s not the same camp” … But I will (not) happily join y’all for this episode. It was just painful to watch. I think the actors are doing a great job with what they’re being given, but the writing is so disjointed this season. I would live to see an 11th season, but not more of this beating a dead horse. I also wanted to add that I usually love Chad Lowe’s directorial work (just watched Pathos in the Pathogens last night, yee-ah!) but even he couldn’t save this one.

  15. The murder case in this episode was really sad….an awful ironic twist, and I felt really sorry for the victim and the assailant. But all of that got lost in everything else that went on in the episode. I am assuming it was a case of “life goes on”, but there was a lot of stuff crammed into this episode, which is why it felt disjointed in my opinion.

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