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Morning After Q: Lance Would Have Wanted…


Hello and Happy Friday!

I thought this episode was interesting–mostly good, if not a little disjointed in spots. I really liked the end scene, and Booth made me cry!

We saw Daisy keep Sweets’ name preference for their baby, which was…nice I guess, but she also said Lance would have wanted Booth to be the first one to hold the baby. That is possible, but I think the show will do a disservice to Sweets in the long run if Daisy continues to say things like that (i.e. Lance would have wanted you to be the one to take him to _______, or to plan his party, or whatever).

Maybe I’m just projecting my previous dislike for Daisy (and her documented manipulations) here. But what do you think?


26 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Lance Would Have Wanted…

  1. I could not enjoy this episode because I kept wanting more B&B scenes..even wondering why there were not more with Brennan. I’ve said this before, but something is going on. Perhaps it is Emily requesting more time off. It has become the Aubrey and interns show. Perhaps Booth and Brennan are being fazed out. There were even more scenes with Aubrey than Booth. He is being pushed down our throats! B&B are showing little of the chemistry that they used to have. I have been watching some of the past episodes from season 2-9 and it makes me realize that the two investigating the crime scenes together and solving the crimes together is what I enjoyed so much about “Bones” as well as the intimacy that they used to have.

    I disagree about the gambling scene. I thought the way Aubrey was talking to Booth was inappropriate. The subject matter could have been handled differently. I also dislike it when a past episode is not remember by the writer. Booth did not walk with Brennan when she was in labor..He was driving her to the barn where he helped her deliver Christine. I know this is picky, but that’s how I feel.

    If Bones is renewed for an 11th season without David and Emily, I for one will not be watching it.

    P.S. I missed the first part due to President Obama’s speech, but I will watch it on or Amazon.


    • There were some B&B moments in that first 17 minutes so maybe that may affect your feeling on the ep. (Maybe not, this is a hard crowd to tell)

    • Very simply: I agree, I agree & I agree with your comments! I usually love nearly EVERY Bones episode but I am glad you mentioned that it seems as though B&B are not in the show as often. And the chemistry between them is missing. I so hope that they are not leaving the show – but that’s out of our control. I thought the show was a bit disjointed and went by way too fast. The birth of the baby fell pretty flat for me.

  2. I thought it a pretty good episode, even if it started 17 minutes late. We ended up watching mostly as it aired since we had to re-set the DVR anyway, and at 17 minutes, it was just beyond the 15 minute mark with the next option 30, so we ended up watching straight up, and were caught back up to live by about halfway through.

    The Daisy saying “Lance would have wanted” I didn’t think so out of place. Had Lance been there, it would have been Lance in the room and him holding first.

    And those sneaky fox people. Getting a few seconds promo in for the 200th in addition to the next episode…

  3. I haven’t seen the episode yet (my stupid work doesn’t recognize Bones Day as an actual holiday 😦 ) but I feel I can weigh in on Daisy/Booth/Sweets.

    First of all, I have always liked Daisy, full disclosure. She’s like Brennan’s kid sister, annoying, but eager to please the older sibling and be like her. 🙂

    But anyway, all the stuff with the baby and Booth I think its to show growth, that B&B used to look upon Sweets as little kid who they just had to be nice to so they could stay partners. But over the years, it grew to something more. He became a confidant and friend. So I think the baby name and Booth being the godfather comes from that.

  4. Another average episode.I think David and Emily are just in it for the money now.The writers are slowly destroying the show.Bones has lost its essence and has become a shell of what it once was.As much as I didn’t care for Sweets,I hate Aubrey even more.If I had a subordinate read my file,I would be pissed.The early ratings for last night are not looking good.I hope Bones does not get renewed because I think it will go even further downhill.I watched the Castle honeymoon episode and thought it was way better than the Bones honeymoon episode although the Bones wedding was better.It pains me to see one of my favorite shows being gutted.

  5. I think we can all agree it was Sweets who was guilty of the documented manipulations. Daisy wasn’t important enough of featured extensively enough to ruin the show and Booth and Brennan’s relationship over and over again. I’m glad he’s dead. I hope they move on. And stop harping about him from beyond the grave, which I was afraid they might doand they appear to be doing it.

  6. Due to the episodic nature of the show, I think she kept mentioning “what Lance wanted” to remind viewers not as up on the show who she was, who the father was, and how it all relates to the two main characters. I admit to liking Daisy, and thought she had many great but sad scenes during the episode.

    I’m more positive about the show than others are, but will acknowledge that earlier seasons were better (as in Season 6 or earlier so this is not a recent thing). But that was only because falling in love is more interesting than being in a stable marriage. As I commented on the other thread on this episode, I think Booth is NOT doing well and is only going through the motions of being okay. Aubrey is kind of the one seeing this more than Brennan – after Brennan threatened to leave Booth and also encouraged him to trust Aubrey at the FBI, I think he has been keeping from her how much he is going through. Of course, this only works if they get to follow through on this theme which apparently won’t begin until March. The 200 is going to be what looks like AU, so the heavy stuff won’t come until 2015.

    Between the hiatus and this cryptic Tweet, who the heck knows what’s going on. There was an interesting business article on what has been happening at Fox: but not a promising sign that they are now working on an American version of the British show “Luther” — hello, how about original ideas? So my philosophy is to enjoy this season of Bones and not worry about it. I have been trying out other procedurals and I still think this one has very well drawn three dimensional characters that most of the others lack.

  7. I feel the show is in decline and it depresses me. Each character has their own personalities they are all so believable they feel like real people to me. They have become a family to me. When the season ends I will be lost for quite awhile. I do think this should be the last season. The show is not the same as it was in the past too many great things are missing that made the show special. B&B marvelous relationship is lacking. David & Emily have a special connection, they use that to give Booth & Bones the connection with their great chemistry it jumps off the screen. That made B&B a wonderful couple and a great show.

  8. I wonder if Daisy will continue to be a recurring character now that there is closure in that story arc with the baby being born. It didn’t really bother me too much when she said “what Lance would have wanted” because story wise he’s only been gone a few months and she is still grieving. It’s a nice way to remember him.

    I do agree with Sharon that maybe the show should come to an end. I think having a long hiatus is not a good thing for increasing viewers so to me it’s kind of like a surrender to the inevitable by FOX. It’s nice to have a 200th episode and I’m glad it went that long but seriously how many more scenarios can happen to Booth/Brennan? The stories recently seem to be pushing Aubrey to the front, so I am anticipating maybe a spin off, and that’s why the folks who run things were able to get an actor to sign on for what probably would be a short term gig otherwise.

    I also agree with Sharon….these characters have felt like real people in the past but I am missing some of that energy recently. I will watch the rest of the episodes and see what happens, but I am not too optimistic right now.

  9. Stephan Nathan is an arrogant jerk who has run Bones into the ground.First he killed off Sweets in a petty move to get back at JFD for wanting a little time off to do his movie.Booth and Brennan have become as cold and sterile as their new house.As to all those people who say to stop watching if you don’t like whats going on….I got news for you,over one million people have stopped watching since episode 1 of this season.Be careful what you wish for.It’s a shame that the most Booth and Brennan action you’re going to see is in an AU episode.I will never watch another show that has Stephan Nathans or Hart Hansons name attached to it.We’ll see how many people come back after a three and half month hiatus.I’m going to skip the next episode because I have no desire to see Brennan and Aubrey in the field together,I wish they would kill him off already.The 200th may be the last episode of Bones I ever watch.

    • Well I wouldn’t have put it quite so harshly, but I don’t think Stephen Nathan “gets” Bones like Hart Hanson does.

      I for one am absolutely baffled by the lack of B&B interaction this season. If it’s deliberate then I wish they would tell us why. If it isn’t, then heaven help Bones because something has gone very badly wrong.

      I’ll watch through the 200th, but after a four-month hiatus I’m not sure if I’ll be back.

      I agree that I won’t watch any SN shows in the future. I might give HH shows a try, since he created this show we (used to) enjoy so much!

  10. Stephen Nathan can run the show however he wants. It’s his product. I know he doesn’t read these forums and isn’t influenced by what viewers and people who make comments on blog sites think. I don’t hate the man, and I don’t hate the show. I am not angry, but I am a little disappointed in the direction it is taking now. I will still watch it because I like the investigative part, and I still think it’s better than CSI.

  11. After reading several comments mostly negative rather then positive, I feel I need to respond. I’m with the majority and I must say I am A VIVID BONES FAN but something is definite GOING WRONG with this show. Hanson and Stephens may have other avenues to pursue and no longer care about the show or the fans and they do not read comments or listen to the faithful followers. HOWEVER, I do not understand what is going on with ED or DB. Yes, Emily is no longer the beautiful and brilliant scientist but an unattractive, Matronly woman who does not care how she looks or dresses and this makes me sad. If she has gained weight she is still able to dress fashionable but for some reason she chooses not to. She also shows a disinterest in the show. David also shows a LACK of interest. Which brings me to say this. I believe these two characters KNOW this is the last season, Emily wants more family oriented, and David is pursuing other options. It hurts me to see a once top rated TV show go in the garbage can, it hurts me to read all the negative comments that have been flooding the boards, the ugly jokes about this show and characters. This was a show that I LOVED at one time. I have all nine seasons on DVD. I watch episodes repeatedly. I can count on one hand episodes that I probably would not watch again but they were interesting the first time around. So although Hanson and Stephens don’t care about what we (fans) think, I will not and cannot think that Emily and David could not care what the fans think. It must be devastating for them to read the negative comments or maybe they too don’t care. I would love to see a new team of writers, etc that would turn this show around and give us several more seasons of BONES with Emily and David. Wishful thinking on my part. I will miss seeing these TV stars in my home on a weekly basis.

  12. I think a lot of people involved with this program seem to know this is the last season, at least for them, and are just biding their time until it’s over. I am okay with the fact that this may be the last season of Bones as we know it. I am hoping that these people are professional enough to complete the series in the manner it deserves instead of just letting it go down the drain.

    So far there are 3 episodes this season I would watch again: the first two, and the one about human trafficking. The rest have been okay but not really memorable, in my opinion.

    So how should the series? Send Booth/Brennan to run the field office in Germany?

  13. Just wanted to follow up a little bit here:

    1. John F. Daley really could not be on the show anymore because of his movie. He was supposed to direct it during last season of Bones, which is why they had Dr. Sweets “take a break”, and then kind of come back fairly quickly. The film was postponed until this fall. He has been here in Atlanta filming and JUST finished this Friday. That would mean he would have been absent from Bones for all of the 2014 episodes. I suppose they could have just sent Sweets away, but since they already did that last season, it would have looked a bit foolish. Instead they decided to kill off the character and bring in a new actor to take his place. That also created a good storyline of everyone dealing with his death, and somehow made Daisy less annoying and more sympathetic. This does not appear to be a spiteful thing at all, but using a difficult circumstance, and creating a big story around it. I don’t see any bad blood here: Hart Hanson & David Boreanaz retweeted JFD talking about the film being wrapped. They clearly support his work right now. I think JFD will have a very successful career as a writer/director and perhaps also doing more acting. Basically, don’t feel bad for him. I think he may have jumped ship at the right time.

    2. I am skeptical that the ratings drop has much to do with what die hard fans think is wrong with the show. Hart Hanson was jokingly tweeting at the showrunner for The Big Bang Theory that geeks shouldn’t bully fellow geeks. Everyone knows the immediate reason for the drop is due to new episodes of TBBT being shown at the exact time. I actually took a look at the ratings of Bones over the years, and it’s pretty clear what has led to its steady decline: a) the general trend of network TV shows declining in ratings (The Cancel Bear at TV By the Numbers has said every year network tv declines 5 – 10 %. Even the much watched CBS has seen all its older shows decline this year) and b) the decline of Bones ratings since the end of Season 6 into Season 7. That’s right — Booth and Brennan getting together did lead to a decline that they have never recovered from. People did not like them together. They liked the process of them getting together though: the last episode to post a huge audience of 12 million viewers: the bottle episode of them stuck in an elevator together in Season 6 (no, Hannah did not lead to a decline in audience if you look at the Wiki for each season; the numbers do not bear that out). The fact is I think the reason why this show has stuck around is because it’s a CSI style procedural, where you can just watch one episode and not be lost. This seems nuts to me yet what I like has nothing to do with what mass audiences like. For means of comparison, I urge you guys to watch NCIS or one of its spinoffs – so banal yet they get audiences of over 16 million. There is no chemistry of any kind on those shows, so apparently dull & hollow tends to get viewers. If it were up to me Bones would be more about the relationships and less about murder cases. Yet if the TPTB took my advice, the show would have been cancelled years ago!

    3. It’s hard to fall out of love with a show, and I empathize with those who feel that way. But MOST shows do go into decline, and only then do they get cancelled. It’s easier to wait for a show to end to see this clearly. One example is Gilmore Girls, which I watched for the first time a couple of years ago. I am a completest and watched all 7 seasons, even though I knew the network had foolishly fired the showrunner, and the last season was widely panned by TV critics. I agreed that something wasn’t right with that last season even though it went through the motions of being the same show. Buffy the Vampire Slayer went through this with an uneven Season 6 and a hollow Season 7 (with the exception of a few episodes). Strangely enough, Angel is one of the few shows that ended on a peak. Its Season 5 is considered its strongest, and it had an ingenious Series finale, ending on a comma instead of a period. For me, I do not see Bones in a death spiral. I guess I am a fan of the characters of Brennan and Booth unto themselves. I like them interacting with each other, but I also like to see them interacting with the other characters on the show. But that’s just me, and maybe in retrospect all of the negative commenters will be right that Season 10 was the beginning of the end. I just am not willing to do so until we see how the ENTIRE season arc unfolds. I think there is a story arc in there involving Booth, Brennan & Aubrey and it’s just not completely apparent yet. If there is no arc, well then mea culpa from me. 🙂

    4. I’ll end on an optimistic note. With all the new online outlets, we are living in an embarrassment of riches of great TV shows. Not only that, you can go back and watch shows that are gone or simply Bones reruns. More importantly, if this show ends I really am interested to see what all the cast and writers do next. I’ve become a fan of a lot of them, and everything has changed so much since 2005, that there are so many new opportunities that weren’t there before. The network TV schedule can be brutal. I was just reading an old article that mentioned that when DB directs an episode, he gets up at 3 AM and doesn’t get home until 11 PM. That’s hardly phoning it in, guys, and even if not directing that is one crazy schedule that I can’t believe the two leads have been enduring for so long. Also, there is always its fraternal twin, “Castle”, that should be around a bit longer. (am I allowed to say that on a Bones blog? :)).

    • >> Strangely enough, Angel is one of the few shows that ended on a peak. Its Season 5 is considered its strongest, and it had an
      >> ingenious Series finale, ending on a comma instead of a period.

      Supposedly, what happened there was that Angel’s showrunner said to the network, “Come on, guys. We all know that you’re going to renew us, so instead of dragging it out and not announcing the renewal weeks and weeks from now, let’s just get this over with. And with our excellent ratings, let’s make that a renewal for two years.”

      That arrogance so offended the network that it cut its nose of to spite its face and cancelled Angel in retaliation.

      • Fun fact! However it happened, I still like the way that series ended on a high note instead of limping to the finish line like so many other series.

        As to Angel’s “showrunner” (cough, Joss Whedon, cough), I think he made out okay, even if he had three shows cancelled in under a year. Success is the greatest revenge, no? Meanwhile, the WB doesn’t even exist anymore which tells you how effective all their decision making was.

  14. I really hope you are correct, Lynn. I have enjoyed the show for a long time. I just don’t want to see it go down without a fight.

  15. Maybe what we are missing is Hart’s heart in the show. He was the romantic and that is hard to pull off if not in your nature. Nathan is an activist. You see his views on social issues come through, but not the emotional connection between characters. When discussing Christine’s breakfast and schools, Brennan leaves with a verbal love you and a swak to Christine’s head. In Hart’s world that would have been an arm around Booth with a smile and a kiss on the cheek, and Christine would have had more too. Nathan should find someone he can confer with to fill in the blanks. He is not complete on his on.

  16. I loved that last scene in that episode because it was so sweet and funny. I don’t need a steamy scene in every episode but a little affection between them would be a nice addition, and it seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult to add to the episodes.

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