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Happy 200th Episode, BONES!


Hey everyone!
Happy 200th Day!

I hope you’ll come back tonight to discuss the episode, and I hope you will enjoy it. I was able to screen it for GMMR, and I really, really liked it. I won’t say more (and please no spoilers, even from things in promos–as some people do avoid those–), but if you’d like, take a minute and share some of your favorite moments from the past 199 episodes in the comments!

My favorite episode of all time is still The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House, but there have been so many moments I have loved as well. There a lot of tributes out there on the internet too, and that is fun to see. If you see any that are non-spoilery (including in their weblinks) or provide appropriate warnings in their headers, feel free to post links to them in the comments as well.


Have a great day! 🙂


PS…I put together a little drinking game for the 200th. It’s not spoilery, and it is very vague, but if you’re avoiding everything, then just wait until after you’ve seen it.


13 thoughts on “Happy 200th Episode, BONES!

  1. After the end scene in “Santa in the Slush,” my favorite all-time ‘Bones’ moment is the kiss on the cheek in ‘Knight on the Grid.’ Love love love both the impetuous nature of Brennan’s action and that it just took Booth’s breath away and he couldn’t hide it. Love.

  2. I can’t narrow down one singular moment above all others, but my favorite moments are always where B&B are looking at each other which longing, and love, and sweetness. Think of the couple times Booth has pinned her to the wall, or the Poco singing in the diner, or the end of Aliens, or when they hug in the helicopter, or the end of Verdict, or the wedding… can fill in more on your own 🙂

    I am looking forward to the episode tonight, but due to stupid real life things, I have to watch it late tonight, but I am not going to wait till tomorrow! Who can sleep when a milestone Bones ep is on anyway?!?!? #priorities

  3. It sounds like it will be good. Not looking forward to the long hiatus though.

    PS – the drinking game will have us wasted within 15 minutes I bet, if strict adherence to the rules laid out!!

  4. Hard to pin down moments. MJ & bb started off with great ones. For me in the early years every moment was great. The sparks never seemed to stop flying. Nice coincidence that your favorite all time episode Sarah is the one ED’s father directed. That’s neat. 🙂 B&B really made magic, greatly supported by Angela, Hodgins, & Zach. My favorite moment would be the flashback of their first kiss. They felt so in love to me. 🙂

    • Good one Lindy! The flashback ep I loved because seeing B&B’s first meeting was amazing!! The look on Booth’s face when he walks in and sees her for the first time is just—awesome. He just can’t even believe what he’s looking at! And then she gives him a similar look when they have their first conversation… it’s perfect!

  5. Maybe I’m shallow but I love the fulfillment of the love story best — the scene where Brennan tells Booth she’s pregnant and the wedding. Also, the scene in the kitchen in The Prisoner in the Pipe where they’re cooking breakfast and Booth gives a great sigh of contentment. That may be my favorite scene of all. And one other, the last scene in The Partners in the Divorce when Brennan tells Booth she’s not going to leave him. All of these make me a happy camper.

  6. Soldier on the Grave was one of the first episodes I ever saw, and it was one of the few times I actually cried over a tv program. To me the trust between them blossomed from that last moment in the episode.

    I also like the ending Male in the Mail because Brennan talks about things Booth told her about his father….things we didn’t know about, but that were good memories for him. It’s another episode that makes me cry.

    There are a lot of others….Knight on the Grid is one of my favorites, as is Aliens in a Spaceship and Blackout in the Blizzard, and I really like Night at the Bones Museum. But I like the episodes that show what a deep trust and respect exists between them. To me, that’s what makes this program different from others.

  7. I agree with Laura Opper about Soldier on the Grave. I just love that moment. I also really really loved the ending of The Secrets in the Proposal. I just love all the moments where Booth opens up and is vulnerable and I love the way Brennan is there for him and helps him. I love it too when it’s the other way around but only almost as much.

  8. In Proof in the Pudding, I really really really love the Booth hug. It just reminds me of him saying he’d hug her if he was scared, and that is the one of the times he was really afraid.

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