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The 200th in the 10th: Post Episode Discussion


Hey and hello!

What did you think of this milestone 200th episode? The comments are open!


34 thoughts on “The 200th in the 10th: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Happy 200 email. 🙂

  2. Loved it. It was like a 50’s movie.

  3. LOVED the show. It had that 50’s look and feel and snappy dialogue. Great job to the Bones 200 crew.

  4. The 200th in the 10th was gorgeous & amazing!!!

    Everyone looked so beautiful/handsome & gorgeous. Loved the hair and outfits.
    I even loved Cams hair!!

    DB did such a great job here. You really felt like this was filmed in the 50’s!
    And this was the most B&B together time we have had since the first 2 episodes!

    -Booth was so dashing and Brennan so beautiful.
    -Loved their convo in the car about Booth wanting to drive. “You’re used to getting your way aren’t you?” “I wanted to drive and it’s not working out.” That’s some old B&B banter.
    -Lol, Booth wants to get one of those “televisions”
    -I loved Clark & Hodgins characters. Lol, looking at the skull with a big magnifying glass.
    -Billy Gibbons telling B&B “You two are made for each other”
    -LOL, Max as the Chief of Police!
    -“Men have been slapped for less”… “And more” says Booth, so sexy.
    -Haha, Booth’s cute apron as he brings Brennan coffee in the morning
    -Caroline telling Brennan “You fell for Robin Hood, sugar”
    -LOL, Pellant as the waiter!! Caroline & Brennan giving him odd looks.
    -I thought for a minute B&B were going to kiss after getting locked in the closet.
    -Booth saves the day piloting the airplane “This is why I like to drive”
    -Brennan was speaking normally this episode. What do you know?! She can do it!!
    -The final kiss was about what I expected. But it was good. We had so many great B&B times this episode. At least we did get to see their lips touch before the camera panned upward.

    I loved this episode!! I can’t wait to watch it again, and it has been a while since I could say that!

  5. Loved, loved, loved this episode! I felt like every character was utilized to maximum effect. My favorite alternate support cast member was Hodgins. God he was awesome! But really, every intern got to be someone fun. Laura Spencer sang fabulously. Cam of course was the most fun alternate character- I’m sure this part delighted Tamara Taylor.

    I also loved the cinematography, especially at the beginning – it took my breath away. Basically, the whole feel of the show, the details in the props, and the language made this episode especially fresh.

    Ah, Booth and Brennan. My favorite aspect of this version of them was the looks they gave each other. I actually preferred the almost kiss in the closet to the kiss at the end. It’s the one thing I have missed since they got together at the end of Season 6 – the flirtation and the longing looks. I also found the reveal of Booth being a WWII vet and helping his buddies out after the war to be quite poignant. They really stayed to character even as different people.

    I really need to watch it again, it was that good!

  6. Personally (and as an Alfred Hitchcock devotee), I thought it was fabulous, fantastic, fun, every singly minute of it. What an amazing labor of love and tribute to the fans rolled into one!

    I had high hopes coming into the 200th after all the hype, and they were all met-and then some. Frankly, I don’t know what a casual viewer would make of this episode other than it was incredibly cute, but the inside jokes had me squealing the entire time to my family’s horror. What other show but our beloved Bones would do something so outlandishly clever for its audience that only the most diehard fans were guaranteed to comprehend?

    The drinking, the flirty driving, the outstanding cameos, the closet near-miss (M-rated fanfics on that scene alone merit their own thesis…) and last but not least, the quirky, squinty references. Each character masterfully stripped down to his or her very essence; seriously, my only complaint? That it wasn’t long enough-it should have been a two-parter, but that would have probably demolished the budget for the entire year.

    I’m so glad for purely selfish reasons that they reached this milestone and that they did it in their own singular, unapologetic, uncompromising way. It seems kind of obscene that after all this we also get to see Booth and Brennan have another kid.

  7. I love the opening!! As “Emily and David” movie stars in black and white…so genius!

    And that the episode is a “movie”….loveee

    Cam looks oddly pretty in the maid outfit! That era suits her I think…it’s the best I’ve liked her hair lol

    Agh they are so adorable making their deal!!

    Hodgins as the professor is perfect.

    Booth “man to the moon” comment 😉

    Gorgeous car Brennan is driving….sigh…..

    Booth still wants a TV lol

    Brennan is STUNNING.

    Hodgins and his bugs!!!! Yay

    Booths giggle at Brennan ordering him to the bedroom is EVERYTHING

    Love how they tied in Booth’s cosmic balance sheet to the movie!!!

    Jessica and the Cuban squintern were a fun Lucy and Desi

    “I’ve taken plenty of bullets in my day” -Booth

    Booth/Epps tie in???

    Booth likes to drive 😉

    That lady detective outfit is divine!!

    That was so good, I literally clapped at “The End”

  8. Very good episode.Stylishly done,had all the elements that has made Bones the show that it is and has been sorely lacking this season.Booth and Brennan…..the looks,the flirting,the banter,the kiss,all classic Bones.Best episode of the season.I hope when Bones comes back,they learn from this and we see a little more B&B.

  9. Had to share this tweet I just saw from Emily:

    “That’s a lot of cleavage to start off the show!! #Bones200”


  10. First ep in a while where I had complete attention to the TV, instead of also being on devices. (We were about 70 minutes behind live – but it was the episode that kept our full attention)

    Best all around ep since the Wedding? Easily.

  11. Check out this website. Great gifs from last nights episode! Including the closet scene and ending kiss.

  12. I was hoping for better ratings for what I consider the best episode of the season.The effort and money that went into it was not wasted.

    • Once the DVR numbers come into play it should improve. It was masterfully done.

      This was as meaningful as the 100th to me, only without the bittersweet ending the 100th had.

  13. I loved everything about it, and that is from someone who has been desperately trying to love several of the offerings this season. It was so so so so good. I hope the chemistry stays around when they come back

  14. Loved loved loved it! Everyone did such an amazing job. Two thumbs up to Stephen Nathan who wrote this episode. David and Emily were gorgeous! their chemistry was off the charts. I’ll never look at a closet the same way again 🙂 I admit it was a little bittersweet for me, I kept thinking this is what I miss the most with B&B for me it was like revisiting old friends that I have missed so much!

  15. Please, please, please…could we have more of that on a weekly basis? By that I mean B&B…they were back! The flirting, the looks, the banter, the bickering, the sexual chemistry, it was all there, in spades. This just goes to show that a good writer (and Stephen Nathan is an excellent writer) can show us a dynamic and exciting B&B relationship while still solving the crime of the week and devoting some of the time to supporting cast storylines.

    Given the long hiatus which we are now in, there will be ample time to re-watch this episode to pick up on every little thing, but for now these are the things that stood out for me:

    – the almost kiss ranks up there as one of the hottest B&B moments of the series…it was better than the actual kiss
    – Hodgins killed in this episode. I think he and Clark could have a spinoff, seriously
    – this was the old Angela and I liked her
    – I love the S9 Aldo but he was my least favorite in this episode
    – Cocky Booth was back and better than ever…it must be cold in there, you’re making me blush…priceless

    On a superficial note, I loved the following:
    – Booth in black pants, black shirt, and brown jacket…swoon
    – Brennan’s beautifully curled hair. I think I’m going to send the Bones costume dept. a curling iron over the hiatus
    – Clean shaven Booth. Finally. I don’t mind Booth with a beard (like the first few episodes) or with a five o’clock shadow, but that horrible scruff he’s been sporting (like he forgot to shave for a few days) needs to go, IMO.

    Some of the shots by director Boreanaz were spectacular. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable episode.

  16. This was a wonderful episode. I can imagine watching it again many times and catching new things. The pacing was great, the story was fun, the characters were spot on. The direction was fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • DB might have feature film directing in his future.

      • I think you are right about that, but I am selfish and want him to continue with Bones a little bit longer…I don’t see how he could possibly do both….but this episode definitely had a big screen feel to it, I think.

  17. I loved every bit of it. Fabulous from start to finish. DB’s directing skills are superb. DB does have the talent to direct feature films but of course I want him to stay with Bones till it ends. He could do both act and direct he was in every scene of the 200th episode that is not a easy accomplishment. He did it beautifully. Very high on my list of favorite episodes. Thank you to everyone involved. I felt the episode was a gift to the fans and this fan is very grateful. I plan on watching it over & over.

  18. Loved it. ‘Oh Miss’ was classic. And I second or third the clean-shaven Booth and Brennan’s hair style. The follicle curtain always hanging in front of her face is not flattering. This was. Ditto Booth without scruff.

  19. I have watched it twice now and still want to watch again right away! It has such a nostalgic pull including my favorite TV people that I feel like I can’t take it all in at once. DB’s direction was flawless and he portrayed such a colorful character that his acting was spot-on! Emily was magnificent, gorgeous & glowing : ) She & DB seem to work together in sync and make it flow smoothly. I loved all other characters, costumes, props, design, etc beyond words. This will go down as one of the most memorable BONES, at least for this fan.

  20. I’m just getting to watch it now! TJ Thyne is killing it, crazy Professor Hodgins with his crazy professor hair is too wonderful. DB is a marvelous director; he has such an artistic eye. Emily looks great with her ’50s makeover, glowy indeed. Loved Laura Spencer & Ignacio Serricchio’s “Lucy” and “Desi.”

    Season 10 sure has had a few “miss” moments but this makes up for all of it! 🙂

  21. I love all the wonderful comments on the BT Board!! 🙂
    A request for the behind the scene pics from the 200th.

    Quote “They are so insanely gorgeous.

    And DB walking from the plane?! *thud* ”

    • You are so right about that plane shot….and the one of him at the night club is pretty spectacular too……that man sure wears clothes well…….

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