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Morning After Q: What Parallels Did You See/Hear?


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As I watched the 200th episode, I loved all of the callbacks to previous ones. There were a few blatant ones (in a good way): diatomaceous earth, “partners”, Max and Booth being a little edgy toward one another, etc. And then there were others that were maybe a little more inferential (in my opinion). For example, I thought Angela’s encouragement to Brennan that Booth was a worthy ship to sail on was a callback to when she told Brennan she’d like to ‘take a ride on that train’, and Brennan’s “Don’t call me darling” was a throwback to her “Don’t call me Bones!”.

What other connections or parallels did you see and hear?


PS…I created this on Thursday, so if it’s already sprung up in the post-episode discussion comments, my bad! ๐Ÿ™‚



19 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What Parallels Did You See/Hear?

  1. Wow what an episode. Best flow in some time, and a great high note going into the hiatus.

  2. The dance scene in the club reminded me of B&Bs “dancing” away
    /around each other for years. He was watching her while dancing with several other women while she was “talking” to other men. Also the scene with Cam slipping out of Booth’s grasp was very parallel to Epps dying although this Booth didn’t take it as hard….

    • Seemed like the old days. Reminiscent of the 100th, one of my favorites. Was hoping for a 100th type kiss. So close. I also wish it could have been a 2 parter as there was so much squeesed in. Pleasantly surprised. Lots of great references. Very enjoyable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 1. Hodgins as the “mad” professor was a great tie-in to his present-day lab experiments…besides the diatomaceous earth, he also loved using the bugs to clean the bones!

    2. Booth still wanted a TV!

    3. They tied in Booth’s conflicting war feelings and his “cosmic balance sheet” trying to make it right

    4. “I’ve taken plenty of bullets in my day” -Booth

    5. Booth/Epps tie in with him trying to keep Cam in the plane

    6. Booth likes to drive ๐Ÿ˜‰

    7. They had coffee together

    8. Angela was initially flirting with reporter Wendell but was really excited that the professor liked her at the end!

    *I also agree that Angela’s ship comment was like her present time “ticket” Booth comment ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure there is more that I’m not thinking of, but I watched it at midnight because I got home late but couldn’t wait! I’ll have to watch it again, darn! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Angela’s ‘worthy ship to sail on’ reference also made me think of Brennan turning down Sully’s invitation to sail with him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great reviews all over the internet!

    Favorite quote so far: “…but whenever David and Emily look at each other, itโ€™s pure Old Hollywood magic. Which is the point, really: Bones can try to be whatever show it wants to be, and itโ€™s tried them all over the past 10 years, but Booth and Brennan are always the same. Their chemistry demands to be taken seriously. Putting the characters in a new setting only proves who they always are.” (Entertainment Weekly)


  6. The comments in the car about each of them changing recalled both the end of the 100th (‘I can’t change’) and my personal least favorite scene in the entire series, the park bench scene in the season 5 finale — ‘Here’s to change.’ Well we’ve gotten that and so have they. A terrifically done episode.

  7. I thought Booth telling Brennan the reason why she was suspended was because they were jealous of her brilliance was a callback to the whole point of their partnership in the first place. He knew she was the best early on. Sure, he was dazzled by her, too, but first and foremost, he respected her intellect.

    Of course, the flirtiness was a callback to the first 5 seasons, and then post-Hannah in Season 6. Although they could go for it more in this one off. They had to be a bit more subtle when they were stringing us along for 6 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Booth making breakfast for Brennan, just like he likes to now.

    Booth sleeping on her couch reminded me of Brennan sleeping on Booth’s couch!

    Closet scene almost kiss and their so very many ‘almost’ kisses along the way.

    It was a fun episode for sure.

    What did Max mean when he told Booth to be careful or she’ll be all over you like a cheap suit? Was he badmouthing his own daughter?

  9. I really loved getting to see first glances at each other again. They were so dazzled by one another and it really reminded me of the 100th when we saw the “real” first glances at each other.

    Loved the worthy ship to sail on comment as it reminds me of all her comments over the first seasons….and I didn’t think about her not sailing away with Sully till I read it above, but I think it is a good point.

    • Also with the kiss at the end…I liked that it was his idea but that she is kind of the one who leans in more. Not sure why I love that so much, but it made me so happy!

  10. I’m adding a few things no one else has mentioned yet, or adding on to what has already been said in a couple of cases.

    1) Of course the most obvious was Brennan always driving, and Booth complaining about it. But in particular, she was driving a convertible in Los Angeles … which is similar to Woman at the Airport where she also got to drive a convertible in LA (with Booth pouting in the passenger seat).

    2) All the “Don’t call me Darling” remarks, but in the last scene Brennan calls Booth ‘darling’ and he looks surprised. It sort of suggested the moment at the end of Hole in the Heart, where we get a subtle clue that their relationship had changed.

    3) Booth stealing a body out of the morgue is similar to both Jared stealing Vega’s body in Hero in the Hold, and B&B stealing the ‘translated’ guy in Double Death of the Dearly Departed.

    4) Booth says, “You should be nicer to your partner,” which is a call-back to the New Orleans case where Brennan was the one framed for a murder. (Man in the Morgue) Then Brennan says they aren’t partners, which reminded me of the Pilot where she asked, “since when are we partners?”

    5) Sarge saying, “you two were made for each other” is similar to “you two are obviously made for each other,” from Cinderella in the Cardboard (and every other instance of someone putting them together before they would admit it was true).

    6) Professor Hodgins getting all excited about a ‘modern murder’ “from this century?!” is like how excited he got about taking Gemma Arrington’s clothes to examine for ‘particulates’ in the 100th flashback case. (Bonus Pilot call-back mention of ‘diatomaceous earth’ in the same scene, LOL!)

    7) The way Booth & Brennan arrived at the Velvet Fox and Booth said “act like you’re having fun” reminded me of Tony & Roxy in Woman in the Sand, when they first got to the fight club and Booth had to remind her how to keep her cover. (Maybe that’s a reach, but also Emily prancing in that dress with the martini REALLY reminded me of Roxy.)

    8) Booth telling Brennan she’s a “very bad judge of character.” Also, his love of cooking breakfast.

    9) Pelant bringing a telephone to Brennan along with that creepy smile, LOL!

    10) The partner-in-crime airplane pilot was the car-sales ‘squintern’ that appeared once in season 4, Finger in the Nest. Hodgins was mad because the guy sold him a ‘lemon’ car long ago, so this caper proves his shadiness knows no bounds. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    There must be so many more but these were the ones where I could actually remember what episode they reminded me of.


  11. Remembered another one ๐Ÿ™‚ I love how forensic anthropology was just becoming a new thing in this episode because I’ve read that Kathy Reichs was instrumental in starting forensic anthropology as a science.

  12. 1. They started out chasing each other around the outside of the house and just missing one another wherever they looked – a call back to Booth’s “chasing you was the smartest thing I ever did” wedding vow and the fact that they kept chasing/missing each other for the first 6 seasons.

    2. Brennan still wants to carry a gun and is still getting it taken away from her by the authorities.

    3. Brennan sitting in the dark in Booth’s room with the gun pointed at him was reminiscent of Broadsky doing the same thing to Booth in S6.

    4. May be a stretch, but Brennan’s “there’s a time for the law and a time for justice” comment somewhat parallels her behavior in S10E1 when she blackmails the prosecutor to get Booth freed from jail.

    5. Booth almost robbed Aubrey “back when he had money”. In the regular canon, didn’t Aubrey’s father lose a bunch of money?

  13. When Cam was loading up the plane she said they’d dump the body in the ocean, like Spaceman in the Crater (I think that’s the name). And the victim died from falling down the stairs like the victim in the 100th episode. The night club scene really reminded me of Man in the Bear. When Booth was opening the vault at the beginning I was thinking of Gormogon. All they were lacking in this episode was mac and cheese, I think.

  14. I watched again last night on Hulu (in HD this time) for the 3rd time overall (as it had bee deleted from the DVR in the meantime). I think this one will end up like the wedding episode to me – one I could (and did in that case) watch over and over and over again. (There are others that fit that bill too that I’ve done that with Netflix, but that’s so much easier to do that with a series of episodes)

  15. I keep thinking back to the foreshadowing in the 100th episode and wondering what the foreshadowing is here. It’s interesting that Cam’s demise, in the end, is due to her not being able to let go of her fortune. Last year we saw Cam lose her fortune to the identity thief, but I’m wondering if now either her fraught romantic life or perhaps a chance to regain her monetary fortune is something that we’ll see her put in peril over.

  16. Hiatus finally ends tonight!

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