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The Psychic in the Soup: Post Episode Discussion


Hello, hello!


Congratulations on surviving another hiatus? What did you think of episode, 201– the Psychic in the Soup? The comments are open!


17 thoughts on “The Psychic in the Soup: Post Episode Discussion

  1. So happy Bones is back!! Loved the episode! Remembering Sweets and finding the book he wrote. Will mean a lot to Booth and Brennan. And Christine is soooo cute!

    Brennan being so matter of fact about breaking the law and even got the government involved in it!! LOL

  2. Thoughts as I watched:

    *Nice that they remembered Sweets
    *Nice that Brennan showed emotion about him
    *Why didn’t Angela reconstruct the skull on the Angelatron for cause of death? It can do anything!!
    *I wish psychics could tell things like plane disasters or plagues before they happen! That’d be helpful.
    *Love me some Cyndi Lauper! What a great addition to the show she’s been 😄
    *Oh boy, another backstory for a squintern! They really don’t need to waste time on that.
    *One thing that Aubrey brings is more time at the FBI which is nice to see Booth at work
    *Fierce Hodgins defending Sweets is very nice. I just love that guy.
    *Aubrey minored in religion in college? Hm, I wonder what connection that could have in the future? Maybe with Booth?
    *Good thing that the bug hit the windshield and got fluid on it lol
    *Cam shouldn’t break down on this. Her job and the lab’s reputation are on the line.
    *Why didn’t Hodgins swab the skull at first??
    *Aw, Sweets’ book!
    *The promo made me excited for next week! Yay, Bones is back!!

    *the minions made me giggle, thanks Sarah!

  3. All in all, I really enjoyed this episode. The family moments felt *right* , almost as if the world was finally starting to settle back into it’s correct orbit.

    Aubrey’s scenes made sense this time,he was doing his job under the direction of his immediate supervisor, Booth, instead of being more of a “plus one.” I could do without the running “food obsession” gag, but it looks like it is here to stay, so I’ll just ignore it.

    I loved the interplay between Hodgins and Angela – they both stayed very true to character. They will always be quirky, but their relationship is solid, and I like how the show reflects that.

    The Sweets storyline I could take or leave – I have some issues with the deification of Sweets,lol. His death was heartbreaking, but I have to admit if they had just let him ride off into the sunset with Daisy I would not have been upset, nor would I have missed him much. I think when they blurred the line between Psychologist and Field Agent they lost sight of just who and what the character was. I know they killed him to add drama and give fans closure, but I think that Aubrey could have been added in just as successfully without it.

  4. I liked the episode and felt it was a solid outing, although after the long hiatus I could have used a little more ‘oomph.’ The case was decent enough, but I enjoyed the B&B family moments (how cute was Christine walking off with her daddy at the end?), Booth and Aubrey bonding over doughnuts, and Avalon the most.

    One thing that didn’t work for me was the Cam/Rodolfo story. I really felt that after all the screentime the two actors got together, it should have been Cam and not Brennan giving the intern a free pass. I know it was being mined for humor, but the scene with Brennan swooping in and undermining Cam’s authority rubbed me the wrong way; it’s like Cam has become little more than a door mat at the lab. (I know it’s been a running theme, but it was really glaring this time.) At the very least I would have wanted her to be a little mad. Mind you, I have no problem with the drug-smuggling itself-just how the division of labor was handled.

    Still, so very happy to get our show back. I hope we get some touchy-feelly B&B scenes soon, though; I’m really getting some serious withdrawal symptoms.

  5. Really enjoyed this episode although I would put it in the minor Bones episodes box. I don’t think the long hiatus was known when they wrote/produced this episode. One of the writers mistakenly had tweeted that Bones episodes would be back in January. So it would have just been a regular episode following the huge theatrical 200th after which everyone was pretty exhausted. Since John Boyd only had a couple scenes in the 200th he would be up for more screen time in this episode. I like Aubrey best when he is interacting with Booth. It feels fresh and I feel like we’re learning more about Booth AND Aubrey. I like that he’s our first squint FBI agent much to Booth’s annoyance. But unlike Sweets, Aubrey really is just doing his job and has become an astute observer of Booth’s moods. The donut scene was my favorite one of the episode since it combined so many emotions (subtly) while offering some comic relief. I read somewhere that unlike in the fall, Bones is coming in like a lamb in 2015. I’m fine with that. It was nice to sit back and enjoy an episode and the great ensemble cast.

    Can’t wait for what they have in store for us the back half of S10.

    • I really like Aubrey a great deal; I’m actually surprised by how well he fits in-he was a great addition to the cast. And you’re right; this wasn’t meant to be a big hiatus-ending episode; it was supposed to be a regular one, just getting all the characters back on track after the 200th. I think it survived the hiatus scrutiny well enough, though.

      • I’m really liking Aubrey’s dynamic with Booth. Booth gets to teach him things, but Aubrey is competent in many areas on his own, they complement each other at work very well. I kind of feel like Booth sees Aubrey as a younger version of himself in some ways. I like that Booth has his own squintern, but even more because the actor is a cast member. Agent Shaw and Freddie’s character (Beck?) were guest stars that went on to other things. Adding John Boyd as a cast member was a good call. I like his eating quirk, it’s cute. Besides the slightly creepy physical resemblance he shares with Sweets, Aubrey is his own character and not exactly like Sweets which I like. I do wonder if this revelation that he minored in Religion will come into play later….

  6. An average episode,definately not worth watching twice.Season 10 lacks compared to season 9.

  7. Sunnie Pelant stole the show last night. It’s about time they got some good Christine scenes in an ep, and this one had two of ’em.

  8. The episode was just okay for me. The family scenes are always going to be my favorite and this episode was no exception. I liked the idea of Sweets changing his book and wanting to give it to Booth and Brennan. However, now I’m betting we’ll never hear or see of that book again. Would be interesting to hear at least parts of it.

    And I agree Sunnie Pelant is a wonderful young actress. I hope they find more scenes for her this season.

  9. I liked it.
    The look on Brennan’s face when Dr. Fuentes hugged her and
    Christine: “Daddy?”
    Booth: “Yeah?”
    Christine: “The cake isn’t real.”
    Brennan: “Yeah, the cake’s not real, Daddy.”
    P.S.- love the minions

  10. I liked a lot of things about this episode. Aubrey didn’t bother me too much, and the case was interesting. I liked the whole imaginary tea party except Brennan’s statement that Holy Communion was like an imaginary tea party. That was really harsh.

    I am not okay with the subplot that involves our main characters breaking the law on purpose no matter what good intentions they have. To brush it off as no big deal really bothers me. I am fairly sure the CIA does smuggle goods into countries to try to change the loyalties of the population, but this was just handled wrong, I think….my opinion…..

    I think the little girl playing Christine is really cute, and I loved her interactions with her “daddy” and “mommy”. The ending was a nice way to remember Sweets.

    So maybe nothing Earth-shattering but pleasant and enjoyable.

  11. I liked the fact that Avalon mentioned that Christine may be not playing with an imaginary friend… but maybe Sweets? It made me think about what “imaginary friends” could actually mean for kids, is it possible that our loved ones are trying to find a way to connect with us? I really liked the episode. I also liked the idea that the killer really didn’t mean for the killing to happen and was sure that she wasn’t the one to blame for, it’s actually believable… it could happen. I just really like when Bones episodes leave you to think…

  12. The episode was so so for me. I’m happy Bones is finally back on with new episodes it was a long wait. I liked this in bits and pieces. I like Aubrey . They overused Sweets I became tired of him, his story line did not make seance. He was a profile-er not a agent. I of course liked Avalon.
    My biggest disappointment is very little inaction with Booth & Brennan. They hardly ever touch each other and Booth looks at her very seldom. I miss there connection. They could kiss ounces in awhile even just a peck would be better then nothing. They don’t act like a loving married couple.
    One thing that really stood out to me was Booth in a grey suit nice crisp white shirt and blue in the interrogation room. He looked sharp.

  13. I left tie out. I meant a blue tie.

    • Jo,you are so right,Booth and Brennan do not come across as a married couple.Castle and Beckett are much better.

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