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The Teacher in the Books: Post Episode Discussion


Hello and Happy Bones-Day!

Did you like this episode, The Teacher in the Books? What worked and what didn’t? The comments are open–can’t wait to hear what you think. #GoForIt ! 🙂


19 thoughts on “The Teacher in the Books: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Awesome episode! I loved that Brennan was in more scenes tonight! The show just isn’t the same without the interactions between Booth and Bones !!!!! And tonight they did better!!!

  2. I really like this episode. It had some funny scenes with Brennan twitting (I was following her during the show). She twitted a cute scene of Booth rapping for Christine. #BonesIsTheBest…

  3. Very, very cute! I realize Emily can’t be out on all those field scenes and I’m incredibly grateful that John Boyd has stepped up to the plate. I don’t know why, but I love the guy-his chemistry with DB when they were in the car was great. They actually looked like they were having a fun time, and it could have all been so much different if another actor had been chosen. Likewise, I’m digging Jessica although I confess that initially I didn’t like her so much. All in all, a nice, lighthearted episode (which it appears we will need given the promo for next week…)

    PS-so glad Caroline got a meaningful storyline of her own; her and those two brothers could branch off into a show of their own, they were so good together. This is one of those episodes where I’m really sorry we don’t get to see the guest actors again.

    • I second what you said about Booth & Aubrey. That scene was actually a sneak peek clip which I admit to watching over and over. 🙂

      There were really two great side stories – Caroline’s involvement in the teacher program and Dr. Brennan joining Twitter. I liked how one pulled on our heart strings while the other made us laugh. Until the end when Booth made dinner for Brennan and she wrote he was the best husband ever. That was really sweet.

      I thought that while this was a lighter episode it still had more meat than last week’s episode. So overall I’m happy with S10B so far.

  4. Thought this was a really fun episode.

    I thought TPTB did a good job bringing up a lot of issues that our current educational system is struggling with without being overly political about it. Again, they took on what could be a controversial topic to some folks and dealt with it well IMO.

    I loved Aubrey’s comments to Booth about how a real man wouldn’t take 3-years to make a move on a woman he was attracted to given Aubrey has no knowledge of the 7 years it took B&B to get together.

    • I didn’t particularly enjoy the “real man” comment. I thought he could’ve asked the same question without the dig at his masculinity and ignoring Brennan’s side in all of this. Its too simplistic to think that because a man is attracted to a woman that’s all that matters and he should immediately claim her because that’s what a “real man” would do.

      I always thought that the fact that Aubrey came into their lives so late was interesting as he would have a very different perspective, not having been exposed to their looooooooong and painful courtship. However, as I said, I didn’t particularly enjoy how he approached it. Booth’s answer that things were “complicated” was also kind of tame but I guess complicated is a good way to summarize those early years.

  5. Episode was ok,not great. I’m not sure if Bones should be renewed,but FOX is desperate.The ratings last night were bad,down from last week.The only thing Bones could beat was a rerun of the Flash.

    • Ratings were down for all shows including Scandal and TBBT. It was due to spring break and daylight’s savings time. I read that total TV viewership was down 8% from 3 weeks ago. Again show renewal is dependent on contract renewals with cast not ratings at this point. The show has a loyal albeit shrinking audience that the network can count on. If cast on board I would think 1 more season but they are prepared if this is the final season.

  6. I’m so sad. This season there have not been enough scenes with Brennan. Where are the scenes with Booth and Brennan’s chemistry? I have always watched the episodes over and over, but not anymore! I loved the first two episodes this season, but beyond them they have all been very disappointing. I do love the scenes with precious Christine. I hate to say this, but I’ve always thought Emily was so beautiful, but this season her hair is not good. If the last 10 episodes aren’t any better, then maybe an 11th season isn’t warranted. This pains me to say this…but it’s how I feel.

    • Not sure you read all the interviews but Emily has said that her second pregnancy has limited her physically somewhat. This mostly has meant not doing on sight location shoots which are often very uncomfortable and hot. That is why we are seeing more Aubrey/Booth crime scenes.

    • You’re right,you won’t see any more B&B moments,they’re being replaced by B&B&C moments.B&B haven’t kissed since episode 1 after Booth got out of prison and the 200th doesn’t count.B&B are missing something and it just isn’t what it used to be.I think SN has lost HH’s vision of Bones and brought it down.Plus, this group of writers isn’t the best the show has had.

      • They kissed in episode 6 right before they slow danced at the end of the episode but I’m not disagreeing that I wish we would see more physical affection between them. They haven’t touched since that episode.

      • Yes, B&B romantic moments have been replaced with B&B&C and also with Booth/Aubrey discussions about the B&B relationship and B&B discussions about all the fun they are having off-screen. We use to get Show not Tell, now we get Tell and Don’t Show.

        I love the B&B&C scenes. I like Aubrey, But oh how I miss that B&B sizzle.

      • In my mind there are 3 possibilities to the “lack of moments” between B&B
        1) that things are not all well and back together in the Booth household after the chaos of the end of 9/beginning of 10 and the writers/actors are subtly building up to an emotional resolution. Even though Bones is pregnant and they talk about sex, they also used sex to avoid talking about her leaving him at the beginning of 8. This is what I hope is the reason.
        2) The writers are bad and don’t really know/care about the way their relationship was built. There have been absolutely no talking or discussions between the 2 leads of emotions or feelings other than a few cursory mentions and then Booth snips at Brennen or Brennen deflects with some anthropological fact.
        3) The actors don’t feel the characters like they did in the beginning. This is not a criticism. They have grown and changed in 10 years and that is totally normal. Brennen as a character has become a grown woman and Booth is a much more mature man. That’s life.

        I do enjoy the scenes with Christine and they’re at least trying to show that relationship is good. I still like to watch the show, but I’m not re-watching like I had before. Sometimes I actually watch Grey’s before watching Bones.

    • Booth and Brennan are almost being written as just partners.Certainly not as a loving married couple.

  7. I really liked this episode. There were some funny lines (deputy dog was my favorite) and I liked the case. It doesn’t bother me too much that Aubrey and Booth work the case together, although Aubrey does remind me of Barney Fife (he is a lot smarter than Barney). The twitter thing was funny even though I think twitter isn’t very useful. It was interesting to see Brennan learn a new skill. I didn’t understand what’ Angela’s problem was, however.

    It actually makes sense that Brennan would stay in her lab more. I recently watched Sense in the Sacrifice (I think that’s the name) and Booth tells her he will do the crime stuff and she can do the science stuff. I did enjoy the scenes with them together. I would’ve liked a little more affection between them in the end but overall I was pleased.

  8. I finally saw the ep!! It was OK. I found it a little bit preachy at times. But I thought the Twitter stuff was cute with Brennan. Her “wink wink smiley face” “best husband ever” was so adorable, I wished we got more of that romantic dinner scene!!!! Overall, it was a decent episode, I wasn’t crying but I wasn’t jumping for joy either…NEED MORE COWBELL…..I mean, BOOTH AND BRENNAN!!!!! Hashtag smiley face lol haha 😄

  9. It took us 6 days to get around to watching it off of our DVR – my wife was away last week so we’ve been slowly catching up on what aired while she was gone, and catching up on some other shows we had fallen too far behind on (Hulu has only the five most recently aired eps of several shows, which isn’t necessarily the last five, and we’re trying not to have to go to another platform where we will have to pay $1.99/ep). At least tonight we’ll be able to watch close to live.

    As for the ep — we thought it was a good one. Maybe not stand out and remember forever class of ep, but it certainly had its moments. The end scene leaves to our imagination what happened next. Probably how it should be, IMHO. Aubrey fit a little better in this one than some others, but it was Carolyn that stole the show this time. It’s not like we didn’t know Carolyn had a good heart. But so rare that they show the non-business side of her..

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