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The Baker in the Bits: Post Episode Discussion


Hello–what did you think of this episode?

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66 thoughts on “The Baker in the Bits: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I thought the case was really interesting, but I missed the part about what the killer’s motive was. I didn’t pick the killer until the end so that was interesting. The part where the case was solved seemed a little bit rushed, like maybe they needed five more minutes in the episode.

    There was some B&B time and I thought the end was sweet. I thought it was interesting that Booth was touchy about people judging the men who had been in prison so maybe that part of his past wasn’t swept under the rug for the rest of the season.

    Not sure what I think of Arastoo leaving for Iran. It’s sad for Cam but, at the risk of seeming callous, I almost wish the episode had taken a few minutes from that plot to polish off the case.

    Overall I would give this a B. I liked it.

    • I was left with a hmmmm…. feeling with the resolution of the case. It felt too neat and tied together too quickly. I’m not at all convinced that they arrested the right guy. I kept expecting them to go, AAAHA – the killer is the bakery owner!

      I was pleasantly surprised by the Cam and Arastoo story line. They do nothing for me as a couple, so their angst is not normally something I would care about. What they did tonight was spot on, though. I liked both the scene with Cam/Booth and the one with Arastoo/Brennan (although I don’t think he took her advice at all.)

  2. Worst season of Bones since season 6.

    • BY FAR!…even in Season 6 with Booth dating Hannah, you can see that they care for each other, the looks, the hugs, etc. Now Booth snap to Brennan all time,make fun of her, they dont even touch, hug, kiss, etc…..But of course we have 2 kisses between A/C…BS…

  3. Thoughts as I watched:

    *Brennan was so cute to help Booth find the picture….until she started bragging about herself! Tone it down sometimes, girl!
    *Can Brennan lecture Cam about lab propriety when she is helping smuggle drugs with Fuentes?? 😉
    *I love that blank stare Hodgins gave Angela after she mentioned zip ties “again” hehe
    *Cam does bring up valid concerns about Arastoo’s safety and the danger, she does have a right to be worried and think through pros and consider–they should talk about it; though I agree with him that it’s ultimately his decision
    *I didn’t care for the Iran preaching but I’ve come to expect it
    *Overall, a good episode

  4. This was an excellent episode with a lot of emotion but I don’t feel like the case was completely resolved. They normally end with the killer giving some kind of confession or motive yet we saw none of that. Booth & Brennan only talked about it being an “iron clad” case against him based on the evidence. Someone could be setting him up. Time will tell if that is the case.

    I really liked the Cam/Arastoo storyline because it felt real and not a forced conflict. I thought Pej Vahdat in particular gave a moving performance. I like where the story is going – some international intrigue in the future involving renowned scientists and a certain FBI Agent with many contacts overseas will create much drama. I really, really liked the Booth/Cam scene! I don’t think we have seen their longtime friendship on display in quite some time.

    I was interested in the Booth/Brennan argument over rehabilitation of ex-cons mostly in terms of Booth’s character and how his time in jail affected him. I felt like the opening scene was on two levels: 1) it was a reminder to viewers that Booth had been in jail at the beginning of the season and 2) it showed that Booth still is very emotional about that time he was separated from his family. At the end we saw Booth and Brennan in her office! How long has it been since he’s come to the lab? (Maybe when Sweets died) Booth regretted having to shoot someone but Brennan talked about the good in him.

    I think this episode has begun a story arc that will be followed up later in the season. I’m thinking Arastoo in Iran, a serial killer, and the emotional state of Booth.

    I think that Arastoo, Cam and Booth were the characters to watch on this episode.

  5. So maybe I didn’t miss the part about the suspected killer’s motive. It makes sense now that the case wasn’t quite complete….maybe there is more to come. That would be a very interesting story arc, I think.

  6. Agreed about the case…it was gruesome and seemed to have no motive other than that he was a psycho but at least it was unpredictable. I kinda miss the days when I would have been repulsed by it. I’m not sure if I’ve become more hardened after years of watching or if Bones just doesn’t write in the emotion it used to as far as feeling for the victims.
    I understand that Emily is currently limited in the scenes she can do but they’ve been phasing out her in-the-field scenes since the first time Sweets picked up a gun and I hate that. I nearly cheered out loud when she said, “It’s a good thing you brought me here and not Aubry” at the bakery. Absolutely it was! (And I loved that they ordered a whole pie to take home.)
    That being said, I was kinda ticked to see shades of season 6 Booth who seemed irritated by Brennan’s “quirks” for lack of a better word. Don’t get me wrong, they irritate me too (I hate clueless Brennan) but I’m not married to the woman. When she found the picture, he could have shut her up with a simple kiss and “Thank you so much!” and his comments at the end of his scene with Cam nearly ruined that lovely conversation for me. Incidentally, Cam looked gorgeous in that scene. I’d just like to mention that Emily looks great in something other than loudly printed shirts worn under short blazers with tight jeans and high boots too. And it’s okay to curl her hair every now and then. When I see photo shoots of Emily compared with how they make her look for most actual episodes it makes me wish they’d hire a different wardrobe / makeup / hair person or simply let her do her own.
    The Cam and Arastoo romance stretches plausibility too much for me too care a fig (excuse the reference). Seriously? ANOTHER on-the-job couple? There have to be some dateable individuals worthy of a long-term relationship who don’t work at the Jeffersonian / FBI. I’ve decided that’s why the Clark / Nora thing didn’t work. I heard HH mention in a season 2 commentary that they started the Hodgins / Angela thing to take some pressure off Booth and Brennan. Don’t see why it’s necessary to have these other relationships now. You wanna tell a love story, expand on the one we all tune in for every week. (But don’t break up H & A…it would be too much a of a soap opera move at this point…and they were pretty cute in their scene last night.)
    So far the episodes since the break have done little to interest me and the previews for next week look yawn-worthy as well. But I’ll watch and wait for the little gems that I know will come again.

  7. After re-watching the episode this morning (and then starting work 30 min late, lol), I find that I really liked it. I know that it is a common complaint this season that the B&B relationship is “off,” “non-demonstrative,” etc… but what I saw between them last night was an ironclad bond. Their relationship has changed from one of stolen glances and half expressed innuendos to one in which they truly know each other. Booth is anything but okay at the moment, and Brennan knows it. She also knows that pushing him before he is ready to express himself is going to cause more problems than it will solve. Her simple “let me help” validated his feelings and showed him that he was not alone, and the fact that she then immediately changed the subject and lightened the mood told him that she understood his conflicting feelings much better than if she had tried to delve into his insecurities on their way out the door to a crime scene. Maybe It is the fact that I am looking at it through the eyes of 27 years of marriage, but I enjoy the level of real intimacy that we see between them now.

    The Cam/Arastoo story line was well done – but I am not really sure what it says about their future as a couple. They both had valid points, but they were both hyper focused on themselves. While Cam’s concern was for Arastoo’s safety, that was not quite how she voiced it ( Have you thought about me at all??). As for Arastoo, he wasn’t thinking – period. (Of course, if faced with a dying beloved sibling, how many of us would be?)

    As for the crime itself, I was left without any feeling of completion. “Airtight” case or not, I sense that there is still a lot of that story left to be told.

    Oh, and I wonder where Michael Vincent was when Mommy was tied to the bed………… 😀

  8. I go once again on the negative side. What has drawn me to “Bones” all these years is Booth and Brennan… the used to be leads of this show but not anymore. The spark between these two has gone out. I can’t enjoy the show for being so ticked off by the new relationship between these two. For a while, Brennan had become a more understandable and compassionate person influenced by being a wife and mother. Something is very wrong. She’s just not the same.

    I agree with Nora that Brennan should have picked up on how upset Booth was over the lost picture and been more sensitive to the situation.

    He hugged Cam. We never see this with him and Brennan anymore. She always seems so serious about everything..even with Christine. I see no joy. I don’t even like that new voice she is using.

    There must be a reason why Cam and Angela wear such stylish and cute outfits with fixed hair while Brennan wears her same old outfit..just changes the blouse. She used to be so beautiful.

    I think the show should be called “Aubrey and the squints” It’s just not enough B&B anymore. I want to see the chemistry that these two had at one time. I was so excited about a season 11, but if it’s going to be like the last 11 episodes, I don’t really care anymore. I can’t believe I’m saying this!

    Please get Hart back on board. He knows how to treat our beloved Booth and Brennan.

    Sadly, I end this review.

  9. I thought Brennan did pick up on how illogically upset Booth was over the lost picture once he said a new one wouldn’t due. Then she dug right in.
    I’m with the nay sayers. This was not an episode I’ll be keeping on my dvr. They have been few this year. I watch Bones for Booth and Brennan. Not to watch Booth crack jokes about his wife with his ex. Not my cup of tea.
    Don’t like the Cam/squint relationship either. I thought she was very selfish in her all about me attitude. The guys brother is dying and she goes on and on about HER needs. They still do absolutely nothing for me. Arastoo should find a someone a lot more understanding.
    I just want to thank those that have commented about Brennan’s dress code. She is the star, but looks like she’s an after thought. A gorgeous woman who they don’t care about dressing or making up. I get she’s pregnant now and they’re covering it up in these episodes. But she’s worn the same boring clothes for 3 seasons now. She actually wore dresses in season5 and 6 sometimes. I don’t think we’ve seen a dress since the wedding/honeymoon.

  10. I think as star of the show and also a producer Emily Deschanel probably has a lot of say so about her appearance on the program. I think it must be hard to dress her if she is pregnant while they are shooting the episodes but not pregnant in episode time yet (or it hasn’t been announced). I think her hair and make up look fine. I admit that I am not fond of the boots, but everything else she wears would be practical for lab work or field work and it would be easy to get into and out of the jumpsuits they wear at crime scenes. To me what she wears makes a lot more sense than what Cam wears in that sort of work environment. Angela has a little more leeway in her dress because she spends a lot more time in her office.

    I really did like this episode. I would like to see a little bit more affection between Booth and Brennan but I’m not sure that’s going to happen under the current regime. However, I do think their relationship as it is portrayed is a good one…I don’t think Brennan was making Booth feel stupid when she helped him find the picture because he was obviously upset. When that happens sometimes it helps to step back and get another set of eyes to look at the problem. She was very supportive of him at the end of the episode. I was a little irritated that she didn’t pick up on his feelings about the ex cons sooner but then when she explained that she didn’t consider Booth an ex con because he was innocent and most of them weren’t I could see her point of view.

    Just my opinion…..

    • Absolutely with you there. I don’t really care about what Brennan wears because her clothes make a hell of a lot more sense in their work environment than Cam’s. I also agree that she wasn’t being unsupportive of Booth at all. She has been nothing but supportive of him this entire season.

      I do feel their relationship is weird this season with the very clear lack of physical contact and Booth’s constant irritation toward her. He tells everyone that she’s a difficult person to live with as if he were a walk in the park when she’s been so good to him lately. These last few episodes have left me cold. I just don’t feel their connection anymore and I don’t know who to blame for it or if its even done purposely as a setup for something more later in the season. The actors and show runners telling disappointed fans to get over it don’t make me feel any better either.

      It makes me sad to feel this way, but I’m at a point where I don’t even care if the show is renewed or not. I just don’t enjoy it like I used to.

      • It’s funny that David Boreanal is telling fans to tune out if they don’t like where the show is going.The ratings from last night suggest they’re listening to him.Be careful what you wish for.I wonder if something is going on between David and Emily,they don’t seem that close and something is off between Booth and Brennan.I always wondered what Emily thought about David cheating on his wife,since she is a friend of the family.

      • I do think their relationship is a lot different than it was last season, and I don’t know why that has happened. A little bit of affection between them would do so much to make it seem as loving as it was last season. They seem almost uncomfortable with each other in a way. I don’t know if it is on purpose or a difference in show runners or writers or something else, but it is different.

        I liked the last two episodes very much, and hopefully this means that the second half of this season will be better than the first half.

        I hope there is another season mainly because I really don’t want the series to end on such a sour note. I would prefer it to go out with a bang instead of grinding to a halt.

  11. My last comment was directed at Mar……I do not like to comment on the personal lives of people on tv shows. That is none of my business……and it doesn’t really need to be discussed.

    • If something is happening behind the scenes that affects the show,it should be discussed.

    • I’m sorry, why is this directed at me? When did I say we need to discuss or comment on people’s personal lives?

      • You didn’t say that. I didn’t want to be misunderstood but I was misunderstood anyway. I’m sorry if I offended you. I was not clear in my comment. I didn’t want people to think I agreed with the comment below yours….Please accept my apology.

      • I don’t worry, I was just confused, not offended. Its all good.

      • thanks for that… does get confusing trying to keep all the different thoughts going…I thought I had hit the reply button but I guess not….

  12. My retooling of Bones….If Castle isn’t renewed,get Nathan Fillion to replace David Boreanal.Hire some of their writers who know how to write a loving married couple and
    get rid of Aubrey and Cam.

    • stop being ridic…do you say things just to get a reaction ?. Nathan joining Bones…thats laughable considering he cant wait to leave his own show to do other things…now up your medication Paladin

    • This is too funny. I’m reading through Castle comments and here’s a typical one as an example. How right you are about them not getting along. When have you really seen them kiss? The never put lip to lip. Kate’s phone always rings and they have to stop. For people who are supposed to be married, we don’t see them hold hands or just embrace.

      The comments on Bones and Castle fan sites and articles are so similar it’s creepy.

  13. I respectfully disagree. I don’t need to know everything or to discuss everything about someone’s private life to be able to enjoy the work they do in a public situation that is for entertainment. These people are entitled to privacy just like anyone else. The fact that they are public figures doesn’t mean every thing that happens to them needs to be discussed in an on line forum, in my opinion. Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy would be the exception because it will affect the story line. However, whether or not these people get along with their spouse or anyone else is none of our business.

    • thanks for being the voice of reason, this is a tv site not a gossip rag getting off on dragging famous people….this is 2015 what happened in 2009 is irrelevant particulary since D/E have shown nothing but love & support of each other since.

  14. I don’t like Nathan Fillion – so please…..not him. I don’t want a different Booth, if DB’s heart isn’t in it anymore, then the show definitely needs to end.
    I don’t think we need to talk about anyone’s personal life, but I think we can wonder if perhaps ED/DB aren’t getting along as well as before. Maybe it’s just tension from the pregnancy. I hope it’s progressing well for Emily.
    Booth and Brennan just don’t seem that close this season. There is a separation there. Have they kissed twice and danced once in 13 episodes? It’s sad. I hope we get a little bit of joy from the news of the new baby……but then we know the other shoe will fall that will be sad. So maybe they will smile at each other and shake hands when she tells him??? I’m just at a loss.

    • david and emily are fine…watch the 200th ep videos, they have nothing but love & respect for each other, with that amazing chemistry….the fault lies with Stephen Nathan who just stated in an interview that he deliberately reduced B&B scenes to focus more other characters…what showrunner would do that? B&B are the main draw to Bones, their story is why fans have tuned in since day one….to delib push your leads to the background is an idiot move and why many fans are upset and switching off…I want a final S11 with B&B front and center, highlighting/focusing on them, so I can wipe this nightmare of showrunners creative choice from my memory STAT…stephen nathan needs to do some serious damage control.

  15. Sn isn’t doing damage control for the fans.You don’t think the execs at FOX don’t keep tabs on stuff like this.If David wants less screen time and Emily doesn’t want a nanny raising another one of her kids then they need to move on.Bones isn’t what it once was and they should consider pulling the plug,that would be better than what this season has become.I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks of my opinions.Bones needs a life preserver before it goes under.

    • Well, I’m sorry you are so unhappy with the way the program is going. I understand your frustration. I don’t like everything that is going on with the show either. I just think comments about the personal lives of the people involved are not necessary to make a point.

  16. His Name is David Boreanaz not Boreanal, as I am sure you know Palladin. Everyone is wondering what is wrong with Bones this season. Think about it, what is the one thing that is different this year? Hart Hanson is nor showrunner and Stephen Nathan is. In that article he did this weekend after DB’s rant he said he made the decision to focus on the rest of the cast instead of B&B. Sounds like the answer to me. Emily is the star of the show and a producer, she definitely has a lot of pull and influence on how Bones dresses. If she was not okay with what they were choosing she could put a stop to it. Since she is barely in the field anymore the argument that her attire is best for field work does not hold. I am in my 50’s and i dress younger than Bones does.

    • She is not in the field but she works in a lab. Her wardrobe is absolutely correct for the type of lab work that she does, not so much for Cam.

  17. I thought I was on top of all the news abut Bones. I missed DB’s rant and SN stating he made the decision to focus on the rest of the cast instead of B&B. Something needs to be done and quickly to correct the problem the fans are in a uproar and the ratings are falling. 10 seasons for a series is a great accomplishment. If season 10 is going to be the last of the series please let it go out on the high note it deserves. 10 is the last please let it go out on a high note. I’m surprised DB would rant against the show. In interviews he always talked about the show with pride and the sense that he loved the show and enjoyed the character of Booth. It could be that DB misses HH. DB always seemed to get along with HH real well maybe not so much with SN. SN has always been case oriented and HH was more B&B. When HH turned the reins over to SN the story of B&B’s love story has been noticeably missing. It is certainly missing in season 10 B&B never touch each other no kisses no I love you. All their scenes together always seem rushed to me. They are not the same B&B. As far as Emily’s dress she does look frumpy. The past couple season’s neither one of them dress the way they did in past seasons. Emily wore dresses now & then and nice looking pants suits or nice pants with a different style blouse. Certainly better looking boots with a little variety. Her hair had a softer style with a nice bounce and a little curl at the ends. Booth always looked sharp. His wardrobe had different colored suits, ties and shirts. He’d add a sweater or vest now and then. Now he looks scruffy he seems to ware the same suit with white shirt and dark tie. He looks like he slept in it. His facial hair needs to go he could at least trim it better and shave a little closer. He looks like he doesn’t give a d**,
    I remember the beginning of season 6 when we first met (Hannah ugh ugh) the fan’s didn’t like her we all were up in arms. Complained like he**. HH stated very strongly that it was his show and the fans be dam. They lost a lot of viewers they need to listen to the fans now. The rateings have been slipping week after week. I love this show I won’t give up on it but it is frustrating to watch now.
    This is my opinion and it sounds so negative, I have upset myself.

    • David did not rant against the show. He tweeted that if fans of the show were going to keep complaining about the changes then maybe they should watch something else.

      The fact that Booth looks like he doesn’t give a damn is most likely deliberate. Booth has been traumatized by the facts of being being betrayed by the FBI, going to prison and losing Sweets. He’s off kilter and this look and his snappish behavior is related to those occurrences. If people are pissed off at Booth now wait until the gambling story line gets going.

      You people do realize that all season 10 episodes have already been shot so constant complaining about what needs to change is pointless. Nothing is going to change-it’s done for this year.

      All signs indicate if DB and ED decide to re-sign contracts then most likely there will be a season 11, even if it’s a shortened.

      • I think saying to fans go watch something else, is ranting against the show. Is the first time I see a actor telling people DONT WATCH MY SHOW…LOL…Again, people can do wathever they want to do, be positive like unicorns, like a few fans out there, who think that ranting agains people who complain and saying “just my opinion” make everything good, and be negative/mad, with how the show is portrayed now.

        I do think and hope for a season 11, I think is gonna be a shortened, because the ratings are far from great, and this is a expensive show.

    • only Nielsen viewers matter…they are a rare and unseen breed hardly hanging on words of every random actors twitter account LMAO….he cant change the storylines that are upsetting fans as they already wrapped the season

      • yeah, only Nielsel matters, but I still dont think is a nice thing to say, right??. I mean we have sneek peaks, online news, etc of the episode before they air, if we follow only Nielsen matter thinking, please Fox stop doing that, because the Nielsen viewers are not online.

      • Nielsen ratings are based on statistical sampling. If the Nielson ratings are down, which they are for Bones, then you can be confident that viewership has declined across the board. Conversely, if some percentage of Bones viewers are unhappy, that’s probably happening with some percentage of Nielson viewers as well.

        Fox has no idea who the Nielson viewers, so show publicity (promos, online articles, etc…) make perfect sense.

      • Exactly Missmarple, 100% agree with you, that is because DB saying online stop watching the show is not a smart move.

      • point ìs that NOBODY knows if *any* of the small sample of Nielsen viewers actually follow David & are that weak minded & easily influenced to go by what he says….Nielsen viewership is always down in the spring which is why TBBT dropped a full point & Grays hit a series low….I know that many online fans are unhappy & that prolly translates to Nielsen viewers too but there are other factors to be consider too…one being that Fox network is currently bleeding viewers look at AI, New Girl & The Following numbers, factor in Daylight savings & competition, over long hiatus, fan unrest = a perfect storm to create low ratings.

  18. JMO. I think we are seeing less B&B this season for the same reason we saw less in season 8. Their leads contracts are up at the end of the season and they’re scared they might not be able to come to terms on money.

    So they start emphasizing (selling) the supporting cast and going on about how rich those characters are. Hey look, it’s really an ensemble show. (Translation: we can keep doing the show if they leave and we can even do it cheaper.) It’s the Closer/Major Crimes effect. Leverage tried to get another season doing the same thing.

    I liked all the character work in this episode with Booth and Brennan and Cam & Arastoo and the scenes with Booth and Aubrey out in the field. I zoned out during most of the interrogation scenes. And I thought 50 shades of Hodgela was just silly. Yay for the nod to the Booth and Cam friendship and Booth in the lab.

    • IMO, I just dont buy that…Bones hinges on the TWO leads re-signing, why would SN want to show the network that the show can exist without them…David & Emìly are the show, there is no show without them….this experiment that SN has did has backfired, he wanted to give airtime to others fair enough but the show has managed to do that for the other NINE seasons without reducing B&B scenes, without downgrading Brennan’s status as Booth’s partner.

      • I have wondered if maybe the folks in charge are thinking “spin off” if they can’t get DB on board. I think Emily wouldn’t mind another season but I am not sure about DB. Who knows? I have no idea why they would mess up a good product with experiments like this season, but that’s probably why I’m not in television production.

      • Why would people who are making money off of a show not want to convince a network that it could go on if ED & DB wanted more than the studio wanted to pay?

    • Fox has stated many times that renewal is contingent only if E&D are onboard, they wont renew without them….so its baffling to think that SN could have the mentality to thìnk that he could show FOX that they could do Bones without the leads, dont ya think, when he KNOWS Fox stance?….Me ? I think Stephen Nathan thought he could take the loyal bones fandom, who follow the show from every day and time slot, for granted, that they/we would put up with anything, well I think he has found the Bones fandoms limit: No B&B front & center, leading the show, no point in tuning in….I love Bones, I DO, I hope for a S11 but I cant defend Stephen Nathan’s choices he has made as showrunner this season….B&B went through s/thing huge S9 finale and it should of been dealt wìth as ongoing arcs throughout the season but what do we get? Aubrey backstory, intern overload storylines: Arastoo, Jessica, Wendell, Fuentas, Daisy, Christine’s imaginary friend…whilst B&B are treated like place holders since ep 2…..theres change for the worse & change for the better, I know which camp I fall into….B&B have this amazing house & all we see is the kitchen/living space….why not use the bedroom set? we arent asking for sex scene NEVER HAPPENING..but why cant B&B be seen talking in there, wakìng up together, pillow talk? Its like SN just doesnt want to show B&B as a loving couple anymore…they never touch, hold hands, hug, a kiss goodbye: NOTHING…Stephen Nathan may be his 60s but B&B arent

    • I don’t think we saw less of B&B in season 8, definitely not to the point that is happening right now and I certainly don’t think season 8 focused so heavily on secondary and even tertiary characters as much as this season seems to be. Sure, the C plot sometimes was given to one of the interns but this season it seems like the C plot is what B&B are getting. I’m sure that’s about to change in the last leg of the season but as of now, I feel like Brennan in particular has become irrelevant for the show and that saddens me, a lot. I watch mainly for her and I really, really miss it when she was the focus of the show.

  19. Hey Sarah, I love this site and these threads were we can openly talk about episodes….but how far does Palladin also know as David on the internet, have to go before you give him a warning?….dragging up the casts personal ilfe, naming calling David, his hostality & pure venom is beyond off putting & quite franky scary…I mean do you not have any rules & standards for posting & moderation here? I come here to discuss/read the ep narrative NOT to see one poster incapable of being a decent human being with basic manners.

    • wow,sensitive much,I like Bones but I’m not afraid to be critical of it.Why don’t you direct your comments to me.That Boreanal thing was a joke. I’ve met David and he is a class A jerk,while Emily is a doll.

  20. Again Sarah, see my point? I make an open comment to YOU and theres Paladin again showing to the world just how incapable he is of having civil discourse….Again, I ask, how long are you going to let this one bad apple ruin it for the rest of us? I have the utmost respect for you Sarah but there should some form of moderation & requirement for basic respect to others here.

  21. Sarah, I am so sorry for you that your web side got “high jacked “by unsatisfied “FANS”, which let their frustration out with a vendetta towards the cast . Just stupid “Trash”.

    This was always a very nice place to come to and read about the show. You have, over the years brought us fans an amazing array of articles and reviews with very gifted contributors. I even have a couple of replies somewhere, but have to admit that I have a problem to put my thoughts on paper and English is my second languages.
    And I know, there was never any sugarcoating if we had problems with an episode or a season (6), no there was a lot of appropriate critic if needed, because everybody can’t always be completely made happy. But we resolved the issues with great discussions.

    I still like the show very much and we should be so thankful that the show runners and actors gave us everything what we wished for.
    Yes I wish, being a very romantic, there would be a little more touching affection between Bones and Booth, but they are a couple now, working and raising a Daughter. The Honeymoon is over and if they would kiss
    all the time it would be very unreal.

    The show is 45 minute long each week, what a job to make it meaningful and interesting. Do you want to see Bones and Booth all the time, what about the rest of the team, they have a “life” to be incorporated too. And I like it when they get into different characters.

    So to fairness towards Sarah, who worked so hard and dedicated over the years, if you are not happy with the show, move on and let this blog alone and let us who still enjoy the show, enjoy. If this is the last season or not, let us make it a good closure. I still like to read here.
    Thank you Sarah !

    • I think people here (with a few exceptions), are being very respectfull and just saying how they feel about the show now. If you think the show is perfect, all rainbows and all, good for you. But I invest 10 years of my life in this show, was the only show I decided to see after my Xfiles depression, and I dont like when somebody come and tell me how I have to feel, what I have to do, and that if I dont like just stop watching. Why???, because other toughts diferents that yours bother you????, because Im not seeing everything perfect like you do???. Well Im sorry but for me, this season sucks big time, and if this opinion bother you, well your problem not mine.

      • xmftf,thank you.I’m sorry if i offended anyone.if anyone thinks this season is as good or better than season 9 then were not watching the same far this season has been very poor and the show isn’t worthy of a renewal.Maybe it will get better,maybe not.that’s my opinion like it or not.

    • Obviously, I can’t speak for anybody but myself but when I say I would like to see more affection it by no means implies that they should be kissing all the time. I’m talking about how they haven’t even touched for 7 straight episodes (I’m not counting the 200th because that was an AU). Its kind of sad to think that just because a couple marries and has kids that means the physical affection stops. I’m talking about something as simple as them sitting next to each other instead of at opposite ends of the sofa or with a kitchen bar between them. How about something a simple as a hello or goodbye peck on the cheek? Its just that we seem to be getting absolutely nothing these days. That’s what I personally am frustrated about.

      I’m sure we’re supposed to think they’re affectionate with each other when we’re not watching them but I am getting a little tired of this tell and not show strategy they’re going for.

      • Lol…I’d settle for a guy hug at this point.

      • This reply is to Mar’s last comment – I want to make that clear because I am not going to allow myself to get caught up in the ugliness that has currently taken over this blog –

        In my opinion, I think that the physical distance we are seeing between to two of them is deliberate, and is very much part of the ongoing “theme” of the season. Namely, the unraveling of Booth. The man has been through hell. Everyone around him is finding their new “normal” but Booth has not been able to find that balance yet. His state of mind is reflected in everything from the way he interacts with his family, to the amount of sleep he gets, the way he dresses, etc… Booth is keeping her at arms lengths because he no longer feels worthy of what he has. He doesn’t want to contaminate the one thing in his life that is keeping him going. Plus, if he lets her get close, he will break, and he is afraid of what will happen if he does. I do believe that Brennan is aware that things aren’t right, but she is at a loss for how to “fix it,” so she is letting Booth set the pace.

      • I would be happy with a little touch on the arm or some little touch like that. A little affection would go a long way, I think, and it would be so easy to add here or there without taking any time from the story.

      • I think for me its not even the lack of physical affection but just tenderness particularly from Booth towards Brennan. He just seems grumpy with her. After she found his picture, he could’ve just smiled indulgently when she was talking about her skills. But its like the picture was more important to him than the actual person. The real life woman, he couldn’t shut up fast enough. As much as any viewer might her traits annoying— thats who she is. Booth should love her as she is. I am not saying he has to love everything she does— but I shouldn’t be hearing constantly how difficult she is.

        If Booth and Brennan really had a healthy relationship (which I would like to believe) — Booth would be able to open up to her. They would be showing us the strength of their emotional connection and how they anchor each other. When he keeps talking about how “difficult” Brennan is– it bothers me because — he isn’t all that easy himself. But more importantly, I end up wondering whether the reality of living with someone as complex as Brennan is finally catching up with him and he isn’t being able to deal with it. The reason Brennan turned him down in the first place is fear of this eventually happening. That eventually Booth wouldn’t be happy with a life with her. Booth going back to gambling is scary because it may indicate that Brennan really isn’t enough.

      • I can believe that and if that’s what they’re doing by the end of the season I would give them kudos for building up to that. However, when you have the show runner saying that Booth and Brennan are the same as they’ve always been, its kind of hard to know what to believe.

  22. If Booth is suffering as much as they say,wouldn’t a hug from Brennan be comforting.This is why the whole gambling story makes no sense,you don’t subject a reformed gambler into that situation,it’s like sending an alcoholic to a wine tasting.I ‘m pretty sure Brennan wouldn’t allow it.It’s a cheap story that is no better than a soap opera.

  23. I have to agree about the sentiment continuing here. I too see a distance between Booth and Brennan. I doubt the hiatus helped. If SN is trying to weave a sad depressed Booth into this a little hint from him would be helpful. Because some fans are getting pretty disgusted.
    He did ‘t say anything about that in all the press he’s done last month and even the little story on Friday. I think the lack of air time from the leads is due to Emily’s pregnancy and ED wanting more time off and if she gets it, DB gets it. I wish they would say this is temporary. I’m just not into the other characters……I don’t want to see one more minute of Cam and Arastoo. I mean, they are the worst. I guess I could stand a little bit more of Hodgins and Angela. But the other two just bring down the show for me. I too have watched a long time, and this isn’t why!
    If this is what’s going to continue in s11. I hope the finale this year is good…..because it’s going to be hard to come back for more of Cam and Arastoo!! Wendall and his gf. and what Aubrey’s eating for lunch! Who gives a flying leap? LOL

  24. Chosen name I forgot to tell you that you are weaving a fine story! I’m just not seeing that. I wish there were actual hints that THAT may be what’s occurring. Well, they were enjoying bath tub sex earlier in the season….I see none of that now. Not a hand hold or a smile hardly. It’s a wonder she gets pregnant! LOL

  25. Well, I liked the last two episodes a lot and so I guess I’ll go along and see what happens next. I can’t do anything about how it’s written or how the parts are played or whether the show comes back intact next season or not. I’m just going to enjoy it while I can.

  26. If Booth and Brennan are as solid as SN states,everything wouldn’t be happening the way it is now.If I was Booth I’d be thanking GOD I was married to her.She got him out of prison,bought them a beautiful home and much more.Sometimes I think Brennan deserves better.I would like to see her kick him out of the house for a couple of episodes,so that will be his wake up call.He needs to get his head out of his butt and start appreciating what he has and seek the help he needs.

  27. Sarah,

    Whoa – horse! I am not sure this message will get to you, but I wanted to say thank you for always, always extending grace when it must be so difficult to do so in this platform. I missed last week’s episode and logged on to see the tone of the show in lieu of all the gambling talk and wow – to quote the Anchorman, “that escalated quickly!”

    I follow this blog and enjoy your writing for GMMR and am so sorry that people feel that an ulfiltered response is acceptable. It boggles the mind, but I wanted to thank you for continuing to do this when I’m sure you have better things to do than monitor a site like a kindergarten teacher! Hope you have a great week and know that your time is appreciated.



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