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The Putter in the Rough: Post Episode Discussion


Hello everyone! How did you like this episode?

Feel free to comment below!


16 thoughts on “The Putter in the Rough: Post Episode Discussion

  1. It was awesome as usual!!!!!

  2. Thoughts as I watched:

    *In the first few minutes, we get Booth and Brennan being adorable in the car, Hodgins gets a new toy, and Wendell’s back!!
    *Absolutely no reason for Brennan to transport that entire hut, that’s why crime scene teams exist. She could stay there and “supervise” them, but no need to drag the whole but away.
    *I understand Brennan’s upset about Max. She does have a family to protect now, and it’s hard to trust when someone is hiding something from you.
    *Ah! Knew it was the wife.
    *Finally, a squintern story without drama! I liked Wendell and his GF, they are cute
    *Max didn’t have a reason to hide this ring thing from Brennan, that was silliness. When they questioned him, he could’ve admitted it then. He didn’t need to cause her all that worry….?!

  3. I thought it was a fun little episode and we finally got a fair number of B&B scenes, including Brennan in the field. Yippee.

    I thought the Max story line started out pretty interesting. For years they’ve dropped subtle hints that there was more to the story and as the show started, I thought we were finally going to get some more insight. That said, while sweet, I thought the end scene was a little too quick and pat to wrap up a secret that’s been looming for so long. I would have liked to see that developed a little more. It left me with the feeling that they’re trying to wrap up some loose ends before the series ends. Boo hoo.

    I loved Aubrey’s reactions in the interrogation when he found out the victim was a pro mini golfer. I’m really enjoying his character and think he’s a nice addition to the show.

  4. Great ep, twas like watching old school Bones…..loved Booth, loved Brennan…love B&B partnership front and center….Less Aubrey, thank god, his oversaturation since ep2 was getting on my last nerve, and the breath of fresh air that this created was Brennan back into the field with HER PARTNER, Booth….great loving & supportive Booth scenes with Brennan throughout her Max family drama, plus a cute smile at her with pride at the minì golf…I dont need to see Wendell, insert ANY INTERN plot in every ep, its just eating into other storylines, like with Max & Brennan in this one,…anyways, really great ep, it was like watching my beloved show again 🙂 keep it up PLEASE

  5. First…those previews!!!!!!!!!! And I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

    Overall, except for some minor things, I think this episode was the best one since the long hiatus. Loved seeing more Brennan and Booth together, in the car, at home, in the field. The show is just better when the two of them are sharing multiple scenes together.

    I’m a Wendall fan, but not sure about this new relationship. She is beautiful and he is handsome, but I’m just not seeing the connection there.

    Can I just say I LOVE protective Booth!! Loved, loved, loved that he was tracking Max even after Brennan told him not to bother. He’s looking out for his girl and that makes me giddy. I love how independent Brennan is, but it’s nice to see her have someone like Booth who looks out for her.

    That was the big secret from Max? Really?? That storyline was wrapped up a little too quick IMO. Brennan’s abandonment issues go way back to Season 1 and has always been a huge part of her character, yet this is the explanation we get for why her father abandoned her all those years ago, forcing her into foster care? Emily and Ryan could have done so much more with that storyline. That was disappointing.

    But to end on a happier note. Sunny Pelant is just about the cutest little actress I’ve ever seen. Love having her play Christine.

  6. So very nice to have you back, Sarah! I adore Wendell, so any time he gets some onscreen love I’m happy. And like bb, I also think it was nice for his return not to be overshadowed by some horrible event. I really warmed up to the girlfriend in this one; guess it helps not to be portrayed as somewhat of a stalker, lol!

    BTW, the comedic scenes in this episode were hilarious-Hodgins stole the show, as usual, but I really got a kick from Booth and Aubrey’s expressions when it came to the minigolf tournament; I confess I would have shared their disbelief at the competitive nature of the ‘sport’.

    On the Max front, I feel like there’s much more to explore with him as well as what he brings to the Booth/Brennan dynamic. If there’s a 10th season, I wouldn’t mind him accidentally getting his family in some trouble as opposed to having another serial killer arc drive a portion of the show. Not that I dislike those, just that if would be interesting to have Max’s mobsterish past catch up with him in some way that once again endangers those he loves. Like Booth’s gambling issues, it’s something that’s been talked about often but not fully delved into.

    I appreciate how Booth once again encourages Brennan to keep Max in her life because he knows it’s important for her to have connections to other people, but I also love how he keeps close tabs on the guy because he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Her asking him to track her dad down also reminded me of last week’s photograph scene; all they need to do is ask for something-no matter how irrational or downright illegal-and the other person is right there helping them out, no lengthy explanations needed. That is true love.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  7. Much better episode than last week.More Booth and Brennan and less Aubrey is a winning combination.Thought the Max storyline was underwhelming,as though they are tying up a loose end.Wendall story I didn’t care about,the only interns I’ve ever really liked were Vincent and Fisher.Good filler episode.

  8. I’ve been so negative with my comments for the 12 episodes, but today I can be a bit more positive. There were more Booth and Brennan scenes. I loved them in the car together..twice! It was so nice to see them working in the field together..hearing Brennan say, “Booth, blood.” I even saw Booth smile several times and saw that twinkle in his eyes. I loved having Max back, although I disliked her calling him Max instead of Dad as she talked with Booth. I know that sounds silly, but I would never called my dad by his name.

    Brennan even had a bit of curl in her hair in a few scenes. Now if she would dress a bit more young and fashionable. Just because one is pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t “fix up” a bit.

    I was so happy to see Brennan get back on good turns with her dad. I loved seeing precious Christine. What a doll!

    Can’t wait for next week.

  9. Really liked this epi! A few thoughts:

    -writer of this epi – Dave Thomas- has history with show so I wonder if that’s why it seemed like the bones we love!
    -Booths smile at his wife was just lovely.
    -LOVE callback to the board game they were going to play at the end of the show – Wendy whoopee and the happy hideaway!
    -they did seem to wrap up the max thing pretty fast – I’m just glad they wrapped it up at all – they have left a lot of loose ends through the years!
    -am beginning to miss Angela – her part lately seems relegated to a few scenes and then it’s all about the case – is the actress doing something else which requires her to have reduced scenes I wonder?

    Looking forward to the rest of S10 and hoping for S11! (I need more time to mentally prepare for the end of my most favorite show. ;))

    • Most of the current writers have as much history with the show as Dave Thomas does, some have even more years than him.

      I enjoyed this one so much more than the last three episodes just based on Brennan being featured heavily in the main plot (other than the murder). It felt a lot more like the Bones I started watching a couple of years ago.

  10. I liked this episode a lot. The case was simple but interesting. I agree that Aubrey was used just in the right amount, and I kind of liked that Booth got irritated with him occasionally. Aubrey’s comments about mini golf were funny. I was glad to see Booth and Brennan discussing the case and being out together working the case. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole Max scenario, but it was interesting that Booth realized that while Brennan seemed to be upset about the case she was really upset about her dad. I think something else is going on, but it’s probably just my imagination…

    I think one of the best scenes all evening was when the hand model wife said Brennan had the “gift” and Booth says “she does” or something like that with a nice little grin when he looks at Brennan. I have missed that. I also liked the part where he says that if she wants the whole tiki hut back at the lab, that’s what she gets (even if that was unnecessary).

    Wendall and Andie don’t do much for me personally but that’s okay. I’m glad his character is happy for now.

    And I really liked the bickering at the end about the rules of the game. It’s almost like old times….

    It was a lot different style than last week’s episode so it’s hard for me to compare them. I liked this one for different reasons

    • YES!!!..It was a very good and fun episode. So old school feeling, and B/B working together, and balancing all the cast time… 😀

  11. All I could think the whole episode was that poor Emily Deschanel sounds like she had a terrible cold just like I do. 😦

  12. Aubrey’s discussion when he found out that the entire case was going to center around mini golf was my favorite! So funny! And that he kept a straight face through it was so commendable, so he didn’t laugh at the guy. He complements Booth well, making for a great crime-fighting duo, I think, yet, because of their subtle differences, they are also so effective in their separate interrogations!

  13. Late to watching this one – my wife chose Grey’s to watch as it aired last week and then I was away all weekend, so we finally watched on Tuesday night.

    I wonder if they chose two car scenes as the car hides that part of the body? Or perhaps it was simply the car scene fit the bill better for the storyline. It was a very enjoyable episode.

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