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The Eye in the Sky: Post Episode Discussion


Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! What did you like about this episode, The Eye in the Sky?


24 thoughts on “The Eye in the Sky: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I loved it!!! Am so excited o see what happens with Booth gambling and with the baby! I know it is going to cause tention, but I pray they don’t split them up!!!

  2. Enjoyed tonight’s episode. FINALLY getting to see the Booth and Brennan we once knew. LOVED the the Little intimate moments, and the suspense. LOOKING forward to next week’s BONES, even though we will see more of Booth’ s gambling problems Writers STAY STRONG. Let’s hope for Season 11

  3. I was nervous thru the whole ep, my hands were still shaking after it ended. It’s going to be interesting to see how and where the writers resolve Booth’s problem before the season ends.

  4. Thoughts as I watched:
    Brennan: I can keep eating cookies!
    Booth: We’re going to our first crime scene!
    Hodgins experiment!!!!
    Cam laying down the law in the lab? Lololol 🙂
    Is it sad that B&B acting happy is so weird?
    Angela dropped a Sweetie in the squintern
    Parker mention!!
    “This is my wife, Temperance Brennan”
    A B&B kiss!!!!
    And there goes Angela hacking into everything 🙂
    Hodgins gets the hot sauce money AND glass money??
    Awww…loved it until the very end!!!! Wahh 😦

  5. Where to begin? Where to begin?

    Overall, I loved this episode. The whole B&B interaction at the beginning and their giddiness when they got to work was great fun.

    As always, I enjoyed Hodgins and his antics, although I have to admit I’m not a big fan of this latest hair-do TJ is sporting. What’s up with that?

    I really didn’t like Miss Warren the first couple episodes she was in, but either I’m getting used to her or she’s finding her groove because I didn’t mind her in this one (or the Teacher in the Books).

    Thought it was fun how Angela tricked Brennan into revealing her pregnancy. Sneaky, sneaky Angela.

    Can’t comment on the whole Booth-gambling issue yet. Feeling “grrrrrr” at the moment, but know it’s part of a larger story line and I’m intrigued to see what TPTB will do with it.

  6. Wow – this episode has me all over the place emotionally! The opening scene was perfect – I found myself thinking “she must have been eating A LOT of cookies for that to even have been a possible explanation” Their reactions were priceless, as well. I’m glad we got to see Christine find out.

    As for the gambling storyline, that was very, very painful to watch, but it was extremely well acted by all involved. I particularly liked the scene where Booth claimed he was free from traumatic experiences because he “hadn’t been to the front for a long time” and Aubrey then gave a summary of his last 6 months. You could see the depth of Booth’s desperation in his eyes – then a blink – then total denial-land. As much as I hated the last scene with his calculated lie to Brennan, I think it was fairly realistic. (I say “fairly” I think it would have made more sense if he had been trying to line up another poker game, or had been setting up a pool “date”) Booth is an addict, and what he did in this case was not the equivalent of having “one drink,” it was more akin to going on a three day bender. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Is there love strong enough to survive it? Of course! But something tells me they are in for a rough ride before things even out.

  7. I knew what was going to happen-I’d read the spoilers-and still found myself biting my nails up until that last, bitter moment. Deeply painful, but amazing nevertheless. People have often said that DB says more with a look than most people can convey with an entire speech and it was never more true than in last night’s episode. My God, you could feel the adrenaline during the game-as well as the desperate desire to prove to everyone that he’s strong enough to come through this trial unscathed. He played the tough scenes in a way that made you feel sympathetic towards Booth rather than just plain angry, which IMO is crucial because Booth’s always been a good man and it wouldn’t be fair to cast him as a coniving villain due to this slip.

    And Emily-wow; I’ve seldom felt so sorry for Brennan. She could barely get any enjoyment out of the pregnancy before she was forced to to turn all her focus on Booth and the situation he was placing himself in. I can only imagine how good and heart-crushing ED’s performance will be when she finds out about the lie. There is so much love between Booth and Brennan, and these conflicts between them tend to bring out their feelings for each other even more. Will probably be biting my nails for the rest of the season though…

    You slay me, but I love you show!

  8. It’s nice to actually feel like I want to rematch a Bones episode. Haven’t felt that way for some time.
    I knew the story line was coming but it didn’t go down quite as I expected. (Never does). I’m glad they made a point for Booth to say that it wasn’t the loved ones fault. Since I first heard the spoilers I’ve had a hard time with it because I’ve always thought Brennan was his motivation to quit gambling in the first place. It didn’t make sense for him to relapse now that he finally has all he ever wanted. The explanation from Sweets was helpful in addressing this too.

    Beautifully acted by DB, ED, and even John Boyd. I’m not a big Aubrey fan (I just don’t think he’s necessary…Brennan is Booth’s partner. Aubrey just takes scenes that should be theirs. But that’s how I felt about Sweets once they moved him out of his office too). Last night I found his presence somewhat more acceptable.

    I agree with sue who said the same about Jessica. When she first started she struck me as another Daisy, but much more irritating. Last night she seemed more human, or at least less of a caricature. I even smiled when she called Hodgins “curly.” (In previous weeks I would have thought it was really disrespectful. She is an intern after all. I also thought she should have made a bigger deal out of receiving praise for Brennan. Brennan does NOT praise interns.) Still could use less of the mention about her cooperative. Don’t give a fig (sorry…I know that’s a sensitive fruit to choose) about her personal life (or any of the interns for that matter.)

    I hope Hodgins earns back some of his fortune with this invention. If anyone deserves to be loaded, it’s him. Loved that aspect of his character in the early seasons. And he does still have his brother to support, no? (Agreed about the hair too.)

    Anyone else think the case itself was kind of weak? Not a real complaint…I’ll take a weak case and strong B&B story any day. Just saying. I’ve been rewatching the early seasons too much lately.

    Thought it was pretty creative how Booth got into the security camera area. He told Angela “That’s not a problem” and it wasn’t. Well done Booth.

    Favorite moment of the whole night: “No! That’s how much I love you!” And three B&B kisses in one episode? When was the last time that happened? Granted two were quick pecks, but sure beats an eye roll or joke about how difficult it is to work with Brennan.

    Honestly I think that if they had just cut Booth’s final phone call it could have been a somewhat satisfying series ender. Booth and Brennan are expanding their family, Hodgins is rich again, Cam well…sorry I don’t really care about the Aristoo romance, Max and Brennan are on good terms, Parker is still alive somewhere…life is good in the Bones world. Maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve seen an episode I thought was even decent so I built this up as better than it actually was. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the series but I do hope they end on a good note with B&B solid and this issue as resolved as it can be.

  9. So glad that we were able to watch this the same night this time. Two strong episodes in a row. And the twist at the end, making us first think Booth was over it by not calling on the hand before arresting the murderer. Then that late twist with the $200 on the Cardinals. Which seems completely odd. Almost as if they will find a way to explain that away as a donation to the Church or something. (Everything baseball on the show in the past had been Phillies — though there are other Cardinals other than baseball and it’s quite presumptuous of me to assume the Bones timeline is somewhere similar to the real life one and might be some other sport)

  10. Booth betrayed his family. He looked right at Brennan & Christine, after she found out she was going to be a big sister, and placed his gambling bet.

    That ruined all the good and positive B&B moments in this episode. Betrayal & dishonesty.

  11. Up to now, this is the best episode for season 10.

    It shows us how happy B&B find out a new baby is coming.
    It shows us how much Bones love Booth and worry about his gambling issue.
    Booth has his weakness, but deep inside, he loves his family. He will find his way back.
    Bones will not give up Booth. In the future, it will bring B&B more closely. It will resolve the PTSD build up at the beginning of the season.

    I can’t wait to see what happen next.

  12. I think this gambling arc is being done too late in the series,this will be something that is hanging over their heads till the end.Brennan will never be able to trust Booth completely again,how can she?Brennan has to go with the mindset that Booth’s relapse might not be his last and that she is the one that’s going to have to take care of her and the children.The lie is bad enough but if the bookie turns out to threaten Brennan and Christine,that is unforgivable and Booth has to go.Love is not a cure all for addiction and if they tie this all up in a neat little bow by the finale then they are doing the fans a great disservice.

  13. I loved this episode & think it was one of the best of the season so far. I just loved seeing this side of Booth that was alluded to in the past. He transformed into this person that was barely recognizable: it was an astounding performance by DB. I also liked how Brennan and Aubrey were extremely worried trying to caution Booth, who just brushed them off. I admittedly like angsty episodes like, say, the first episode of Season 9, so this is completely my cup of tea.

    What I also liked was that the very sober parts of this episode were in contrast to some very funny scenes. Notably anything with Hodgins in it and also the funny scene where Booth is in a good mood about the baby news and overcompensates his happiness at the crime scene making everyone nervous (particularly Hodgins!).

    I think this is going to be a great arc because it has been an ongoing theme the entire season that Booth has been dealing with some horrible stuff and hasn’t come to terms with it (betrayed by government, house blown up, jail, death of Sweets). I even commented here that something was off with Booth even on the seemingly lighter episodes. I am so glad they mapped this out early.

    One thing that disappointed me somewhat about Seasons 7 – 9 was that every challenge to B&B was external – mostly Pelant and then the government conspiracy. I felt that was in contrast to Seasons 1 – 6 which was mostly Booth & Brennan having their own issues which kept them apart. We’re finally going back to that with Booth’s character flaws coming back to haunt him. Yes, external events did trigger this, but it was still his decision to walk down this dark path. My prediction is there will be some tense & sad episodes followed by an emotionally satisfying end where they are together 100% once again.

    Brennan knew what she was getting herself into when she married Booth. She knew he was an addict & relapse is always a risk. This is actually a pretty realistic arc. I am sure it will be covered that Booth lying to Brennan is about his disease not him as a person. I also think this will be a temporary falling off the wagon for which he’ll get help. Yes, Brennan has had trust issues in her life but I can’t help but think the scientist in her will understand why he is behaving the way he is, once she learns he is back to gambling. Aubrey will help in this regard.

    • Totally agree on the external challenges not being as compelling as the internal ones. I’d add that some of them were really contrived external challenges. Every story needs challenges for its protagonists to overcome. Without that I think it stops being a journey and becomes a destination. And people tend to get off the bus when they get to the destination. I’m glad that the writers have found the courage to make it a journey again in a way that is far more authentic than they have since they put them together. And IMO, the execution of this episode was letter perfect. I am so looking forward to the next 7 episodes.

    • I loved just about everything you said, particularly the distinction between external vs. internal conflict and the impact it has on a character’s emotional development. Not that I didn’t like the supervillain arcs and they did give us the wedding, but what’s going on now with the gambling definitely has a more visceral, honest feel to it, just as others have mentioned.

      I think the writers and producers were trying to be kind in a way, easing us (and Booth and Brennan) into their relationship in seasons 7-9. At the end of the day, the terrible things that happened to them were not in any way caused by either of the characters and they (and us) understood that. Bottom line, a person is much more able to forgive and forget when he or she knows that their mate was forced to do something bad against their will. This won’t be the case here and I can’t wait to see how it plays out (no pun intended.)

      Booth and Brennan have a darn solid history as a couple by the end of this season 10; you have to figure it’s going to take a lot more for the angst we get on the screen to still mean something. But they also have that history to anchor their relationship, so I have no worries about them making it-not one. No doubt they will overcome this hurdle in their lives as they have everything else-with compassion, plenty of soul-searching, and a lot of love.

      PS-you’re absolutely right about the amazing sight that was Booth’s transformation from infatuated dad-to-be to full blown addict as portrayed by DB. It was scary, it was so on point. That gleam in Booth’s eye when he started taking in his winnings and then his prickliness at home were sure signs that things were on the verge of going very, very wrong for him. Watching him at that table was a little like watching a severely injured man get a shot of codeine-all pain gets (temporarily) erased, but you know that tortured soul will have to keep taking drugs to keep feeling good. That high would be a darned hard enemy to fight, especially for a person who’s already been through so much and hasn’t had the opportunity to come to terms with the past.

      I have to say I was also impressed by the choice of teams the writers had him bet on and I think that little detail was significant; the Booth of old would have never bet against the home team in any sport. This one, suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision, can only see the potential for a win. I’m sure at the end of the day no one will be more destroyed and have a lower opinion of Booth than Booth himself-so, so sad, but in a good way.

      • Booth was so defensive when he found Bones waiting up for him, wasn’t he? He knew he had been caught and couldn’t explain it away, especially with that subtle little detail of it being 4 AM.

  14. This ep was a honest account of addiction…of a mans struggle to stay sober so to speak, and not be drawn into a world that will mask his trauma/pain….Booth does not want to relapse, to lie to his family, being an addict isnt a hobby, do you really think Booth would want to bring his family pain, NO….do you really think that Phillip Seymour Hoffman wanted to drug relapse after TWENTY YEARS of being clean, no he didnt, nor did he want to hurt his family…from reading fan comments some bones “judgemental, blaming, hating, finger pointing’ fans have NO CLUE about addiction, and some who fans who show compassion, insight & tolerance to an addicts LIFE LONG struggle obviously do

  15. I think this episode was stunning in every sense of the word: the visual images were good, the case was interesting (I had the wrong guy pegged) and the all the acting was top notch. It will probably move to one of my top ten episodes.

    I know a lot of comments have been made about this topic being too late in the season, but I think maybe in episode time it hasn’t been that long since Booth got out of jail…maybe 3 or 4 months later. He evidently never got any kind of treatment or counseling for what happened to him, so it seems obvious he would have to crack at some point.

    DB did a fantastic job of showing how an addict’s mind works. Booth has always been portrayed as a man who thinks he should be able to handle every thing by himself since he is “strong”. His character has been very consistent in this area. The change in his voice and gestures told the viewers he was getting in over his head but he thinks he can rise above it. There was an increase in nervous energy and fidgeting. The way Booth’s struggle was shown when he had the winning hand was so real. I kept thinking, “3 kings…how can he walk away from 3 kings” and then enjoyed the collective sigh of relief when he made the arrest, but it was obvious he was torn about what to do…our signal that trouble was not going away any time soon.

    I was upset that he lied to Brennan but I also know that an addict’s mind works like that. It’s just going to be a little bit here and there…no big deal, right? But the rush of brain chemicals is overwhelming and gamblers, just like other addicts, just can’t resist. I’m not trying to make excuses, because it was wrong, but there is a lot more going on than making just a bad choice. It doesn’t make Booth a bad person, but more like a person who has an illness. A lot of people in this situation just cannot see that they have an illness and that they need help because they can’t deal with it alone.

    I am impressed that the show chose to make this difficult story a reality. It’s really brave to tackle such a sensitive topic and to take a main character on this tough journey. I hope many people might even benefit from seeing the struggles this family goes through. I choose to believe that Brennan will stick by Booth, but there will be Hell to pay before he can regain her trust. That will be an interesting set of episodes.

  16. Am I the only one who really wants to know what hand midlife had? I believe that he could of had pocket fives which would have given him 4 of a kind.

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