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The Big Beef at the Royal Diner: Post Episode Discussion


Hello all,

Hope you’ve had a good week. What did you think of this episode? The comments are open—but please remember that we don’t do spoilers here!


18 thoughts on “The Big Beef at the Royal Diner: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Positives:
    Christine and Daddy singing the bone song together
    Clark is back!! I’ve missed him!
    Cam’s outfit was a bit more lab appropriate
    Hodgins gets some money back…again? (Hot sauce money?)
    Brennan aiming to write an accurate bone song
    Mentioning all 206 bones in one episode
    DBs acting at the necklace scene, lots of emotions he shows at once
    Cam and Brennan’s nice moment about going to Iran
    Brennan and Booth in the interrogation room!!
    I didn’t guess the killer this time! I thought waitress.
    Christine’s yellow coat
    DBs “singing” 😉

    Brennan and Christine getting so scientific at breakfast (I cringe with scenes with Christine and Brennan together now when they do that)
    Cam’s weird over-excitement at Hodgins’ news
    Booth. Gambling. Feelings. Nervousness. Anxiety.
    New characters at the diner that B&B know but we’ve never met or heard of them
    So many weird specific pieces of evidence like the hotel recreations and the assumptions made by basically everyone
    The gambling. Ugh.

    • My husband and I are both science teachers and we talked about science stuff at the dinner table all the time. To me this just seems like normal family stuff, especially if Christine’s mom is a world famous forensic anthropologist.

  2. Enjoyed the comedy in this case and the Cam/Clark moments, but the one scene that stuck out for me was the necklace one. It was beautifully executed but also kind of tragic. There’s no doubt in my mind that Booth worships Brennan as much as he’s always done-I saw absolutely no subterfuge on his part when he told her how lucky he is and how amazing *she* is. He got a little money on the side and all he can think of is getting her something, when he could have done anything with his winnings. Sure, part of that gift is tinged with massive guilt, but to me the bigger part is that she is the one bright, clean part of his life right now along with his kids and he wants her to never doubt that even as he’s struggling.

    I was also very impressed by the fact that the writers had Brennan become suspicious; it shows how very well she knows her husband. And for me at least, I think the lying will be a teensy bit less painful when it comes to light if she already has some inkling of what’s going on.

    Ultimately, I hope the necklace isn’t completely tainted for Brennan, although I realized it might be. In any event, I hope it gets brought up again at some point.

  3. Average episode.As far as the necklace…She can wear it everyday as a reminder of his betrayal and shove it in his face.

  4. For me, last night’s episode was pure magic. The way it was written, it was clear that Booth’s gambling was becoming a *major* issue in his head, while at the same time they didn’t dwell on it or belabor the point. All the “little” things pointed to one big problem: Booth’s exuberance over the flyer’s win – his anxiety when Brennan had his phone at the diner – his quiet desperation when he declared his love as he gave her the necklace – his nonchalant attitude on his lost sobriety token. Each of these let us “see” his internal struggle without it becoming the focal point of the episode.

    I am also tickled with the fact that Brennan is not being portrayed as the trusting, clueless wife. She knows Booth, and she has been watching him struggle since the FBI’s betrayal became evident at the Senate confirmation hearings. I am glad that they are acknowledging their deep bond by allowing her to be unsettled and slightly suspicious.

    The Cam/ Clark / Brennan scenes were quite well done. And I really enjoyed the Hodgins / Angela / Cam “we are rich again” reveal scene. I thought it was kind of odd that they were so worried about telling her in the first place. It’s not like she would have personally gained anything by having the Jeffersonian involved, and she can’t be disciplined by the board for enforcing workplace rules.

    The Crime was interesting, even if the diner connection felt a bit forced. In the nine years the diner has been a featured part of the show, we have never, ever, even heard of “Frankie” before – yet all the sudden he is practically family? Odd, but it didn’t lessen my enjoyment of the show,

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. Hints of trouble ahead with Booth but lots of fun with the bones song. Loved Btennan making up a song and rapping with Christine & Booth. And any scenes with the delightful Christine are great.

  6. I loved this episode. To me, it had so many good things that I don’t think I can cover them all.

    Christine, as always, was adorable. I thought the opening and closing scenes with her were a lot of fun and very cute. I enjoy them for what they are. Just wondering though, does that kid ever misbehave?

    I thought Clark was a lot of fun last night. Enjoyed his interaction with Brennan and that she was respectful of him in this episode. Sometimes her character can act too superior around him for my taste, but I thought they were good together last night. Enjoyed how he called her “Temperance” and then said it hurt a little to do that. I also liked that when Cam snapped at Clark because she didn’t like what he was saying, he pushed back and told her the Arastoo situation wasn’t his fault. Clark’s been around this group long enough that he seems pretty comfortable with their idiosyncrasies and doesn’t take any flak from any of them.

    Speaking of which, not a big Camastoo shipper, but I thought the show did a good job of acknowledging the relationship and what’s going on right now. Kept the storyline active without being overwhelming. Quite often it’s out of sight, out of mind.

    Not sure how I feel about the Hodgins-money thing. I don’t have any objection to it and it’s fun to see Hodgins get so excited, but so far it doesn’t really add much of value to the overall show. Curious as to whether this will eventually evolve into some sort of arc with Hodgins and Angela or whether it will just fade into the ether, like Clark’s mystery novel writing career. Time will tell.

    Which leaves B&B. Thought they both did a great job last night and enjoyed the scenes they had together. Mostly. The necklace one … ah that one breaks my heart, in the way a good show does. It’s a scene I’ve wanted to see for so long – Booth being so sweet to Brennan, but the whole thing had a cloud over it with the implication that the necklace was the result of a gambling win. Chosenname did a good job pointing out the subtle indicators we got of his gambling, but I guess what I’m a little surprised by is that I expected him to be struggling MORE with falling off the wagon than he seems to be. He seems to have fully embraced a return to gambling, yet we know he knows it’s not a good thing because he’s lying to everyone. I would have expected to see him trying to make some effort to resist the urges, but caving in to the addiction. He doesn’t seem at all bothered by his relapse. Not complaining, just observing.

    As for the case, I barely even noticed it. I was too caught up in all the other goings on.

    Finally, I enjoyed the Bones Bingo – played it with my family and I think that was very creative of Fox.

    • I’m sure he’s still thinking that since he’s winning it is not a problem and he’s in control and can stop any time.

    • “but I guess what I’m a little surprised by is that I expected him to be struggling MORE with falling off the wagon than he seems to be. He seems to have fully embraced a return to gambling, yet we know he knows it’s not a good thing because he’s lying to everyone. I would have expected to see him trying to make some effort to resist the urges, but caving in to the addiction. He doesn’t seem at all bothered by his relapse. Not complaining, just observing.”

      I think that you have made a very valid point here. I believe that if HE believed that he was slipping then we would see him frantically trying to stop, but I think that the person he is lying the most to at the moment is himself. He is telling himself he is still in control, that a few bets here and there isn’t a big deal, and that he really hasn’t “fallen off of the wagon,” he’s just “relaxing a little.” Booth is displaying all of the classic signs of an addict in denial. I can practically hear him say ” Just because I used to have a problem doesn’t mean that I still do…….” “The only reason I’m not telling Bones is that she would worry, and since there is no problem there is no reason for her to worry….” etc, etc..

      I have been dreading this storyline with a purple passion – I am pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed both of the episodes in the arc so far.

    • Sometimes I wonder if Booth was ever really “on the wagon” when it comes to gambling. He didn’t play cards or place money bets but there have been times in episodes when he has done fool hardy things and, by doing so, was maybe gambling with his life. In Parts of the Sum of the Whole (100th episode) Sweets told Booth he was the gambler (not that it did him any good on that occasion).

      In my opinion he has been gambling all through the series but in a way that is more fitting of someone with a dangerous job instead of with money. Just my point of view….not really looking to start an argument.

  7. I really enjoyed this episode. It was a little strange to finally meet Frankie after all these years, but I think it was a kind of plot device to get the diner involved. The diner is really a character on the show, and there have been so many important moments in Bones history that have taken place there. It was great to see them come full circle and bring Christine with them to the diner. I loved their song at the end.

    I think the scene with the necklace was pivotal, too. I think Booth knew he was caught when she had his token. I think he hasn’t been carrying it because it’s maybe a nagging guilty conscience thing…but I also think that he thinks he isn’t really having a relapse. He has said gambling isn’t a problem if you’re winning and so far he is winning…even winning at life, it seems, because he has a wonderful wife and family. Of course, the viewer knows he has relapsed and things will probably go down hill fast when he gets caught in more lies. When they reach that point, and overcome it together, maybe the necklace will symbolize how strong they can be if they work through things together….I hope!

    • If gambling isn’t a problem for Booth why does he have a sobriety (of sorts) coin in the first place? Why has he referred to his sponsor? He has a problem and he’s lying about it to his wife. He told her his sponsor was on the phone in the Eye in the Sky episode when it was his bookie! He placed a bet. He bought her a necklace with his winnings. I’m with Paladin. It’s a totally tainted gift that I don’t think Brennan will be happy to have once she knows how he paid for it.

      • If I remember corretly, according to 100th, Booth does not thing gambling is a problem. He won most of the time.

        After Booth told Bones he had a gambling issue, he started go to the meeting.

    • Down deep I think he knows he’s in trouble. But because he was able to walk away from that winning hand to make the arrest he can tell himself he is in control. He’s winning. We see in this episode that it is not taking him away from spending time with his family. He’s still being the husband, the father, the FBI agent. But I expect something is going to make him try to stop and he’s not going to be able to. And I don’t think that something is him getting found out. I think we will get that before then. JMO.

  8. Really well done episode. Very pleased with the way they have handled the gambling storyline so far. Family Booth is adorable! The necklace scene was perfect. So much potential for great character exploration going forward. Color me happy! 👏🏻👏🏻

  9. We finally got to this one last night. Enjoyed the wider use of Christine. The one question I have after this one though, wasn’t any reference to their secret from the prior ep (that Angela knows about), with any of the other characters. Almost as if this one was filmed before the previous one?

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