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The Lost in the Found: Post Episode Discussion


Hello, the comments are open–what did you think of this episode? And remember, no spoilers for future episodes please!


12 thoughts on “The Lost in the Found: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Surprisingly I ended up really liking this episode. I thought the case was fantastically done. I even guessed that the victim had killed herself to set up the mean girls.

    The discussion of Brennan’s schooling experience was truly moving. I feel so sad thinking of Brennan being bullied like that and having all the same thoughts the victim had of something being wrong with her. It really puts Brennan’s entire mindset in context. The victim even had her parents in her life… but Brennan had been abandoned and was living in abusive foster care homes.

    What I really didn’t like was Brennan being in denial about how pregnant she was… it didn’t make sense in the context of what we know about her. The resolution would’ve made more sense if Brennan understood her reasoning for denial herself instead of needing to have it explained by Angela. It would’ve fit more with Brennan’s character to have Brennan say she knew but just didn’t want to accept it because of the danger they had all been in.

  2. I’m so upset I have waited all week to see my favoriate show and 2 episodes back to back to boot. I got the boot all right all I’ve seen are weather reports. We have been warned that we may have bad weather today. So far we haven’t seen rain or even a strong wind. The news at 6:PM reported bad weather to the north west of us about 50 to 60 miles away. I was relieved, Bones comes on at 7:PM so I thought no problem. Well to my disgust the Fox station in my area decided to report the server weather in county’s northwest of me. No reports of bad weather in the county I live in. The two hours of Bones have been over for 15 min. and I’m still getting weather reports. The storms are now 100 miles north of me now and they still have not returned to normal programming. I’m so frustrated. I’ll have to read all the reviews and wait till it shows on you tube.

  3. I liked the case but wasn’t fond of the idea that Brennan was trying to believe she was 3 months pregnant instead of six months pregnant. That little detail irked me throughout an otherwise interesting episode. I’m still trying to figure out what that is supposed to accomplish.

    • Denial, just like Booth is denying to himself that he has a gambling problem right now, she was denying to herself that she was further along than she wanted to be because she’s scared. She’s scared that once the baby is here they will have more to lose. People keep talking about Booth’s trauma but they seem to forget Brennan has also been through hell this past year.

    • Laura, and BP, I think they are trying to make Emily’s advanced pregnancy make sense in the timeline of the season. She was already visibly pregnant when she took the pregnancy test 🙂 So the eating cookies line and then this denial thing are to try to make that make sense.

      Seems to me they should’ve had B&B already know they were pregnant but as a couple decide not to announce it to friends or Christine. The whole pregnancy test thing was a lil silly considering Emily was clearly already pregnant! 🙂

      • I know sometimes women don’t know they are pregnant until the end of their first trimester. However, in Truth in the Lye Brennan tells a suspect she knows the suspect is pregnant because of her gait…the pelvic bones are shifted. So this denial thing just doesn’t match what we know about Brennan and how smart she is.

        It is a small detail, albeit a silly one, and overall, I really liked the episode.

  4. Haven’t had time to watch it yet…but email! 🙂 🙂

  5. Once again, I enjoyed the episode last night even though I thought some of the side stories were a little odd.

    The case was one of the more intriguing ones I think we’ve seen in a while and I like that the show brings awareness to the issue of bullying and mean girls. I wasn’t surprised when Brennan figured it out as I’d begun to suspect the same killer myself. I think I came to that conclusion when B&B were interrogating the girls and they said they all passed out.

    Outside of the murder story line, I mostly enjoyed the side stories too. The Daisy dating thing was a reasonable topic to discuss and had some fun moments. I like the “girl talk” we get between her, Brennan, and Angela too. I’m glad she decided she wasn’t quite ready because I think it would have been disrespectful of the show writers towards Sweets to do otherwise. That said, I don’t really have any issues with someone who’s been single for 6 months getting into a new relationship, especially since Daisy and Sweets had been on-again off-again, with more off than on, over the last 4 years. For my part, comparing the love between Sweets and Daisy to that between B&B is not a valid comparison, yet the S10 stories treat Daisy and Sweets like they were one of the greatest loves of all time.

    I thought we had some poignant moments of reflection from Brennan that were nice to see. The pregnancy denial thing didn’t really bother me as much as it seems to be bothering some folks, but it did seem out of character. It’s such an easy thing to determine medically that it didn’t really make sense for her to be off by 3 months, even using the whole “denial” explanation. That said, TV is often more fun to watch if you suspend reality a bit.

  6. I thought this episode’s case was compelling and when the episode focused on the case the episode really worked for me. But every time we came back to Brennan’s pregnancy delusion or Daisy it really grated.

    Daisy has had a bit more substance in recent episodes. This episode she was back to being old school self involved Daisy.

    What they did with Brennan and her pregnancy issue was a case of having a character do something totally out of character in order to introduce a plot point. I hate when writers sacrifice character to do that. Brennan not wanting to see the truth of the victim killing herself because she identifies with her makes sense. Brennan not wanting to believe Booth is gambling again because she doesn’t want that to be true – I could buy that too. But not that she would refuse to accept a scientific reality. Nope not buying that. It exists so that they can have Angela deliver that bit of exposition. To tell us a plot point instead of showing one.

    It really, really was a great case though. And I continue to really like the Booth/Aubrey dynamic.

  7. We were able to watch this hour over the weekend (the other one not yet), so thankfully they are two different posts here at BT.

    I thought it was a good episode.

    The three vs six months on how long pregnant seemed odd in this day and age – but maybe Brennan had a condition where she wasn’t regular so it might not have been a big deal to miss a cycle? I would think the first sonogram would have confirmed the fetal age but maybe that hadn’t happened yet. OTOH, maybe it was just a plot point for her to have to admit that Booth’s declaration of when it happened was true, that she wasn’t always right.

    PS – happy to hear there will be a season 11. Just hope we have a happy finale.

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