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The Verdit in the Victims: Post Episode Discussion


Hello again! 🙂

What did you think of this episode; was it a satisfying resolution?

The comments are open; and remember no spoilers!


9 thoughts on “The Verdit in the Victims: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Very fast paced episode. The timeline was a little unlikely. But Brennan’s struggle reminded me of her conflict in Boy with the answer. It fits very much with the career crisis Brennan will be going through. Also, Hodgins and Angela– moving to Paris.. for good? This whole thing is very reminiscent of the end of S5.

    For once, we have a Booth waking up Brennan scene with an epiphany. That was funny. Booth’s faith in Brennan was nice to see. Them sitting on the couch snuggling was also great. I really loved the Cam and Brennan scene!

  2. I really liked this episode. So much going on throughout it remind me of old school bones.

  3. I didn’t get to see the two episodes tonight the show was interrupted for severe weather reports never returning to the show. All the severe storms were northwest of our viewing area but for some reason the station decided to keep reporting the weather and not return to regular programming. I’m happy to say that the storms did not cause any damage, injury’s or death’s. I’m so frustrated especially now that I know there were several good scene with B&B. I would love to have seen them on the couch snuggling. I’ll have to watch it on you tube. Ugh!!

  4. Will watch tonight, but until then….email! 🙂

  5. I love Bones. In my world, there are no *bad* episodes, just good ones, really good ones, and great ones. This one had some good moments, and all in all I enjoyed it, but found the number of things that seemed inconsistent with previous or on-going storylines, such as the timeline anomalies and some of the things characters said/did, a bit off-putting in the context of the overall series. Probably one of the worst Bones episodes with respect to story consistency that I can recall. That said …

    Enjoyed the fast paced intensity of this episode. The case was kind of ‘meh’ and Flenders as a serial killer didn’t grab me the way any of the show’s past serial killers have, but it was still fun. Always good to see Caroline.

    Loved Aubrey sneaking gummy bears to Christine.

    Liked the Cam and Brennan talk with Cam trying to reassure Brennan and yet Brennan’s personal code not allowing her to be absolved of responsibility.

    Thought the B&B moments we got were good ones.

  6. Bones has been renewed for Season 11. Goody Goody, I’m looking forward the new season to begin.

  7. So this episode I enjoyed much more than the first one. This particular writer was one of the worst offenders,IMO,in season 8 of being overbearingly preachy. There was a tiny moment in the lab where I thought we were going to jump off that cliff here, but they didn’t go over the edge.

    The Booth/Aubrey/Christine scene was great. And coming off the “couple” conversation in the previous episode, it played to me like the writers are doing some gentle ribbing of those who accuse them of replacing Brennan with Aubrey.

    It’s surprising to me that when we might expect to see Booth go missing over a weekend, not showing up when supposed to, or not reply to calls or texts as part of the gambling storyline, it is Brennan who we see doing that.

    I think most people knew who the real killer was, but having him offer himself up as a suspect was a nice twist.

    They did a great job creating a sense of urgency with the pacing of the episode. But I think the downside was they rushed past the parallels with what happened with Booth and what was happening here. A man in prison framed for a crime that he didn’t commit. It had to be so hard for Booth to step back into a prison. And that prison scene was intense and really well acted. We get a sense of the stress Booth had to be under in that scene. We get it again when we see how it is invading his sleep. Still, I was left wanting more of an acknowledgement of that by the other characters. Especially knowing where we are going in the next episode.

  8. Finally got to this one last night. Good episode. Really, good series of the last 4 episodes.

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