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The Woman in the Whirlpool: Post Episode Discussion


Okay, what did you think of this episode? The comments are open–just remember NO SPOILERS!


13 thoughts on “The Woman in the Whirlpool: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I thought it was good. Not sure how I feel about Aubrey and Jessica….I liked how it ended with Booth admitting what was going on to his group, and I hope it continues positively for my favorite duo! Wish the crimes were more than just accidents though. (How come everyone hides the bodies instead of calling 911???!!)

  2. Oh, boy. I had to let a little time pass after last nights episode before commenting. I thought this episode was amazing. Emily and David did a fantastic job conveying a whole lot of emotion with looks and body language in just about every scene.

    For the most part, I thought it seemed like Brennan was suffering/hurting more than Booth. In the park with Angela, she’s unhappy about their separation; in the diner with Booth she’s happy to see him, wants to talk to him, assures him she loves him, but it’s just too painful for her to be near him when he’s not ready to fully admit what’s wrong; her conversations with Jessica and especially how she utters the single word “hope” tell me she really wants things to work out, but she despairs whether they will. She knows he needs to work through his issues more, but it’s tearing her apart.

    On the other hand, I think Booth is in a different place mentally through most of this episode and, to be honest, I think that made it more authentic to me. Yes, he’s bummed they’re separated but I think he feels annoyed and inconvenienced more than remorseful. He knows intellectually that he screwed up and so he’s going through the motions – stopping gambling, attending GA meetings – but he doesn’t believe his punishment fits the crime. I’m not sure that when he says he made a mistake, he really knows what the mistake was. He doesn’t fully understand just how much he hurt Brennan with his lies and deceptions and he thinks she is blowing this out of proportion, I think that’s probably a very real reaction and stems in large part from the denial an addict goes through regarding how their actions impact those around them. It’s not until near the end when he’s interrogating the daughter that I think he finally starts to truly understand. In my mind, as she sat there and told him about how her dad left when she was little, I believe Booth pictured Christine 15 years in the future explaining to someone how her dad left her and didn’t love her enough. Then, when he and Brennan were in the interrogation room at the end, I think he finally really started to see through the haze of his addiction enough to notice the pain he was causing her.

    I was very unexcited mid-season when I heard rumors about them introducing an arc about Booth’s gambling. It didn’t appeal to me at all. Even after the episode where Booth went undercover at the poker table, I was pretty “meh” on the whole concept. But, the last couple episodes and how they’ve handled this storyline have been fantastic. David and Emily have both done a wonderful job (with the writers too) in showing us a real struggle for B&B without sacrificing the core principles of who each of the characters are at heart.

    All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised and impressed with how this is being handled. I look forward to the next couple of episodes and getting our favorite crime fighting duo back together as I can’t imagine any other outcome.

    • Well said… that’s basically how I felt. Although I would add… I don’t think Booth didn’t understand what he had done but that he didn’t want to admit it. Because admitting it would mean having to face it all. So he was trying to downplay the situation by saying it wasn’t a big deal and attempting a bandaid solution, doing all the seemingly “right” things without getting to the root of the problem. I feel this is very consistent with the Booth we’ve come to know over the years.

    • I totally agree with you. You could see Booth completely turn around when he was grilling Courtney and then she said that her dad had basically abandoned her and Booth’s eyes suddenly filled with tears and he reassured her that the fault was with the addict and not the addict’s family. And yes, it is the family that suffers the most. Excellent acting from DB and ED. I wasn’t sure about this plot line either but it’s upped the level of writing and certainly upped the investment of the actors so I’m now glad they chose to explore it.

  3. I thought it was a very good episode overall. The only thing is, I don’t want a B&B reunion to be glossed over. Booth accepting he hurt his family at GA is one thing but there should also be some sort of acknowledgement in front of Brennan, emphasizing how much he needs her too. I would love an equivalent, “you are my home” moment from Booth. Something where he is a little vulnerable in front of her.

    Aubrey and Jessica were cute enough— I don’t mind them getting together. I just don’t like the fact that they are calling it B&B 2.0. B&B were very different because right off the bat they had a deep emotional connection and complemented each other. Its more than just friendship that keeps them together– there is a close bond. I didn’t like the implication of the fickle nature of love– I thought we got Brennan to grow past that concept, no? Relationships can be fickle.. but true love isn’t fickle– its just rare.

    • I don’t hate Aubrey or Jessica, or even them together. What I “hate” is that they need to replace Daisy and Sweets with a new B&B lite. We’ve been there, done that. Sweets and Daisy were good examples to B&B on how a relationship with different people can work, while B&B were trying to figure themselves out. Now, married with kid(s), B&B no longer need a “lite” couple to show them how to be.

      Plus, the dating pool at the Jeffersonian is so intertwined. I miss the days of Cam and Paul. Where the significant others are there a little bit but it doesn’t consume too much episode time and it shows they have lives outside of the lab. Wendell and his new GF are a good example of that.

      • Although, I don’t think Daisy and Sweets were such a great example of how opposites can work (they messed them around too much for that), I agree with the rest of what you said. Too much been there, done that. The worst is the fact that Jessica slept with Sweets last year.

        Did anyone else think Aubrey looked a little startled when he spotted the guy in the attic?

      • You know given the appalling lack of continuity that is a hallmark of Bones I don’t think the writers even remember that Jessica had sex with Sweets.

  4. Only my opinion….hopefully Aubrey and Jessica can be friends (without benefits). It really doesn’t bother me one way or the other if they are dating on the show. It’s not exactly a new and creative aspect but it’s not the worst thing that could happen, I think.

  5. “You think if you don’t talk that means it never happened”. And his sponsor nailed it. Not just about this, but everything bad that came before. No coincidence that we go right from there into a scene where he finally does something that he doesn’t do that Brennan and Sweets did all the time. He sees himself in a victim. One that calls back to that first bad thing in his life of one parent being an addict and one parent leaving. 10 years in the making, finally. It couldn’t be more perfect that right there was where things started to turn around. If the show hadn’t got picked up for season 11, I’m so glad they wouldn’t have ended it without getting the character there. Thank you writers.

    • I completely agree. Seeing the affect on Brennan via the murderer also made a difference. Initially I was a bit skeptical about a full blown relapse especially so late in the season. But I think they’ve done a really good job so far. Booth never addressed the issues from his childhood head on… and that has had lingering affects on his life. Finally being forced to confront his demons is something that was really needed. I love that he left it with “so that I can understand myself better”– that will only lead to B&B in a stronger place.

      Booth opening up to Brennan would be the cherry on top at this point. While he has opened up the most with her, its never been to the same degree as she has with him.

  6. We got to this one on Saturday. Several rough moments in this ep, but some of the earlier posts make me think differently than when watching, because they saw things I missed on first go around. That Diner scene was hard to watch though. At least at the end of the episode, a glimmer of hope. At least that wasn’t the season finale!

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