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The Next in the Last: Post Episode Discussion


Hello everyone! Well, what did you think of this season 10 finale? The comments are open!


32 thoughts on “The Next in the Last: Post Episode Discussion

  1. It was more than awesome!!! And season 11 Will be bringing Bones and Booth back to the Jeffersonian

  2. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I would have liked it as a series finale instead of just a season finale. I know a lot of people will be upset that there were not more scenes of B and B together, but each had to tell the people they were working with they were leaving, and as Aubrey said, it’s dangerous work, especially considering Brennan is pregnant. I am glad they are happy and looking forward to time off. I thought the case was really interesting and I was impressed by how the train yard scene was filmed.

    I am looking forward to another season!

  3. Well this episode was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was actually dreading it. It was a very good episode,IMO

    some highlights that stood out for me
    – Yay, Booth kicking in doors!
    – I love the scene when Booth said to Brennan “or we could just have a baby, live our lives and be happy”. I would just love for them to do that.
    -Waaaaah! The scenes with Booth and Caroline had a catch in my throat. Very sad and touching. Both had tears in their eyes also.
    -Nice to see Daisy, Clark, and Wendell all together working
    -I did feel bad for Cam. It was a touching scene when Arastoo said to her “because you love them.”
    -Aubree telling that guy in front of Booth that he put his own father away. Powerful scene!
    “Nice shot Booth”.
    -surprise ending to me! Jack and Angela decide to stay, and B&B decide to leave. Very sad song Into the Mystic, playing as they leave. How appropriate.

    Not sure how I feel about this episode if it were the series finale. I am happy that B&B did leave together and they were not separated as we had originally thought. LOL, no Booth leaving on the train.

    Now the question is, what will bring them back to the Jeffersonian next season. If they do indeed come back to the Jeffersonian. Not even Pelant could convince Brennan to stay this time.

    OMG, LOVED this scene-

    Finally, the Bones music magicians picked a great song for the end.
    Listening to that song just makes me

    But all in all, I have a good feeling because B&B were together at the end and they left together as a couple. No separations, yay!

    • It was nice that they were happy. No one was ill, on the run, leaving for different parts of the world, or in jail. Just two happy people looking forward to the birth of their second child. My hope is that when the series is finally over they are still happy people.

  4. I loved this episode. It seemed low key to me, which felt right. No big good bye parties, which somehow seems like what Booth and Bones would prefer. They said good bye to the people that are important to them, and skipped the party with lots of co-workers. I hope the final finale is like that — low key.

    I loved Caroline, but when don’t I love her? “Good Luck, Charlie” is over, so if this were the end, I don’t know where we’d get to see her again.

    I liked that both Booth and Brennan told their proteges that they were ready to go on without them.

    There were some action scenes, but nothing too intense.

    It was also great to see all the interns. And, I loved that Hodgins didn’t want the money back.

    As usual, the ads were misleading. In the ads, it seemed like Booth was going to say that it was his last case in some kind of tense situation. I liked that it wasn’t. It was just him and his Bones.

    The one tiny thing that was off (and you can tell me if I missed something) was that Brennan was looking into other jobs. That came out of the blue. Was there any hint in an earlier episode that she might be looking into that? Especially since she was looking for something for Booth too.

    I could go on, but that doesn’t seem appropriate for this episode. Shed a tiny tear because that suits the episode, but it’s not a finally final finale, so it doesn’t call for bawling. B&B are together, and THAT is all that matters.

    • I don’t think she was looking. Both her and Booth had been getting job offers for years. She simply compiled those and started looking at them seriously, probably after learning about Angela and Hodgins leaving. It might have been the catalyst to realize that her and Booth also need a break, especially after this gambling related separation.

      • it might even have been that she wasn’t sure how things would work out with Booth and she realized she might be on her own. I’m glad it didn’t work out that way.

      • I really doubt if she thought she was going to be on her own that she’d be looking for jobs outside of DC. She wouldn’t take Christine so far away from him. She also probably wouldn’t have been putting together his job offers too.

  5. B&B being together is all that matters. And, that makes me happy.

  6. This was the first finale since Season 6 that I’ve liked and didn’t leave me with a sick to my stomach feeling. I’m SO glad they didn’t have the S11 pick-up or we would’ve been watching with B&B still separated. Stephen Nathan does not like happy couples-I wonder if he knows Joss Whedon?

    Loved, loved the Booth and Caroline scenes. I love how much they love each other. I wanted to hug her.

    After at first feeling he was forced in, I’ve really enjoyed having Aubrey on the team. I think he’s an excellent foil for Booth. He respects him, yet doesn’t cower under him the way Sweets sometimes did. He’s good at his job; and I’d much rather Booth was out in the field chasing down suspects with an actual agent and not the FBI shrink playing at being one. Loved his “good shot Booth” comment, never mind the one about breaking the suspect being a “piece of cake” and then saying how much everybody could tell him how much he liked cake.

    Watching Angela watch Hodgins being so excited about doing an experiment you just knew she was going to tell him they didn’t have to leave the Lab. So happy she found the money! Hodgins about funding a 100 charities or putting it towards cancer research was such a Hodgins thing to do. I think he’s just the best guy.

    I prefer Booth & Brennan just have a baby and live their life and not go to Kansas. It will be interesting to see what the writers come up with to bring them back from that.

    I don’t know how many times I said “Poor Cam”. It must have seemed like end of S5 all over again for her,
    even though Clark and the other squints appeared to be staying put. I liked the little scene with her and Brennan. I think this was the first time Brennan called Cam her friend. The little scene with Arastoo & Cam was sweet-“because you love them” made me teary-eyed. I was glad she had him to hug-somebody needed to hug that woman.

    Hugs all around in the Lab! I think Wendell is the only guy Booth doesn’t mind hugging, although I did see him hug Hodgins too. The Daisy/Booth hug felt especially sweet.

    I liked this episode and I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out next season.

    • Agree with everything you said.I’m so glad Stephan Nathan is gone,he did a lot to try and ruin Bones.I think FOX knew that and that’s why he is gone.He did preside over the worst ratings slide in Bones history.

    • >>Loved, loved the Booth and Caroline scenes. I love how much they love each other…
      >>After at first feeling he was forced in, I’ve really enjoyed having Aubrey on the team…
      >>Loved his “good shot Booth” comment,…

      It was so cute when Aubrey, upon arriving at Booth’s office and witnessing Booth and Caroline’s hug, said, “Whoa, I always suspected. Don’t worry, not a word to Dr. B.”

  7. Whatever you think of the season 5 finale, it had a built in way back. They tossed the Cam thing in the mix, but they didn’t really need to other than to shorten up the time jump. And the circumstances for the people who left had changed enough from why they left by the time they came back that I think it made sense for them to stay.

    I have no doubt that episode one of season 11 will somehow bring Booth and Brennan home. It may seem contrived or it may not. I think the more difficult thing to accomplish is how has what made them leave changed in order that it makes sense that they stay.

    In that sense I wonder if they haven’t made it more difficult for themselves than they needed to, if I take at face value the reasons that they seem to have for leaving. For Brennan the job is too dangerous for themselves and their family and for Booth he agrees with her and would also prefer not to get shot again. Those are perfectly reasonable reasons for leaving, but they aren’t really the kind of things that are likely to change about the jobs they just walked away from.

    So while I fully expected them to leave, I think having Brennan be so adamant about building a new life somewhere else…that’s hard to back off from. Maybe there’s more going on here that belongs to that conversation that they never ended up having. Instead they both seemed to reach the same conclusion independently.

    Would this have worked as a series finally for me? No. And yet with a few tweaks it might have. If they had ended with a scene with a strong tie back to “the everything happens eventually” one. Walking together toward a “metaphorical boat” this time with Brennan being able to embrace that certain amount of purposeless existence that Gordon Gordon referenced was necessary for a happy life… That would have worked for me as an ending. Instead the episode finished with me feeling like someone lopped the last 5 minutes off of it.

    Still I loved the first Booth/Brennan scene just for the expressions playing across Booth’s face throughout. And I truly loved the Booth/Caroline scene. She is so the mother he never had growing up. Best line ever: “Or we could just have a baby, live our lives and be happy.” When we catch back up with them, I so hope we find that they aren’t working at different jobs but have only been doing just that.

    While the episode wouldn’t have worked for me as a series ender for Booth and Brennan, I think it would have worked quite well for Hodgella. The finding his money and deciding to loose it, because they had enough. And Hodgins who has always been so selfless with Angela throughout the series finally had Angela return that same selflessness to him. I didn’t feel that anything was left unfinished with their story.

    Brennan really stood in for the audience when she slammed that laptop down on Pelant. May that be the last we ever see of him. And may season 11 take the show back to the center and give B&B the story end they deserve. They’ve earned it, and so have we.

  8. ” Best line ever: “Or we could just have a baby, live our lives and be happy.” When we catch back up with them, I so hope we find that they aren’t working at different jobs but have only been doing just that.”

    I think B&B should come back next season as nightclub owners! 🙂

  9. That one line is why this would have worked as a series ender for me. I would have been satisfied if I knew that they would go on and be happy for the rest of their lives. But I am also interested to see what happens next. The way Booth’s character is written it is hard to imagine that he will be happy hanging around the house without a schedule or work to do for long. Gordon-Gordon said that Brennan couldn’t lead a purposeless life but it will be really hard for Booth to do so also.

    I think it could be written next season where Booth teaches agents at Quantico and Brennan works at a university and they still are involved in some way with their friends at the Jeffersonian. Maybe Aubrey will need some help or advice. I am looking forward to seeing how that puzzle is solved.

    • My main issue is that after all the crap they went through this season we really didn’t see them be happy for very long and when the show ends, I would like to actually see more happiness. This season was depressing.

    • I don’t think either of them are built to live a purposeless life indefinitely. I’d be really surprised to see the show change its basic structure. But I expect I may have to hand waive my way through the 1st episode though.

      • They can’t. I expect Booth to go stir crazy very soon. Brennan will be busy, she has a lot of other things she does. She could write books, give talks, review articles, write articles, not to mention she’ll be caring for a new baby and Christine (which Booth will also be doing but its not like he can actually nurse the baby). Booth…I don’t know, he might do work in the house or restore those antique cars he seemed to like so much but I don’t see him doing nothing for too long before he gets bored.

      • I think both of them have a need to contribute in a meaningful way to the world in which they live. But sometimes you have to step away and rest and recharge. I think that’s what GordonGordon was referring to when he said a certain amount of purposeless was necessary for wellbeing. I think that’s what Booth is articulating here. But that’s not what Brennan is suggesting. I don’t have evidence that she has reached the point of being able to do that. So it would be nice to come back and find out that she got there.

  10. I had a thought this afternoon that didn’t please me but I have to put it out there. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of BOO’s. I love Bones I’ve watched the pilot and every episode since. I will watch till the series ends. I had to state that so you will know I’m a loyal fan.

    Here’s my negitive thought. I know the show was renewed for a season 11. I haven’t seen anything about David & Emily signing up to contiune with the show. Maybe I missed it, I assumed they signed up for season 11 maybe they didn’t sign up. The way the episode ended Booth & Brennan leaving together could be the last time we see them on Bones. I would be heart broken.

    They could continue with Aubrey the FBI guy and the squints rotating to answer the call when a body is found. I’t going to be hard to bring B&B back that will be believable. Of course I’m not a writer I don’t have the imagination they do. So I’ll have to wait until season 11 begins. It’s going to be a long summer.

    • Yup, you missed it. They signed new contracts, they’re coming back.

    • No need to worry both David and Emily have signed on for next season. If they didn’t which they did the show would not had gotten renewed for S11.

    • The really interesting question on this is how much money David and Emily were able to take Fox for. They were already near the top per ep for drama leads. Hargitay and Harmon are at the top, as is to be expected. But, the guy from “The Mentalist” was just behind them. I have no idea why he could demand that much money. I guess we’ll have to wait until the next article about who makes what to come out.

  11. Mar & Amanda, Thanks for clearing up my befuddled brain. I missed reading that David & Emily signed on. I’m happy to know that.

  12. This mini-finale left me with a lot of feelings. There were things I liked and things I didn’t. It was nice to see Angela actually considering Hodgins’ feelings instead of the other way around. I liked Brennan actually complimenting the squints for their work. Caroline is always a welcome addition! And I like Aubrey’s character very much. Though I think it was a weird choice to end season 10 like they did, when they didn’t know if they were going to be renewed at the time they created it. Like I believe Mar mentioned above, season 10 was overall quite depressing. And I didn’t feel like we got a good payoff as to why. Booth never really opened up about what make him gamble again after all this time, and we didn’t see any big emotional loving moment between B&B where he confessed everything and told her his feelings. For a real finale, I hope they could round up multiple guest stars, past important characters, family members, such as Max, and perhaps even a tribute to Ralph Waite, which we are still in limbo over. Needless to say, I’m not fond of Stephen Nathan’s overall choices for Season 10. It had potential, but lacked joy.

    I’ve also been trying to connect the dots with Hodgins and all his money woes. This is what I’ve compiled so far. Tell me if I’ve got it right:

    *We were told earlier that Hodgins was the only one left in his family and he’s the sole heir in regards to the Cantilever Group.

    *Then we were told he has a secret brother, whom we saw once and then never again.

    *Hodgins/Cantilever Group’s money is stolen by Pelant. (This, of course, was when Pelant was doing all this as a computer “hacktivist” fighting for some cause, and before his motivation switched to apparently impressing Brennan.)

    *The magical Angela and the Angelatron are somehow NOT ABLE to locate this money even though she can hack into government drones.

    *Hodgins and temporary squintern Finn make gobs of money with their hot sauce recipe. This money is never mentioned again and Finn disappears as well . Though plenty of references to Hodgela living off the mere paychecks of the Jeffersonian abound.

    *Hodgins then apparently makes another instant gob of money creating a magical device.

    *In this last case, Angela finds the money. Though he could reestablish the Cantilever Group and restore the charitable foundation, Hodgins decides it’s “blood money” and doesn’t want it.

    *Though Hodgins has been in trouble before for hiding his involvement with suspects and evidence in cases before (twice), he tells his wife to hide the money and get rid of it.

    Is anyone else confused? BTW, I adore Hodgins and I’d marry him in a second if I could. I’d also like another shirtless Hodgins scene someday, please and thank you. 🙂

    • I think they’re making Hodgins a little too perfect to be real, IMO. Give the man back some of his flaws, he used to have them.

      • Oh, I think Hodgins has flaws, specifically, his doormat tendencies towards Angela. How many times does the man have to say “I love you” to his wife before she says it back? So then he buys her a place in Paris? Come on, Hodgins! And I guess his other flaw is hiding his involvement/evidence in cases, as this is the third time.

        Overall his character is very sweet and does usually try to do the right thing, and even his “flaws” come from good intentions. But, yeah, I’d say the man does have some flaws.

      • Part of the reason Seeley Booth is one of my favorite fictional characters is because of his flaws, fears, and quirks. He seems quite real even though he doesn’t really exist. On the other hand, Hodgins is just a TV character to me…I don’t feel much attachment to him because he is so perfect, except perhaps for the fact that he thinks Angela can walk on water. I liked Hodgins a lot better when he was angrier and a little bit of a conspiracy nut. It seems they have tamed him a little bit and that took away a bit of his personality in my opinion.

    • Yeah Hodgins telling Angela to get rid of the money left me feeling uneasy. In less I missed something that money is evidence in this case, I have a feeling that’s going to come back and bite both of them in the butt.

      I understand that Hodgins didn’t want anyone else using that money to do harm but not waiting for the FBI to return the money back to him makes him and Angela look bad.It’s like Hodgins till hasn’t learn his lesson about hiding or withholding evidence.

      I do hope that Booth and Brennan coming back is to not help Angela and Hodgins out of this jam that they got themselves into because that would feel like a rehash of the S6 premiere only different.

      • I have only watched this episode once but I couldn’t tell if anybody in the FBI knew that Angela had found the money, so it may not really be evidence. However, it might be really hard to give away all of that money anonymously.

        My personal feeling is that next season is going to start out with Booth being stir crazy and needing something to do. So maybe he goes to visit Aubrey and gets drawn into a case so Brennan does too. (But I am a frustrated writer and I can imagine a lot of scenarios.) It’s hard to imagine Booth being able to stand not working for several months, and it may be that Brennan needs him out of the house. I am looking forward to finding out how this all happens.

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