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The Brother in the Basement: Post Episode Discussion


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43 thoughts on “The Brother in the Basement: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Thoughts:

    *Those who said Booth probably set fire to the van was right. We are good squints!
    *Cam was close with Jared?? I don’t remember them saying that before. How long did Booth and Cam actually date?
    *The boots and blazers…they are here forever, aren’t they??
    *Cam trying on the finger???? Gross!
    *Blaming Brennan for moving on?? That’s low, Angela.
    *Hodgins suddenly remembers an abandoned battery factory?! Lol
    *Never trust the hot guy in the lab
    *Booth and Brennan’s hug was so sweet, he just relaxed in her arms when she said “I’ve got you” 🙂
    *The hospital scene was very sweet. Really, really nice.
    *A solid season opener!

  2. I was glad they acknowledged that Cam would have some grief about Jared. I felt like that was missing from last week’s episode. I’ve been in the middle of a re-watch of the earlier Bones episodes and on Jared’s first episode of the show, Camille acts like it’s old home week. And she mentions in the episode with Booth’s birthday that she’s known the “Booth boys” for 15 years. It’s always been played that Cam, Booth and Jared go way back. So I’m glad they showcased a little of her grief and loss, too.

    I thought the van scene was excellent. And I also kind of wondered if Booth tossed the gun in there to get Brennan involved to find him. Like he knew he wouldn’t make it unless she was on the case working to find him?

    I’m not a Cam/Arastoo shipper, but I felt bad with their little scene. 😦

    Lots of Booth/Brennan moments that I enjoyed a lot.

    And it is always a good day when Caroline is on the scene. 🙂

    And I like Aubrey, but my rewatch is making me miss Sweets. His absence from the FBI still stings for me a bit.

    I’m excited about this season! I hope they do go back and get us some of the dynamic from the first season like DB recommended. Because that would be fantastic. 🙂

  3. Cam and Booth dated before he joined FBI. She knew Jared well.

  4. B&B are back! Loved everything about this episode..and yes even the boots and blazers. I’m beginning to warm up to Aubrey. He just took up to much of Booth and Brennan’s screen time last season, but I think he is beginning to fit in nicely. I hope we continue to see lots and lots of B&B scenes together. Great show!

  5. It’s been an intense 2-week ride to start off the season, which I love! I know Bones does the quirky/humor stuff more often than not, but I happen to love when they delve into the intense episodes, mainly because I know we’ll get some lighthearted moments in the episodes to follow. I kept watching the clock last night wishing they would hurry up and get Booth back in Brennan’s arms and I might have cheered out loud just a bit when he fell into her arms! By far, my favorite moment of the night! 🙂

    My only gripe is that I wished the hospital scene had been longer so Booth could tell her more of why he did what he did. Yeah, I know it to try to help Jared, but Booth telling her what happened would have filled in the gaps for me as a viewer too. Because I have to be honest, some of this story still doesn’t make sense to me.

    On other fronts….

    *I’ve never been a Cam/Arastoo fan because I see zero chemistry between them. However, that scene was sad. I’d like Cam to get a love interest that is a little more on her level. (Bring back the doctor!)
    *I think my mouth hit the floor when I heard Angela saying Brennan only had her self to blame for leaving the lab. Huh? Wasn’t it Angela who was planning to leave first? Wouldn’t she of all people understand why she left? That was a very un-Angela like statement to me.
    *Aubrey…I know people have mixed feelings about him, but I like him. My only gripe is that I want him out of that office. Even DB said on Twitter last night that Booth needs his office back. I’m sure we’ll get some funny moments but I don’t see how it would work with Booth not returning to his regular position in the FBI which is the senior position to Aubrey.
    *I do miss Sweets. 😦

    • I agree with Dee! 🙂 Bring back the doctor!

      *I was concentrating so much on the Booth/Brennan drama that I didn’t really try to put together the case last night. Reading everyone else’s comments made me think….what the heck was all of that!? Why the 2 million? How did Jared know about this deal? How did Booth get involved? I’m now kinda mad for Booth lying to Brennan and being in all this danger because I really don’t see a good reason, other than just trying to get his brother out of another jam, risking himself never coming back to his family?
      *I’m not so mad at Aubrey being in Booth’s office because I figure they didn’t want to have to make another set for the show. lol So I’m assuming Booth will get his rightful office back.
      *Camastoo has no chemistry. I will miss Arastoo though. I think his absence depends on what work he does get or not get in the future. I wouldn’t rule him out forever.
      *I realize that Cam would have known Jared while dating Booth, but they’ve never really spoken of it before on the show, so the tears for him seemed somewhat random for me, but I had forgotten she said she knew them that long. Cam was pretty straight-faced when autopsying Sweets. But she did cry for VNM. So who knows?
      *I’m feeling Angela-rage again. How dare she put it on Brennan when #1, Brennan didn’t commit any of the murders, and #2, Angela herself has left and talks of leaving on occasion. Oh yeah, and #3, its not Brennan’s fault that the Jeffersonian is inept without her. Step it up yourself, Angelatron! And magical Hodgins pollen discoveries! Booth and Brennan can’t be expected to do it all forever. That’s insane.

      *Besides the nitpicking, and overlooking the flaws in the case, I thought it was still a good episode. I like Aubrey, I like Hodgins, I like the Booth/Brennan scenes. When he hugged her coming out the building, it was the sweetest thing.

      • Actually they have. Cam even had a nickname for Jared, she called him Jar Jar. They also referenced it when Cam talked to Brennan about him in Con man in the meth lab. She said she had known the Booth brothers for a long time.

      • I think it was “jarhead” that Cam called Jared – and he didn’t like it cause that’s what they call marines (right?) and he was navy – if I remember right. And maybe it was a play on the name Jared as I’m thinking about it.

      • When we first met Jared, Cam and Jared were suppose to go to a reception together but Brennan went instead. That was on Booth’s birthday.

      • >> *I realize that Cam would have known Jared while dating Booth, but they’ve never really spoken of it before on the
        >> show, so the tears for him seemed somewhat random for me, …

        Wrong! I haven’t gone and looked up the name of the first episode in which Jared appeared, but I very distinctly remember that the first time that Jared appears on screen in Bones is when he shows up in his Navy uniform at the Jeffersonian where he apparently knows that his brother Booth is. Booth walks with Jared up the steps of the platform where all of the squints are working, calling out, “Well, look who’s here!”, as the brothers climb the steps.

        Cam looks up and says, “Jarhead! Oh, he’s gotten so big! Soon he’s going to want a car of his own and a later curfew!”

        Jared then replies, “Jarhead is a Marine, I’m in the Navy. Not an acceptable mistake, Camille.”

      • the episode is Conman in the Meth Lab and Jared acts like a jerk…but Booth tries then to take care of his little brother by getting him off drunk driving charges

  6. I’m confused about a couple things I hope someone can clear up for me. Why was Booth helping Jared and 3 other bad guys steel 2 million dollars from a drug dealer? Was Booth undercover? If Booth was undercover was he trying to determine who in the FBI was steeling computer lists and selling the lists to bad guys? While in the cellar the leading bad guy received a text message. What did it say? Was it something about Booth and if it revealed Booth as undercover, why didn’t the bag guy shot him then?
    I liked seeing Brennan forcing the computer expert’s hand down and forcing him to give Booth’s location–she is fierce. As noted by Dee47, I also would have like a little more explanation of Booth’s actions to Brennan while in the hospital.
    So will Arastoo be leaving the show?

    • I think Jared got in over his head and asked Booth for help. No, I don’t think Booth was undercover but hopefully they will make mention of some of this next week. The first text message said that Booth was trouble and to kill him or deal wouldn’t go through. The second one said that he was a rat and was going to arrest them. And to kill him if they wanted deal to go through. Kevin replied he would kill anyone. I think Kevin didn’t shoot him because of Jared.

      Actor who plays Arastoo is working elsewhere for a while. He will be back.

  7. It’s possible some of the gaps in why Booth did these things could be filled in during later episodes, I guess.

  8. I like the episode.
    Love the Booth & Brennan reunion how they instantly hug and how Booth just relaxed into her arms.

    Cam/Arastoo: I sometimes like sometimes hate their relationship it really depends on the episode but I felt bad for Cam.

    Angela’s comment about Brennan had me fuming, it’s Brennan’s fault that the lab’s reputation has gone down hill and there are a lot of unsolved cases. I turn to my sister and said “I didn’t know when Brennan left she took their skills with her”, if the lab can’t survive without her then isn’t it the one in charge fault?

    Speaking in which as much as I do like Cam, this is the second time in which Brennan has been gone for a long period of time that Cam has shown that she can’t keep everything under control and in order, if anything with there being so many unsolved cases I think it’s time that the Jeffersonian started looking for a new boss to run the lab. Cam can’t handle the job anymore. I also can’t believe that with knowing that reputation of the Jeffersonian’s lab not up to par any more that she actually consider throwing in Arastoo’s name in the ring to take over Brennan’s job.

    • I am definitely in agreement that Cam’s abilities as a boss are lacking. The Jeffersonian is LONG overdue for a change there. I think Cam should go and meet up with Aristoo they should travel and enjoy. I’m sorry, I still find nothing intriguing in their will they/won’t they drama. I think what Cam has done is really crossing the line. You don’t date your employee. I so wish they’d put a cork in that one, but I’m sure they won’t. They have nothing else for the character. That’s why I’d wish she’d go.

      The physical B&B reunion was nice, but agree with those that wanted more explanation coming from Booth in the hospital. All the pictures were nice. But made me think they really need a family photo so Brennan doesn’t have to carry so many around and Booth and Brennan can each have one good pic to put in their respective offices. (we know he will eventually get his back)

      Booth set his dead brother on fire. That was a shocking moment for me. So yeah, I definitely want to know how he AND Jared got caught up in all of this. I think they dealt pretty harshly with Jared in these two episodes. The brothers and the couples were evidently not close in these past years since we’ve seen them. I was shocked when they said it had been 8 years!! lol

      I love Brennan, but Angela’s comment didn’t bother me so much. I felt she was trying to spare poor little Aristoo’s feelings. But Hodgins was right. The facts were, that the lab was not as good when she wasn’t there. Aristoo doesn’t measure up plain and simple.

      I didn’t quite connect why Brennan wanted to go back to the job. I don’t think that came through like the writers intended. I would take Booth and the kids and go away for a long vacation somewhere!! LOL For me, it would have given me more reason to stay away. But I get that they need them back, and somehow getting shot up makes Booth and Brennan WANT to go back? Maybe being at Quantico is even more dangerous than being at Hoover? lol

      But anyway it’s back to work, which is the essence of the the show, I get that. Maybe we learn more next week!

      • Brennan wanted her job back because that’s who she is. Just like Booth can’t help being that guy who wants to help people, she can’t help being that woman who wants to give people their identity back and who wants justice. Plus, I think she was clear that if Booth died, her work AND family at the Jeffersonian, something that defines her in a way, will help her cope.

      • The eight year comment was on how long Jared and Padme had been married not how long it had been since they had seen him.

      • >> I didn’t quite connect why Brennan wanted to go back to the job. I don’t think that came through like the writers
        >> intended. I would take Booth and the kids and go away for a long vacation somewhere!!

        Brennan had forced herself to start to imagine a world in which Booth didn’t come home.

        Brennan had started to form a contingency plan for her life if she had to carry on and raise her children alone.

        If Brennan were widowed, and had to pull herself together and not fall apart emotionally because she still had children to finish raising to adulthood, having work to throw herself into would help her sublimate the difficult emotions of widowhood.

        Plus, her former co-workers from the Jeffersonian are amongst her closet friends.

        So working again at the Jeffersonian would not only allow her to bury her emotions in her work, it would be the place where so many of her friends are.

        She would be in continual near-contact with them, allowing them to pick up on emotional problems she would refuse to allow herself to perceive and giving them the chance to step and give her the emotional support that she needed despite her denials of the existence of any such problems.

  9. B&B is back. I feel B&B chemistry. Season 11 really has a good start. It is much better than last season. Last season B&B felt like so distance. Just partners with benefit more than a lovely couple. This season, it gives me a warm family feeling and understanding couple. You can feel B&B love.

    Keep the job, keep the chemistry, keep the love.

    • Last year Booth had just gotten out of prison after being betrayed by people (FBI) he trusted; then he lost one of his best friends (Sweets). I think the writers were showing how this affected them individually as well as a couple. Then the result of all this took Booth back to gambling.

      This year, they have had six months together to fix things and become closer. This season will show that. It is all part of the story.

  10. Um…zero explanation as to why Booth participated in a heist and helped murder three men (other than to help his screwed up brother) and they expect he’ll get his job at the FBI back just like that?

    Sorry, but that’s just preposterous. I certainly hope we get a better explanation than that in the near future. I expect so much more from Bones.

    • I thought the whole mystery aspect of the episode was really difficult to understand. Why would the guy who was selling the list even bother with Jared and his friends? Surely he would have gotten way more money for it from someone in a hostile country. And Jared was kind of a screw up in a lot of ways, but I didn’t see him as the kind of person who would commit treason. The whole mystery just seemed very off. Like, there were too many threads that should have tied together nicely, but didn’t, and so in ended up being a confused, tangled mess instead. I generally watch Bones for the dynamic of the relationships (especially Booth and Brennan’s), so I don’t expect tons from the little mini mysteries of the week. But I think with the death of a major recurring character, they ought to have written a better story. Like Jared ending up dead and Booth going after the murderer and getting in trouble as a result. But, again, they were working with no David Boreanaz for most of the episode, so they were hampered by that. And that scrambling did show in the episode.

    • Because that is who Booth is. He loved and tried to protect Jared but also his country. He didn’t want those men on the list to be “outed” and killed. He still felt loyalty to the FBI (one of the reasons for the title). And I think the FBI will show their gratitude by rehiring him.

      • Hmmm…maybe I missed something, but I saw no indication that Booth was actively trying to prevent that list of names from getting into the hands of people who would have sold them piece by piece to the highest bidder. I think his actions were actually very un-Booth like both in that what he was doing was unpatriotic and in that he put the needs of his brother in front of the needs of his wife and kids. And the thought that he would even consider hanging all those FBI guys out to dry like that is so far outside of his character it’s laughable. This is the guy who’s spent his career trying to even out his cosmic tally sheet to make up for all the lives he took as a sniper for pete’s sake.

        There’s really no way you can positively spin stealing and murder…even if the people you’re murdering are the scum of the earth…short of him being on an undercover mission (which would have meant him lying to Brennan in a really major way) for the FBI…or some other law enforcement agency.

        I certainly hope we see a more plausible explanation than what we’ve been given in upcoming episodes. If they let this one go without tying up their loose ends, it’ll be a major plot fail. Not what I was looking forward to from the new showrunners.

  11. I know some are confuse on whether or not Booth was uncover but in one of the reviews I read, the reviewer took a screenshot of the texts and one said “Booth is FBI”, I’ll try to find the review so you guys can see it. I think Booth was undercover but not everyone at the FBI knew just probably the higher ups. Hopefully it will be cleared up in the next episode.

    We already know that Jared and his former military buddies had been doing shady jobs for at least the last couple months of his life, I think that when this next job came up and Jared found out what it was about the whole buying a list of Undercover FBI Agents he realize that his group had gone to far. It’s one thing to rob from bad guys but to sell out some good people who are only trying to do their jobs for money is something he didn’t want to participate in so he contacted Booth told him what was going on and Booth probably went to the Deputy Director of the FBI about what Jared told him. Booth either convince Deputy Director to let him go undercover because Jared could get him in with group or the Deputy Director told Booth to go undercover to try to get the list back and find out who was 1) trying to sell the list and 2) who the buyers were.

    That’s my theory at least.

    • Exactly. The first text read that Booth is FBI. Get rid of him. The second text that was seen after Alex got the phone was that Booth was a rat and would get them arrested. Kevin refused and that is when he told them all they would not going through with it.

    • If Jared knew the list had names of undercover agents on it, he might have thought his brother’s name might be listed….and maybe that’s why he wanted Booth involved…..just a stray thought….

  12. It was definitely explained in the dialogue between Aubrey, Miller and Caroline that Booth probably learned from Jared about the list and he would either get the list or die trying. The whole mission of the gang was to steal the 2 million so they could purchase the list to sell it to other markets for up to 40 million. Booth remained with the group after Jared was killed in shootout to get the list. Otherwise he would have tried to leave. No he wasn’t going to let the FBI guys get outed; that was the whole purpose of his infiltration into the gang. He would get the list when they paid the 2 million and get the others arrested.

    • And that’s fine if he was doing it with the FBI’s blessing. But no one at the FBI seemed to know what he was doing and Booth wan’t officially working for the FBI in the field anymore, he was an instructor at Quantico. Booth does have a habit of trying to ride to the rescue without getting permission first, so your theory is definitely plausible from that perspective (although at what point does the FBI get tired of his vigilante heroism and tell him he’s better off staying at Quantico), but if that’s the case, it wasn’t communicated well by the writers during the episode. I’m not the only person who wasn’t clear on his motives.

      Bones used to stay *somewhat* tethered to reality, but that’s definitely changed as the show has aged. I’m fine with suspension of reality, but at some point you have to acknowledge the fact that Booth can’t just go charging into a situation like that on his own without there being consequences. It shouldn’t be a given that the FBI would just welcome him back with open arms just because he was trying to do the right thing, never mind that he broke about a mission laws in the process.

  13. Which is why I think only the higher ups knew that Booth was undercover, if one of your agents is undercover your not going to blow their cover to tell their former co-workers that they are undercover when you don’t know who in the FBI is trying to sell a list of undercover agents not in less your trying to get your agent killed in the field.

    Hey maybe I’m wrong and Booth wasn’t undercover.

    But if he wasn’t when the FBI had place him under arrest by now I mean they had no problem arresting him when he killed those three dirty FBI agents so why not this time. And wouldn’t Brennan and co be worried that Booth could be arrested if they didn’t know the whole truth about what Booth was doing.

    Like I said maybe I’m wrong and the next episode will clarify whether he was or not.

  14. I think he had to be undercover….Jared told Booth what was going on to tip Booth off….Booth takes it to the higher ups and they have him join the gang to try and stop the transfe of the list. It was too risky to let Brennan in on the plan….with all the money at stake people would be desperate.

    Now that’s a lot of interpretation on my part, but given that we have 44 minutes of air time I think they decided not to lay out every single detail. There may be more information in later episodes to fill in gaps here.

    For me Bones has never been truly rooted in reality anyway. It almost has a tinge of science fiction. Most of the science is accurate, but do we reallty think all of the gizmos they have in the lab work exactly like they say? It takes days just to get DNA identified in real life. I don’t mind a bit of fantasy with my reality.

    By the way, Jared Booth figures prominantly in The Conman in the Meth Lab….that’s where Cam calls him Jarhead, and we find out he’s really not a very nice guy.

  15. I have to agree with Stephanie. Many many gaping holes in the second part of this story! So was this group, Jared’s former navy guys, all former military gone bad? I hope we find out more this week from Booth’s anguish. I think setting his brother on fire would be pretty disturbing. It sure disturbed me!! That was not a Boothy thing to do in my book! lol Too bad Sweets is gone. I sure wish Gordon Gordon could return.

    I also didn’t connect with Brennan going to work at the Jeffersonian in case Booth dies. So not Brennan., it was like Brennan to complain at the way the Lab was being run by Cam and how many cases were mishandled!! NOW that would make sense. She was working on other projects and writing books while she wasn’t in the lab. It wasn’t like she was home baking cookies and not seeing her friends. She didn’t even want to answer Daisy last season when she asked her how long she’d wait after her spouse died to have sex with another man. Brennan doesn’t like going there…..not many spouses do.

    Those two things were what, I saw as out of character errors for the two new writers. I understand that this is likely the first time the characters have been written by someone other than HH or SN. No matter who wrote any particular episode in the past, those two always had last say on what B&B said and did.

    Yes – Jared wasn’t a great guy in Conman, but in Hero in the Hold 5 episodes later, Brennan gets on his case and he instrumental in saving Booth’s life. He had his good points.

    • I don’t see either of those things as errors. It is congruent with Brennan to want to be at work if Booth were to die, she has said so before (The spark in the park – S9). Working from home and taking care of the kids WITH Booth at home is much different from having to raise their kids by herself because he’s gone. She may have been working on some projects from home, but she is who she is and her work at the Jeffersonian is important and matters. As she said, she realizes that is where she belongs. Its been her home for the past 11+ years, without Booth in the picture, she would need that constant in her life to be able to go on.

      As for Booth setting Jared on fire, why not? He’s a military man, a sniper at that, used to doing what needs to be done. That fire was like Jared’s funeral pyre. He took care of Jared until the last moment. Plus, I’m pretty sure he added his gun into the mix just so that the team would be forced to get Brennan involved, to send a message.

      • “That fire was like Jared’s funeral pyre. He took care of Jared until the last moment.”

        Well said. That’s what I thought too.

      • He added no gun – I’ve watched a couple of times. Well remind me not to have Booth ‘take care of me’! He failed miserably if he had to burn up Jared. It was definitely something I did not enjoy seeing!

      • Booth shouldn’t have had to take care of Jared….Jared should’ve been able to take care of himself. Things didn’t work out, but I’m not convinced it was all Booth’s fault. We don’t know all the details. One of the drug dealer’s gang shot Jared, according to the script. Booth felt it was his responsibility to take of his brother’s body.

        We’re only two episodes into the season. Things may be explained later, or maybe not, but it could be that we find out more information later on that sheds more light on this.

  16. It seems Brennan made the decision for the both of them to go back to work.Booth just didn’t seem all that into it.

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