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The Promise in the Palace: Post Episode Discussion


Hi All,

Sorry I missed last week…more work travel. I promise to be better about pre-planning these posts!

What did you think of this episode?


21 thoughts on “The Promise in the Palace: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I liked the episode.
    I have to admirer Clark for trying to do a trick that Brennan couldn’t figure out. Love how Booth’s trick was the one that she couldn’t figure out. The conversation between Brennan and Booth was so well done, I like when the deep discussions about their lives together and what future could hold for them and how they will handle it. I’ve been enjoying how the writers have been writing B&B this season.

  2. I want to know who kidnapped my fierce, anthropological, growing, learning, crying over buried dogs and abused tigers, Scarred Face, kind, amazing Brennan back. I don’t recognize her in this cold, mean, robotic, condescending, dictatorial imposter. This woman was cold to her husband, and flat out mean to Hodgins and Clark. I’m out of excuses for what they’ve done to Temperance Brennan, and it’s such a shame, watch an early episode, and the differences are mind boggling.

    Angela should check herself if her husband and coworkers all think she can’t be trusted with other men around. That’s on her.

    If Cam loves Arastoo, go be with him. He’s not dead and life’s too short. (But I am liking her longer hair!)

    I can’t even comment on the case, I was so disappointed in Brennan. Honestly. I miss “Tempe” as Max would say.

  3. I really enjoyed this one, but I would agree with bb that it would be nice to occasionally see a smiling Brennan. Although I think her demeanor has improved over last season when she seemed (understandably, given all that happened) so serious and even unhappy at times, she could still use a little “joie de vivre” to spice up her character. I wouldn’t consider a few displays along those lines to be OOC at all because in past seasons we *have* seen her soft side quite a bit; it’s the contrast between her rational persona and her strong emotions that truly makes her so interesting.

    A tiny pet peeve of mine, though not one that at all detracts from my enjoyment of the show, is the fact that Booth always seems to be either asking for permission or negotiating when it comes to his kids. It’s actually something that’s been happening since his days with Rebecca. I know that Brennan at some point gives in to his requests which is nice, but that usually doesn’t happen until she’s discussed the matter over with a third party. I realize that’s the way she is; she needs to understand why the request may have merit, but it’s a little disturbing to think that this type of arbitration goes on constantly between them. We’ve seen it with her giving him permission to have Christine baptised and then taking her to church, saw it with the argument about schools, and now with the tooth fairy where he was clearly ready to throw in the towel. It’s like poor Booth has to have an encyclopaedic treatise with him whenever he wants to do something with his children. A little thing, really, but it just feels a bit overdone.

    On a positive note, I liked that Brennan looked so touched (and utterly in love) when Booth said he didn’t want to imagine her with anyone else, just as I liked the playfulness we saw between them last week and during the dishwashing scene a while back. Also loved that though none of Brennan’s genius squints could impress her with their magic tricks, Booth without any of their PhD’s could still blow her mind in that end scene. Overall a great season IMO so far; the writers can’t make everyone happy, but they’re certainly doing their darnest to pull it off. Adoring the show as usual!

    • I agree with you on Booth having to ask Brennan permission on things concerning their kids getting a bit tiresome.

      I wish Brennan would hear Booth out and comprise with him without getting others people opinion on the matter. She knew long before they became a couple that there are things that Booth believes in and has pass down to Parker like how Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and so are real as well as his faith. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise to her that Booth wants to pass those same things on to their kids too.

      Some of the comments I have read feel like Brennan sometimes treats Booth as a sperm donor and not as the father of their kids which I can’t help but feel a little sad about that, since she had improve on other things in her life in a better way. But hasn’t improve on understanding that there are things that Booth wants to share with their kids and shouldn’t have to ask her permission nor should he have to fight her on in order to do.

      • I was so annoyed when Brennan said the tooth fairy would teach Christine that strangers could come in her room and steal body parts. Really Brennan? Really? Smh

  4. PS-nice to have you back!

  5. Brennan was a little over the top in this episode but that could be the fault of it being a new writer. The rigid scientist does annoy me…and a little bit of whimsy is a good thing. This was the first episode of this season where I really noticed it a lot, but overall I liked the episode.

  6. While I wouldn’t go as far as bb, I would say that the new writers have moved Brennan back a few steps this season. I’m not liking it either.
    I do think the ‘pattern’ of B&B approaching a topic from different angles and then in the end meeting in the middle somewhere is fine. But again, at the end of this episode…Booth got his way. The tooth fairy did leave Christine a dollar. I didn’t see it as Booth begging I saw it as him stating his case and she stating hers. He also asked Aubrey, it’s not just she who talks to her friends. When there was a dispute over church in s9 – Booth again won out. I’m fine with that. But there are those that think Brennan bends all the time to what Booth wants. I’m in the middle, I want to see them discuss their differences. But there seems to be a sharpness or regression may be a better word, to Brennan this season after episodes 1&2 that I’m not liking.
    I hope the new show runners stop it now.
    Brennan has said she can’t imagine a world where Booth doesn’t come home, she’s told him in their car conversation of s9 – she’d die without him. She told Daisy she wouldn’t be ready to have sex with another man if she lost Booth even 6 months later. We saw her running into his arms when he was doing his video will message to Christine.
    Then in this episode, she was fairly flip about it.
    Didn’t sit well. I fear how these new people will handle Brennan going forward.

  7. The “Tooth Fairie” seems to me to be a lesser version of the American culture’s version of “Santa Claus”.

    When it comes to Santa Claus, older children and teenagers join in with the adults to keep the myth of Santa alive for the younger children. It becomes almost a rite of passage when an older child is not only told the truth about Santa being just a myth, but is admitted into the collective brotherhood of myth-keepers, charged with not yet telling this truth to their younger siblings, cousins, and neighborhood kids.

    That might have been an angle that Hodgins should have exploited in defending the practice with Michael Vincent and trying to encourage Brennan to do so with Christine as well.

  8. Brennan has lost the warmth & softness she had in the past. She looks down on everyone most of the time. Whats with the way she talks with such coldness & no expression. She has her nose in the air talking down to everyone. She didn’t as much in this episode she was much warmer. I thought Hodgins & Clark trying to fool Brennan with their magic tricks was funny. They were so sure they could fool her. The look on their faces when they failed, they were so frustrated. Remember she is a genius. She couldn’t figure out how Booth did his because his technique was so skilled & smooth.
    I have to gripe about the way she dresses she looks so frumpy & those boots . She wears them all the time even at home after work.
    someone please throw them away.

    • Unfortunately, I have gotten the impression that Emily Deschanel herself is the one who likes this look on Brennan, and chooses to wear these clothes from the collection available to her from Brennan’s closet of clothes from the series.

    • I really think that Brennan shows her warmth and softness by actions and not by words. I can only think of a handful of times when she was warm and/or emotional in her speech. But she does something in almost every show that shows her loving heart, some big and some small (off the top of my head, making snacks for her daughter’s school, sending the prescriptions to Cuba for Fuentes, getting the TV for Booth, arranging for a doctor for her step-niece and for Wendell, incriminating herself on the stand, plumbing for dummies book for Booth, trying to find a cure for Arastoo, buying the phone for Booth, making Christmas dinner for her friends, trying to adopt Ripley, taking care of baby Andy, finding Amy’s real parents, and there are million more).

      But I will agree with you on the wardrobe. I would love a little more variety. There has to be some other vegan choices that would look good on a mother of two! I am loving the hair though!

  9. I realized I like fanfiction Bones better than the one on TV. Sorry, that’s just the way I feel.

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I found the show when they got married so I guess I missed all the real fun. Thanks for the posts about each episode. They made my marathon fun.

    • I agree with you about fanfiction Brennan vs. TV Brennan. To be honest, I would no longer be watching the show if it wasn’t for the many FF writers who have filled in all the many, many blanks left in the story by the Bones TV writers.

    • I agree. I usually like fanfiction Brennan much better than TV Brennan. To be honest, I would probably no longer be watching the show if it wasn’t for the talented FF writers who have filled in all the many, many blanks left in the Bones story by the TV writers.

  10. I think there’s little room for doubt that Brennan loves her husband more than just about anything. I know-and we’ve all witnessed-that she would do the impossible for him so that’s not the issue for me when I see them interacting. It just feels that some of the warmth and charming self-doubt she exhibited in past seasons, especially season 9, has been lost and I kind of miss that side of her.

    Again, it’s not a huge deal for me. I’ve never seen a ficitonal couple so deeply committed to each other and to working through their many complicated issues as Booth and Brennan. There’s plenty of love there, and as far as I’m concerned it’s certainly one of the most beautiful, unique portrayals of a romantic relationship ever shown on tv. But still, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of a light touch with Brennan’s character not just with Booth but with people in the lab. I’m not sure who’s responsible for the change in how she’s been portrayed the past year and a half-the writers, directors or producers-but it does seem like a deliberate shift in tone that I personally would want to see tweaked down a bit only because I don’t like her to be viewed in a negative way.

    The whole thing reminds me of when Booth told Brennan that he knew what a big heart she had-he just wanted others to also see that. Maybe it doesn’t matter, since Booth and the squints already know what a wonderful person she is. But it might not be a bad thing for newer viewers of the show to be reminded of that fact.

  11. I’m a little confused because I am not seeing this serious retro Brennan you all seem to see. Sure, in this episode she was annoyed that people were wasting time with the magic stuff, something she views as a deception and we all know she does not enjoy deception but have we forgotten that she was the one who pranked Booth first? That she was making those eatable brain things for Christine’s school? That she opened up to Dr. Betty White and admitted to being jealous to her? Have we forgotten how she supported a fairly blunt and closed off Booth when he was searching for his brother’s ashes? Or that it was her who bought him (rented) a giant TV because he wanted one? They have been extremely playful this season and she was soooooo happy in last week’s episode, don’t forget she was even playing match maker with Aubrey and Jessica once she figured out who she and Angela were talking about.

    I have noticed a change in attitude in Booth though. He was grumpy all the time last season, this season he seems a lot more relaxed and nice.

    • We could argue if the changes to Brennan’s character are good or bad, but I feel like it needs to be acknowledged that she is different from Early Brennan. “EB” was a character who was bad and socializing but wanted to get better, a character who grew from her experiences. She knew she was intelligent but not belligerent about it.

      IMO, Brennan is now written very one dimensionally. Either written “dumb” for humor or arrogant for lab work. All the interesting shades of Temperance feel muted. If I had stumbled on this show now, instead of back in season 2, I don’t think I’d connect with her character like I did. Not to say she’s the only one who has changed, but more and more her character makes me cringe, with either them making her SO unaware or SO demeaning and arrogant.

      Booth’s main thing for me is lack of screen time. More Sweets and more Aubrey in the field and in the interrogation room means less kick-a** Booth in general. Of course, they did have Booth weirdly devolve into gambling because Brennan was pregnant and life was good (??) but they seemed to forget that quickly. But overall, I feel like Booth has not changed that drastically.

      Same with Hodgins and Angela. They feel much the same, but their overall lack of interesting storylines is the main change for me. They just do their thing forensically and that’s all.

      Don’t get me wrong, I do really love Bones, even though it may seem like I don’t. As much as I want the Howard Epps to Gormogon era to come back, I know it can’t, but I like the actors and characters enough to still watch and enjoy. I’ll watch Bones as long as they are on the air. But sometimes I do long for the early season vibes.

      That feels like I wrote a novel! But I wanted to try to explain my feelings a bit better. I love having this forum to sort out my thoughts. 🙂

      • Booth & Brennan need storylines that are focused on them. Even if it is just the case. Let the case affect them, connect to them.

        They are the lead characters and they have no ongoing storyline. What’s that about?

        I know the crossover interfered with the shooting schedule and David being sick has intefered with his screentime too BUT still B&B could have more meatier plots, than the tooth fairy & a TV!! come on Michael Peterson & Jonathan Collier you can do better than that for our leading duo. I know you can.

  12. hi, I am a recent Bones addicted and I’m still catching up on all the episodes… I’ve seen every episode of season 2, 3, 6 and 10 and 11 and some episodes from other seasons.
    I also noticed that this season Brennan is totally different from early Brennan… and I loved her a loooot more before.
    I agree with the one who said that Brennan is written one dimensionally! Honestly I find this Brennan quite boring and I don’t like her clothes too… I really love all her outfits of the seasons from 1 to 6.
    Even the interaction between Booth and Bones I feel is cold… they used to be extremely connected/hot/romantic just looking at each other even when they weren’t together, their chemistry was fascinating, they were soul mates and it was indeniable… now I can’t even see their connection when they (rarely) kiss. I don’t know why they are writing these beautiful characters that cold way… maybe they run out of ideas? or got bored?! 😉
    I wonder what David and Emily think about that change of direction.

    ps I’m italian, so don’t mind my mistakes 🙂

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