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The Cowboy in the Contest: Post Episode Discussion


One hiatus over, just in time for another one to begin! What did you think of this episode?


5 thoughts on “The Cowboy in the Contest: Post Episode Discussion

  1. like Cam and the new BF. Seems weird to see him in her bedroom where we’ve seen her with Arastoo!

    *Well I see why Booth hid the motorcycle papers since Brennan shot it down with no discussion!

    *Yes, Brennan, have some FUN!

    *I love Brennan showing up like that!

    *Of course Hodgins found a special type of tree splinter that doesn’t grow there lol

    *Cam doesn’t mind sleeping with a guy, but she draws the line at a WALK.

    *I thought the saloon fight was fun

    *Hm, Hodgins has never gone against Angela’s wishes before…interesting…

  2. This is my new favorite undercover episode, love seeing Brennan showing off her impressive shooting skills she’s great but Booth is still better. The whole episode was just pure and a delight. I know there’s more I want to say about this episode but my mind is drawing a blank.

  3. What a hoot-loved it start to finish. The sexy vibes, the costumes, the competition, the humor made it one of my instant faves. Wasn’t this the same writer (Karine Rosenthal) who wrote the wedding episode? And Chad Lowe’s a great director. Another winner in what is already a great season! I swear, if this is the end for Bones (which I still think it might not be), what a way to go! Thanks show 🙂

  4. What a delight this episode was. From start to finish I loved every min. of it. I love all their undercover episodes they are such fun. This one will be one of my favorites. They are so competitive with each other. Brennan has to be the best at every thing she does. Booth gives into her most of the time but not with the shooting. After all he was a high level sniper. Watching him shooting that rifle with such precision & accuracy was exciting. Brennan gave him a look of approval & pride. Brennan was having so much fun it was fun watching her. She was a free spirit. I love B&B they are a wonderful couple.
    I like Cam I like her persona she adds a richness to the team. Her double takes & the look on her face when she listens to others statements while she decide’s how to respond. Then decides there is no way she can respond so she gives a little shake of her head & walks away with perfect posture shaking her hips. She does it so well its priceless. She deserves a good solid story. Sleeping with basically a stranger & then wont take a walk with him. Oh come on that is just plain silly. I never liked her love affair with Arastoo. She was his boss that is a no no. Give her a story line that fits the pride she has in her self. Her accomplishments are many, she has a right to have pride in herself

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