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The Doom in the Boom: Post-Episode Discussion


What did you think of this fall season finale?


5 thoughts on “The Doom in the Boom: Post-Episode Discussion

  1. Wow, did not expected that ending. I was sure something bad was going to happen to Angela or Hodgins but that was not something I thought was going to happen. And to think this episode was original suppose to have been the premiere, I’m glad the new showrunner didn’t change their minds and still decided to do this storyline.

  2. *Poor Sweets-lite, hurt like Sweets too! Gonna have scars on his back…

    *I thought it was Booth’s happiness at the new baby that made him gamble but now it’s guilt over Sweets’ death?

    *Brennan says Angela can’t do a facial reconstruction when the skull is in pieces but she did when it was the Sleepy Hollow ep


    *So Cam never spoke to Arastoo again after he quit? Did he try to call her or she him? At all?

    *As soon as they mentioned the wire, I knew there would be an explosion and that it would make Hodgins rethink the kid thing. My mind went there instantly!

    *Cam’s evidence hunting high heels…

    *And she was wearing a loose blue jacket in the lab instead of her skintight suit!

    *Love to see Booth doing his FBI work in the field, showing his expertise!

    *My sweet Hodgins I hate to see him hurt!!!!

    *Well that’s a downer for sure!

  3. After Cowboy this episode was a bit of a downer and did not live up to the hype.Episode felt rushed and uneven.

    FBI girl was annoying and unnecessary
    Aubrey healed way too quickly
    possible triangles…Cam,Arastoo and photo guy
    Aubrey,Jessica and FBI girl
    My beloved Bones has become a full fledged soap opera.

  4. I enjoyed seeing Booth & Brennan playing cowboy & cowgirl. I loved the way Brennan had her guns strapped on, B&B are so competitive. Brennan really struts when she beats Booth. Then Booth is very defensive huffing & puffing. They are such a wonderful couple I love it. That was a fun episode. The second episode was no fun at all. What a downer. Angela saying that she & Hodgins had such good luck, nothing bad ever happens to them Then her whole world came crashing down.. Hearing Angela scream & to see Hodgins on the ground with the lifeless look in his eyes was so frightening. Then to see him flat on his back all alone with the neck brache on. Needless to say I was upset what a way to end the episode. Now we have to wait 4 month to see what happens with our beloved Hodgins. Bones writers love to torturer it’s fans.

  5. I was wondering the hole episode way Brennan didn’t look at hodgins xrays. Every time there has been à hospitalvisit she has checked the xrays. Every time! Ofcourse there was something wrong with him. But I did not expect this.
    I can’t wait for the show to come back to see how they are going to move on from this.

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