Bones Theory

What’s the point?

Hey, hey, hey!

Well, this site came about after another project I completed a few years ago, called 100 Days of Bones–designed to talk about each episode from 1-100, leading up to that episode airing!

Since that project was confined to discussing episodes in order, it didn’t allow for much talk on overarching themes–thus, a new blog! It’s turned into an amazing community of people, kind, honest, skilled and Bones-loving! 🙂

As a fan and an English major, I hope that each essay takes a fresh look at some common themes in the show as well as character development. Additionally, I hope to explore and answer some questions using the episodes as research. But more than that, I hope to encourage discussion about this world-wide beloved show!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Love & Bones,



2 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. Dear Sarah,
    May I ask you a question? (I couldn’t see anywhere to place one!)
    There was a comment a short while back about T.J. Thyne being worthy of an Emmy; about which I agree; however, D.B. deserves one so much more.
    I’d never seen his acting before Bones, and was just blown away by how excellent he was as a natural, unaffected, actor, right from the first. He has only impressed me more, as he has you all.
    The question is, if he were nominated for an Emmy, and won (I should hope!) would it break the intensity of our interest in the characters on Bones — their substance as profoundly real people, to us —
    to watch him collect a trophy for doing a job well? Yes, we will applaud, with pleasure, even, but will we feel any differently when watching Bones? Will the ‘romance’ (the ‘glamour’) of our intense interest in the character of Booth be damaged?
    Think about that.
    Thank you *so* much for this lovely forum.

  2. I don’t think so at all … more than anything I’d love to see him receive such an award. I’m newer to Bones than a lot of people, but I have noticed several award nominations for ED, have I just missed them for DB. I love ED, but I watch for DB. I think he makes everything else work. That’s my honest opinion. Seeing him receive an award would feel right and just – and not detract at all from the experience of watching the show. Bones was my first exposure to DB, BTW.

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