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Vintage Bones: The Man in the Morgue

Having just watched this episode last night, I’m curious about something and I figured the brilliant BT readers might have some answers for me.
The end of the episode – this sequence:
TB: Booth, objects have no intrinsic power. A person’s future does not depend on some thing. Things are just things. They do not have magical meaning or powers. Where did you get that?
SB: What does it matter? It’s just a thing. Right?
TB: My mother’s earring.
SB: No magical power over your future. (exit stage right, after that grin that says he can read her mind)
Angela: Does that prove something?
TB: It proves something.
What? What did it prove? Something about her? Something about her desire to for a connection to her mother? Something about Booth?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Here is your B&B of the Day:
The “Stop Me if you’ve Heard the We’re Just Partners Joke Before” B&B
From The Man in the Morgue: Season One