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Vintage Bones: Pilot- IAYA: What’s In A Nickname?

{Edit from Seels: Thank you to each person who sent encouragement about this trip down BONES memory lane! As the week has gone on, I’ve gotten more and more excited. I wanted to announce the winner of the (and the) category name for this project, and it is… “Vintage Bones”, brought to you by the lovely Linda (cosmicgirl).

There were SO many great suggestions, but in the end, this one just felt right. As we take a look back at this great series so far, it just feels like some of those older episodes just get better and richer with age. I guess we’ll find out for sure! Thanks again, Linda!

And Maria had a question that turned out to be perfect for our opening discussion of the series–The Pilot}

Why did Booth feel the need to call Brennan “Bones”, and even more intriguing, why did she let him? It’s not as if she couldn’t have put an end to that if she really wanted to.


Here’s your B&B of the Day

The “She says ‘diatomaceous earth’, and all of a sudden, we’re all about to get a lot smarter” B&B

From: Pilot– Season One