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Hodgins Week: Top Five Tuesday: Hodgins Makes Us Laugh

TJ Thyne has some serious acting chops. Give that guy a scene, and he’ll steal it. Whether Hodgins is on the verge of an emotional break down, spouting some unpronounceable scientific terms at a rapid fire pace, or getting down and dirty with his dirt and slime, TJ can deliver. He gives us so many great things to love about this character. For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Hodgins is how he never fails to make me smile! So in honor of Hodgins Week here at Bones Theory, here are the Top Five moments Hodgins made me laugh out loud.

1.)   The Woman in the Garden

If you don’t pay attention this gem of a moment could just pass you right by. I can’t even tell you how many times I have rewound this episode just to see Hodgins do an impersonation of Booth. He’s got it down perfectly! Tossing his makeshift poker chip in the air and doing little hand movements all while spinning theories about what could have happened. It’s great!

2.)   The Secret in the Soil

Ok, I know this one is kind of a silly throw away, but whenever I watch it I never fail to giggle. Just the fact that “Why hello, my exotic little princess,” and “Where did you come from gorgeous, and do you have any friends?” escape his mouth is something you’ve got to appreciate about this show! Who in the world addresses a bug like that? I just love how much Hodgins loves his work. I also adore the reactions everyone else has to him. Cam thinks he’s talking about her, and Zack just brushes it off like it was a totally normal thing to be said. Ah, a peek into the world of squints.

3.)   The Intern in the Incinerator

Not only is this one of my favorite Hodgins moments, it is also one of my favorite exchanges between Booth and Hodgins throughout the series. When Booth comes up and says that Cam’s sister kissed him, all Hodgins can manage to say is, “Duuude” with a look of pure amusement on his face. I adore that Hodgins can’t hold back his laughter no matter how serious he tries to remain. How infectious is that giggle? I love it!

4.)   The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

I know fans are pretty split on this episode. It’s almost a “you either love it, or you hate it” kind of thing. However, I challenge you to find a person who doesn’t at least crack a smile when Hodgins is giving his speech. He happens to glance out the window only to see Booth and Brennan smuggling the body out of the house. His reaction is priceless! If the look of pure shock on his face isn’t enough, he completely loses his cool as stumbles and stutters his way through the rest of the speech. Then he ends it by smashing his glass on the floor. Hilarious! Also, since we’re talking about the brilliance of Hodgins in this particular episode, this little exchange between Sweets and Hodgins cannot go unmentioned:

            Hodgins: “Fugu!”

            Sweets: “That’s not very nice.”

5.)   The Devil in the Details

An experiment that requires Hodgins to wield nunchucks? What could be better?! I love that despite Arastoo’s warnings, Hodgins pretends he’s a pro at swinging the nun chucks with ninja sound effects and everything! As it turns out, nunchucks are “deceptively difficult to maneuver” and he ends up conking himself right in the face! My favorite part of the scene is when Arastoo asks to give it a shot and Hodgins replies by saying, “Knock yourself out….I did.” Haha!

I know there are a ton more hilarious Hodgins moments throughout 5+ seasons. What Hodgins moment had you laughing the hardest? Dissing Daisy? Page 187? Some experiment gone horribly wrong? Or horribly RIGHT?

Let’s hear it!