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Top Five Tuesday–Who Do You Want to See More of in Season Eight?

Hello everyone! I’m not writing you from the grave, though with the zero posts lately, some of you might have thought I was no longer of this world!

MJ tweeted begged pleaded threatened wrote me an email and mentioned there were 13 weeks left until the premiere. I thought I could do Monday posts until then. Obviously it didn’t happen yesterday, but I’ll try from here on out until the premiere (which my math skills indicates is September 17th).

For now, how about a discussion on side characters you’d like to see more of in season 8? Sorry I don’t have pics today—next time!

I’ll start. Here are five minor characters I’d like to see more of in season eight.

1. Wendell—I think he’s my favorite squintern. Most of the time, he’s the least caricature-esque of the grad students, and he’s usually there to actually do work and not create some sort of drama on the side (exception: that one episode where he thought telling everyone the absolute truth was the best). I also like that of all the interns, he fits the best in terms of everyone on the team, including Booth.

2. Jared / Pops—It doesn’t matter to me which one, but I think it would be nice to see Booth interact with his family some, and please…Pops needs to have some Christine time! 🙂

3. Agent Genevieve Shaw—I like her character a lot, and I love the idea of Booth having someone who sort of follows him around/admires him, etc. I also hope they touch on her being a mother again—otherwise, it will have just been a lousy emotional plot in that one episode. And I hate those.  And yeah, I’m a Sweets/Shaw shipper, and not just because I hate Daisy so much. (Side note: If you haven’t seen the Bachelor-esque spoof “Burning Love”, do yourself a favor and check it out on Yahoo. Carla Gallo (who plays Daisy) is in it, and she’s hilarious. She’s hilarious as Daisy, I just hate Daisy you understand. Check it out!)

4. Dr. Douglas Filmore – I know that many, many, many people hate this character, and I’m not saying that I love it…but he does make me laugh. Most of what I think is funny revolves around his Canadian sensibilities. And I also really like when the show actually talks about Brennan’s status in the scientific community.

5. Max—Since season two, Max has had a relationship (of sorts) with Booth as much as with Brennan. I think it will be interesting to see how Booth responds to Max in the future.

How about you? Which five minor characters would you like to see more of in season eight?