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Vintage Bones: The Beginning in the End

Hello and Happy Friday!

Confession: Beyond this episode, there aren’t many episodes I’ve watched more than 2-3 times.  I feel like I would dominate a Bones trivia game for episodes 1-100, haha. Part of that is because when I first got into Bones, all I did was watch seasons 1-3. When it ended, I went back to the beginning. And I went through the series several times for different projects, one a fanfic project of co-writing deleted scenes for every episode, and another one was the 100 Days of Bones, which was fun. I own S6 but I don’t own S7 or S8 (outside of a couple of one-off episodes on iTunes). I will probably buy S9 at some point. (I also have Netflix, which has worked just fine.) Tumblr has been very fun in that I’m reminded of some great moments from the past couple of seasons, which has warmed my cold little heart a bit :)

Anyway, I know there are many many good episodes and moments between 105 and the 190s we’re in now…I just don’t know all of them by heart! :)

With this episode… it hurts. I know we talked during the discussion of the 100th about how I try not to let pain from future episodes affect how I feel about the 100th. But I am not as successful when it comes to this one.  On the other hand, I know it is supposed to be painful–like the fracturing of a family or close-knit friend group. That is what makes the show successful, so to fracture it SHOULD cause pain :)


The whole ‘he called me baby, baby all night long’ song was a weird choice that led to weird ambiguity. And I also remember that like…the MINUTE the episode ended, Ausiello posted spoilers about how Booth would be returning with a serious girlfriend.


But seriously, it was way too soon to process that kind of information. And because S6 skipped ahead in time and sort of told us what B&B (and the team) had been up to (with the exception of a few moments in the premiere), I know I personally felt a little bit of whiplash. That is a discussion for another day, but yeah…that was a bad summer, LOL. It just shot the fandom into some terrible blame-games.  For the record, I always blame Daisy. For everything. LOL…kidding. Sort of. :)


Enough from me. what do you like or not like about this one?


Here is your moment of B&B:

hands at end of season 5 finale




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