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Morning After Q: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Hey and Happy Friday!

This post will contain information about the Season 10 Premiere. If you haven’t watched it (and have managed to avoid hearing what happens)–stop now and come back later! I know some people subscribe to BT and get the emails in their inbox. After these pictures, we will discuss…

blue line costumes stakeout curl magic

Okay, so wow!

Alright, here is my biggest question— who will ultimately be the most affected by Sweets’ death? Will it be Booth, who is already emotionally unstable? Or will it be Brennan, who is sort of taking care of Booth and herself, and (based on the way she wrapped her arm around Daisy at the lab—broke my heart!) probably those at the lab?

We’ve discussed before how Sweets was ‘theirs’ — he met them at the same time, when they were already partners. It’s a big deal.


Okay, comments are open! Please refrain from any spoilers for future episodes.


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