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Vintage Bones: The Doctor in the Den


I recommend this episode. It got some heat at the time because it wasn’t a B&B centric episode, but in the grand scheme of the series, I think it is a nice one.

There are good Cam and Booth friendship moments and good Brennan and Cam friendship moments too.  In this episode, Brennan is a bit annoyed/hurt when Booth wants to have Cam help in the field and he asks Brennan to stay in the lab on this one, just for this case. But Booth just asks her to trust him on this one, and she does, and it is nice, I think.


Plus a Pinky and the Brain reference! :) :) :)


What did you like or not like about this episode? The comments are open! And here is your moment of B&B. Hodgins has pointed out a reptile spot on a computer screen, and Booth leans in and says “snakesssss”, startling Brennan. Which is cute. :)




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