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High Treason in the Holiday Season: Post Episode Discussion


Hello everyone! What did you think of this episode?


I am actually going to be out this evening, watching Mockingjay Part 2, so I may be a little behind in approving comments, but I will approve them ASAP.


8 thoughts on “High Treason in the Holiday Season: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Shout out to Russ Brennan!!

  2. It was okay, I thought the scene where Bones surprises Booth with Parkers arrival was awkward and not the way we would envision seeing them together, I think if they had used the same Parker whose grown up on the show it would have played out better! I was disappointed with that part of the show!

    • Susan, I agree. I knew going in that they had recast Parker, but when he appeared, I still thought, “Who is that kid?” The father/son didn’t have that bond I felt with the “real” Parker. That being said, overall it was a pretty good episode. I wanted Brennan to be a little more understanding with Booth’s feelings about the safety of fellow operatives, but she wasn’t as harsh as she sometimes can be. I thought she was really cute when she was trying to lie to her husband at the beginning of the ep. And B&B had a cute snuggly side hug right as the episode ended. Hodgins was interesting to me, complaining about the 1% when at three separate times in the series (Cantilever Group, hot sauce, unbreakable glass), he himself has been a multimillionaire, and even without the extra cash, he has a sweet Jeffersonian gig! I’m glad Hodgins let Booth decide what to do with the secret info, instead of just reporting it. I like when Booth gets credit for things related to his intellect and job because sometimes it’s few and far between. Overall, it was a nicely balanced episode, the case kept me interested, the personal stuff was good, and it had a nice cozy ending of the team sharing a meal together.

      PS. Now I’m scared of everything, if you can impale yourself on a room service lid. Yikes!

  3. Really liked the case and the way the writers handled the touchy subject of safety leaks. It didn’t feel as it sometimes does that the show was lecturing the audience with an ‘agenda of the week’. Instead, each character was allowed to voice his or her opinion on the issue in a respectful, intelligent manner that felt very true to who they are. I’m sure this isn’t the end of the NSA and I’m looking forward to how the story carries over to the rest of the season.

    Cam was an absolute goddess when she told that guy off in the early on in the episode-I can’t get enough of her quiet authority and her need to do what she feels is right no matter where the chips may fall. I’ve always liked her, but that scene brings out the worshiper in me. Hodgins too was great-while he’s still a bit of a conspiracy freak, they toned it down enough to make his concern immediately credible (although those pricey phones-was it absolutely necessary to clank them together like that? My wallet is still wincing…)

    About Parker-since the original actor who played the part is no longer available, people out in cyberspace are either going to have to learn to accept this new kid or essentially there will be no more Parker on the show. Granted, that scene at the diner did feel a bit awkward but I wonder if that’s because we were all more focused on the newness of Gavin and how different he looks from Ty rather than the actual interaction between him and DB. Like everyone else, I do wish we could have seen more of Parker playing with his siblings and especially him and Booth together at the house; that might have gone a long way towards establishing a little chemistry there and helping to ease the switcheroo (though totally believable they’d be bonding over video games, lol!). Alas, there probably wasn’t enough time to do much with the closing scene since the case required so much screen time. Besides, I suspect the writers subscribe to the theory that introducing a replacement character is best done in small doses; that’s what they did with Sunnie, and now we can’t imagine anyone else playing Christine. That being said, I do hope this wasn’t a one-shot for Parker. It’d be nice to have him back so that we can see more of his and Booth’s relationship and their new big-family dynamic.

    My vote for cutest scene (and there were many in this episode-the opening one and jet-ski conversation were gold) was Booth hugging Brennan. As others have pointed out, that felt more like David giving Emily an affectionate hug than anything else. What can I say-I’m a sucker for those little moments when the actors’ personality quirks and their real-life friendship bleed through the script.

    Great season so far-hasn’t been an episode I’ve been remotely on the fence about yet which is kind of mind-blowing. And I imagine the angst coming our way is only going to spice things up even more. Doesn’t feel at all like a show that’s just coasting along trying to get through a final season-that alone is reason for hope this won’t be the last.

  4. Okay here goes! Hopefully this is a good episode after last weeks awful episode-

    -Max will be away with Russ. He is still alive!
    -good start to finding the body. Booth with his sunglasses on and not people walking through the woods stumbling on a body and screaming.
    –Hart Hanson is still listed as an executive producer. I wonder if he has any say or input into the show?
    -written by Jon Cowan… Let’s hope he is better than last weeks writer, Joe Hortua, who is listed as one of the producers.
    -Nice to see B& B questioning a suspect together. Liking Booth’s purple tie and handkerchief. So far it seems like Brennan is speaking a little more normal. Better than last week anyway. LOL, Booth wants a jet ski.
    -hey what do you know, B&B are searching a crime scene together.
    -Brennan “partner of the FBI!”
    -OMG Parker! I did not know he was going to appear at the diner. Not sure how I feel about him reappearing after all these years.
    – Hank is so cute! Nice to see Christina and Michael together.
    -Nice ending with the Thanksgiving dinner. Both kissing Brennan on the cheek and giving her that nice hug was also good.

    This episode was much better and more enjoyable than last weeks episode. Not once did I feel the need to get out the 2 x 4 for Brennan.
    Also it seem like there was more B&B screen time and more Booth screen time. DB is looking better and better each week.

    Here is a gif of the hug!
    Thanksgiving dinner Pie!


  5. Thought the episode was was really great, I have been enjoying this season so much so far.
    It did feel awkward with the scene with Parker but I think it has more to do with a new actor playing the part and trying to adjust to that. I do hope we see more of Parker, we need more scenes with whole Booth family together.
    I know there’s more I want to say but can’t remember what it was. lol

  6. The case was good. I liked that part. The Thanksgiving part, seemed small. I always enjoy the family time. I was happy Booth got his turkey and Brennan had the faux turkey for those who wanted it.
    And I can’t believe they recast Parker for THAT? LOL
    I guess it’s a bone to those who freak out because Booth only talks to his kid in London. It was a strange add on for 1 min. of screen time. Like you had to remind people who he was for that?
    I liked the Booth and Hodgins scenes. It was nice to see their bond. I wonder if that will play out later in episodes.
    Brennan decorating the house for Thanksgiving….who knew she had an inner Martha Stewart! I also liked that she can beat Booth at golf!
    One of the better episodes this year.

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