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Six Degrees of Bones


Since we played Bones Mad Libs recently, I have been trying to come up with some other games we can play during the hiatus. I propose we try our own Bones version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The premise underlying that game is that, because Kevin Bacon has been in so many and so many different kinds of movies, he can be linked to anyone in Hollywood via actor connections between movies in no more than six people.

For example: link Kevin Bacon to Don Ameche. Kevin was in Animal House with John Belushi. John Belushi was in Blues Brothers with Dan Ackroyd. Dan Ackroyd was in Driving Miss Daisy with Jessica Tandy. Jessica Tandy was in Cocoon with Don Ameche.

Note: There may be other ways to make the connection between any two actors. See example below.

For Six Degrees of Bones, I propose we link Bones to other TV shows or Bones cast members (regulars, irregulars and guest cast) to any other actors. Links can be through TV or movies. I’ll give a couple of examples, then challenge you with a connection to make.

After that people can propose pairs of actors to link up and either provide the links or challenge others to figure it out. People can also suggest alternative sets of links.

Link Bones to Friends: DB in Bones links to Sarah Michelle Gellar via BtVS/Angel who links to Freddie Prinze, Jr. (not by marriage) by I Know What You Did Last Summer who links to Friends where he briefly played Ross and Rachel’s Manny.

This series of links could be used to connect any Bones cast member to any member of Friends within six degrees.

Here are a few to get your started:

1) For a warm up, link Emily or other cast member to Steve McQueen – this one is pretty easy and should require only two intermediate people, but does require some knowledge of old movies. Hint: One cast member can be linked to McQueen with only one person.

2) Link Bones to NCIS, but not via TJ, who I recently saw in a small guest spot on an NCIS repeat.

3) Link Bones to MASH, the TV show. Linking to the movie is too easy – it can be done in three steps or less.

4) Link our favorite vampire to any other vampire from movies or TV.

5) Link any Bones cast member to, who else, Kevin Bacon.

For Six Degrees of Bones, It’s ok to mix movies and TV shows. Appearances on talk shows do not count.

Good luck!


Author: angelena76

"Bones" fanatic. "Family Guy" fan. Professional adjunct business professor. Night owl. Auntie to three wonderful nephews. Purple person. AKA Purple Crone.

97 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Bones

  1. You can link Bones to Friends with TJ Thyne, he delivered Phoebes triplets 😉 dude has been in everything!

    • I didn’t know about this one. I’ll have to go back and look at some Friends DVD’s — such a great sacrifice. ;-D

    • that’s the first thing I thought of with this prompt. Though TJ didn’t actually deliver the babies; he is the Dr. that Phoebe admonishes as being too young and she calls him Doogie!
      John Francis Daley was on Freaks and Geeks — maybe someone make a six degrees from there.
      Now I will have to go to work and be thinking of a connection!

      • Freaks & Geeks should be a goldmine. I watched a bit of one ep to see our fave “child” psychologist — ooh, he was a child then, but so-o cute. Anyway, I couldn’t believe the cast in that show. I recognized all the stars, even if I didn’t remember all the names. They should provide some good links.

  2. TJ Thyne was a lawyer in Angel. Last season of Angel, we saw him at a party.

  3. Bones to Kevin Bacon – TJ to Jennifer Aniston (Friends) to Kevin Bacon (appeared in Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston)

  4. Bones to NCIS via Rena Sofer who appeared as Booth’s brief love interest in season 5.

  5. Ooh this is fun 🙂 last one for now, I promise!

    Our favourite vamp to another vamp:

    David Boreanaz appeared in The Hard Easy with Henry Thomas, who was in Legend of the Falls with Brad Pitt, who played the vampire Louis in Interview with a Vampire 🙂

  6. This is hard!!

  7. Excellent work so far.

    Here are a few more to keep us going.

    Link Bones to:

    1) Original Law & Order — there are at least three ways to do this with only 2 steps. Are there other 2 step ones and are there longer paths?
    2) Law & Order: SVU
    3) Law & Order: Criminal Intent
    4) Criminal Minds

    Enough procedurals!

    5) Seinfeld
    6) House
    7) Will & Grace
    8) The Simpsons

    Enough TV shows!

    9) Star Wars — this can be done in 2 steps: think voices
    10) Fever Pitch
    11) any Harry Potter

    Well that’s a few to keep us going. 🙂

    • Harry Potter I can link by adapting a previous one…

      David Boreanaz appeared in The Hard Easy with Henry Thomas, who was in Legend of the Falls with Brad Pitt, was in Interview with a Vampire with Helen McCrory who plays Narcissa Malfoy in all the Harry Potter films.

      Can anyone get there via a better link?

    • L&O CI–> Hannah to CI
      –> also L&O

    • Fever Pitch–>Jack Kehler(The Goop on the Girl)

    • to original Law & Order through Elizabeth Rohm who was ADA on L&O and who played Kate on Angel

      • Also for original Law & Order is Alana DelaGarza who co-starred with David in Mr. Fix-It.

      • Did you see Mr. Fix it?

      • Kimberly,I actually own Mr. Fix It (I own all of David’s movies). I really liked it. I thought it was a sweet rom/com and very funny in some scenes.

      • I loved it too. Watched it about month ago on Netflix.

      • Mr. Fix It gives another connection: Paul Sorvino who was Logan’s second partner is the lead guy who fixes the car. It’s not a very good movie, but I find the only one of DB’s so far that I can watch without cringing. I hope that Might Macs and/or Officer Down changes that. ;-D

    • Everybody: thanks for playing! Hope everyone had fun.

      Thought I’d propose a couple of Hollywood classics to finish the day. These may be more complicated to get to because of their age.

      Gone with the Wind

      • Bones to Patrica Belcher to Boston Legal (William Shatner)to Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek) to A Woman Called Golda(Ingrid Bergman(Casablanca)

      • Bones to Patrica Belcher to Boston Legal to George Segal to Ship of Fools to Vivien Leigh to Gone with the Wind

      • Kimberly – You’re amazing with your movie/TV knowledge.

        Loved the “Mutual I’m sure” quote today. White Christmas is my all-time fave Xmas movie. I love “We’ll follow the old man.”

  8. brendan fehr (jared booth) plays a communications officer in ‘X-Men: First Class’, i think he has one spoken line? so it’s a small part. BUT Kevin Bacon plays Sebastian Shaw in the same movie.

  9. this is for MJ:
    James Marsters (Angel and Hawaii Five-O)/(Hawaii Five-0) Alex O’loughlin/Daniel Dae Kim( Lost)/Nathan Fillion (Lost and Angel)/ David Boreanaz (Angel/Bones)

    Alex O’Loughlin was a vampire in Moonlight. A very good show that never gained transction with an audience. I wanted to show the link between DB and Alex (two vampires thought up by Joss Whedon) not to mention Firefly also thought up by Josh Wheton.

    • Nathan Fillion needs to be connected through Buffy, NF was never on Angel. You could add Gina Torres or Adam Baldwin between Nathan to get the Angel connection.

    • As much as it pains me to say, you don’t need Nathan Fillion (for this. You need him for other reasons, like his dreaminess! :)). Daniel Dae Kim was in Angel, Lost and is in Hawaii 5-0…

  10. 6. House – Stephen Fry plays Chef Gordon Gordon Wyatt in Bones and he was also in A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie, with Hugh Laurie who plays Dr. House. 🙂

    • Very nice. We could also link GGW and Dr. House via Jeeves & Wooster, 40 Something, Peter’s Friends and probably a slew more from their BBC work together.

  11. Law and Order SVU to Bones Emily Deschanel

  12. Bones to Star Trek(Original Series)

    • I got it! I got it!

      TJ to Friends Courtney Cox to Family Ties Michael J. Fox to the TV show where he works for the mayor of NYC Heather Locklear to TJ Hooker William Shatner to Star Trek

      Can anyone do it faster?

    • Cool!
      I think I need to review Patty Belcher’s filmography. 😉

  13. Bones to Laugh in

  14. Bones to Courtship of Eddie’s Father

    • TV show or movie?

    • Finally got the TV show and it’s pretty easy.

      Mayim Bialik was the friend in Cinderella (why I’ll never know – she was in like one scene). She was the star of Blossom and Bill Bixby, Eddie’s Father, did an ep of Blossom.

  15. Bones to Seinfeld—> Bones Patricia Belcher(Caroline) to Seinfeld(episode The Pie)

    • Belcher also gets you to Disney Channel via Good Luck Charley (Charlie?), which my 5 year old nephew recently introduced me to and which I’m a tad embarrassed to say I really like. She plays the grumpy neighbor who also has a twin who is much nicer.

      • That show gets you to the dad, last name Kramer, who was in Robin Hood: Men in Tights (he was one of the merry men), linking one to Mel Brooks and any of this movies.

  16. Bones to Jude Law: Emily Deschanel in Cold Mountain

    Bones to the Family Channel: Jared Booth (Brendan Fehr) in The Cutting Edge 3

    Those are the first things that popped into my head. For Cold Mountain, my dad and I were watching Cold Mountain, he goes upstairs to do something and turns it on up there. “Bones” comes on the screen and he yells down the stairs that its “Bones!” haha Bonding moment with the pops.
    I didn’t watch the Cutting Edge 3…but I did see the promos…and I’m going wait, what’s Booth-lite doing in this crap-tacular movie and not off apologizing profusely to actual Booth 🙂 I think I might be a wee bit too infested in Bones?

    • Did Fehr only come to Cutting Edge in no. 3?

      I can’t watch that man in anything else without getting completely mad at him.

      Also, bb, great slip of the mouse: are you a “wee bit too infested” or invested? I really like infested better. We really are all “infested” with Bones. Maybe “infected” too. ;-D

      • haha Oh dear, I did mean “invested”

        In summer break, even teachers lose all semblance of grammar and things 🙂

        I am a bit “infested” with Bones too I suppose, thanks to BT, and a lovely thread on called “Keepers of the Cocky” in which our mission is to find and discuss in detail DB’s belt buckle region. It’s highly entertaining, pictures included 🙂

        Also, accordingly to imdb, Fehr is only listed as being in Cutting Edge 3.

      • bb –

        IMDB was thee first useful website I ever found. It settles so many debates and questions. I will go immediately to check out this cocky thread. ;-D

    • That can take you all kinds of interesting places, so can Renee Zellweger.

    • bb –

      OMG! The Keepers of the C*cky! What a riot!

      • Angelena–haha glad you enjoyed it! The girl who started the thread posts all kinds of DB/ED pics and GIFS all the time, its a great way to pass the time at work….oh wait….shhhhhh! You didn’t hear that from me!

    • I don’t work in an office. I’m either actively teaching or working at home, so it’s no problem to have some internet fun when I get bored — and I do get bored constantly. Often default to watching bits from Bones eps in my iTunes. ;-D Like the end of Fire in the Ice or other moments I love. 😉

  17. Bones to the Big Chill

    • bones–>tjTyne–>Friends–>Harry Shearer(Simpsons)–>Glenn Close–>Big Chill

      • Don’t remember Harry Shearer on Friends, but I’ll buy it. Harry Shearer gets you to a lot of wonderful movies (Mighty Wind, Best in Show).

        Better one: Bones via Dan Castellanetta, the cop in Dwarf, is Homer on the Simpsons to Glenn Close in Big Chill.

        Glenn Close can get you to Hugh Laurie via 101 Dalmatians.

  18. Bones to Numb3rs

  19. Bones to Eight Men Out

    • This may not be the best, but …. KW links to Criminal Minds which either Gordon Klapp or DB Sweeney had spots on and each is in Eight Men Out..

  20. Jose Pablo Cantillo played in The Woman in The Garden (Bones) and then on The Closer in the episode Half Load. Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) is married to Kevin Bacon.

  21. Thought of another one: Wade Williams (sheriff in Witch in the Wardrobe/Bones) guest-stared on Memphis Beat which co-stars Abraham Benrubi. Abraham Benrubi co-starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Olaf the Troll. I like Wade Williams, I saw him recently in Burn Notice as as FBI agent.

  22. OK, I got Bones to MASH(TV)
    MASH–>Loretta Swit–>Jonne Worley(Love Boat)–>Bones(Truth in the Myth)

    • The Love Boat may connect everyone in Hollywood for several generations.

      • The M*A*S*H connection is Mike Farrell who played BJ Hunnicutt then went on to play the dad on Providence. Emily guest starred on Providence.

  23. BONES to Swx and the City – Hannah was in Failure to Launch, which starred SJP.

    Which means we can link BONES to Ferris Bueller! Awesome!

    (7 hours til Harry Potter!)

    • How does that get us Ferris Bueller? What movie/TV show did SJP do w/ her hubby?

      • Oh, I’m sorry, I guess I misunderstood the types of connections allowed.

        But, someone mentioned connecting BONES to SPIN CITY, which gets me Alan Ruck, which gets me Ferris Bueller. Yea!

  24. I got a new one.
    Bones to Saturday Night Live

  25. Bones to Frasier

  26. Sooooo….its Bones time on TNT, and Night at the Bones Museum is totes on! Just caught this little gem:

    BOOTH: So, I did a little checking on Hacker, by the way; 42, never been married. Just in case you’re interested.
    BRENNAN: Late marriage is often an indicator of a discerning, goal-oriented individual.

    Season 7 anyone???? I’m having a squee-moment here. Let me practice Daisy’s calming down breathing techniques……so not working! 🙂

  27. I can connect Bones to the recent Alice in Wonderland. You know with Johnny Depp. Here goes:
    The Cheshire cat’s voice in Alice in Wonderland is done by Stephen Fry who plays Gordon Gordon Wyatt on Bones. 😀

    Let’s see I can connect Bones to Supernatural by a guest star.

    In Supernatural’s episode Appointment in Samarra there is a character Dr. Robert that is played by Robert Englund who also played Ray Buxley on Bones.

  28. Haha this is on my brain now! I’m watching a relatively old film which links (indirectly) db to Noah wyatt. Any ideas? 🙂

  29. Noah WYLE! Apologies! Db to Noah wyle…

  30. Bones to Supernatural >>>> DB to Julie Benz (Darla) or Mercedes McNab (Harmoney) both were on Buffy/Angel

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