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Morning After Qs

Here is a list of links to all the “Morning After Qs”

1. October 1st, 2010: Which is Booth More Upset About?

2. October 8th, 2010  Morning After Q: Just how far will Brennan go to ensure Booth’s happiness?

3. October 15th, 2010: What IS the Truth of Brennan?


2 thoughts on “Morning After Qs

  1. Can someone please tell me what happened to Bone’s parents??
    I know that they disappeared before Christmas when she was fifteen and her dad is part of her life now. Can someone fill in what happened in between??

  2. Her parents were part of a Bank Heist gang. They left the gang, changed their names and lived new lives with their kids, Brennan and Russ. Apparently one day, Brennans parents were out shopping when they came across a hitman named, McVicker. When McVicker had caught up with Brennans Mom and Dad he attacked her Mom and hurt her. Eventually (over a year later) she died from the wound she received to the head. Her Mom and Dad ran as far from Brennan and Russ as they could to protect them. Her Dad stayed out of sight and didn’t come back until Brennan started looking into her parents disappearance. Max came back and killed the Deputy Director of the FBI and another hit man who were after Russ and Brennan. The Deputy Director was trying to force Max out into the open, by going after Max’s kids, because he wanted some damaging evidence that Max had stolen from a bank in Ohio. Max was later tried for murder of the Director but was exonerated by a jury. (very short synopsis)

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