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The Resurrection in the Remains: Post Episode Discussion


What did you think of this episode, featuring Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane?


11 thoughts on “The Resurrection in the Remains: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Thoughts on the Bones ep:

    I love conspiracy theory Hodgins getting excited!

    Angela came up with a face, but with no head? And the “historical portrait database”?? Is that real?

    The Angelatron makes fake candlelight?! Whaaat?? Can it bring people back from the dead too? Lol just stop Angela.

    Hodgins and Ichabod Crane are kings of the lab lol

    *Overall, I liked it better than I thought I would. I liked Abbie and Ichabod in the Bones world better than the opposite. I’d like to see Crane hang out in the Jeffersonian. And do experiments with Hodgins!

  2. I really liked the Bones crossover episode, it was interesting and I loved the Brennan/Crane interactions!! The early history part of it was fascinating to me also. I would like to see Crane as a regular on Bones That would confuse Brennan!

    I watched the Sleepy Hollow ep. next…Not having watched it before it was a little confusing but I did find it interesting. I wished B&B had more screen time in the SH episode, however.

    • I felt the same! It seemed like they’d shoe-horned B&B into the SH ep, although their screentime was fine. I have now binge-watched the entire S1 of SH though on Amazon Prime. Really enjoyed it!

  3. In the Sleepy Hollow episode:

    Brennan: But we have a five-year-old still in need of alterations help with her Jane Goodall costume.
    Crane: As I recall, you have two children, do you not?
    Booth: Hank is going to go as a chimp, if we make it back in time.

    Can’t you just see that? Christine trick-or-treating as Jane Goodall while her parents carry Hank dressed as a chimpanzee!

    And then this on-target exchange between Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane regarding Temperance Brennan:

    Mills: Aren’t you worried about having them here?

    (Meaning, having B&B down in the tunnels where they might witness something supernatural.)

    Crane: Not in the slightest. That woman’s credulity is interminable.
    She dismissed Molodoth as “a tall man with a skin condition”.

    I’m sure that I got the name wrong of whatever demon, ghost, or supernatural being whose name began with an M,
    but it was someone who looked like a freeze-dried mummified person, walking around in Revolutionary Era clothing,
    and Temperance Brennan apparently didn’t notice anything weird about him at all… ‘tall man with a skin condition’!

  4. As far as crossovers go, twasn’t too bad. I watch Sleepy Hollow as well and it was fun to see Ichabod interacting with Brennan. I have to admit, it was kinda hard for me to wrap my brain around the scientific world of Bones and the supernatural world of Sleepy Hollow together, but I don’t think they made it ridiculous. Point in their favor.
    The facial reconstruction of the General guy without a skull was a bit of a wonky tidbit though. Did I somehow miss where Angela got what she needed in order to do one? Since when can she do it based off of DNA and other bone structures?
    I enjoyed the symbolism of the jack-o-lantern falling into the place of the missing head and nice contacts, Hodgins. 😉
    Booth and Brennan are pretty cute when they’re having fun with each other, I liked the way it closed.

  5. The B’s playing pranks on each other was the best part of the episode for me. I didn’t get the part with the headless ‘reconstruction’ either. OR why did no one at the Jeffersonian recognize the name of Ichabod Crane and the SH story connection? That was ridiculous to me. No jokes? Or did I miss something. It was an ok ‘gimmick’ but still it felt like a gimmick.
    I didn’t ‘feel’ the connection between Booth/the female counterpart. I don’t watch SH and this episode did not make me want to in the future.
    Crane/Brennan were kind of interesting, but his dismissal of her was not endearing to me at all. I don’t warm up to characters who dis Brennan or writers who make her seem ‘dumb’ to make their characters look better. Playing them as equals is fine. She would have made reference to the Crane name and the Washington Irving story. That was complete ‘off-putting’ for me.

    Once was enough for me with this crossover stunt! lol

    • Well, I think that to make the Sleepy Hollow story ‘work’ at all, not just in this Bones cross-over, but in the regular Sleepy Hollow universe, one of the theatrical conventions/pre-requisites that has been applied is to pretend that there never was/isn’t any such thing as, the Washington Irving story.

      It is pretended that the events of the Sleepy Hollow television series are “true, but relatively unknown” historical events, and that no such person as the writer Washington Irving ever wrote any such story as the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

      So, that’s why no one at the Jeffersonian recognized the Ichabod Crane name and the Sleepy Hollow story…just as these don’t exist in
      the “real world” in which the Sleepy Hollow television show takes place, so too, don’t they exist in the Bones’ Universe either.

      They can’t, in order for this cross-over to take place

      • Well that is odd, so maybe they should have run a disclaimer explaining that! LOL
        So the show is based on a story that it supposes wasn’t ever written. Maybe they should have changed the name! lol But thanks for the explanation.
        I won’t be watching SH.

  6. I really enjoyed Booth & Abbi, and wished we got to see more of them together and more insight into how Booth knew her deceased mentor

    David & Nikki had great chemistry

    I would of liked to of seen Booth be in the scene where they turn up to claim the body, it was weird that he wasn’t, why wasn’t he introduced to Crane & Abbi too? I felt like this was a really questionable narrative choice that he wasn’t….Booth never even met Crane until the very end….so it was a crossover where the male leads barely interacted… Guess I am saying there should of been more than one scene of both duos in interacting in the Bones ep

    Yet again Aubrey doing solo interrogations is getting on my last nerve, esp in this ep where Booth & Abbi should of been doing them, its making Booth look like he doesn’t even want to work the case anymore, he went missing for like 7 scenes in a row all cos of Aubrey interrogating and he wasn’t *sighs*

    I didn’t buy Angela simulating a candle that produced heat and her doing a facial reconstruction with no head was flabbergasting

    I think the Sleepy cast got a better deal than Bones cast did, B&B where barely in the sleepy ep at all, then B&B scenes were reduced to book ending the Bones ep with no scenes all throughout….so this is Peterson’s idea of focusing more on B&B? Really? I guess we will see what the next EPs bring now the crossover is over

    Also I would like to know who passed Brennan saying she was with Booth mainly for procreation? That’s just not insulting to Booth or to B&B is it? Seriously it felt like that would of been something S4 Brennan would of said when she wanted Booth to be a sperm donor only…. *sighs*

    Even though I am nit picking the ep, see above, it was enjoyable to watch, and it was handled better than I thought on the whole

    -The crime scene was fun (I miss Booth talking to the squints for more than one scene per ep)
    -B&B pranks were fun
    -Brennan’s being able more cerebral & Booth’s more visceral
    -hearng about Christine’s & Hanks costumes was cute
    -The duos drinks at the founding fathers was a great scene, esp Cranes name for his drink, lol
    -Hodgins & Crane vying for king of the lab
    -really loved Booth being Abbi mentor, he’s a great teacher..Booth needs this on Bones, mentoring a junior agent (instead of Aubrey, who doesn’t want to learn anything, he knows it all, in his arrogant head anyway)
    -Wendell helping Booth prank Brennan was fantastic & a nice nod that these two are friends
    -Brennan & Crane was fun to watch
    – B&B having fun with their pranks was a joy esp after how dark they were written last season

    All in all fun eps but I am ready to see more focus on B&B now.

  7. I totally agree that the SH cast got the better deal. I feel the ‘stunt’ was to help SH. Yet so many SH fans seem to be working hard trashing Bones! I don’t get it. The Bones people served them up a big favor in my book. Bite the hand that feeds you isn’t exactly smart!!
    I don’t mind Aubrey doing interrogations alone if it frees up Booth time to be with Brennan. But I have to agree, I’m not ‘feeling’ the B&B time is being increased this season. I get that we got off to a rough start that couldn’t be avoided. So I am trying to be patient…….but now it’s just starting to be a glaring omission.

    Also agree with the poor comment from Brennan about ‘pro-creation’. This is where I see the Brennan character being dumbed down to showcase the SH character. I don’t appreciate anything demeaning to Bones. That sort of thing rubs me the wrong way. It sure won’t get me interested in the other show. Booth doesn’t need anyone but Aubrey to mentor.
    I prefer that SH stays far far away from my Bones show!

    • It definitely favoured SH.

      I do think our BB on screen time has improved a bit, and more importantly the context of their interactions have improved. I loved this week’s episode.

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