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Hodgins Week: Top Five Tuesday: Hodgins Makes Us Laugh


TJ Thyne has some serious acting chops. Give that guy a scene, and he’ll steal it. Whether Hodgins is on the verge of an emotional break down, spouting some unpronounceable scientific terms at a rapid fire pace, or getting down and dirty with his dirt and slime, TJ can deliver. He gives us so many great things to love about this character. For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Hodgins is how he never fails to make me smile! So in honor of Hodgins Week here at Bones Theory, here are the Top Five moments Hodgins made me laugh out loud.

1.)   The Woman in the Garden

If you don’t pay attention this gem of a moment could just pass you right by. I can’t even tell you how many times I have rewound this episode just to see Hodgins do an impersonation of Booth. He’s got it down perfectly! Tossing his makeshift poker chip in the air and doing little hand movements all while spinning theories about what could have happened. It’s great!

2.)   The Secret in the Soil

Ok, I know this one is kind of a silly throw away, but whenever I watch it I never fail to giggle. Just the fact that “Why hello, my exotic little princess,” and “Where did you come from gorgeous, and do you have any friends?” escape his mouth is something you’ve got to appreciate about this show! Who in the world addresses a bug like that? I just love how much Hodgins loves his work. I also adore the reactions everyone else has to him. Cam thinks he’s talking about her, and Zack just brushes it off like it was a totally normal thing to be said. Ah, a peek into the world of squints.

3.)   The Intern in the Incinerator

Not only is this one of my favorite Hodgins moments, it is also one of my favorite exchanges between Booth and Hodgins throughout the series. When Booth comes up and says that Cam’s sister kissed him, all Hodgins can manage to say is, “Duuude” with a look of pure amusement on his face. I adore that Hodgins can’t hold back his laughter no matter how serious he tries to remain. How infectious is that giggle? I love it!

4.)   The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

I know fans are pretty split on this episode. It’s almost a “you either love it, or you hate it” kind of thing. However, I challenge you to find a person who doesn’t at least crack a smile when Hodgins is giving his speech. He happens to glance out the window only to see Booth and Brennan smuggling the body out of the house. His reaction is priceless! If the look of pure shock on his face isn’t enough, he completely loses his cool as stumbles and stutters his way through the rest of the speech. Then he ends it by smashing his glass on the floor. Hilarious! Also, since we’re talking about the brilliance of Hodgins in this particular episode, this little exchange between Sweets and Hodgins cannot go unmentioned:

            Hodgins: “Fugu!”

            Sweets: “That’s not very nice.”

5.)   The Devil in the Details

An experiment that requires Hodgins to wield nunchucks? What could be better?! I love that despite Arastoo’s warnings, Hodgins pretends he’s a pro at swinging the nun chucks with ninja sound effects and everything! As it turns out, nunchucks are “deceptively difficult to maneuver” and he ends up conking himself right in the face! My favorite part of the scene is when Arastoo asks to give it a shot and Hodgins replies by saying, “Knock yourself out….I did.” Haha!

I know there are a ton more hilarious Hodgins moments throughout 5+ seasons. What Hodgins moment had you laughing the hardest? Dissing Daisy? Page 187? Some experiment gone horribly wrong? Or horribly RIGHT?

Let’s hear it!

28 thoughts on “Hodgins Week: Top Five Tuesday: Hodgins Makes Us Laugh

  1. Oh, man! All great Hodgins moments; the Booth impersonation and the nun chucks (“what are you, a Persian ninja?!” LOL) are hilarious! I also like the failed experiments, especially the one with the watermelons with Fischer and the one where Wendell and Hodgins blow up cantaloupes with pictures of themselves, Cam and Angela; when he blows up “Wendell”, his laugh is absolutely infectious. And the Booth/Hodgins interaction during “The Glowing Bones in the Old Stonehouse”, that bear hug is priceless! 😀

  2. First of all seriously ? Is there some fan that don’ liked Double Death of dearly departed ? Well i loved all this moments that you mentioned above plus Hodgins exploding Wendell,Cam and Angela’s Cantalupe heads. Hodgins and Fisher smashing watermelons ! Priceless.

    • I’ve seen the double death of the dearly departed at least 100 times literally! soo funny! The goop on the girl when he licks the swab and Angela is like did you have to do that? Or when he identifies the pink bone eating snot flower and is demonstrating it with the cannoli and a straw! Haha I LOVE this show! And hodgins belongs with Angela. Oh and zack should guest star in an episode!!! xo

  3. Yes, Hodgins is hilarious! Well, you captured my favorite Laugh-Out-Loud-EVERY-TIME Hodgins moment…which is the nunchuks…it’s just awesome!

  4. In the JFK episode, I was in awe over how Hodgins was literally trembling with excitement when he shared the bits of evidence he had uncovered.

    • OMG LOVE HIM! Totally shaking them purposely pisses off the big guard! How about when he uses cams blended- “don’t worry I’ll rinse it out”. Like its no biggie to use maggots lol

  5. I must say that the failed experiment with the flying frozen turkey hitting Angela was quite amusing to me. And in ‘The body in the bounty’ I love to see how excited he is when facing the ‘Dude’ for the first time – a real kid! Another important question is : short or long hair? 🙂

  6. I gotta say the scene that comes to mind is from I think A Boy in a Tree when Booth and Brennan ask Hodgins to go with them. He calls shotgun and the very next shot is him in the backseat. “I called shotgun! What does it say about a society when the niceities are no longer observed?” gets me every time. 😛

  7. I agree, Hodgins is extremely funny. He has this edgy wit that helps support the comedic part of BONES. I know I have tons of favorite Hodgins funny moments but I can’t think of any at the moment. But I love this!

  8. Heyy! I loved all that were mentioned! Especially the one with the bug. 🙂

    The “Page 187” was pretty hysterical too!

    I loved when (I can’t remember what episode it was) but Hodgins was doing an experiment with the bullets….. He put their pictures on a watermelon (?) and shot at them. And Wendell’s face was blasted to smithereens. That’s probably my favorite Hodgins episode 🙂

  9. Oh this is why I love him, he’s just hilarious and never fails to make me laugh!
    They’re are lots and lots of amazing moments but I truly laughed my ass off with the nun chucks and his speech in “Death of the dearly departed”.
    I like that sometimes he can say things in a very dry way and other times at a completely ridiculous tone, almost child like humor. But no matter what, he always has the power to make me smile. So thank you Hodings/TJ for that!
    And can I just say that I love this Hodgins week!

  10. Ah man….his impression of Booth. Has me in hysterics Every.Damn.Time!

    And i STILL love the bouncing frozen chicken? I want to say chicken…either that or turkey! LOL. So so funny!

    Hodgins never fails to make me smile…doesn’t matter what’s happening in the scene one look from him can have me laughing my ass off. Dude is hilarious 😀

  11. Those are all such good ones! I think my favorite so far a tie between the DDotDD speech and the ninja Hodgins. That man can is comedy gold. Like Cam, he has a lot of really funny one-liners. And anytime he was making fun of Zack or doing one of his many great experiments, he always put a smile of my face. And so many scenes between him and Cam are priceless. Those two get me almost every time : )

  12. I loved everything… but this scene was missing:
    “Because your arms are like noodles while mine are vigorous and burly!”

  13. Double Deat hand the Dearly Departed is one of my favorite episodes ever. And part of the reason is Hodgins. I lvoe the way he instantly convers for his friends, even though he’s clearly making a fool of himself [and therefore makign us laugh]. I also happen to love when Hodgins bonds with the squinterns.

  14. While I can’t rank Hodgins above Booth as my favorite character, he is a close second. Loved all those moments. Especially the Booth impression. I also loved Page 187 and when he seeks marriage proposal advice from Booth and then when he bugs Booth that time. OH..and in Two Bodies in the Lab…when he goes to visit Booth at the hospital and takes his pudding. Well heck, all the moments between him and Booth during that episode. TJ Thyne is great at the comedic stuff…the first episode of Angel that he was in was on yesterday…CRACKS ME UP every time.

  15. LOVE Hodgins Week!!

    TJ has such great timing and so many of his scenes are priceless! I love all of your top 5. One of my favorites was in Couple in the Cave after Clark’s “outburst” and Hodgins says: “Duuuude, a little self control.” Then turns around and giggles. It made that outburst that much better!

  16. Bar none, I think the ninja scene is my favorite one. I laugh out loud every single time.

    There’s one where he and Vincent N-M are “grounded”, too – that scene with Cam scolding them for being in the same room without supervision is pretty dang funny.

    Hodgins is awesome. What a great character.

    • Yes, the scene from The Science in the Physicist where Hodgins and VNM get in trouble for setting off the cannon in the lab is one of my absolute favorite Hodgins moments too. Of course, that’s probably my favorite VNM episode as well BECAUSE of that entire storyline between him, Hodgins, and Cam. It’s so funny!

  17. “Maybe you shouldn’t have eaten all that pudding.” The looks on his face in the ‘Two bodies in the Lab’ is so funny!

  18. I love him throughout the ending in two bodies – his excitement about going on the chase and wearing the bullet proof vest – his visiting Booth at all (I loved the friendship they had shown between them in early seasons – they need to talk more now!) Each of your moments brought a smile to my face – fabulous!

  19. I’m so behind on all of my commenting; i realize this. I’m the worst! But I sort of promised myself I’d take a day and reply to all of the non-written by me posts and ignore the fact that I’ll look like an egotistical maniac when it’s only my name listed in the ‘recent comments’ on the side page of the blog, haha.

    I love this one. I really think that Hodgins is the ‘bridge’ between B&B and I want more scenes between the three of them. For one thing, he offers the most realistic opportunity for a male friend for Booth in that whole Brennan-world. Sweets comes close, but it’s just not the same, in the same way that Booth and Jared can’t really be friends either. I love all the moments you chose. 🙂

  20. I’m totally behind on this, but I suffer from SHL…Serious Hodgins Love. And really I love him most in the entire episode of Aliens in a Spaceship, but TJ Thyne knocks it out of the park at the end when he confesses to Angela afterwards that he can’t sleep. So, so good.

  21. You know, I can only imagine what a pregnant Brennan will be like. And while I feel a little sorry (in a good way, of course 🙂 ) for Booth, I feel even more sorry for Hodgins. Just as one woman in his life is finished with her pregnancy, his colleague and close friend gets pregnant! Booth didn’t deal with Angela as much as Hodgins will be dealing with Brennan. I’m sure he will be using his newly-acquired skills of dealing with a pregnant woman, lol.

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