Bones Theory


Six Degrees of Bones

Since we played Bones Mad Libs recently, I have been trying to come up with some other games we can play during the hiatus. I propose we try our own Bones version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The premise underlying that game is that, because Kevin Bacon has been in so many and so many different kinds of movies, he can be linked to anyone in Hollywood via actor connections between movies in no more than six people.

For example: link Kevin Bacon to Don Ameche. Kevin was in Animal House with John Belushi. John Belushi was in Blues Brothers with Dan Ackroyd. Dan Ackroyd was in Driving Miss Daisy with Jessica Tandy. Jessica Tandy was in Cocoon with Don Ameche.

Note: There may be other ways to make the connection between any two actors. See example below.

For Six Degrees of Bones, I propose we link Bones to other TV shows or Bones cast members (regulars, irregulars and guest cast) to any other actors. Links can be through TV or movies. I’ll give a couple of examples, then challenge you with a connection to make.

After that people can propose pairs of actors to link up and either provide the links or challenge others to figure it out. People can also suggest alternative sets of links.

Link Bones to Friends: DB in Bones links to Sarah Michelle Gellar via BtVS/Angel who links to Freddie Prinze, Jr. (not by marriage) by I Know What You Did Last Summer who links to Friends where he briefly played Ross and Rachel’s Manny.

This series of links could be used to connect any Bones cast member to any member of Friends within six degrees.

Here are a few to get your started:

1) For a warm up, link Emily or other cast member to Steve McQueen – this one is pretty easy and should require only two intermediate people, but does require some knowledge of old movies. Hint: One cast member can be linked to McQueen with only one person.

2) Link Bones to NCIS, but not via TJ, who I recently saw in a small guest spot on an NCIS repeat.

3) Link Bones to MASH, the TV show. Linking to the movie is too easy – it can be done in three steps or less.

4) Link our favorite vampire to any other vampire from movies or TV.

5) Link any Bones cast member to, who else, Kevin Bacon.

For Six Degrees of Bones, It’s ok to mix movies and TV shows. Appearances on talk shows do not count.

Good luck!