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Top Five Tuesday: Booth Gets Dazzled


{Edit from Seels: Hey! Happy Tuesday. The other day bbmagic mentioned a list of times Booth was dazzled by Brennan, and I thought it would make an awesome TFT. As you know, there are more than 5 moments, so of course this list is more than 5 😀 . Enough from me…here are some top moments Booth was dazzled by Brennan}

Oh, no…those aren’t part of the list. That’s just to get you into the mood. Enjoy. Enjoy the dazzle.

But that is what this list is about–moments where Booth just seems almost shocked by Brennan, and his reaction to her. Getting her to sing karaoke was his idea, but do you think he expected to have this reaction to her? Okay, okay…the list–sorted by season.

Season 1:  When she’s vulnerable -The Woman in Limbo

“I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan…”  “I know who you are.”

I remember after I watched this scene thinking, “wow, there’s really something special about these two.” Brennan is probably the most vulnerable that we’ve seen her all season.  We know and Booth knows that she’s a strong woman, which is why, I think that when lets herself be vulnerable in front of him, he’s dazzled by it. The way she repeats the facts in that barn, is like she has to remind herself who she is, right? And Booth just tells her, “I know. Hey, I know who you are. It’s gonna be all right.” And then he hugs her. She’s vulnerable and crying and probably a little lost and I’d venture to guess that so far he’s never seen her that way. But here, she kinda lets her walls down a little bit right in front of him and I think he realizes how special that is. And he’s there to hold her. He knows who she is and he knows she’s special.

Season 2: When she’s sexy-The Woman in the Sand

“That’s hot.”

I think we all know that what Booth really meant was, “You are so hot.” Bet right about that moment he was really regretting starting anything up with Cam again. Brennan is beautiful but she’s almost never as in your face sexy as she is here with that little black dress and you know what heels. And that was likely the first time Booth saw her that way too. I’m pretty sure that’s a look he never forgot. 

Season 3: When she’s adorable-Santa in the Slush

“I got stuff to do … that … for …with bones.”

“I understand completely … um, thanks for the gum.”

Ah, the power of puckish! I will always love Caroline, if for no other reason than she gave us this. And this is one of those episodes where Booth and Brennan are just looking perfect in their hotness.  And when Brennan tells him what the mistletoe is for, Booth’s face is just priceless.  WHAT?! he says.  He can’t believe it. Probably can’t believe how much he wants it either.  And then she kisses him

And you know what, I have never needed the extended version because, when it’s over their faces say it all. Brennan’s brain has obviously melted and Booth … well, HER gum is in HIS mouth. Thanks, Show. For being awesome.  Really, just … thanks.” 🙂


Season 4:  When  she’s there for him-The Critic in the Cabernet

“Yeah, but you’re a genius.  That’s good enough for me.  Plus, you’ll know if they’re screwing up.”

Booth, he’s big and strong, but he’s about to have brain surgery.  And he’s scared. He is, but then he sees Brennan.  And he’s still having surgery and it’s still scary, but Brennan is there and that makes all the difference. That she’s there, that’s good enough for him.  Everything’s better when she’s there, right? Oh yeah.

Season 5:  When she changes history-Night at the Bones Museum

“I was, yes, but…you and I – this was our case and I guess…what goes on between us, that should just be ours. Isn’t that what you said.”


This has been voted as one of the best Booth and Brennan scenes and with good reason. What is there to say except … look at Booth, look at Brennan. Look at Booth looking at Brennan. He is dazzled. Well, they both are. But this is what dazzle looks like. This is what, ‘I can’t possibly think of what could happen right now that would stop me from kissing you’ looks like.

Of course, the squints is what could possibly happen. But still …dazzled.  


Season 6: When she’s squinty-Blackout in the Blizzard

“Nah…I just … I like watching do the math, that’s all.”

Booth wonders what are the odds that those seats were the same ones he sat in with his dad and Brennan actually starts to do the math. Yes.  And then when she stops and looks at him, Booth gives this kinda nervous chuckle and I just wish the camera would pan in on the smile on his face. It’s just adorable. He finds her adorable.  And he likes it when she’s squinty. Okay, maybe sometimes, it probably exasperates him too. But here it just dazzles him.  And he doesn’t even care that she knows it. He just tells her. He likes watching her do the math. He likes her.  Aww.

Okay, you have no idea how hard it was to narrow these down.  Booth is just dazzled by Brennan a lot! But that’s where you come in. Add your own in the comments!


39 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Booth Gets Dazzled

  1. I think those initial pictures of Booth watching Brennan do karaoke should have been a part of the official list. I would put them in the dictionary as the definition of the world dazzled. She’s is up there, completely letting loose, and the way Booth is watching her, with complete happiness, and dare I say love?, and even Fat Pam took notice. You could tell by watching him watch her that they are connected. I want someone to look at me with that kind of pure joy. He just looks so freakin happy. And then of course, the night completely disintegrates…but what would have happened after karaoke if Pam had not shown up? Hm………

    Also, I’d like to add both pregnancy reveals, both coma and “reality”. Now that is a dazzled guy right there. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • I’m with you on the karaoke scene. That’s the first scene I thought of when I saw the title.

    • Did you recommend Keepers of the Cocky? If so, do you know where it has gotten to?

    • Haha, you have no idea how hard it was to narrow these down. Especially seasons 3 and 6, I wavered between Wannabe and Slush and I also wanted Change in the Game in there and ahhh, too much Booth dazzle. 🙂

  2. I would add when he’s watching her on stage with The Science Dude, all dressed up and adorable in that red tutu and her hair in pigtails. I love how he scoots that little girl right out of her seat, and then we can see him waiting for her to look at him so he can do that cute little thumbs up.

    That’s dazzled. Take that, Miss Tacky Hair Extensions.

  3. This post is so, so good, it might even get me through til Thursday. I’ll add the “foot stomp” moment after Brennan kisses him on the cheek, unless you consider that a “Booth becomes undone” moment; the “thumbs up” scene when Brennan was in the tutu; and of course, the “I’m pregnant” smile which has to be tops. By then they’ve probably been going what, like all of two or three weeks; other guys would have freaked out, and there he is, looking like the gates of heaven just opened up for him. Oh, and the Goop in the Girl when Brennan is undressing him-or is that a “flustered” moment? Mighty good…

    • Hm…Maria…I think that your theories are going to involve more in-depth research to properly sort out the categories of Booth’s different expressions. You probably should cancel all of your plans today, fire up the ol’ DVDs or DVR, and intently study DB’s face. Report back with your findings. I know, it sounds like a really difficult assignment, but do the best you can 🙂

    • Oh… you know what I really like about your comment? “By then they’ve probably been going [out for] what, like all of two or three weeks; other guys would have freaked out, and there he is, looking like the gates of heaven just opened up for him.” This is so true! In spite of the fact that he proposed to Hannah… if she had told him she was pregnant anytime before that moment, would Booth have automatically been overjoyed? Much like I thought it was telling that Booth did not immediately go hunting down the person that shot Hannah like he would have it had been Brennan, this reaction, too, tells so much. It’s always been Brennan, even when he tried and prepared for it not to be.

      Dazzled, indeed.

      • Amen! And thank you. The other day so many people were going on about how Brennan may not really trust Booth yet because of Hannah.

  4. Sarah, could you do an awesome post on Brennan being dazzled by Booth?…To be honest the way Brennan has been behaving in S7, I am having a hard time liking Brennan or seeing her love for Booth…Utter selfishness, acting like a clueless idiot and only caring that you hurt/upset the man you are suppose to love, AFTER you hurt them, isn’t cutting it for me as love, not in freaking Season 7….When I was actually wishing that Hannah would comeback after ep 7:2, then you can tell that Hart has nearly ruined Brennan and B&B for me. And I hate feeling that way. Thanks

  5. The key to the dazzle moments is that Brennan is being Brennan– for all her vulnerabilities or her squintiness or her literalness– she is just being herself. She is completely and utterly guileless and I think that is what is so attractive about her for Booth. She doesn’t play games– the best way of getting her father a special Christmas is to kiss Booth and while there might be more to it, she springs it on Booth and expects him to go along with it.

    I think he’s also dazzled by her in Proof in the Pudding when she confirms it wasn’t Kennedy. If he knew the truth of what she probably did, he might be even more dazzled. Or Pinnochio in the Planter when he appreciates her being there for him. Or when she brings the tommy guns on Valentine’s Day.

    I’d also argue that he’s dazzled by her with her apologies in the last two episodes– her logical reasoning behind why they should move in together as well as her apology about the ultrasound. She could just as easily hold on tightly to the idea of living in their separate apartments, but she sees the value of being together, sees the value of compromise. In the last episode, there isn’t that one single look, that frozen moment, but there is the resolution that results in his happiness– certainly on par with his smile when she breaks the news about the pregnancy.l

  6. @janie That is a fab idea. It would certainly help with those of us fans who are not able to connect with and/or dislike Brennan in the first two eps of season seven. I honestly don’t know what Hanson is thinking of, I have a fear that we are going to see Brennan mess up, hurt Booth, apologizing all of seaso seven. (Ep 1 she said sorry at the coffee cart, for making him angry…Ep2 apologized due to her scangate actions) And I for one, am going to have a huge problem with that. I want to see the love, the emotional connection, not selfish RoboBrennan, hurt Booth, bickering, then a B&B end scene to apease us. Rinse and Repeat.

  7. Loving it, loving it, loving it. I’ve gotta open a window before I swoon. ;-O…..

    Anyway, I would just add that the real dazzled moment in Woman in the Sand is the double take Booth does when she comes out in the teeny tiny black dress. Poor guy. He’s a goner.

    In 7.1 in the end scene in the bed, when he looks at her and says that they can have any life they want. And, you just know that it really means any life she wants because he’s finally got the life he’s wanted for so long.

    In s1 at the end of Fairway, I’d say he’s dazzled by that picture of young Bones.

    This is a wonderful game. I could really spend the entire day at it. Hmmmm, I think I’ll just ball up this To Do list and toss it in the trash can. ;-D

  8. I’m going to have a think about moments he’s been dazzled and come back properly later, but it’s posts like these that makes me realise how good DB is at just making his face and eyes shine with love and admiration for Brennan. He really sells being ‘dazzled’ by her beautifully. I think everyone would like to be looked at like that at some point in their lives.

  9. Also the “rain kiss” in the 100th-she could have done anything she wanted with him at this point (too bad she didn’t!) And the “that’s a lot of heart, Bones” scene during Max’s trial. He couldn’t believe the lengths she would go to for someone she loves. Will probably be back…

  10. Here’s a clip with Booth and Sweets on the firing range. Booth in a vest — delish!

    It’s spoilery, so be warned.

  11. I love the way Booth looks at her at the end of Max’s trial when he walks down the steps toward her and she just sort of falls into his arms as if there is and always will be a magnet pulling them together. Also when he tells her ‘You’re the only smart person I like.’ For every time he’s been impatient with one of her long-winded scientific monologues there have been so many times he just sits back and loves what she’s saying, even if he can’t understand it.

  12. He likes watching her do the math. He likes her.

    I’ll have more to say later but THIS. ALL OF THIS. Booth LIKES AND LOVES Brennan. Brennan LIKES AND LOVES Booth. Remember Hero in the Hold when Teddy asks Booth about the mother of his son? Booth says he will always love Rebecca, he just doesn’t like her very much. Booth also says Rebecca liked him, but didn’t LOVE him.
    I understand that. I get it. The reason why Booth and Brennan’s connection runs so deep is because what they have IS so complex. It IS more than lust and love. I think that very first kiss in the rain between them proved that. I think if it was just lust between them, their story would have been very different. They may be different, but they always LIKED one another. Period. Even if they drove one another crazy or saw things differently, there was a lot to like.

    • Not to be contrary, but I’m not so sure they even liked one another early on. I think they both saw something to be gained from their association (Booth more solves, Brennan the world outside the lab). I think that they were each intrigued and baffled by the other. They each wanted to figure the other out, which requires time and attention. Of course, the more they figured, the more they liked and ultimately loved each other.

      • I’ve always been confused about Booth showing Brennan ‘the world outside the lab’. From all the things said by and about her, she’s traveled all over the world, from Tibet to Rwanda to Iraq to Guatamala, studied grave sites old and new and apparently interacted with enough people to know and speak 5 languages, several of which ‘you haven’t even heard of’. She sounds much better traveled than Booth, whose experience of foreign places is going there to shoot people — except for Japan. So the notion that she was a lab squint who had never been outside of the lab just doesn’t square with her list of qualifications.

      • But whenever she went out of the lab, it was on digs or to present papers. What she hasn’t seen is the world beyond anthropology. She had only interacted with other people in limited ways and other than viewing them anthropologically, her understanding was limited. She walled herself off from pop culture. It’s weird, but even though she traveled widely and studied many cultures, she only saw the world from this limited viewpoint. Booth understands that there are other perspectives. He may have traveled less (we don’t really know), but he has experienced a wider range of what life has to offer than Brennan (love, children, serious relationships, sports, just having fun, etc.). He always understood the value of what Bones brought to the table. She hasn’t always understood the value of what he does or his approach.

      • While I agree that Brennan has viewed the world through a narrow lens and Booth has a greater understanding of the human experience, events such as escaping the Chinese army in Tibet or being imprisoned and motionally tortured in El Salvador should have given Brennan a better knowledge of the world and people than certain episodes would allow her. I blame this all on ‘writer’s advantage’, a syndrome that manipulates previously established characters in unbelievable ways to suit a preconceived episodic storyline. Solving crimes was what Brennan was doing all those times she traveled to the sites of genocide burials so it takes a writer’s advantage to subtract what she must know from those episodes and show her ignorant of things she previously understood in another one.

      • I think they liked each other first when he introduced himself to her after that class. They hardly knew anything about each other, but were attracted by looks and I think the essence of the other person. But then their differences began to speak loudly, causing them to clash and separate for over a year. So in the pilot, they had the history of that fight between them, plus they still had their major differences and stubborn attitudes that kept the conflict going. Eventually, whether by curiosity or embers of their initial attraction, they began to respect each other more and use the differences in productive ways to solve cases. And because as partners they went through many things together, they started to open themselves up to each other, dazzling each other with the vulnerabilities they kept hidden from the rest of the world.

      • I don’t know if I can always view Brennan’s character as the same person from S1. I saw S5 Brennan first, though, so I’m more used to the recent Brennan. In my mind, earlier seasons was Brennan: Take 1, later seasons Brennan: Take 2. The backstory is pretty much the same (who knows what they’ll change in the future), some characteristics stayed the same, but her character has a different feel from before. I don’t actually mind some of the surface changes, like in the way she talks or dresses. I only hope the writers continue to do her justice, and however they portray her, viewers find something to love about her.

      • Remember, Booth was tortured too.

  13. Another one from Blizzard – when Thai massage turns into Brennan talking about their compatibility and stamina (gah!) and she actually uses the words “making love” instead of her usual medical-textbookian terminology, Booth is just kinda leaning his head back, watching her….
    His eyes, what he must be thinking….
    Perhaps this is more on the “glazed” end of the dazzle-spectrum, but I think it definitely counts.

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