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The Loyalty in the Lie: Post Episode Discussion


Hello Everyone— it’s time for season 11!

What did you think of this premiere?  The comments are open, but remember–no spoilers for future episodes!


17 thoughts on “The Loyalty in the Lie: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Very, very good. It’s hard to say more without being spoilery. But I like how this is headed. Loving the baby’s name. Loving the flashbacks to B&B moments. Loving Cam’s new hair lol. Lots to look forward to.

  2. Extremely well done, awesome!!! I can’t wait till next week!!!

  3. I think it was a strong ep, parts worked for me mainly Brennan, Can and Angela, their contribution to the ep

    What didn’t work for me was Aubrey. Not for one hot minute can a junior FBI agent take over the place of a FBI agent of 20yrs, it doesn’t work like that, Booth was head if his department for frak sake
    What are the writers trying to tell me? that Brennan is not replaceable, they couldn’t even find someone to do her job, nobody was in her office but they had no problem filling up Booths position and giving his office to Aubrey in a heartbeat? Then they have Aubrey doing basically everything that Booth did: work with the Jeffersion, lead a SWAT team, lead agents, banter with Caroline, they have basically turned him into Booth 2.0 . We already have a Seeley Booth why are they stripping evetthing off Booth what makes him him and giving it to Aubrey?

    Why can’t anyone see that by doing this they are completely diminshing Booth’s purpose and role on Bones, I find it all insulting to be honest and going by the bones writers twitter feedd they have no problem elevating Aubrey at the expense of degrading Booth’s role on bones, I am really disappointed with this

    FYI, I detested agent miller, Kim is great she isn’t

    • Analogy. Think of how Arastoo is a competent, even very skilled physical anthropologist, but far from yet being anywhere near Dr. Brennan’s level. Meanwhile, because he in fact was already there on-site as a regularly working physical anthropologist, Arastoo has been holding down the fort at the Jeffersonian while the search went on to look for Dr. Brennan’s replacement.

      Same thing with Aubrey.

      The show actually is NOT implying that Aubrey can/is able to do Booth’s job as the head of the Major Crimes unit of the FBI’s DC office. Rather that, as someone who had been working day-in, day-out with Booth and was therefore very familiar with what cases and projects Booth had been working on in recent months, Aubrey was the most logical person to stick with holding down the fort until the selection process had been fully completed in reviewing the applications/resumes and interviewing the many competent, experienced agents from other field offices who certainly will have applied for Booth’s old position when it was posted internally within the FBI as being available.

      The show is merely implying that just as Arastoo is holding down the fort at the Jeffersonian until either Brennan comes back or is replaced by a permanent replacement, so too, is Aubrey holding down the fort at the FBI DC office’s Major Crimes Unit until Booth’s replacement is selected, or until Booth asks to come back to his old position.

  4. Booth resigned and left FBI. He has no job there. He will have to start over. Aubrey is an excellent agent. Brennan, on the other hand would be difficult to replace because of her standing in her profession. I don’t see them disrespecting Booth at all. DB did an interview discussing this very subject. He said it would be interesting storyline.

  5. There were some real life reasons for starting the season this way (I don’t think that’s spoilery to say?) and I was very impressed with how they made a such good storyline to work around those reasons.

    I loved the sneaky baby name reveal, and I’m wondering when/if/how they will address Ralph Waite this season, or if that is all we will get.

    The music selections remain on point. The song that played when Brennan inspected the bones was perfect.

    Nice to see the call back to Padme. Now I’m wondering what their lives were like since the last time we saw them. Guess there’s no more hope in seeing a B&B sibling, since “Russ” has quit acting and “Jared” is no more. Oooh, maybe we can use Jared’s troubles with money to give reason why he missed the wedding in season 9! Maybe we’ll find that Russ was helping Jared and that’s why he missed it too! 🙂

    Enjoyed Brennan’s wavy hair and Cam’s non weed wacker hair style lol.

    Really not loving Arastoo in charge. Barking out orders to Hodgins suddenly, and oh yeah his GF is the boss? The Jeffersonian should never allow that.

    (I’d love some lab restructuring. I’d like to see Clark promoted as boss over both labs, but Arastoo in charge of the archeological side and Cam in charge of the criminal side. Clark has experience now in both labs and hates personal stuff at work, he’d be a great boss. Cam and Arastoo would both be heading a lab and be more equal instead of boss/employee. Cam would have take the demotion but I think it would work better overall. Just IMO lol)

    I’ve strongly felt that Booth was undercover since last season. It’s the only way I can accept his behavior with the gambling, so this episode gave me hope that it is true. They better not have given Brennan another man she loved that betrayed her. They better not ruin the upstanding guy in Booth. So I’m praying all these shenanigans are undercover and for a very good reason.

    Sorry I wrote a book 🙂 but it was a great episode. I’m feeling excited about season 11!

  6. My feeling has been that Booth is involved with some sort of “special ops” stuff and the training of agents at Quantico on a free lance basis is a cover for that. That would explain why he hasn’t told Brennan….it’s secret and too dangerous for her to know about.

    In my own little world the stuff with the FBI at the beginning of season 10 wasn’t really “finished”…there were still loose ends in my opinion, so he’s been working on cleaning the rest of the problem up. All of that is probably not true…just random speculation on my part.

  7. Excellent, excellent episode. So many questions and lots of tension. Loved the long family time scene with new baby Hank. I felt Brennan’s anger at Arastoo (“You told me my husband was dead!!”). And the flash backs Brennan had while handling the bones was very touching.
    I like that Agent Miller is not intimidated by Booth’s reputation and she is tough on Brennan. It’ll be interesting to see how her missing partner is tied into this caper. The breakup of Padma and Jared and his inability to adjust to non-military life is a very real issue with couples. As well as Padma’s resentment toward Brennan for not continuing to aid Jared.
    Cheers to the writers for great start to season 11.

  8. It was a really good episode and I have hope for season 11.
    – I loved the family seen in the beginning with the Booth family. Warms my heart to see everyone together and happy.
    – The flashback scenes that we got from previous episodes where well chosen.
    –yay Caroline! I always love when she’s in an episode.
    -Poor Booth! How is he still sane or have any abdominal organs left?? Now he loses his brother and he’s wounded and hanging out with a bunch of thugs. What is up with that?
    – even though I don’t like CamAstoo. I did think it was very sweet of Arastoo not proposing!
    – Lol, so far Brennan has not changed her speech pattern.
    – I thought David looks good! It did not seem like he lost a lot of weight on camera anyway.
    – I noticed that HH and SN are still listed in the credits as executive producers.
    – I wonder how they will bring up Pops when discussing Jared’s death. Will they act like Pops is still alive?
    -Jonathan Collier wrote this episode. He does a good job. I have liked the episodes he has written.
    -You go Brennan!! I still love it when she refers to Booth as “my husband” love it.

    This episode caught my attention and kept it. I wonder what is Booth up to? What’s with all that money? He is severely wounded and cannot see a doctor.!

    I cannot wait to see next weeks episode to see what happens.

  9. I thought this was an exceptionally good episode and a great sign that the ‘new’ showrunners know what they’re doing. The story was really well paced and gripping without being overly complicated like the ones with Pelant.

    I guess it’s finally ok to admit that I didn’t love season 10’s finale-it felt like a big ball of compromise and compromise seldom equals top quality. I know the producers didn’t have a choice in the matter and I’m more than grateful that the writers thought of the fans and didn’t do something outlandish with the characters; still, it just wasn’t a very memorable episode as far as finales go. Atypically, it didn’t leave me on pins and needles for season 11.

    That all changed for me last night. If they can pull off Booth getting shot again and the team trying to help him while making it all seem fresh and relevant, I feel they can do just about anything. What a great start to the season!

    Random comments-I get the feeling that Miller was involved with her missing partner and some of her dislike of Booth is a form of projection. I actually liked her scenes a lot and I’m hoping they have more between her and Brennan next week, particularly if my theory pans out. Also, fantastic flashback-I knew one was coming but I didn’t expect it to be so moving; the song they picked was perfect. Dying for next Thursday to roll around!

  10. I really loved this episode. I loved the flashback, and I actually liked the way Aubrey stood up to Agent Miller about Booth. I loved the way Aubrey and Caroline worked together. I know a lot of people are worried about Booth being replaced but I’m not worried about that. It might be that he really can teach at Quantico.

    Even though I didn’t like Agent Miller (we’re not supposed to, obviously) it did catch my attentio when she said that Booth’s gambling problem should’ve ended his career and that he’d been to manditory counseling. To me that means some things were handled off screen but it almost makes me wonder if she has a personal reason to think so badly of him…..maybe related to her missing partner. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    • The mandatory counseling could merely refer back to the counseling with Sweets all those years ago.

      No one at the FBI but Aubrey knew about Booth’s relapse into gambling last season…Aubrey has been accepted by Brennan and the Jeffersonian team as “part of the family” and they all kept Booth’s relapse into gambling as an “in-house, just within the family” secret.

      Agent Miller was referring to Booth’s older gambling history, not knowing about the more recent incidents that took place just last year.

      • That’s what I thought too. I’m pretty sure Booth’s recent gambling relapse is still a well kept secret when it comes to the FBI. I don’t see Aubrey moving up the FBI ladder if they knew he had helped pay a gambling debt.

  11. Okay….it just caught my attention is all….I’m not sure how Miller would know about the gambling in his past either….I guess it was part of Booth’s file?

    • Yes. It is part of his file.

      Back during the Pelant saga, was there a scene where Booth was driving off in his car and he made one last cell phone call to Cam before he threw the phone out of the car’s window as he secretly went off to find Brennan and Christine (and join them ‘on the run’). He mentioned certain things to Cam and she said, “and you think that Pelant is … ” whatever it was, I don’t remember exactly … and Booth replied “No, I don’t”… in a tone of voice that indicated that what he actually DID think whatever Cam had suggested. Cam then said, “and you’re NOT going …” looking for Pelant or whatever, and Booth said, “Absolutely not. After I hang up, I’m heading to Atlantic City”.

      The next day, Agent Hayes said to Sweets, “Do you know where Booth is? I hear that he’s in Atlantic City.”

      To which Sweets replied, “I’m sorry to hear that Booth is struggling with his gambling addiction again.”

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