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Top Five Tuesday: Booth Gets Dazzled

{Edit from Seels: Hey! Happy Tuesday. The other day bbmagic mentioned a list of times Booth was dazzled by Brennan, and I thought it would make an awesome TFT. As you know, there are more than 5 moments, so of course this list is more than 5 😀 . Enough from me…here are some top moments Booth was dazzled by Brennan}

Oh, no…those aren’t part of the list. That’s just to get you into the mood. Enjoy. Enjoy the dazzle.

But that is what this list is about–moments where Booth just seems almost shocked by Brennan, and his reaction to her. Getting her to sing karaoke was his idea, but do you think he expected to have this reaction to her? Okay, okay…the list–sorted by season.

Season 1:  When she’s vulnerable -The Woman in Limbo

“I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan…”  “I know who you are.”

I remember after I watched this scene thinking, “wow, there’s really something special about these two.” Brennan is probably the most vulnerable that we’ve seen her all season.  We know and Booth knows that she’s a strong woman, which is why, I think that when lets herself be vulnerable in front of him, he’s dazzled by it. The way she repeats the facts in that barn, is like she has to remind herself who she is, right? And Booth just tells her, “I know. Hey, I know who you are. It’s gonna be all right.” And then he hugs her. She’s vulnerable and crying and probably a little lost and I’d venture to guess that so far he’s never seen her that way. But here, she kinda lets her walls down a little bit right in front of him and I think he realizes how special that is. And he’s there to hold her. He knows who she is and he knows she’s special.

Season 2: When she’s sexy-The Woman in the Sand

“That’s hot.”

I think we all know that what Booth really meant was, “You are so hot.” Bet right about that moment he was really regretting starting anything up with Cam again. Brennan is beautiful but she’s almost never as in your face sexy as she is here with that little black dress and you know what heels. And that was likely the first time Booth saw her that way too. I’m pretty sure that’s a look he never forgot. 

Season 3: When she’s adorable-Santa in the Slush

“I got stuff to do … that … for …with bones.”

“I understand completely … um, thanks for the gum.”

Ah, the power of puckish! I will always love Caroline, if for no other reason than she gave us this. And this is one of those episodes where Booth and Brennan are just looking perfect in their hotness.  And when Brennan tells him what the mistletoe is for, Booth’s face is just priceless.  WHAT?! he says.  He can’t believe it. Probably can’t believe how much he wants it either.  And then she kisses him

And you know what, I have never needed the extended version because, when it’s over their faces say it all. Brennan’s brain has obviously melted and Booth … well, HER gum is in HIS mouth. Thanks, Show. For being awesome.  Really, just … thanks.” 🙂


Season 4:  When  she’s there for him-The Critic in the Cabernet

“Yeah, but you’re a genius.  That’s good enough for me.  Plus, you’ll know if they’re screwing up.”

Booth, he’s big and strong, but he’s about to have brain surgery.  And he’s scared. He is, but then he sees Brennan.  And he’s still having surgery and it’s still scary, but Brennan is there and that makes all the difference. That she’s there, that’s good enough for him.  Everything’s better when she’s there, right? Oh yeah.

Season 5:  When she changes history-Night at the Bones Museum

“I was, yes, but…you and I – this was our case and I guess…what goes on between us, that should just be ours. Isn’t that what you said.”


This has been voted as one of the best Booth and Brennan scenes and with good reason. What is there to say except … look at Booth, look at Brennan. Look at Booth looking at Brennan. He is dazzled. Well, they both are. But this is what dazzle looks like. This is what, ‘I can’t possibly think of what could happen right now that would stop me from kissing you’ looks like.

Of course, the squints is what could possibly happen. But still …dazzled.  


Season 6: When she’s squinty-Blackout in the Blizzard

“Nah…I just … I like watching do the math, that’s all.”

Booth wonders what are the odds that those seats were the same ones he sat in with his dad and Brennan actually starts to do the math. Yes.  And then when she stops and looks at him, Booth gives this kinda nervous chuckle and I just wish the camera would pan in on the smile on his face. It’s just adorable. He finds her adorable.  And he likes it when she’s squinty. Okay, maybe sometimes, it probably exasperates him too. But here it just dazzles him.  And he doesn’t even care that she knows it. He just tells her. He likes watching her do the math. He likes her.  Aww.

Okay, you have no idea how hard it was to narrow these down.  Booth is just dazzled by Brennan a lot! But that’s where you come in. Add your own in the comments!