Bones Theory


It’s All Good!

{Edit from Seels! So…the other day, I was talking with pal Smurfs on the phone and she was encouraging me that the things I was nervous about were ‘all good’. She was so convincing that I begged…BEGGED…her to put it in writing and let me post it on BT. She graciously agreed, and now she only has to fear that I will annoy her so much until she finally writes up that “Booth and Max are two sides of the same coin” post I’ve been annoying her about for weeks! So, it’s my pleasure to welcome Smurfs as a writer for BT, and I hope her words are as encouraging to you as they are/were to me.}

Good morning! I’m here to prove to you that what appears to be bad is not bad and that in fact, like the title says, “It’s All Good.” Ready? Here we go!

Bros before Hos

How is Booth going to Sweets for advice anything but good? Not only did he ask for his advice but he also went and sought the kid out in the FBI gym. (side note, how many other places do you think Booth looked before he found him on the treadmill? And how many mornings before that had he thought about doing the same thing but stopped himself?) As Sweets would say, this is totally an expression of how mega conflicted Booth is. If he were absolutely certain that he no longer has ‘those’ feelings for Brennan, there would have been no internal debate over telling Hannah what happened. In fact, I think he would have told her that night but instead, he waited and he agonized and then he went to Sweets – this is not a man certain of anything.

Talk to the Hand

I know it stings to see Booth and Brennan not relating to each other as we’ve grown accustomed to, to see them out of step and un-symbiotic but it would hurt 1000 times more to see them bantering and bickering like nothing had changed. Everything has changed and for once, they’re acknowledging it even if they’re not really talking about it. The lack of chitchat between them actually reinforces my faith in this ‘eventually’ because, as Sweets said last season, their partnership is paramount to both of them and that’s still true. If that were no longer true, they wouldn’t still be working together after all the pain and guilt and regret they’ve shared in the last year. Instead, they’ve made a conscious effort to continue on their mission, together, and I’ll take that over an argument about alligator’s genitals any day of the week.

That’s What She Said

Booth hasn’t been sporting his flashy, modern-day codpiece as of late and it has been the subject of many a hot debate. What are his reasons for not wearing it? Maybe it’s because Brennan gave it to him or it’s that the Ranger buckle is a nod to his recent time in Afghanistan or (and this is my personal preference) maybe it’s because he’s a man pushing 40 in a committed relationship and it’s time to put it away. Regardless of why, him not wearing it is a very good thing. For one reason and one reason only; who wants to imagine Hannah slipping that particular accessory off him?

Don’t Even Go There

Since the beginning of the season, Booth has only been in the Jeffersonian twice and has had very little interaction with anyone on the team outside of Brennan and Sweets. While this makes him appear aloof and a little jerky, it actually makes my heart hurt for him. He had to walk away from that world he built around Brennan for his own self-preservation, he’s currently a man without a country. As far as Booth is concerned, Brennan and the squints are a package deal – he can’t have them in his life without having her. And history proves that the more time he spends with her around her people, the harder he falls for her.  If he wasn’t worried about getting caught up in that beautiful mess that is Temperance Brennan, he wouldn’t have to keep his distance.

Oh No, She Didn’t

Is the Brennan/Hannah friendship a tad odd? Yes, it is but it’s also an important step in the Booth and Brennan dance toward forever. For two reasons; one, Brennan gets to see firsthand that the things she thinks that can’t give Booth, Hannah can’t give either and yet he’s happy with her and two, Hannah’s relationship with Brennan keeps Booth off kilter which means he can’t ever really get settled with Hannah. He can tell Sweets that he’s ok with the situation until he’s blue in the face but the truth is, these women know two very different sides of him and he needs to keep it that way to keep on keeping on.

So what do you think? Is it possible that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself? Is it really “all good”? Let’s discuss!