Bones Theory


There are a few rules over here at Bones Theory.

Follow these, and we’ll all be happier!


Comments are welcome & are encouraged! I don’t get paid to write about BONES, so comments & site hits are the only feedback I receive. Please be sure to keep your comments as clean as possible. I don’t plan to censor the comments, but would like this to be a site where BONES fans of all ages can feel comfortable. Additionally, please feel free to disagree with any of my posts, but keep your disagreements to the show content and not toward me personally. (Sidenote: I’ve never once had an issue with this from any BONES fan before and don’t anticipate it! BONES people are good people!)

2. Spoilers

       A. Any news about future episodes is not to be discussed, mentioned, or hinted at. This includes interviews, possible speculation on plot points, and video links.

      B. Any episode that has already aired in the United States is considered ‘fair game’, and any plot point or piece of information about that episode can and probably will be discussed. Spoiler warnings for episodes that currently exist will NOT be given; it’s assumed that people reading these posts have seen every episode being discussed or do not mind being spoiled on existing episodes.


One thought on “Rules

  1. Sarah,

    I have a IAYA question. Why do you think Booth has never gone to court to claim more of his parental rights? Or has he?


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