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Morning After Q: What Parallels Did You See/Hear?

Hello and Happiest of Fridays to you!



As I watched the 200th episode, I loved all of the callbacks to previous ones. There were a few blatant ones (in a good way): diatomaceous earth, “partners”, Max and Booth being a little edgy toward one another, etc. And then there were others that were maybe a little more inferential (in my opinion). For example, I thought Angela’s encouragement to Brennan that Booth was a worthy ship to sail on was a callback to when she told Brennan she’d like to ‘take a ride on that train’, and Brennan’s “Don’t call me darling” was a throwback to her “Don’t call me Bones!”.

What other connections or parallels did you see and hear?


PS…I created this on Thursday, so if it’s already sprung up in the post-episode discussion comments, my bad! :)



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