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Scene Study: The Goop on the Girl-That’s a Sweet Invitation


Hello, BONES pals! Happy Sunday to you! We’re starting off “Christmas Week” here at BonesTheory, and I’m happy about that. BONES treats us right for Christmas, don’t you think? Last week, we took a scene from The Santa in the Slush; this week we’re looking at The Goop on the Girl, and next week, we’ll round out Christmas Week with a scene from The Man in the Fallout Shelter.

When I was thinking about this episode, I thought I might pick a somewhat obscure scene…after all, that IS sort of the point of these studies. And there are so many great scenes in this episode: from Hodgins telling Angela there is more than one kind of family, from Sweets telling Cam that he’s at Brennan’s dinner, not for Baby Jesus, but for Agent Booth, to Zooey Deschanel as Brennan’s cousin Margaret, to the end scene, the voice over, the funeral…yeah, all of it is so great. I suppose it’s possible that one day I’ll choose one of those to study.

But for today, for Christmas Week, and because I really do honestly (I don’t care how shallow it makes me) love, love, love this scene between Booth and Brennan in the lab, I’m choosing it.

Here’s why, and here’s a little history to get us started:

The episode begins with a Santa in a bank, and he’s handed a note over to the teller, demanding all of her money. That scene proceeds, and then it flashes to Brennan’s apartment where her dad, Max, has brought her a gorgeous Christmas tree (at the employee rate…who knows what that means!?!?). Brennan’s not interested; after all, she is leaving the country. Max is not pleased and tells her about her cousin Margaret. Brennan does not seem impressed already. Max tells her that Russ is going to Orlando with his inlaws. He says that if Brennan goes away, he’ll be alone and miserable. Brennan says that if she stays, there will be two of them, so twice as miserable. Max tells her that’s ‘interesting math’.

No, not impressed, but certainly very pretty. And… Dear Santa, I want her apartment. Love, Me.

Brennan wants to know why people hate spending Christmas alone. Max tells her it’s because it means no one loves them. Ah, interesting! More on that later.

Moving on, we see that Booth is so conveniently near the bank being robbed.

Agent Booth, 22705, he says, and he’s close to the bank; he’ll be there within a minute. I love FBI Booth. I really do.

We learned last week that Christmas and skeletons don’t mix. Christmas and guns don’t really mix either, but Booth and guns do, for some reason! (Hint: that reason is David Boreanaz!)

In a surprise (but why are we still being surprised by the deaths on BONES?), the Santa explodes, and his remains cover many people, including Booth. It is very sad, but at this point, we don’t know that yet.

The FBI is called into investigate, but when Cam and Brennan arrive, they are more concerned with checking Booth over to make sure HE’S okay.

He insists that he is, and goes over to talk to his witness. Cam reports they must bag her and take her back to the lab. Booth comforts the witness, explaining to her that while this might seem crazy, what she has on her is ‘evidence’. It’s so funny, just  completely how comforting he is about it. He really is.

You know, if we’d gotten just THIS Booth…annoyed, gorgeous, untucked Booth, I would have been happy. But there’s more, isn’t there? Yes, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year.

He tells Brennan (still concerned for him, very sweet), and Hodgins that he’s fine; he’s just going to go home and grab a shower and be fine!

Brennan points out that he can’t, and Hodgins tells him he definetly has a chunk of Santa on him. Brennan says, “I’m sorry, but you’re evidence now.”

I love this look on Booth’s face. I think it’s fear! I don’t know what he IMAGINES is going to happen next (probably not what actually does), but this does just crack me up every time.

But enough of that, let’s get to the actual scene!

Booth asks Brennan if she heard anything back about the cab driver.

She says no, but that Cam is in touch with the hospital.

And then she says. “Okay, I have to remove your clothing now.”

Booth sits up all kinds of straight and wants to know, “Why?”

“Well,” Brennan calmly explains. “There may  be particulates.”

“Particulates” Booth repeats with a long ‘ssss’ sound. I love that! It’s like…what the heck!

“Evidence,” Brennan reasserts. “For Hodgins and flesh for Cam.”

But Booth is a strong guy, and he’s resisted ‘going there’ in the past, so he decides to focus on the case, talking about the bomber saying something about ‘answering the call’. He asks Brennan what she thinks that means.

Brennan gets right to work; not quite making eye contact with Booth.

Is it me or does her voice get just a bit quieter and a little more husky as she explains that many terrorists feel they are acting upon divine instruction.

Booth shifts in his seat and can’t quite look away. Seriously, if this is not a Christmas gift to us, I don’t know what is.

He adds that he doesn’t think it was a terrorist, just a bank robber. Ah, HIS voice! So affected by her touch, by her nearness, by the fact that she is lifting his tie over his head.

Brennan tells him there is spatter on the back of his collar. Booth is not pleased. “Spatter?”

Brennan doesn’t really answer him, but just gets right back to work. So important. So, so, so important.

Booth insists that he  can take his own shirt off, and Brennan interrupts him right away. He does not even get the sentence completely SAID before she says,

“Nope…don’t; you’ll compromise the evidence.”


Right? But, we love Brennan, and so does Booth. I love how she grabs at his hands and shoves him to his sides. That’s hot.

But I ALSO love how she can’t quite meet his eyes, and he can’t take his eyes off of her. So hot; so sweet; so BONES!

“Right,” Booth says. Oh yes, of course. Evidence.

Brennan sort of tilts her head to the side as she concentrates (such important work!) and it’s impossible to fully convey the way Booth’s eyes and own head sort of follow her every move. It’s really worth a watch on your part. So good!

Plus, this, haha

Then Brennan begins to speak again, changing the subject from the case. “I’m having Christmas dinner at my place.”

I don’t know about you, but if I had to choose the top three things Booth can’t quite resist about Brennan, I’d say her sweetness is one of them. I might even say it’s number one. But that’s a discussion for another day.

For now, she’s telling Booth that she’s having Christmas dinner at her place this year with her dad…

I mean, seriously. No wonder he can’t take his eyes off of her. I can’t even get to the end of her SENTENCE without capturing every single nuance on her face. She is so sweet with him. I love, love, love, love this.

She continues, “Considering you’ve been shunted aside by your own family, I’d like to invite you.”

Ah! Why can’t she accept him being alone at Christmas? Because she doesn’t want him to feel like no one loves him!

I love how still she is so serious about her work. She still doesn’t quite meet Booth’s eyes, and as you can see, he hasn’t taken his eyes off of her face for one millisecond.

And Booth says, and I quote, “That’s a sweet invitation”

Um, hahahahahaha! NO it ISN’T! It’s not that sweet. It’s kind of direct and insulting, and completely Brennan. I know I said she’s being sweet, but that invitation WAS NOT sweet! But he so doesn’t see it. Hahaha. It’s kind of like later that season when she tells him he’s a good singer. It’s love; that’s what it is, friends. Love, love, love. Because I really think he’s sincere. I watch this every time, thinking that Booth is being sarcastic when he says her invitation is sweet, but he never is. He’s always sincere.

Of course, she’s moving on by pulling his shirt off of his body. Haha! She wants to know if he’ll come, and he says he doesn’t know. He’s thinking about annoying Rebecca and following her so he can see Parker.

Is Brennan even listening? Debatable.

Well, maybe not debatable, as she’s able to form complete sentences (she really does have a steep learning curve, that one!). And she also tells him he has a perfect acromion.

I love the look on his face. Guarantee you he doesn’t even KNOW what acromion is; all he hears is ‘perfect’

It really is perfect…really, really perfect.

As the scene continues, Brennan insists he get off the table, so she can remove his pants. “Vascular tissue on your cocky belt buckle”.

So…just so Brennan. That is all.

And this is just so Booth. Just stare ahead and don’t look down. Don’tlookdownDon’tlookdownDon’tlookdown. Haha

Slides right off! “And we’re done, right?” He asks.

“Nope” Brennan asserts. “I have to remove your pants.”

Hahahahaha, poor Booth. Seriously. Poor, poor, poor Booth. I love that he confesses that he’s going to recite some saints. If THAT is not another gift to us, I don’t know what is. Don’tLookDownDon’tLookDownDon’tLookDown Haha.

Not to get all BoothChickaWowWow with you on a Sunday morning or anything, but when Cam opens the door and Brennan makes this face…

…well, I think it just sort of proves that she’s NOT completely unaffected by what she’s doing. If it really were JUST evidence, well, then she wouldn’t be so surprised. This isn’t the look of someone being surprised at someone opening the door. This is the look of someone getting caught doing something maybe she shouldn’t be doing (in this case, removing Booth’s pants in her own lab, baby!)

I love that Cam’s eyes immediately shoot to Booth’s face, like, “Dude, wow.”

“Anyone for mistletoe?” she asks. She has no problem going BoothChickaWowWow on us!

Brennan insists that she’s ‘recovering evidence’

“Just evidence”, Booth insists. “That’s all.”

Haha, the tone in both of their voices proves otherwise, I must say. Watch, watch, watch this! It’s so great!

Cam tells them more about the case, and Brennan tries to get some evidence out of Booth’s hair, but Booth becomes kind of snarky and Brennan really IS all business, which is so interesting. What goes on between them is theirs.

I love how later, when Brennan is wheeling Booth toward the lab platform, Angela sort of wants in on the action. Brennan does not even stop or acknowledge her. Booth is all hers, baby!

It’s just so great. The rest of the episode is also so great. But that’s pretty much the end of this scene, so with that, I must say goodbye!

Okay…just one more…

Is there anything better than annoyed Booth? Yeah, shirtless annoyed Booth.

Merry Christmas Week!

Peace, Love & Bones



33 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Goop on the Girl-That’s a Sweet Invitation

  1. I’m wondering if this was just a sneaky excuse to post several gratuitous half-naked Booth pictures….

    Not that I’m complaining. 😉

    Merry Christmas to us!!!

    • Jen,

      Being of pure mind and intent myself *cough*bullshit*cough*, I actually hadn’t considered this as a motivating factor for this post…but now that you mention it…there are no complaints Down Under (here in Australia *sheesh!*) either.

      Thanks for the Christmas eye-candy Seels!

  2. Ah, Seels!

    You should post a warning about drinking fluids whilst reading your posts. Okay, okay, maybe I should just keep the water away from the iPad, but I digress…I almost choked at the brilliant series of screen caps when combined with your witticisms.

    I laughed out loud at the ‘Brennan makes this face…’ seriously, I have to go back and put the DVD on again to rewatch ‘Goop’ again. She was just ‘answering the call’, right? Hahahaha!


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I always wondered what she was talking about, but I couldn’t figure out the word to look it up. And indeed his acromions (or is it acromia?) are decidedly perfect! What else can be said about the scene; shirtless and very agitated Booth, with Brennan touching him all over, just inches from him…well, Merry Christmas!

  4. Love it. Love it so much. I can never watch this scene just once. Everything about it is just so perfect. Really, when you think about it, how many ships get a scene this awesome?

    Also, one of my favorite parts of this episode is when the J-Team shows up to the bank and Hodgins has his magnetic gloves. “Oh, these are SO going on my Christmas list!” Haha! Just had to throw that in there. 😉

  5. Merry Christmas to us, indeed. I love that episode for all the reasons you listed, but that scene just… Yum.

    On a less shallow note, I will comment on this:

    “Because I really think he’s sincere. I watch this every time, thinking that Booth is being sarcastic when he says her invitation is sweet, but he never is. He’s always sincere.”

    I never hear it as other than him being sincere, either, but I think it’s because he knows her. He looks beyond how she says something to the meaning behind it. Even if he snarks back at her about something, he always knows what she really meant. With something like this? No matter how it came out, or how insulting it sounded, he sees the feeling behind it and responds appropriately. It is sweet, because the offer is based on love, and that’s what he reacts to.

  6. Hey Sarah!!

    Thanks for this amazing post and Merry Christmas to you as well!

    As Jen and Skole mentioned, was this a reason to post half-naked pictures of Booth? Not that I’m complaining….hahaha

    I love how you mentioned this: “Cam tells them more about the case, and Brennan tries to get some evidence out of Booth’s hair, but Booth becomes kind of snarky and Brennan really IS all business, which is so interesting. What goes on between them is theirs.” – Very true 😀

    It completely just made my day, so thank you! I love, love, loved it 🙂

  7. I happened to watch this episode just this morning, and it is full of Christmas goodness! Wonderful scene study, as usual. Booth’s expression when he learns that he is “evidence” is indeed priceless. Watching his face when Brennan is all up in his personal space (taking off his clothes!) is so revealing about his feelings for her. If they were in any other setting, that scene might have ended a little differently (well, one can hope and dream, right?).

    It seems like Brennan is more subdued throughout this episode, perhaps because of the case, or thinking about whether to stay home for Christmas, or maybe picturing Booth’s perfect acromion in her mind? Whatever the cause, she seems a little more vulnerable and sweet, and I love that Booth understood her invitation to Christmas dinner was her attempt at making him feel loved.

    There are so many scenes in this episode that would make great scene studies. Their conversation in the car about the mother burying her son on Christmas being “heartcrushing” brings me to tears every time, quickly followed by Cam and Michelle having an epiphany in their relationship (more tears). Of course, there’s the ending “moment of silence” where they steal glances at each other. Merry Christmas, indeed!

  8. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the screencaps and the comments!! you just made my day!!

  9. Thank you so much for this Christmas gift Seels…..At a time when it is so difficult for me to watch the show, you helped me remember why I love Bones!

  10. Thank you so much for this great scene study. Just what I need. I will be relying on your posts each day this week to help keep bringing the holiday cheer. 🙂

    There really is so much going on between them and finding the best way to put it all is sometimes hard. It is one of their best scenes together and it will be hard to top! 😀

    Looking forward to more. 🙂

  11. *sigh* I LOVE this scene. I love your reviews. I love Christmas. Thank you for sharing the joy! 😉 I re-watched all the Bones Christmas episodes last week while I was wrapping. I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched this scene. If we were still using old school VHS tapes this part would’ve warn out and broken and be taped back together and the cartridge would probably be held together with duct tape. Thank the tech gods for DVDs and DVRs, but I digress. I also love the little hitch in Booth’s breath when she pushes the shirt off his shoulders. *Sigh. Puddle of Gew* 🙂

  12. OH yes that is a lovely scene. While it’s eaiser to see Booth is affected by Brennan removing his clothes what with the naming saints and all, you’re exactly right that we can see Brennan is affected too by the way she won’t look him in the face and her voice is different.

    I’ve wondered too about when Booth says “That’s a sweet invitation.”, since what she had said could be considered pretty rude with anyone else my first thought was he was being sarcastic, but the way is says it is so not sarcastic. It’s like he really thought it was sweet. I guess it goes a long with the time he said talking to her always makes him feel better (I believe Dwarf in the Dirt), that he didn’t know why and it shouldn’t but it did.

    All of those screenshots you have here are so perfect, I just love them…especially the expression on Booth’s face after Brennan told him his acromion is perfect.

    Of course the episode also gave us heart crushing because the heart is a muscle and as such cannot be broken. 🙂 And when in the Founding Fathers and Brennan is still talking about going to…where ever it is this time…and Booth drops he head to the bar saying she forgot she invited him for dinner. I loved that too. But yes the undressing scene really had so mucht to and revealed so much about where they were at that point in time. I loved it!

  13. I adored this entire post. Your insights are always impressive. But this one drew me out to leave an actual comment. It was that inspiring.

    After scrolling back through the photos twice and taking a few very deep breaths (okay, more than a few), it hit me that you were right–her stripping off his clothes was the perfect metaphor for showing all of us and everyone around them his true feelings. It wasn’t just attraction, either. We saw his feelings of friendship, attraction, and love all in one scene. Bones would have said that she “didn’t understand” how stripping his clothes off could mean anything more than that they needed to collect evidence. And Booth would not have been capable of arguing. Would he have been able to explain what she was doing to him metaphorically? Nope.

    I loved that we also got to see some of her feelings, too. I thought it was really telling that he went as far to talk about discussing saints to clearly show her how unnerved he was by her undressing him and she didn’t call him on it. On any day in which she wasn’t stripping him down and facing her own attraction to and feelings for him, I think she would have said something else to make him even more uncomfortable with the whole situation. I almost wish she had.

    By the photo right after “Spatter,” they’re both blushing and even possibly lightly perspiring. Or is that just my imagination? Maybe it was just the lights and the makeup that day. Or maybe they really were intent on giving us a gift.

    Thanks for the wonderful words and those exquisite photos. I know what I’m watching tonight!

  14. Merry Christmas indeed! I can’t think of a better way to start my day than drooling over those nifty screen caps of shirtless Booth and all those priceless expressions. No one does those better than he does! What makes this scene extra special is the fact that he can’t take his eyes off her the entire time she’s removing his clothing. I picture two things going on in his mind…first, the shock that this is Bones going about her business with HIM and how is this all going to play out, because it doesn’t FEEL like business to Booth. Secondly, he has to be thinking that this is a dream come true…and more importantly, how much better it would be under different circumstances. Even though Brennan is trying to be so business-like, this is obviously affecting her – probably more than she thought it would. She’s trying very hard to keep her cool (no eye contact with Booth)…but of course, when Cam walks in she loses said cool with that great look of surprise at being caught…with her own fantasy thoughts. ha ha. At least that’s how I want to see it. I love how careful Brennan is while she’s removing his clothes…so sweet. I think she knows that this is a little embarrassing for Booth and she’s trying to be as gentle as she can, trying not to make him uncomfortable (nice try – ha!), and has no idea that Booth is wrestling with keeping his own coolness.

    Just have to add that all BONES’ Christmas episodes are my favorites and I don’t know of any other show that handles them this well. Kudos to BONES for making us laugh and cry in the same hour the way they do!

  15. thank you thank you thank you! I have watched this episode many times and always thought this scene was rather gratuitous. Now that I see the screen shots and all the facial expressions and what they convey, it it is so much more than that. Now I have to look up “acromium” before I scroll through these again. Your insights are quite a gift. thank you.

  16. Never mind his acromia… I think his abdominals are pretty hunky too!…. Booth in his boxers…mmmh.. mmmh…mmmh…long sigh…and Brennan undressing him…Thanks for this post , Seels, on this very cold and dreary Sunday! I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt!
    I think Brennan knew exactly what she was doing, otherwise she wouldn’t have looked half embarrased when Cam entered the room. She’ll be the one that Gordon Gordon was talking about when he said that one of them was acutely aware of the attraction and was dealing with it on a daily basis. She has been suppressing (compartmenalizing) those feelings for years. Booth had been the one telling her, in different episodes, that they can’t cross that line. She so completely trusts him that she took those words to heart and buried those feelings. The more she got to know and admire the man he is, the more she realized (albeit wrongly) she wasn’t good enough for him. She has hinted all these years, through her actions and reactions (and those longing looks on her face) that she loves and admires him. The look on her face in the Man in the Outhouse, when Booth tells her that there is someone for everyone and she just has to be open enough to see it…. the look she gave back to him was saying ” your that someone, I want you”, but she didn’t know how to go there. She would have rather had him in a surrogate relationship than risk losing him if “she crossed the line” and he didn’t reciprocate. I think it’s ironic that Booth reads everyone else so well (clearly one of his best skills), but he really doesn’t read Brennan that well- the one who is the closest to him. There’s a whole cloud of emotins that gets in the way. Anyway…. I’m getting way off topic… It’s going to be a long haul until Jan. 20th!! Thanks again for this post…. loved, loved, loved this episode!!

  17. By the way, the acromia are noticable at the tips of the shoulders. They are where the top, outer part (process) of the shoulder blade (scapula), meets the collarbone (clavicle). It forms the front, top edge (point) of the shoulder. Press hard on this area and you’ll feel the bones. (I teach this stuff…).
    She was noticing how broad his shoulders were. Remember in the Sum of the Parts of the Whole where she told Angela she responds to the breadth of his shoulders?… she finally got to see them first hand here!!!

  18. Oh, wow. I don’t think I ever really heard that whole Christmas party conversation because I was… well… enjoying all the B&B action going on in this scene.

    As MFLuder14 asked, how many ships really DO get a scene like this? I watch a lot of TV, and I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, it’s a sex scene in a sense… but better, because it manages to retain some innocence between the characters. If that makes sense.

    At least, I know that I’m always slightly disappointed by the sex scene in the End in the Beginning, perhaps, because these scenes are always accompanied by some build-up, by expectations, because of what they are and what they stand for as far as the characters involved are concerned. Or maybe that’s just me.

    Don’t get me wrong– I’m grateful for that scene, but I far prefer the “evidence” scene in GotG, because scenes like this don’t happen in other shows… because they can’t. One character undressing another without any (supposed) sexual intent? I haven’t seen it; there’s nothing to compare it to. There’s no standard, so there aren’t really any great expectations (I mean, did you expect Brennan to have to undress Booth THAT much? I sure didn’t) , so anything that happens– as far as things go between the two characters– is an absolutely fantastic surprise!

  19. I have to admit I enjoy looking at the indentations formed by Booth’s inguinal ligaments also.

    This scene includes one of my favorite Hodgins/Booth exchanges:

    Hodgins, upon seeing shirtless, unbandaged Booth for the first time: “What happened to your chest hair?”
    Booth, with obvious annoyance, shoots back: “I’m highly evolved!”

  20. I read this twice and loved every moment of it. I’m just giggling so much I can’t really think of anything coherent to say about it except how much I squealed when I first saw this scene and how much I still squeal when I see this scene. What a great episode! Booth nearly naked and Brennan with a warm heart. Sigh. A good Christmas. A very happy Christmas.

  21. Like everyone else has said: thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll be watching that again soon.

    The expression on DB’s face when she says that she has to undress him always amazes me. How many times they have to have gone through that, and we still get complete shock, amazement, disbelief, confusion, etc. A-mazing acting.

    And shirtless Booth … what more can you say? I have an entire Powerpoint presentation of shirtless Booth’s that I now carry on my Blackberry for my viewing pleasure ANY TIME I want.

    That all said, I will totally and completely date myself. I make this comment without reviewing the film, but I believe that the reference to the employee discount for the Christmas tree by Max is a call back/an homage to Love Story, a film based on the book by Erich Segal (Yalie Classics Professor at the time), which Ryan O’Neal was the male lead in. In that story, Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavilleri, played by Ali McGraw, meet cute at Harvard and (at that time) Radcliffe. They’re kind of opposites attracting: rich WASP guy, poor Italian girl; he’s a preppie jock [hockey], she’s a gifted musician from a working class ‘burb who is supposed to go to Paris to study with a great piano teacher. They get married. He is cut off by his wealthy family for that so he has to work his way through Harvard Law School. One of his jobs is selling Christmas trees, and he gets one for them for Christmas with his employee discount. Warning: Story ends sadly, but Oliver is reconciled with his family. Saw it on Christmas Day 1970 (may have been the day it opened). BTW, Ryan O’Neal was pretty hunky then himself. 😉

    Happy Holidays to all!

    • thanks for the connection to Love Story. I remember it from jr high or high school (dating myself) — one of the best movies ever. One of the first Bones episodes I saw was one with Max – priest in the churchyard I think. Just the fact that Ryan O’Neal would play a recurring character made me want to start at the beginning and watch every ep and I was hooked! So cool that this line was a homage to Love Story! thanks for sharing.

  22. I can’t tell you how happy this post made me. I think I’ve never even heard what they were saying because of all the visual stimulation. This was most definately our Christmas gift, I wonder what do we get next year. Maybe shirtless Bones 🙂 ?
    Anyway I love how the scene is acted, Emily is so professional, if I were her I think I would be all blushed infront of his presence, both married or not, 1 hot Booth (DB) IS 1 hot Booth :). And their facial expressions, wow, they really can do magic, I hope to see it a lot more…
    As for the sweet invitation? I think he couldn’t be sarcastic becuase of the whole thing going on 🙂 I think for him this scene was as close to his fantasies as anything else before and in his fantasies everything she says surely must be sweet and OK, even if she’d want to beat him whit a whip. I think he didn’t hear or comprehende what she said or the words she used, he just heard SHE INVITED HIM TO HER CHRISTMAS DINNER !!!! And owww that really is sweet :))
    I end this comment with as little coherency as I started it, I love your comments and insights on this scene, thank you very much and happy Christmas to you too :))

  23. Hey Sarah,
    I have this very scene playing as my screen saver & sometimes (well quite often) 10 minutes can pass and woops I’m still watching it!
    I love Booth’s hands when she is taking off his pants, it’s like he doesn’t know where to put them.
    When I first saw this scene, I couldn’t for the life of me told you any of the dialogue. I do remember squealing though. That still happens!
    I can almost…only almost… forgive Hart Hanson for bringing us Hannah as he also gave us this wonderful, priceless gem.

    Like everyone else I too love your comments. Great work.

  24. Best Christmas present, ever. Thanks Seels.
    I remember watching this scene for the first time and thinking — this is Hart Hanson’s gift to BB Shippers everywhere — it’s kind of depressing to see what’s happened to the fandom since then…

    Anyway — the real icing on the cake, IMO is Cam’s face. I cannot help but LOL at her expression every single time.

  25. Also, the “Not the hair!” bit is very Angel. I love DB.

  26. I’ll be honest with you, i have no idea what you actually said.

    All i will say is thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. 😉

  27. Feeling rather …um…giddy right now…
    This is supposed to be the intellectual Bones site, isn’t it?

    Yet at the end of the day, it all comes down to basics. And aren’t we all happier because of it 🙂

    *sigh* Merry Christmas!

  28. How can anyone not be a shipper with scenes like this? It’s so great! Thanks for the dissection, seels!

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