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The Hot Dog in the Competition: Post-Ep Discussion


Hey, y’all!

Same groundrules apply:

1. No bashing any live person (actor, writer, show creator, other fan).

2. Some people consider previews for ‘next week’s episode’ to be spoilers, so please do NOT mention any of those things (or any other spoiler, as always :D ) here.

Sound good? Other than that…enjoy! I’ll be back soon!


36 thoughts on “The Hot Dog in the Competition: Post-Ep Discussion

  1. The was a pretty good episode. I like that Brennan got a copy of the ultra sound so Booth could see it. The only draw back with this episode was I hate to see eating contests. They make me nauseous.

  2. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to eat a hot dog again-truly one of the most graphic (and revolting)Bones ever. Loved the new intern-the scenes with Hodgins are bound to be great. It’s like having a softer, more social version of Zack back in the lab, and I get the feeling that Brennan is going to relate to him rather well. On the B/B front, I was worried that every episode was going to consist of Brennan making a faux pas and Booth getting hurt, so it was nice to have an issue that was brought up and resolved without a lot of drama. Let’s save those up for special occasions! And once again, so happy that they don’t need third wheels to smooth things over-this is going very well, so far. But more smooches, please…

  3. That had to have been the nastiest episode to watch. I can handle eating dinner while watching all of the decomposing bodies but can’t seem to stomach the eating contest! ugh!! Good ep all in all. Lots of laughs too. Finn looks like he will be a good addition and I feel a deeper story line to come with him. I’ll check back tomorrow!

  4. I liked it too.

    Finn is going to be a fun character. I loved the Thurston-Opie thing with Hodgins. Making the snake barf presages more fun experiments.

    I liked that Brennan “got” Finn. It isn’t just Booth that she’s learning to understand.

    Brennan was a riot when she was trying to be Booth. I especially liked the scene in the car.

    The ending was incredibly sweet and I loved it. Can’t wait to see it again.

    More later, I suspect.

    • Hi. Would you be so kind as to explain to me what the “Thurston-Opie” joke was about? Tried Googling it without much luck. I’m not familiar with it, or should I say “I don’t know what that means”.

      Thanks 🙂

      • I don’t know if you recieved an answer yet, but as I have just finished watching the episode, I am reading these notes now.
        The Thurston referance refered to Thurston Howell III from a show called “Gilligan’s Island.” Thurston Howel was a rich snobish guy who was stranded on the island with seven other people.
        The Opie referance was from “The Andy Griffith Show, which was also on television along time ago. Opie was played by a very young Ron Howard. It took place in a small southern town called Mayberry, and most of the people were country hicks.
        Therefore they were both refering to the way each other was similar to the television show.

  5. I personally wasn’t a fan of the new intern but I LOVE how HH is keeping the B&B relationship very close to what it was pre-pregnancy. They’re still the same people, and besides having more tender moments and despite the content, I feel like their interactions are the same (as much as they can be) too. I really saw that this week… especially with Brennan’s comment about Booth being interested in the genitalia.

    • Kat, I thought that too. That we’ve gotten past the initial “OMG THEY ARE HAVING A BABY AND KISSING” shock, that we are seeing how they are a real couple, working, and adjusting to being in a relationship together. It felt natural but still B&B.

  6. I wonder if they are going to explore the whole “Hodgins being such a jerk to Finn” thing. It seemed really out of place, and Hodgins was going out of his way to be hurtful.

    However, when the experiment with the snake went well, and the guys bonded, I wonder if Hodgins anger was trying not to get to close to a new intern, as Zack betrayed the team, Wendell (for awhile) was sleeping with his girl, and Vincent was shot. Maybe he was afraid of getting attached? But they resolved it so fast, seemingly, that I’m not sure if they’ll bring that up again. But Hodgins was really nasty to Finn, and I’d like to explore why.

    That being said, I love how everyone is just so easily referring to Booth’s daughter in the episode. How great is that? A Baby Girl Booth! 🙂 Someone to ship with Michael Hodgins! Yay!

  7. The snake scared the crap out of me. I screamed. Out loud.

    I’ll have to watch this episode again and get another feel for it. On the positive side, I liked Finn. I was prepared not to because of the whole overdone southern stereotype thing but I did like him, especially after his confrontation with Hodgins. Rich smart frat boy doctor put in his place a little bit. That worked for me.

    On the minus side – Booth and Brennan. The reactions to the ultrasound thing felt very awkward and forced and not at all authentic. The last scene, with Booth’s excitement over the ultrasound DVD was sweet, though.

    I guess they can’t hit a home run with every episode. On to next week.

  8. I was disappointed in most of the episode. Alot of it seemed out of character to me. By now, I am sure Booth and Brennan would have discussed whether or not they wanted to find out the gender and she would have known he wanted to be there for it and that he wouldn’t want to find out at a crime scene at the same time as Hodgins. For her to act surprised at his reaction didn’t seem realistic at all. Did she really have to be in his shoes to understand his hurt? Also, she makes it sound like he is some kind of sex maniac. What?
    I liked that Finn could hold his own with the older more experienced geniuses and I did like the Opie/Thurston thing though how was Finn supposed to know Hodgins is rich? I liked that Brennan respected Finn and treated him well — wish I could say the same for how she treated Booth.

    • I know where you’re coming from. It’s like she immediately understood Finn but totally missed the boat with Booth. From the beginning, Brennan has been trying to “get inside Booth’s head,” so to speak. Her curiosity about him was the initial draw. I’m not sure why they made it seem like she doesn’t ever try to see things from his perspective. We’re only two episodes in, so I don’t really have definite feelings except really loving the premiere. But I hope the standard ending isn’t going to be – solve the murder, and Brennan apologizes to Booth.

      • I actually think that Brennan understood Finn so well because she was walking in Booth’s shoes. Which she couldn’t have done without all the years she’s been trying to get inside Booth’s head. I think it actually showed how well she understands Booth.

        Also, I thought Brennan not seeing the big deal about finding out the baby’s sex was in character. It’s not like finding out about whether they were having a girl or a boy would change anything. And it wasn’t a big deal to Booth either, he just wanted to be involved in the pregnancy, which at the end I think she understood, hence the DVD.

      • Some time has allowed me to be even more understanding of Brennan’s actions. It’s still not the best episode in my book because overall all things were tied together very loosely if at all. The first time I saw it, I didn’t think I would ever rewatch it – now I think I would and have rewatched some parts.

        Before I couldn’t totally buy the empathy angle. But when I thought about it, what I called “getting inside Booth’s head” wasn’t really instances of empathy on Brennan’s part. She has a “Booth” library in her mind. She catalogues the things he says, what seems to be important to him, how he reacts to certain situations. When she says things like “You’re happy/angry/frustrated/sad,” it’s not necessarily empathy because she’s not usually thinking about how she would feel. She says it because she’s observed him be that same way in the past, she’s identifying what she sees based on comparing it to his previous patterns of behavior. This is primarily how Brennan “knows” Booth; it’s not based on how she feels. That’s not to say she doesn’t feel anything for him, but for Brennan insights into social behavior will always remain somewhat elusive to her unless she has a large body of evidence from which she feels comfortable enough drawing her own conclusions from. Booth is one of the few people for which she has acquired a large library of “evidence.” Being in a new relationship means a new extension to that library. There are things that she doesn’t know about Booth that she has yet to learn, and I imagine that some of that knowledge will be acquired through trial-and-error.

        Brennan making mistakes: First I was worried, then I decided I’ll live and in some ways I was blowing things out of proportion. She’s already made big strides to where she is now. And it’s not that Booth is the “perfect” one, but at this point being with Brennan and having a baby with her, where they will actually all be together, is literally a dream come true for him so it makes it easier for him to embrace everything. Brennan never thought she would have that; for a long time she thought she didn’t deserve it or that it wasn’t for her. I believe she’s happy and doesn’t regret being with Booth, but I can understand that some things would be a bigger adjustment for her.

  9. I was thrilled with the episode, it held up to all of my demands from last week. There was the personal stuff, they introduced a new squint, and there was the B&B interaction, but it could have been an episode from any season. I was especially happy that they showed Brennan working on her own with the bones (and playing music for herself and the baby. There were headphones on her stomach right?). I was worried they were going to keep all the cutesy moments going (not that I don’t love those moments). It’s good to see Brennan still struggling with the social common sense. She’s not suddenly going to be another person just because she’s in a relationship and pregnant. I like it.
    And the Hodgins anger was pretty crazy. He’s usually never completely a jerk before he knows the person; he’s typically only biased against stupidity and Finn was definitely not stupid. Don’t really understand that, but glad he got called on it quickly and put that to bed. But forgive me: I didn’t get the Opie/Thurston references.

    And who else squealed when Booth got all defensive of Brennan and Sweets was like “The little girl she’s carrying is his daughter” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    I died. It was great.

  10. I did not like Finn at first. I took Hodgins being so mean to him as sort of a hazing, making sure he was to be a worthy member of the group. That and of course the entire VNM situation. Adding another intern does sort of “replace” him, though he be irreplaceable but of course (I don’t care if you have an accent!). But it still hurts. As Angie said, anger is simply fear turned inwards. The team has such a good thing going, allowing a new “member” would be difficult under any circumstances. I do like how things resolved and I feel a lot of fun experiments coming on. He does also remind me of Zack a bit…

    Cam! Okay, I know opinions of Cam are all over the place. Honestly, her character cracks me up. I’ve waiting since Season 2 for an “Ohhh SNAP.” I was rolling. I’m sorry. Except not at all. Also, her squealing over the discovery of the snake was also fun. However, explaining to my mother under what specific circumstances Brennan was afraid of snakes was difficult. She didn’t understand the “only when Booth is around to be jumped upon!” concept. Sigh.

    I like that Sweets is still being shut down when it comes to having any kind of insight into the B&B relationship. I feel like this will escalate throughout the season and something entertaining will ensue!

    A daughter. Oh gosh. Just what I was hoping for! Booth being wrapped around his little girl’s finger is exactly what we need. Pretty excited.

    I was assuming that there would be plenty of episodes where the writers would leave us dry. No kissing, no “I love you’s”, etc. Except for the occasional sex conversation. Which to me is FINE because it just leaves us begging for more. It is so frustratingly fantastic. I also love that Booth is still a teeny bit gunshy about discussing sex, but is still amused at the same time.

    • I agree with you! The no kissing is not a surprise. They gave us some awesome stuff in the premiere, but now are making us wait! And honestly, ED was very pregnant, and I’m sure it would be rather awkward to do to much kissing. After B&B’s baby is born though- bring it on!!

    • I almost forgot! I loved Cam in this episode! I think she was spot on for all her parts.

  11. I liked Finn. I think that Hodgins has found himself a new sidekick. 🙂 Did the sonogram look like baby girl was sucking her thumb?

    One thing that irked me. Since the victim’s lower body was mostly intact, it doesn’t make sense that Cam would not have realized that she was pregnant.

  12. O.K. I hate to be so negative but….. I can’t say i loved this episode. I’m having a hard time with just how clueless the writers are making Brennan. I thought she had a steep learning curve! I just find it hard to believe that Brennan would feel Booth would have absolutely no issue with not being invited to the ultra-sound appointment. How many times has Booth lamented about how small a part he has had in Rebecca’s pregnancy and Parker’s life? Again it is all about Brennan not having a clue and Booth teaching her a lesson. Thankfully Booth didn’t do his “angry” routine and their differences were worked out with a touching scene at the end. I guess I was just expecting more…. They are having a little baby girl ! Female genitalia..What the heck? I did like Finn (not the accent too much). It was a little scary to me how Brennan seemed to open up more with Finn than the father of her baby! That being said, I felt an almost “Zach connection” between Brennan and Finn. I’m not giving up on Bones, but I’m hoping Brennan’s steep learning curve goes into auto drive….soon!

  13. Well, can’t say this one was on the level of the premiere, but it was entertaining, in a good, wacky-Bonesian kind of way.

    Could this be the first time the initial discovery of a gruesome body didn’t produce a screaming witness? That landlady wasn’t phased at all, just muttered something like there wasn’t going to be any cleaning deposit refund!

    I agree about the ultrasound deal – it’s implausible that Brennan wouldn’t realize Booth should’ve been there too. And how important it would be to him that they find out together that they’re having a baby girl! She knows him far better than that.

    I really liked Finn. He did a good job of standing up to Hodgins, and that would be tough to do – first day on the job, lowest on the totem pole, etc. I think Hodgins appreciated that, after his initial hostility. I too thought, where is That coming from? – it was, briefly, a throwback to how he was back in S1 – always irate, prickly and combative (remember the wrist-rubberband?)

    Yeah – Brennan’s first comment after putting herself in Booth’s shoes is “You want to have intercourse all the time, ergo, I want to have intercourse now”! (What’s really been going on during those past 5 months, hmmm?)

    The snake-barf experiment! LOL

    Really liked how Brennan just cut to the chase with Finn, asked him direct questions, got direct answers, done deal. So very Brennan. (And then her little accented “no more second chances around here” and that she loves John Wayne movies)

    At the end, after she apologizes and then says, “Wait, I have more…” with that little smile – and Booth moves right in, “Oh! I’ll always take more – what did you have in mind…?” His expression and tone of voice – methinks that was almost another “moment”.

  14. I can’t say that I loved this episode, maybe once I watch again will be different but right now I’m on the fence. That being said, I loved Finn, I think he will make for an interesting and sweet character in the long run. I was so excited to see Caroline back but I was hoping for her to interact with B&B and that didn’t happen. A little disappointed there. And Brennan, get a clue and stop bringing the money issue while talking to Booth. Yes, we all know that he doesn’t make as much money as you but he’s not in the poor house either. I understand this is one of the issues they’re going to have to deal with and I hope it’s going to be dealt with in a more positive light. That’s all for now, back to work. Be back later…

  15. I feel really weird about this episode. I liked it on first viewing, but it generally takes me a while before I can think rationally about this show (the heart overrides the brain for a while!). So it says something–and not a good something–that when Brennan was so clueless about the ultrasound, I knew right away, “I’m going to think back on this moment later and think it’s ridiculous.” Sure enough….

    I feel like Brennan regressed here. Why wouldn’t she tell Booth about the ultrasound? Last week’s house-buying bit made sense—it was a fairly logical fear given her time in foster care—but this makes no sense. She knows Booth. She knows him well enough to see things from his point of view, and not just in a cartoony “I’m thinking about intercourse” kind of way. Bones can empathize. She knows the truth of Booth; he wants to be a father and this is totally part of that. THEIR CHILD IS A GIRL. COME ON. SHE’S GOTTA BE THRILLED (you could tell by the way she kept saying “our daughter.” omg those words. “our daughter.” ahhh! She totally wanted everyone to know right away because she totally loves her girl already and plays music for her and is adorable). Anyway, Bones HAS GOT TO KNOW THAT HE’D WANT TO KNOW. Did they not JUST have a chat about the importance of being partners in this? And now she’s making comments about his finances again and doing things all on her own. It’s like last week never happened. In terms of the ultrasound, it’s like 6 seasons never happened. She knows “I’ve got to BE the father” and “I told him to walk away if it’s for himself, and fight if it’s for someone else” and everything. She knows Booth too well for that. Maybe if they’d ended it differently, if she could have confessed that she knew all along he’d want to go but she was scared to share those moments with him—that’d be one thing. I still wouldn’t love it, but it would be better than this. COME ON, WRITERS, they’re sleeping together and they love each other. STEP UP YOUR GAME.
    Also, when has Booth ever bowled over a suspect?

    I thought it was a good character bit for Hodgins to be curt with Finn. He’s softened a lot, but it’s important to remember that he can still be stubborn.

    And I did like Finn–a lot, actually, especially when he and Brennan had their blunt conversation–but thought they wasted an opportunity for Booth to bond with Finn about his abusive past. The characters haven’t been together much lately. Why are they all so separate? What is Caroline doing being so BORING? I’m glad Booth was in the lab a bit, but he wasn’t there to solve the case. He was just there to be with Bones. It’s a step up from last year, but not by much.

    And why did Angela “give up” on Bones with a snarky “why do I even try?” Where’s the woman who went to jail for her friend? Also, Ange, here’s a tip: if you’re working under the radar, don’t put your work on the big screen.

    I did like Booth saying that this would be his favorite movie ever, though I could have done without the context in which he was forced to say so.

    In conclusion, the optimist in me will say this: I thought Brennan regressed a bit in season 4, too, but then I realized that Zack’s absence WOULD cause her to close up a bit in the lab. Maybe (just maybe) we’ll get context later to explain why she was so clueless. Maybe.

  16. I read a ‘pre-cap’ of this episode yesterday and the person said they enjoyed this episode more than the premiere. I did not.

    My favorite part was Booth & Sweets in the conference room with the husband talking about his wife’s abilities and the look on their faces because they think he is describing her sexual antics. So funny.

    I liked the scenes with Caroline and Cam. I thought Caroline asked some very pertinent questions. I was glad Cam had Angela follow up after Caroline’s second visit.

    I’m tired of Brennan ‘not knowing’. I was with Angela with her ‘why do I even try’ line to Brennan. How many times does the concept of family need to be explained to her.

    The Hodgins and Finn scenes were good too. We now have Opie and Thurston although Finn’s extreme Southern euphemisms were kind of wearing on me.

    Brennan’s scene with Finn when he came back and she put on an accent to match his and told him ‘there ain’t no second chances.’ That was cute.

    The end scene was charming. It was lovely of her to get a dvd of the ultra-sound for Booth, but I couldn’t help thinking how much better it would have been if he had been invited to see it first hand so she wouldn’t have to apologize yet again. I know all this is new to Brennan, but Booth’s feelings about family aren’t. She can only be awkward, yet endearing *to use a Sweet’s phrase* for so long before it becomes annoying.

    It was a good episode I suppose, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the premiere.

  17. I think that the first B&B scene is solid old B&B until she says “I had no idea that our child’s genitals were so important to you”. Come on Brennan. I like the point that KM made about season 4… hmm.

    When Angela says “Why do I try?” Brennan seems to register that there is something wrong with her behavior. (My take is that Brennan follows this up with calling her Dr. to get a copy of the ultrasound.) Oh, and I seriously think that she would very much SO care about finding out about her baby second hand!

    It does seem that the writers are creating these situations for “fun situation comedy” and it just does not feel true to character. Brennan shows her growth with reading people in the scenes with Finn and Angela but then with the partner she has been with over the last 7 years and knows well enough to see things from his pov she is clueless.?.?.? On that note, I LOVE watching Bones and instead of being annoyed or bothered by inconsistencies and general feelings of “what uh”s I will focus on the overall entertainment value and just be happy.

    And is Brennan eating at the Gluttony Games? I am very curious!

    “I am Thurston the ass hat”! – Love it!

    “Oh, I gotta say ma’am, this is the best damn job ever!” So funny!

    I just finished my second go round on this episode. I do like all of it (baring the Brennan faux pas)

  18. OK. First off, I’m just gonna say that it was an OK episode. A lot of things kinda felt “off” to me. I’m just grateful, however, that I get a BONES episode after a long day. 😀

    1. The new squintern. I kinda like him…I think he’s a funny character and can has potential to be a fan favourite. I know it’s his first appearance and they’re trying to make him sound like a mega-genius, but I thought his intellectual rants were a bit over the top. Is that just me? Oh and the reason he didn’t kill his step father was because he knows that he wouldn’t be able to get away with it. Wow…..that’s dark dude.

    Mixed feelings right now. I’m eager to see Finn on the platform again though. 😀

    2. Hodgins being rude. Come on!!! Hodgins pokes fun, but he’s NEVER THIS rude. It was just weird for me I suppose. Hodgins is a guy who doesn’t really care about status (you don’t see him flaunting his money all the time), so I find it hard to believe he would so quickly judge someone based on their past. I’m glad they warmed up to each other though.

    3. Brennan and the ultrasound. I don’t know, with everything they’ve been through shouldn’t she KNOW to tell Booth? I thought it was weird. Let’s hope she includes him more in the rest of the 2nd trimester and the 3rd.

    4. The python and the hot dogs. OK. I just have to say that I have a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY high tolerance of ick-ness (don’t get me started on the things I’ve done and seen), but something about ramming food down your throat kinda makes me queasy (maybe it’s the anticipation of someone throwing up). Anyway, this was super ICK. And to top it all off. I really don’t like snakes. They scare me…..a LOT. Snake in a body cavity beats all the other BONES bodies for me.

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode. Not one of the greatest, but it’ll take what I can get!

  19. I loveed this ep! and I’m wondering if Finn might have a relationship with Cam’s doughter.. they are the same age!

  20. I’m not sure about this episode – it really did seem a bit ‘off’ and most of the time I was irritated beyond the telling of it. I thought that all the characters were a bit OOC in the beginning, and only really took on their proper characterization sometime around the half way mark.

    Hodgins was definitely weird to start with – his constant needling of the new intern was a bit over the top, I thought. I would have expected him to be more mellow and laid back given his new fatherhood status.

    Cam’s stubborn insistence on keeping Finn in the lab was odd, – she used to be a cop for heaven’s sake, and I would have expected her to have done all the background checks going, particularly given her position of responsibility at the Jeffersonian.

    As for Brennan and her cluelessness regarding the scan – words nearly fail me. She has not been that obtuse in a long time – the very fact that she hadn’t even mentioned to Booth that she was going to a doctor’s appointment was odd anyway, and then to neglect to immediately tell him that she now knew the gender of THEIR child was utterly unforgivable and NOT the Brennan we know now. It seemed like a plot device conjured up by the writers, and in my opinion it totally bombed.

    I can’t say that I ‘took’ to the new intern at all actually, although at the end I softened up a little after his conversation with Brennan. But if she can be that empathetic with Finn, HOW is she so unkind to Booth – after her crass behaviour over the scan she then adds further insult to injury by announcing her high handed plans to set up a fund for the baby, and in the process bringing up (yet again) his lack of money. He has never seemed intimidated or envious of her ‘fabulous’ wealth in the past, but she suddenly seems intent on creating an issue where hitherto there wasn’t one.

    I think that a lot of this episode was poorly written,but maybe it will improve on second viewing. After the premier I had such high hopes too……

  21. It’s about time Sweets gets recognition for the “Jedi” he is. Booths reaction to the gender of their baby was uncharacteristic and Brennan was too wooden. I like how she loosened up at the hot dog eating competition. Why was so much effort put into the back story for Finn? The other squints were more like scenery until we got to know them. Something is a foot…

  22. Why is the murderer always the second person in (every time)?

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