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Vintage Bones: The Witch in the Wardrobe


I like this episode pretty well. Fun fact: it was written by Kathy Reichs. I also thought it was a creative title. The titles are usually pretty creative, which is a fun thing.

The case is interesting, and I like the end scene between B&B. I think it represents the push/pull between them–they both have their viewpoint on how they see the world, but they also want to see the world through one another’s eyes (which is why they keep coming back to one another).


What do you like or not like about this one?

Here is your moment of B&B:




11 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Witch in the Wardrobe

  1. Overall a good episode but thought the Hodgela subplot a bit rushed/wacky. Though nice in a kind of rip-off-the-band-aid kind of way.

  2. Hodgins: Okay, fine. No more compliments. You don’t look good today. Your smile is average at best. And it is *not* cool that we finally get to work together again in the field.

    Angela: [getting a massage from Hodgins] Oh, thank you God. Oh.
    Hodgins: “God” is a little formal. “Hodgins” will do.

    Booth: [after the wiccans strip during their ceremony] Okay, why is that when things like this happen, it always happens to people you *don’t* want to see naked?

    What is fun about reliving these episodes is the humor that I sometimes forget about. Hodgins is always quick with the comebacks and Booth is funnier than sometimes I remember him being. 🙂

    I am just glad they got Hodgela back together. I hated that someone was just like “plot twist–lets break them up” because there really was no good reason. The characters were together and happy. I was so confused at their break-up, it made no sense to me. So even though them getting back together was almost just as sudden, I was happy that at least they did get back together.

  3. I, too, was happy that they finally got Hodgins and Angela together and yes breaking them up made no sense except to spin it out. Angela’s subsequent sex partners were never convincing or appealing as relationships and I ended up feeling Hodgins deserved someone better. This episode for me is hard to remember apart from the final scene which is another of those heart-crushing poignant moments. It was as if the writers’ room had a pool going as to how long they could torture the audience with B&B angst before they destroyed them altogether in the finale of the season. Job well done guys.

  4. Special Agent Seeley Booth: I wished for… I wished you could find happiness.
    Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan: I don’t know what that means?
    Special Agent Seeley Booth: Happiness. Love, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance.

    I loved Hodgela getting back together. I loved Hodgin’s explaining the breakup as that he had lost faith that he could sustain that kind of happiness. I think that was Brennan’s issue too– she didn’t know how could she sustain happiness with anyone.

    • That’s interesting, because I don’t buy that explanation from Hodgins. To me, it felt like the Bones writers trying back-date a story that they didn’t initially start with (i.e. Pelant being in love with/trying to impress Brennan). Hodgins has done nothing but try to prove to Angela his love and commitment from the beginning. If anything, it’d be Angela not being secure in the commitment.

      • I don’t buy it either. Hodgins was totally committed to Angela from season 1. He never even dated anyone else that we ever saw. It was the same thing with Sweets and Daisy, who had been together since season 4. Suddenly Sweets just decides it’s all over for no reason at all. Plot points, people, plot points. And not very convincing ones at that.

      • Hodgins was saying he lost confidence in himself being enough– that had nothing to do with not being committed to Angela. Insecurity and jealousy arise from lack of confidence in oneself.

      • Hodgins can say that all he wants, but I still don’t buy it. The one thing he was always confident about was him and Angela. I think the confidence thing they made up afterwards to try to make it more plausible. And I agree with EL, it very much matches Sweets/Daisy. It was just BAM, we’re done. I was in disbelief when both break-ups occurred.

      • You know it just occurred to me that this episode fits in with The Doctor in the Photo. Here Booth burns a little figure to bring Brennan happiness and at the end of TDitP they burn papers together with dates on them to bring each other happiness.

      • People aren’t linear. They go through different phases in life. When Hodgins was confident in himself he fought for their relationship. Then he saw Grayson and got scared that maybe he wouldn’t be enough for Angela. And instead of fighting for their relationship he easily let her go.

        You could Sweets and Daisy breaking up from a mile away. In S6 they only got together out of habit. Their relationship was purely sexual–that’s all we ever saw between them. They never bothered to show us true intimacy, like they did with BB and Hodgela. I thought they did a good job of subtly putting those signs in. That happens a lot in real life where people just stay together because its easy and until something makes them realize they have just been coasting.

  5. I liked this episode too. It was fun and a nice break from the heartache. Really enjoyed Angela and Hodgins. At the time it gave me hope that B&B would talk more like A&H did, though I didn’t expect B&B to get together. Loved A&H locked up in jail together, talking and ending up getting married. I thought that was done well, and interesting that later B&B would end up locked up in an elevator and talking, except stuck with Sweets. A&H and B&B often mirroring each other even to the point of Hodgins saying the same things Booth says, but A&H having a more natural and consistent storyline. Seems the show just wants to throw sharks in all over the place that make no sense like EL said about Sweets & Daisy. Like Michelle & Finn, Clark & Nora, Wendell, Parker virtually disappearing, and so on. Loved the end and Booth’s wishes for Brennan. I think Brennan did have what Booth wished for her, just Brennan struggling with the how to be happy part. Booth enjoying burning his little “Bones”. Both really wanting each other. Good episode.

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